It wasn’t so long ago, HIV, the alleged cause of AIDS, or auto-immune deficiency syndrome, threatened to become mankind’s most lethal scourge since the black plague of the medieval historical period. In truth, the only virus being spread, was one of fear and hysteria.

But, as has so often been detailed here, fear is the elites most lethal weapon, and its most profitable.

HIV did not cause AIDS.

Like Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Aurora and Columbine, HIV was a psychological operation, a boogeyman created to scare the masses, a concocted fraud bent on public manipulation. 

The year was 1981, the dawn of the MTV era. Ronald Reagan, the newly elected American president, had declared ‘a new morning in America’. However, the full emergence of a looming nightmare would soon temper the ‘elected’ Hollywood actors sun splashed optimism. As usual, that looming nightmare turned out to be an imaginative figment. Once again, corporate and government interests colluded to create a boogeyman to scare the masses into compliance with hysteria’s trillion dollar virus, what the world would soon come to know as auto-immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS.


What chain of unfortunate events spawned the genesis of such a monumental deception? Better yet, what was the impetus for creating such a deceptive hoax? One must remember, the bankers and industrialists who own and operate sovereign governments, have only three prime objectives: stimulating commerce, the maximization of stockholder profit, and the hegemonic maintenance of the status quo in keeping the masses obedient to the commercial system by bombarding them with the usual psychological weapons: fear, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Contrary to the average American’s conditioned perceptions, laws are not made to protect individual liberties or ensure human rights. Rather, laws are made to protect the hegemonic commercial position of monopoly financial interests, and to ensure that hegemony is never threatened by upstarts or interlopers.

What follows, will attempt to explain how pharmaceutical interests, in league with a government organization, the Center for Disease Control, colluded to create HIV, the disease that spread millions of fears and profited trillions of dollars. At the time, the media sorcerers  were not out to spread awareness of public health issues. But as usual, ‘awareness’ is a buzz word covertly signalling the spread of propaganda. And, on this occasion, the propaganda surrounding HIV made commerce profitable for mutually colluding business interests. As one shall soon observe, the hidden elite power structure of global governance never allows the creation of crisis to go to waste. Whenever or wherever there is fear to be profited from, the mighty Wurlitzer of media propaganda is certain to be deployed.


In order to understand the origin of HIV, one must, in retrospect, comprehend the sociological and cultural factors contributing to the creation of an entire epidemic. Extensive research indicates illicit drug use to have been rather common among the burgeoning male LGBT American sub-culture of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The drug of choice among those LGBT males frequenting bath houses and dance clubs located in most major American cities was called amyl nitrate or ‘poppers’.

The great frequency with which this drug was utilized by LGBT males of this era caused destabilization of the nervous and immune systems, contributing to an almost epidemic spate of health problems. But, while the initial focus of the AIDS fear campaign may have focused on the sexual transmission of HIV among one particular sub-culture, in depth medical studies found widespread use of other street drugs such as crack/cocaine, heroin, along with the prevalence of poppers, may have been the genuine cause of AIDS. Medical professionals found the widespread use of these popular street drugs inducing destructive effects upon the human immune system to be epidemic and seemingly irreparable. Other medical studies conducted at this time, indicated that Kaposi’s Sarcoma and Cytomegalovirus, conditions which came to be labeled HIV, were often found in most chronic drug users, most of whom happened to coincide with those inhabiting the LGBT sub-cultures proliferating in all major American cities.

These studies concluded, conclusions which were summarily suppressed or omitted by the mainstream media, that in truth, the proliferation of HIV had nothing to do with engaging in unprotected sexual relations, but everything to do with habitual drug use. Due both to political correctness and the pursuit of profits, a great opportunity to promote a profitable crisis was observed by pharmaceutical cartels and corporations involved with the manufacture, distribution and sale of prophylactics. In collusion with corporate profit interests, it was decided by the controlling bureaucrats at the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization, that propagandizing the spread of AIDS as a direct result of unprotected sex, would be more beneficial for the profitable business interests of all concerned.

AIDS and Global Commerce

One of the major themes discussed at, is that in the minds of the ruling elites, there must be no impediments to the continued flow of global commerce. This is the key element in their maintenance of the social and political status quo. As long as the masses are manipulated and therefore compelled to buy what is being sold in the tightly controlled global marketplaces-no matter the incidental product-the stock portfolios of the ruling elites shall continue to exponentially grow.

