Moral folly is best demonstrated by one who knows and understands the nature of objective truth, and yet, continues to live one’s life adhering to the prevalence of manufactured lies. Such is the curious syndrome that afflicts the distorted perceptions of our world.

Was Adolph Hitler the monster history books portray?

Or, was he but another actor playing out his assigned role on the stage of world history?

Not only, do the ruling elite bloodlines create off-shoot straw families to create legends, myths, and to generate profits from books and movies, but they use their own family members to serve as host actors. In this installment, one shall examine one of the twentieth centuries most significant and infamous figures, Adolf Hitler.

For those regular visitors here at, by now, one is well certain in the knowledge that the mainstream recording of American history, if not world history, has been demonstrated to be inauthentic, and should therefore be held to a greater standard of scrutiny.

Would one be surprised to learn, then, that Adolf Hitler was merely yet another of the ruling elite’s puppets, an actor playing out the requirements of a script? Would one find themselves dismayed, to learn that the Beer Hall Putsch, the very event that historian’s tell us acted as the catalyst in propelling an obscure figure into the pantheon of historical record, was but another fake crisis event recorded for posterity as historically significant? Would one be surprised to also learn, that Hitler, or at least his host actor, not only survived the second world war, but was placed front and center on American network television, and went on to become a legendary CBS news anchorman? More surprising still, not only did the host actor portrayed good old Adolph get a job in America at CBS television, but portrayed yet another iconic role, a role synonymous with America’s magic kingdom.

Stay tuned folks, because after observing what follows, your conception of documented human history may be forever altered.  

When encountering the inconsistencies and contradictions of historical record, one remains bewildered why, whether it be professors tenured at prestigious universities, scholars studying and publishing in the field of world or American history, or perhaps even public school or university students, the nature of such contradictions are never questioned, even when those details of the official historical narrative so obviously strain credulity. One is certain, though prestigious university campuses may pose themselves as enlightened bastions of free and penetrating discourse, the narrative inconsistencies in the annals of world historical literature have gone largely, if not completely unchallenged.

But, here at, that state of unfortunate affairs is about to become altered.

So it is with the recorded historical details of the rather meteoric rise to political power of a lowly army corporal named Adolf Hitler from complete obscurity. One may ask, if the historical accounts in public school and University texts are indeed questionable, if not thoroughly bogus, why do they remain intact, generation after generation? They do so, solely because to significantly alter the historical accounts towards anything resembling objective truth, would compromise Western, and even global commerce.

If the masses are allowed to begin to question the credibility of the history they’ve been taught to believe is gospel, then the very social and economic status quo it upholds may be questioned as well. If the masses of people were to even suspect, for example, the history books are rigged with bogus narratives, this in turn open’s their minds to the fact other aspects of their reality may also be rigged against their interests.

Think about it, folks.

What if a significant percentage of the masses were to start contemplating the idea that Wall Street is a rigged casino, that the Federal Reserve creates paper money out of thin air and is legally allowed to charge exorbitant interest, that professional sports are predetermined entertainment spectacles, that Hollywood and the music industry are controlled by the concept of nepotism? One submits, such hypothetical, perhaps even fantastical notions, if ever they were to reach quantum mass, would undoubtedly lead to some shake-up of the prevailing status quo.

Hypothetically speaking, the ruling elite families would then have to face the possibility of a genuine people’s revolution beyond their control. Not a revolution of guns and bombs, but a revolution of mass consciousness.

The ruling elites would be forced to face the possibility the masses may start to formulate their own conception of reality, instead of buying into the prevailing conception of the status quo that has been assiduously maintained for centuries. Potentially, this would represent a disastrous state of affairs for the hegemony of the monopoly profit pyramids rigged for their sole benefit and exclusive royal favor.

The Beer Hall Putsch

The historical event known as the ‘Beer Hall Putsch’, allegedly took place during the post-World War One era. If one is to take at face value what is recorded in the mainstream historical texts, this era represented a time of great social and political turmoil for Western Europe in general, and the countries of Germany and Russia specifically. Labeled as a ‘Marxist’ revolution by historians and scholars alike, this characterization rings false. For one, Karl Marx, the privileged offspring of a rabbi and a billionaire heiress, was an intelligence agent, directed by his masters to misdirect the efforts of genuine revolutions and create a movement, funded by industrialists and ruling elite bloodlines, that was guaranteed to fail, and leave the status quo bolstered, protected, and intact. This is the same method of operation the ruling elites utilize repeatedly.

The most recent example of this sort of ‘revolution’, was the so-called Occupy Wall Street movement.  In truth, ‘Occupy’ was led by controlled opposition agents, overseen and directed by intelligence agencies like CIA. Although genuine and well-meaning citizens may have participated in some of the Occupy events, they were unaware the movement itself was directed and funded from above by bankers and their minions in intelligence. Such revolutions are created to direct and focus human energy in ways that will not compromise the hegemonic rule of the elites and the profitability of their debt based economic pyramid model. Some of the so-called leaders of the Occupy movement have been identified as Hollywood actors, such as Katie Holmes, Steven and Alec Baldwin, and even Steve O. and the reality television ‘Jackass’ crew.

