Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XII)

Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XII)

Moral folly is best demonstrated by one who knows and understands the nature of objective truth, and yet, continues to live one’s life adhering to the prevalence of manufactured lies. Such is the curious syndrome that afflicts the distorted perceptions of our world.

Was Adolph Hitler the monster history books portray?

Or, was he but another actor playing out his assigned role on the stage of world history?

Not only, do the ruling elite bloodlines create off-shoot straw families to create legends, myths, and to generate profits from books and movies, but they use their own family members to serve as host actors. In this installment, one shall examine one of the twentieth centuries most significant and infamous figures, Adolf Hitler.

For those regular visitors here at, by now, one is well certain in the knowledge that the mainstream recording of American history, if not world history, has been demonstrated to be inauthentic, and should therefore be held to a greater standard of scrutiny.

Would one be surprised to learn, then, that Adolf Hitler was merely yet another of the ruling elite’s puppets, an actor playing out the requirements of a script? Would one find themselves dismayed, to learn that the Beer Hall Putsch, the very event that historian’s tell us acted as the catalyst in propelling an obscure figure into the pantheon of historical record, was but another fake crisis event recorded for posterity as historically significant? Would one be surprised to also learn, that Hitler, or at least his host actor, not only survived the second world war, but was placed front and center on American network television, and went on to become a legendary CBS news anchorman? More surprising still, not only did the host actor portrayed good old Adolph get a job in America at CBS television, but portrayed yet another iconic role, a role synonymous with America’s magic kingdom.

Stay tuned folks, because after observing what follows, your conception of documented human history may be forever altered.   Continue reading “Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XII)”