LA Riots: Violent revolution or staged operation? (Part I)

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Before commencing with this new installment however, one feels a warning is appropriate, for the following analysis and subsequent questions raised will no doubt stir up considerable controversy.

So be it.

But one has found it is always better to bring that which is considered largely taboo out into the light and confront it than to leave such issues festering into lethal viruses while concealed in complete darkness.

Oddly, seemingly no one has bothered to examine the validity of this widely heralded event in American history. And many, even in the so-called “truth community” seem to accept its authenticity as reported.

This installment shall examine the reported details provided by mainstream sources for a rather significant event in recent American history known as the “LA riots.”

The LA riots exploded into the consciousness of Americans in 1992, and it all began with a colossally hyped catalyst in the form of an alleged confrontation between Rodney King and Los Angeles law enforcement. Not surprisingly, the purported details of this event  proffered by the mainstream media sorcerers readily fall apart under the slightest scrutiny. And yet again folks, there appear to have been host actors cast in the roles of some of the major players, including those from the professions of law enforcement and the legal system. In retrospect, when considering the historical era in which the event in question took place and the cultural, social and political climate surrounding it, one shall reiterate that when it comes to a truly objective analysis of historical events, there indeed are no coincidences to be found. And it appears, common with every major event recorded in the historical annals, there seems to have existed evidence of foreknowledge and planning well in advance of the LA riots to maximize psychological and historical impact.

The fact Rodney King was hoisted into prominence before the eyes of the American public subsequent to what on its face appeared to have been a routine traffic stop (a prefabricated historical event not unlike the event featuring Rosa Parks during the CIA controlled so-called civil rights movement) was indeed no accident. Both he and others featured prominently in this event belonging to the Los Angeles law enforcement and legal apparatus, as well as the corporate mainstream media owned by the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families portrayed starring roles full with the knowledge they were participating in the theatrical execution of social, political, and legal pantomime, which with the help of ubiquitous mainstream media hype, forever seared the event that quickly followed known as the “LA riots” into the mass consciousness of an entire nation.

Indeed, King’s maltreatment at the hands of Los Angeles law enforcement appeared to have represented the torch igniting a revolutionary tinderbox.

But, just as the riots that occurred outside of Chicago’s democratic national convention decades earlier were in fact planned as yet another psychological operation involving CIA, FBI, and Chicago law enforcement, the same faux apocalyptic atmosphere surrounding that event seemed to precede the Los Angeles riots of the early 1990’s as well.

It cannot be overstated that creating racial divisions are a long standing tool of the ruling elites in maintaining their psychological vice grip over the masses. And considering in retrospect the case of the alleged LA riots, this sinister method of ruling elite operation appeared especially evident.

Rodney King anomalies

On March 3, 1991 (=33 highest Scottish Rite masonic degree), Los Angeles highway patrol were alleged to have engaged in high speed pursuit (at reportedly over 100 MPH) of a white 1988 Hyundai Excel driven by an African-American male, later identified as Rodney King. As usual, one’s analysis shall begin with the details reported by mainstream news sources concerning the alleged ordeal of Rodney King. However, right from the outset one noticed a glaring anomaly regarding the very vehicle King is alleged to have driven on the night in question. In checking with mainstream sources, whether from periodicals, published newspaper accounts, or televised reports, all seem to uniformly corroborate the speeds of the Los Angeles law enforcement vehicles in pursuit of King’s Hyundai Excel were travelling in excess of 100 MPH, which implies the vehicle being pursued had to be travelling at an even faster rate of speed. Per the mechanical specifications provided by the owners manual of the vehicle in question this is highly unlikely, given the 1988 Hyundai Excel was manufactured with only a 1.5 liter, carbureted 4 cylinder engine, making it better suited for drivers with considerations of economical gas mileage in mind rather than those craving for highway performances built for speed.

In fact, one customer review from the era in question puts it more succinctly:

“Fifth gear is in overdrive. You can’t miss knowing you’re in fifth because you suddenly are overcome with the feeling you just pulled the chute.”

