Surely, everyone has heard the phrase – “The New Normal” – which has been used ad nauseum for nearly the last three years by the MSM in relation to the Covid-19 psychological operation?

Though this seemingly benign even banal phrase, with repetition, adopts a sinister resonance, when considered in the context of the occult, one discovers it also represents a hidden code.

Gematria analysis reveals that both the phrase “The New Normal” and depopulation have equivalent ciphers.

Respectively, both “The New Normal” and depopulation sum to 148 in English Ordinal, 58 in Full Reduction, 176 in Reverse Ordinal, and 59 in Reverse Full Reduction.

Is there anyone who may think this is due merely to coincidence?

As any professional gambler or Las Vegas bookie is likely to tell you, the probability of this happening by mere accident would be a considerable long shot and bordering in proximity to the impossible.

Unless, that is, it was done deliberately.

The intentions of the ruling thirteen Jesuit families are always revealed in the form of such codes. Though they may think they’re pulling a veil over the eyes of a majority of those considered to be among the profane, at the same time, their methodical gambit is quite transparent.

As it’s oftentimes been put, hidden messages as well as covert intentions are discovered while displayed in plain sight of the general public. Or, as those initiated into the highest ranks of Jesuit freemasonry would have it, from out of the darkness and into the “light” (AKA Lucifer).

Be advised to keep this in mind when also considering the following results of one’s ongoing investigation into the “Anne Heche” death hoax.

Turns out, the “late” Hollywood actress identified in the previous article as the live-action role player in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Anne Heche” – Jodie Foster (AKA Helen Hunt/Judy Greer) – is also a fabricated character scheme portrayed by the estranged daughter of a British actor knighted by the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rockefeller/Rothschild), one who, early in her career during the period of the 1970’s, was under contract to Disney.

As everyone may recall from the investigatory information published in the previous article, Disney Digital Studios was found to have a solid connection with Mar Vista (AKA Greater Culver City), the site of the “Anne Heche” death hoax.

Mar Vista was also discovered to be the residence of “Helen Hunt” (AKA Anne Heche/Judy Greer/Jodie Foster).

In fact, decades ago, “Jodie Foster” and this famous British actor, before they starred together in an award-winning Hollywood production released in the 1990’s, were cast together in Disney productions during the era of the 1970’s, during which, the latter was discovered to have operated under an alternative but no less famous pseudonym. Actually, more than one.

But before getting to those revelations in a series of articles which will very soon arrive, there is the matter of “Ellen DeGeneres”, the comedienne, former television talk show host, and “ex-girlfriend” of the “late” Anne Heche” (AKA Judy Greer/Helen Hunt/Jodie Foster).

Perhaps more fascinatingly, further investigation has revealed, the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of “Anne Heche” (AKA Jodie Foster) in the previous article also served as Australia’s first and only female Prime Minister.

SEE: Anatomy of a Hollywood Death Hoax

Stay tuned – answers to abounding mysteries will soon come to fruition.


As discovered by numerous investigations, the “official” biographies associated with Hollywood’s celebrity figures (AKA intelligence trained assets) have often featured working class emanations.

Such a characterization appears to be a standard biographical template established for many of Hollywood’s intelligence-controlled assets.

The “official” biography associated with “Ellen DeGeneres” is no exception.

According to Wikipedia, “Her early jobs included a stint at J.C. Penny, and waitressing at TGI Friday’s and another restaurant. She also worked as a house painter, a hostess and a bartender.” Regarding DeGeneres’s early work resume, Wikipedia reports that, after attending “one semester” at “University of New Orleans where she majored in communications,” she then “left school to do clerical work in a law firm with a cousin, Laura Gillen.”

One supposes that, before embarking on a career in Hollywood’s entertainment industry, the intelligence handlers assigned to “Ellen DeGeneres” wished to make her appear more sympathetic and relatable to the hoi polloi as a working-class jack of all trades.

Turns out, for a time, “Ellen” also worked at a “recruiting agency”, where she allegedly “bullied” the pubescent son of the agency’s proprietor.