In examining the generally accepted details of the specific historical account regarding the Beer Hall Putsch of 1918, one is struck with the inconsistencies of logic and anomalous detail. For example, the manner in which the ruling Kaiser, Wilhelm, himself a blood relation of the sitting English monarch, King George V, was so easily driven from his throne after the close of World War One, choosing to abdicate in the face of a rather anemic social upheaval.

One thinks it rather telling, history books fail to mention this detail concerning the royal family relations between the Kaiser, George V, and the allegedly slain Archduke Ferdinand.

Contemplating, or even acknowledging that war is a profit making business for the elite ruling bloodlines, would lead the official historians into uncharted, and perhaps career terminating territory, away from the unquestioned and official historical narrative. One is made to believe, Wilhelm, one of Europe’s most powerful and revered rulers, was forced to abdicate his throne because of a ‘workers revolution’. In fact, the circumstances of the post-World War One or Marxist revolution, are nearly identical to the circumstances surrounding the abdication and subsequent execution of the Russian Romanov’s.

Coincidence? One thinks not.

For, empirical evidence has demonstrated the concepts of human history and coincidence are not synonymous.

History is and always has been scripted.

For those students of world history, does the terminological euphemism of ‘workers revolution’ sound familiar?

It should.

For, the official historical narrative also informs, the nation of Russia was simultaneously besieged with what came to be known as the ‘Bolshevik revolution’. Unless one is mistaken, the history books label the ‘revolution’ in Russia as another uprising of ‘workers’, or what historians would like one to believe was an accurate representation of the Russian proletariat. The truth is, both revolutions, in Germany and in Russia, were funded by the ruling elite merchant banking families the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s, who are, in effect, two genealogical veins of the same family tree. These ‘workers’ revolutions, and the Beer Hall Putsch, which signaled both the emergence of ‘Adolph Hitler’ and the end of Germany’s Wiemar Republic, were covertly funded by Rockefeller and Rothschild money, and managed by royal spy networks, spread out across the continent of Europe.

Yes, folks, there were no ‘workers’ participating in either the Bolshevik or German Beer Hall revolutions, only spies and intelligence operatives.

These spy networks, after the emergence and power consolidation of both Rothschild agents Hitler and Stalin, became known to history as the KGB and the SS of Reinhard Gehlen, who later came to America, via Operation Paperclip, to help set up the American CIA, in service to the Rockefeller’s. The grand purpose of both workers revolutions, in what was to become Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, was to set up the entrance onto the world stage of what would appear two monstrous and tyrannical historical figures, against which American war propaganda could, in future, be summarily directed.

But, it was all a grand spectacle of grand geopolitical theatre.

War is a profit generating racket

The conception of ‘war’ means one thing to the proletarian masses and quite another to the ruling elites. Through generations of Hollywood movies, and historical depictions, the common man has been led to believe the prosecution of war is brought about as the result of emotional hostilities between two nations, and that those differences are ruthlessly settled, to the death, upon battlefields between opposing fielded armies. To truly discover what the concept is really about, one must divorce their gaze from the details of mythical and heroic battles, and follow the money. Like Japan, Europe’s infrastructure was aging, and in dire need of reconstruction.

The ruling elites operate on the principle that in order to maximize profits on any business deal, one never invests one’s own capital. To the ruling elite families, the concept of war represents a most profitable business opportunity, one coordinating the concerted efforts of controlled demolition and strategic population relocation. The controlled demolition of the old Europe into the modern era was facilitated by the build up of military ordinance in the way of planes, tanks and bombs. Simultaneously, the strategic relocation of vast populations from those German and other cities in the lower European nations slated to be rebuilt, required the vast and concerted security efforts of German, Russian, and American troops, to ensure the smooth movement of people into the relocation centers later termed by historical accounts as ‘concentration camps’.

While the cities of Japan were being reconstructed with controlled demolition, Japanese relocation detainees were brought to strategic relocation camps set up on the west coast of the United States and strategic locations on the mainland of China. The vast conscripted armies of Germany, Russia, and the US, served as occupying and security forces to facilitate the smooth transition of relocated populations into the camps built in strategic locations around Europe. However, the ruling elites, clever businessmen that they are, had to build up their trained actor, Adolph Hitler, into a monstrous madman that had to be vanquished.

This monumental propaganda effort served as an emotional antagonist to the American populations, along with the staged crisis events of the sinking of the Lusitania prior to World War One, and again with Pearl Harbor, prior to US involvement in what came to be called World War Two by alleged scholars and historians.