Meaning folks, even if King had attempted to outrun the high speed pursuit of Los Angeles law enforcement, he would have found his Hyundai Excel ill-equipped for the task. Confirming this are the manufacturer’s specifications which state the top speed for the 1988 model Hyundai Excel was 99 MPH with the added caveat such a speed could only be theoretically achieved by the motor vehicle operator without the “speed governor.” Which implies and in fact furthermore underscores the idea the manufacturers built-in “speed governor” for that year’s model Hyundai Excel would have precluded King from eclipsing anywhere near the theoretical top speed in hoping to outrun the pursuing cops on the night in question.

The Rodney King videotape

Additionally, there are myriad problems with the videotape of Rodney King’s violent encounter with Los Angeles law enforcement. The ruling elites like nothing more than to provide Zapruder film style documentations of their psychological operations, if only to maximize the overall emotional impact of the event, and also to sear provocative and even iconic images into the public consciousness as a form of mass hypnotic programming. And – wouldn’t you know it folks – the videotape in question was first aired on mainstream news outlets on March 7 (3 7’s=777/intelligence joker code).

It cannot be accentuated enough that broadcast television is a content driven medium, which means the corporate networks owned by the ruling elites and presided over by their handpicked puppet executives often choose to create and to broadcast dramatic content engineered for mass public consumption which will not only increase profitable advertising rates, but will stimulate additional corporate revenues in the way of ancillary product sales for their investors and stockholders.

It is fair to say that with the broadcast of the alleged Rodney King incident the networks quickly realized they had mined a load of pure gold, and in short order reaped untold billions from ad spots and greatly increased television ratings. In other words folks, the prime time broadcast of the Rodney King incident was great for business, as are all such psychological operations demanding the maximum emotional investment of the mass public. And in the case of the Rodney King incident, it was so successful the public was soon treated to a rash of ‘reality television’ programming such as the long running Fox (666) television series “Cops” featuring  law enforcement in similar staged encounters comparable to the King incident.

Apparently, Americans still enjoy nothing more than to sidle up with a case of cold brews while glued to the cushions on their couches to mindlessly cheer with glee at televised depictions of defenseless and often hapless individuals from the nation’s lowest income strata deliberately harassed in violation of their constitutional rights by state sponsored armed thugs sporting loaded guns and shiny badges.

But more than this folks, Rodney King was a fictional television character portrayed by a host actor (allegedly deceased prior to the event) formerly renowned for warbling syrupy and soulful love ballads to legions of the sexually frustrated.

“Sexual Healing”

Marvin Gaye was an American singer, songwriter, and record producer who helped shape what became known as the sound of Motown in the 1960’s. As Gaye’s career advanced to prominence and a string of sparkling hits graced the pop charts, music critics would often dub him “Prince of Motown” and “Prince of Soul.”

More incredible than his career however, is the tale of Gaye’s alleged death. Gaye was reportedly shot on April 1 (Beltane day of witch’s sacrifice) at 12:38 p.m. (=14/77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer) by his own father before his 45th (=9/Satan’s number) birthday after attempting to intervene in a physical altercation between his parents. Of course, Gaye’s body was cremated (how convenient) and the ashes dropped in the Pacific Ocean (how even more convenient). As if that weren’t fantastic enough, a pending charge of first-degree murder against his father was dropped to voluntary manslaughter following a brain tumor diagnoses and post-mortem revelations subsequent to an autopsy drugs had been detected in his son’s system. One can only imagine the argument put forth on behalf of the accused Gaye Sr.:

Defense Attorney: “Your Honor I would like to point out it has been demonstrated via autopsy the alleged victim in this case had a severe drug habit. On that basis I’m requesting the charges of first-degree murder be reduced to involuntary manslaughter?”

Presiding Judge: “Why certainly counselor, I find your request perfectly reasonable.”

Really folks?

One supposes whomever composed this tale of the murder of Marvin Gaye assumed the public at large was suffering from the onslaught of a brain tumor.

And finally, it can now be reported the character of Rodney King was indeed portrayed by a man alleged to have been murdered seven (G centering masonic square and compass) years before the date of the Rodney King incident, singer Marvin Gaye, while King’s spouse was portrayed by Gaye’s long time wife, Janice Gaye.

In the land of Hollywood sun and sin, folks, even a dead man knows the show must go on.

Stay tuned for part II coming soon folks. It only gets better.






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