Both Hollywood actors and music industry stars are controlled Jesuit/CIA intelligence assets.

Oftentimes, too, the entire careers of such high-profile figures are designed to function as behavioral influencers/social engineering agents.

The long and star-studded career of the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of the Hollywood fabricated character scheme known to millions as “Ellen DeGeneres”, “ex-girlfriend” of the “late” “Anne Heche” (AKA Judy Greer/Helen Hunt/Jodie Foster), could be accurately characterized as such.

Recently, after a long tenure hosting her own highly rated low brow daytime talk fest, former comedienne “Ellen DeGerneres” drew slings and arrows from a slew of television network subordinates, industry colleagues, and childhood acquaintances alike for her reportedly “bullying” demeanor and was forced to quietly retreat into retirement.

Turns out, such charges were merely part and parcel of the script composed for a fabricated character scheme, one designed to act as a social behavioral model.

Rest assured, even before the beginning of her meteoric emergence onto the world’s stage while bathed in Hollywood’s bright neon pageant, the career of “Ellen DeGeneres” was set up to sink into the sad turmoil of disgrace.

But it turns out, during the nascent years of the 1980’s MTV era, “Ellen DeGeneres” had experienced the apex of fame and fortune long before while known by another name well-renowned to the American general public.

Before getting to that however, regarding the allegations concerning the bullying demeanor of “Ellen DeGeneres”, according to an article published at, “they say mean kids grow into mean adults, and for Ellen DeGeneres, this may be true about her younger self.” Apparently, reports, “As person after person makes new claims against the talk show host about her unkind behavior, a childhood acquaintance has now come forward with their own story.”

Yeah, right – sure he has.

In all probability, this alleged “childhood acquaintance” – Ben Gravolet – is about as real as “Ellen DeGeneres” herself.

After all, research has shown, such narratives are concocted, likely by committee with help from AI algorithms, then carefully placed and covertly distributed, with the intention of reaching high saturation and visibility levels, through monopolized MSM channels by intelligence sources, not only to fortify the biographical integrity of an active Hollywood fabricated character scheme created by the Jesuit controlled CIA, but to amplify and to further the objectives of an ongoing social engineering/behavioral modification agenda.

“As a kid, Gravolet would spend sick days or after school hours in his mom’s recruiting agency, and there he would be harassed by Ellen, Gravolet claims. Ellen would pick on him for his weight, his clothes, his smarts, and even insulted his art skills.”

As for the “recruiting agency” owned by Ben Gravolet’s mother, alleged to have employed “Ellen DeGeneres” while she was still in her early twenties, most likely, it was set up as a Jesuit/CIA intelligence hub for the grooming of future Hollywood assets.

“That would actually look nice – if you could draw,” claims “Ellen DeGeneres” once sniped at a young Ben Gravolet.

Undoubtedly, the preceding anecdote and the entire story is a concoction and, seemingly, like all such well promoted MSM narratives, the story published at is coded with a key masonic marker.

At the time of these alleged incidents, claims Ben Gravolet was eleven years old. The number of 11 is symbolic of the masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin, the very same pillars found in Grand Masonic lodges the world over.



When intuitively interpreted, beneath the surface, the lyrics accompanying the haunting melody heard in the preceding video clip give away more than they intend.

I have a tale to tell

Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well

I was not ready for the fall

Too blind to see the writing on the wall

A man can tell a thousand lies,

I’ve learned my lesson well

Hope I live to tell

The secret I have learned, ’til then

It will burn inside of me

I know where beauty lives

I’ve seen it once I know the warm, she gives

The light that you could never see

It shines inside, you can’t take that from me

The truth is never far behind

You kept it hidden well

If I live to tell

The secret I knew then

Will I ever have the chance again

If I ran away, I’d never have the strength

To go very far

How would they hear the beating of my heart

Will it grow cold

The secret that I hide, will I grow old

How will they hear

When will they learn

How will they know

Analysis indicates the pop singer’s interpretive performance of the preceding set of song lyrics appears to derive from a remarkably yearning, confessional nature, especially the stanza(s) which read “I have a tale to tell, sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well” and “If I ran away, I’d never have the strength to go very far.”

