LA Riots: Violent revolution or staged operation? (Part I)

At the outset of this installment, one would like to express a sincere appreciation for not only the continued loyalty of regular readers but to those new arrivals having recently decided to become followers of Surely, it is one’s hope your newfound interest in the material discovered here shall be duly rewarded.

Before commencing with this new installment however, one feels a warning is appropriate, for the following analysis and subsequent questions raised will no doubt stir up considerable controversy.

So be it.

But one has found it is always better to bring that which is considered largely taboo out into the light and confront it than to leave such issues festering into lethal viruses while concealed in complete darkness.

Oddly, seemingly no one has bothered to examine the validity of this widely heralded event in American history. And many, even in the so-called “truth community” seem to accept its authenticity as reported.

This installment shall examine the reported details provided by mainstream sources for a rather significant event in recent American history known as the “LA riots.”

The LA riots exploded into the consciousness of Americans in 1992, and it all began with a colossally hyped catalyst in the form of an alleged confrontation between Rodney King and Los Angeles law enforcement. Not surprisingly, the purported details of this event  proffered by the mainstream media sorcerers readily fall apart under the slightest scrutiny. And yet again folks, there appear to have been host actors cast in the roles of some of the major players, including those from the professions of law enforcement and the legal system.  Continue reading “LA Riots: Violent revolution or staged operation? (Part I)”