‘Mandela effect’ is intelligence psychological operation

There is a legend concerning modern freemasonry’s most renowned forefather. It is written, that one day, as the sun rose in the east, Albert Pike discovered the secret to the ‘craft’ while ensconced in a remote log cabin. He then proceeded to place that secret inside a sacred temple, built brick by brick. The perception of reality one derives from mainstream television, the majority of ‘conspiracy’ videos uploaded to You Tube, and even some of the daily blog entries right here on WordPress, in many ways resembles General Pike’s brick by brick erection of a temple, a temple filled with lies, that shall one day, with careful and assiduous investigation, and maybe even personal sacrifice, soon transform into a house of fragile cards.

However, this is a result of humanity’s long night of oppression at the hands of a ruling oligarchy.

The Mandela effect targets a mass population accustomed to absorbing the perception of reality primarily through media, television, internet, popular magazines and periodicals as well popular music, rather than perceiving reality via direct experience derived from one’s own inherent intuitive senses, filtered through logical and rational contemplation.

Most are not accustomed to this, and the ruling elites know it.

This is how, century after century, age after sad age, they have kept the masses divided with competing religious and political ideologies, and maintained strife between sexes, races, creeds and conflicting social and economic status.

The ‘Mandela effect’ is merely the latest brand or product of globally divisive psychological operations.         Continue reading “‘Mandela effect’ is intelligence psychological operation”