Could it be the nature of the “tale” is that she’s an intelligence trained Hollywood entertainment industry asset and, while wishing secretly that sometimes she could escape from the life in which she finds herself fully entrapped, realizes, sorrowfully and perhaps out of fear for the ensuing and even fatal consequences, that she could never summon the requisite strength of will to abscond from her CIA/Jesuit handlers?

Indeed, long before she began her career as a stand-up comedienne and starred as host of her own daytime talk show, “Ellen (El/RA/Sun God) DeGeneres” (masonic play-on-words/of or deriving from degenerates) was well-known as the darling of MTV – Madonna Louise Ciccone (AKA Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Lopez/Lorena Bobbitt), the former spouse of “Sean Penn” (AKA Bono Vox/Robin Williams).

While ocularly comparing the pair of images below – between “Ellen DeGeneres” and Madonna Louise Ciccone – everyone will begin to notice the slope and geometric structure of the respective noses and chins, while observed from similar angles, are, in fact, identical. Also, respectively, ear biometric analysis confirms the geometrical structures, and epidermal contours of the ears are a perfect match.

Below from L to R: Madonna, Ellen DeGeneres

images (4)[5872]download (1)[5865]

In the following pair of images, the identical dimensional and geometrical structures and proportional alignment of the brows, noses, lips, and ears can be more closely observed. But, more than these, the identical structural nature and piercing qualities of the respective eyes exists as the prime component which, comparatively, stands out as most conspicuous.

images (3)[5867]download (2)[5866]

Further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirm that pop music legend Madonna Louise Ciccone (AKA Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Lopez/Lorena Bobbitt) and “Ellen DeGeneres” are one and the same.


Accordingly, regarding the hidden nature of Madonna’s Hollywood career, the Jesuit/CIA controlled hacks writing for Wikipedia give the game away while speaking in intelligence code.

“Her works, which incorporate social, political, sexual, and religious themes, have generated both controversy and critical acclaim.”

In essence, the public persona of “Madonna” was created as a social engineering/mass behavioral model/intelligence propaganda agent, to both influence and to covertly but uniformly indoctrinate the MTV generation of the 1980’s into patterns of thought and behavior beneficial to the ruling thirteen Jesuit families, the owners and majority stockholders in control of the US corporation (AKA Washington D.C.), those whom work in concerted effort with the Crown Temple bankers/esquires in the City of London (AKA one square mile) and, with Madonna Louise Ciccone’s true hidden masters in control of Hollywood’s entertainment industry, the Jesuit order or the Society of Jesus who, for centuries, have also held firm hegemony over Vatican City and the international intelligence octopus which includes CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, MI7 (AKA BBC), KGB, Stasi, Falon Gong, and Mossad.

Wikipedia then goes on to describe Madonna as “a prominent cultural figure in the 20th and 21st centuries.”

The term “cultural figure” is code for an intelligence operative, one who has been covertly set up to act as the popular leader of a cult (AKA popular culture).

According to, the Hollywood actress previously identified as the live-action role player in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme/intelligence-controlled Hollywood social engineering asset and darling of MTV known as “Madonna Louise Ciccone”, Angelina Jolie (AKA Ellen DeGeneres/Lorena Bobbitt/Jennifer Lopez), is the daughter of Jon Voigt (AKA Jack Nicholson/Jack Ruby/Neil Young/Robert F. Kennedy/Sir David Attenborough/Prince Henrik of Denmark), both of which are genealogically related to King Louis VI, King Robert I, Alfred the Great and to Charlemagne, Holy Roman emperor.

While comparing the series of images posted immediately below, everyone will begin to observe that, proportionally, the respective geometric architectures and structures of the brows, noses, chins, and lips – between Agelina Jolie and her various character modifications, Madonna Louise Ciccone, Lorena Bobbitt, and Jennifer Lopez – are proportionally and structurally identical.