As for the side effects created by these manufactured disease hoaxes, both psychological and physical, the mental health and pharmaceutical industries readily provide more products as a solution, which the masses willingly partake. In truth, the spread of AIDS was not proliferated by sexual transmission or HIV, but by the drug administered to so-called AIDS patients, called AZT.

Millions who had tested positive for AIDS, were actively recruited for ‘scientific trials’, drawn into the propaganda of hope promulgated by the mainstream media sorcerers. In weaving such a widespread, fear based psychological tapestry of propaganda, not only did the mainstream media helped to create an epidemic based on false pretenses come out as profiteers, so too their chief stockholders the global elites, owners and operators of the pharmaceutical conglomerates and prophylactic manufacturers.


Though expectations ran high when AZT, or Azidothymidine was licensed by the Food and Drug Administration in 1987, it’s expected effectiveness in slowing the spread of what was then perceived to be the sexually transmitted phenomena of HIV, turned out to be a false hope. In truth, the effects of AZT, were devastating upon those suffering from symptomatic low blood cell count, those conditioned by the media sorcerers into thinking their debilitating condition of AIDS was the result of HIV, rather than the regular consumption of street drugs destroying the immune system and other medically related co-factors. The results of a three year study conducted by British and French doctors during the height of HIV hysteria, concluded that not only was AZT in fact toxic, it interrupted the process of DNA synthesis, worsening the low blood cell count of patients, who while initially diagnosed with HIV symptoms, showed no discernible improvement to their debilitating conditions.

Robert Gallo

In 1984, Doctor Robert G. Gallo, was publicly credited with discovering HIV as the sole cause of AIDS, though in truth, there was no evidence, according to prominent colleagues in the medical profession HIV was the cause of AIDS. Worse yet, fellow colleagues accused Gallo of taking credit for the work of doctors in France who had been studying the true relationship of HIV syndrome and AIDS. Although it was not reported by the mainstream media at the time, Gallo’s moment in the national spotlight came before any papers he had already published on the relationship of HIV and AIDS had an opportunity to come under proper and professional peer review.  As the key scientist named by the Center for Disease Control, Gallo had absolute control over the flow of information concerning AIDS research, which meant any scientist or medical professional not allowed inside the parameters of Gallo’s private fiefdom, remained closed off from properly reviewing or even perusing the published findings.

This is akin to the style of compartmentalization one finds in the promulgation of some military, top secret black operation. This state of convenient affairs also meant Gallo was left free to tailor any information or statistics to fit his predetermined premise that HIV was the sole cause of AIDS.

Does this sound familiar, folks?

One surely remembers, the crude propaganda of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ spewed by the Bush administration during the run-up to the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003. Americans discovered, long after the fact, those very weapons were never discovered or located by UN inspectors, and likely never existed at all.


What better way to promote a crisis than to recruit a famous face?

That was the role of NBA star Magic Johnson, a heralded professional athlete drafted into the ranks of Prince Hall Freemasonry, to promote the meme of sexually transmitted HIV. The recruitment of Johnson as national spokesperson in the service of promoting sexually transmitted HIV as the sole cause of AIDS worked like, well, magic.

In truth, according to intelligence sources, who, after all, would know, since it is the role of CIA and other affiliated government agencies to ensure the corporate and financial interests of the rich and powerful remain protected from upstart competition, that Johnson was merely a crisis actor playing out a role, and was not, and never had been, afflicted by AIDS.

“Ten days after testing below 200 on your T-cell count, you can reverse it by getting off all drugs and eating clean-proving HIV is a hoax,” claimed Brett Salisbury, a US intelligence agent. “There is no such thing as ‘denialism’,” Salisbury went on to say, “this is the front by Wikipedia funded online crap that is bogus.”

Yet another intelligence colleague, Lawrence Cohen, echoed Salisbury’s sentiments when it came to HIV as the cause of AIDS in general, and concerning the ‘magic man’ in particular: “Magic Johnson was never HIV positive and he knew it.”

Though one has never felt compelled to invest in the veracity with regard to the statements of intelligence agents, given the subsequent discrediting of Doctor Robert Gallo and his fraudulent colleagues, the gist of their statements is nonetheless compelling, if not demonstratively telling.





    1. I too, was astonished to learn how many of Doctor Gallo’s peer’s did not agree with the conclusions of his announcement in 1984 that HIIV was the sole cause of AIDS,

      1. Its amazing how the truth can be brought out but unless you have an open mind one will miss it. We can’t agree with the old axiom “ignorance is bliss”.

  1. Amen, but the truth is only for the elect. The reprobates will be destroyed in the lake of fire on Judgement day.

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