Western taxpayers, after the European and Japanese controlled demolition efforts had been sufficiently completed in 1945, would foot the bill for the massive reconstruction efforts.

This is known to history as the Marshall plan.

While the ruling elites owned the land the new European and Japanese cities were to be constructed upon, the citizens of Western nations were charged to pay, for not only the construction of the new and modern infrastructures, but the ongoing maintenance for decades to come.

In effect, America and the West funded not only the military buildup of the Soviet Union, but also the economic emergence of Japan in the following decades, culminating in the 1980’s. Perhaps this gives an entirely new understanding to the idea there are no nations, merely corporations, corporations which were long ago consolidated under the monopoly umbrella of the Crown Temple global banking system.

See: How Crown Temple rules America

For perhaps a better and more comprehensive explanation, and even greater insights into how the concept of ‘war’ and ‘revolution’ exist as a source of profit and population control, one recommends consulting the books of noted scholars Anthony Sutton and Carroll Quiqley.

Adolph Hitler was an actor

All revolutions, and wars, funded by the ruling elites, and managed and scripted by their intelligence networks, are staffed by well-trained actors. The key to gleaning the actual identity of Adolph Hitler’s host actor is through the one clue the historians like to dangle before the proletariat like a carrot; the fact the young Hitler attended Vienna royal academy of art.

Well, the very man who founded Disney’s magic kingdom, was also an artist, allegedly responsible for the initial renderings of what would become some of Disney’s most iconic characters, including Mickey Mouse. While this may seem circumstantial, and perhaps even more than a fantastical intuitive leap, one’s intuition seems to have led to a very substantial, if not shocking conclusion.

Turns out, not only was Adolph Hitler merely a historical character pseudonym, but so wasn’t Walt Disney, and that of a certain iconic CBS newsman, the very anchor personality who was first on the air with a bulletin in 1963 announcing yet another ruse pulled by the ruling elites, the assassination of American president, John F. Kennedy.

The host actor portraying all of these characters was none other than Kermit Roosevelt, blood relation of Franklin Delano, the very president who sat in the oval office with the Japanese ambassador, right before he went on CBS radio to announce to America, and the world, that Pearl Harbor had been attacked by Japanese planes.

During and subsequent to the war era, Kermit was a busy man. While doubling as the iconic Walt Disney, he was also starring in propaganda newsreels as the German boogeyman Adolph Hitler. Still later, he became iconic CBS news anchor Walter ‘that’s the way it was’ Cronkite (Get it folks, ‘Walt’ Disney and ‘Walter’ Cronkite? The ruling elites just love to see if any of the proletariat are paying attention.)



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    1. What the common man sees as corruption the ruling elites observe as merely business as usual. And though unlawful and morally questionable, the sort of corruption referred to is nonetheless legal.

  1. Very informative. You bring out so many facts that go unreported.

    Sorry for the delay in getting back with you but we were out and about on another journey and internet was hit and miss.

  2. I’d also like to mention that Walt Disney hugely promoted the payment of the federal income tax to American troops, justifying it as a means of supporting the war effort. Of course, the levy itself is a scam (or so some claim), just like the war was.

    FDR, his relative (if you believe in Ed Chiarini’s version that Disney played Quentin Roosevelt), expanded the income tax to include more Americans, so more money could be siphoned to finance America’s involvement in WWII, which, of course, tremendously benefited his pals in the weapons industry. Learn more about that here:

    1. I’m not overly familiar with Chiarini’s work. But yes, WWII was a scam to elevate the nascent UN into an international arbiter of global affairs. The UN, in turn, used the creation of Israel in opposition to Gamal Naseer in Egypt and other manufactured Middle Eastern conflicts to further cement that perception. Today, of course, the UN capitalizes on the artificially created “climate change” agenda to bolster its geopolitical hegemony. Regarding “Disney”, the research I’ve conducted over a long period indicates there’s no doubt “Walt Disney” was a fabricated character scheme, a modification of the Hollywood actor known as Jimmy Stewart (AKA Henry Fonda/Fred Astaire/Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg). There can also be no doubt “Disney” is genealogically connected to King Leopold III of Belgium (AKA Hollywood actor Bing Crosby/Adolf Hitler) and to Prince George, Duke of Kent (AKA Winston Churchill/Alistair Crowley/Hollywood actor Bob Hope) through the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The deception of “Walter Sommerlath” – as was further explained in my latest article “His Highness Hollywood Fraud Zelensky” – in relation to “Jimmy Stewart” (AKA FDR) was used to hide European royal genealogical connections to high-positioned American political figures. After all, as you’ve also no doubt discovered, the illusion of “democratic” choice via registered “vote” must be maintained at all costs. That is how citizens are tricked and entrapped into legally consenting to the covert rule of the thirteen families who, in turn, are pledged in fealty to Vatican City controlled by the Superior General of the Society of Jesus (AKA Jesuit order).

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