Comparative architectural dimensions and epidermal structures of the ears are also identical.

The portraying live-action role player, Agelina Jolie (AKA Ellen DeGeneres/Lorena Bobbitt/Jennifer Lopez), was modified into “Madonna Louise Ciccone” with nothing more than hair dye and strategically placed makeup applications/lighting filters/angles, distorting the public’s ocular perceptions of the facial geometry to better conceal the identity of the host actor.

In the case of “Jennifer Lopez”, the live-action role player, Agelina Jolie, was modified with skin darkening treatments and specialized contact lenses. As for the skin darkening process, as explained in an article published at, such procedures are rather routine in Hollywood.


Below L to R: Angelina Jolie, Madonna Louise Ciccone, Lorena Bobbitt, Jennifer Lopez

SEE: A Trip Down Memory Lane: Lorena Bobbit

By genealogical extension, this would mean that “Ellen DeGeneres” (AKA Madonna Louise Ciccone/ Lorena Bobbitt/Jennifer Lopez/Angelina Jolie) is also related to former South Bend, Indiana mayor and US Secretary of Transportation “Pete Buttigieg” (AKA Frederick, Crown Prince of Denmark), proved to be an impostor, yet another intelligence-controlled fabricated character scheme charged with promoting the LGBTQ +/UN Agenda 2030/2050 (AKA global depopulation).

SEE: The Joker Still Laughs at You

The UN’s Champion of the Earth

Mayor Pete is a Royal Impostor

Meanwhile, further investigation into the “late” “Anne Heche” (AKA Judy Greer/Helen Hunt/Jodie Foster), alleged to be the former lesbian paramour of “Ellen DeGeneres”, reveals that, for a short time, she donned yet another mask belonging to a former Australian Prime Minister named “Julia”.


“Julia Gillard”, according to Wikipedia, “is the first and only female prime minister in Australian history.”

As everyone will surely observe, the circumstances surrounding her “election”, however, are rather suspicious.

As detailed in a previous article, Australia belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations.


The head of the Commonwealth is the reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II (AKA Hollywood actress Lucille Ball) of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rockefeller/Rothschild), a royal house which, in turn, is genealogically related to the House of Aldobrandini, whom, historically, have not only been closely tied to Vatican City, but are one of the most powerful and influential of the thirteen Jesuit families.

Although it may have appeared to the Australian general public “Julia Gillard” was freely “elected”, historical precedent indicates otherwise. According to articles published at and, both Queen Elizabeth II and CIA were instrumental in the sacking of Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam back in 1975.


It seems likely, therefore – given what happened to Whitlam at the concerted hands of Queen Elizabeth II and CIA decades ago – that “Julia Gillard” was installed rather than “elected”.

Wikipedia, however, in a rather ill-conceived and quite frankly comical attempt at obfuscation and misdirection, ironically confirms this.

“Gillard was elected unopposed in a leadership spill…”

The term “leadership spill” appears to be a political euphemism for the actions of a covertly engineered coup. Publicly, the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, especially when considering the numerous public statements made by Prince Charles (AKA Keith Richards/Al Pacino/Bruce Springsteen/Cat Stevens) regarding various causes associated with “social justice” (AKA Marxism, created by Luigi Taparelli D’ Azeglio, a 19th century Jesuit scholar), has made no secret of always being on board with the UN’s depopulation Agenda 2030/2050, the implementation of which is being hidden by smokescreen sub-agendas such as “climate change”, the Covid-19 “pandemic”, LGBTQ +, mass immigration, global supply chain “issues”, and the Marxist women’s “empowerment” (AKA third-wave feminism) movement.

Undoubtedly, therefore, the Queen wished to install a woman as Prime Minister, chiefly, not only to cleverly act as a shield from criticism, but to more completely but covertly implement the UN’s seventeen “Sustainability Goals” in Australia.

Though Wikipedia makes a genuine effort to obfuscate the royal and intelligence influences behind the political ascendance of “Julia Gillard” in Australia with a detailed but faux narrative describing the dwindling political support of the preceding Labor PM Kevin Rudd, in the very next paragraph which follows, they finally, and perhaps unwittingly, come out with the truth.

“Gillard was sworn in as the 27th Prime Minister of Australia by Governor General Quentin Bryce…”

2 7’s or 77=code for the Land of Oz (AKA psychological operation)

The Governor General, of course, is the direct representative of the monarch in Australia, appointed solely by Her Majesty.

While briefly holding the office of Prime Minister, “Julia Gillard” also served as the “Minister for Social Inclusion” (AKA institutionalized apartheid) and, according to Wikipedia, in the name of “climate change”, “implemented carbon pricing in Australia.”

Rest assured, whenever the dreaded words “Zero Net Carbon” and “carbon footprint reduction” are heard being uniformly bandied about by bloviating MSM talking heads and intellectually vacuous political puppets alike, such terms, too, represent codes for depopulation.

After all, the human anatomy consists of mainly carbon.

Nevertheless, the Jesuit-trained/CIA desk ridden lackeys at Wikipedia will never dare to report that – as confirmed by extensive facial recognition and image comparison analyses – former Australian PM “Julia Gillard” was a fabricated character scheme portrayed by veteran Hollywood actress, Jodie Foster (AKA Anne Heche/Judy Greer/Helen Hunt), the former MSM-generated fake paramour of “Ellen DeGeneres” (AKA Madonna Louise Ciccone/Lorena Bobbitt/Jennifer Lopez/Angelina Jolet).

Below from L to R: Julia Gillard, Jodie Foster

download[5874]images (2)[5875]

images[5880]images (1)[5873]

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  1. I’m wondering what it says about the scriptwriters/what was going on at the time, that 4 pop luminaries- Prince (6/7), Kate Bush (7/30), Madonna (8/16), & Michael Jackson (8/29)- were all born in the same summer, 1958?
    If the host actor that portrays Prince & MJ is the same (Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden), and here we identify who is behind Madonna, the q is what to make of Kate Bush, the only Brit among the four, and wildly popular/influential among legions of recording artists to follow, many of them female. What is her assignment, and who plays her? Not that I would suspect it to be, but the question must be asked, is this preponderance just all a huge coincidence?

  2. I am wondering what it says about the scriptwriters/what was going on at the time, to have 4 pop luminaries-Prince, Kate Bush, Madonna, Michael Jackso – all born within 2.5 month span, in the summer of 1958?
    Having previously identified the host actor portraying MJ & Prince as Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, and here identifying Madonna, what does it say about Kate Bush, insofar as who is her host actor, and her assignment? She really did not enjoy the success abroad in the US the other 3 did, but remains wildly popular/influential with legions of artists to follow, many female.

    1. You must be mistaken. I have yet to conduct any definitive investigation into either Jackson or the artist known as Prince, although, along with Kate Bush, they are intriguing suggestions for the purpose of future reference. However, regarding Madonna Louise Ciccone, there can be no doubt she is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Angelina Jolie (AKA Ellen DeGeneres), the daughter of Hollywood actor Jon Voigt (AKA Jack Nicholson/Jack Ruby/Neil Young/Prince Henrik of Denmark). As for “official” biographies, as one pointed out in the article, they are fabricated to establish the intelligence legend or bona fides of an intelligence trained social engineering operative (AKA Hollywood celebrities/music industry stars). Nevertheless, my next article will delve even more deeply into the identity of the “late” Hollywood actress “Anne Heche” (AKA Jodie Foster/Judy Greer/Helen Hunt).

  3. Fake, fraud, lies coming to the fore, I find to be the beginning oh cleansing. We will just let them happen. Ellen will be ok I her journey of reckoning and reawakening.

    1. You’re quite correct. “Ellen DeGeneres” is a media generated image attached to a fabricated public persona. Awareness of these facts – concerning the artificiality of public figures in a every field of human endeavor – is rapidly growing. One only hopes it isn’t too late.

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