The masses love television.

They love it even more when it is provided free of charge. Has one never considered television may represent the most addictive of drugs, and perhaps the most destructive?

No one questions the ubiquity of high definition screens in hotels, bars, restaurants, even public spaces. Has one never wondered why Hulu is absolutely free? Does one honestly think it is because the ruling elites using this technology against the best interests of mankind harbor an altruistic spirit? Addictions are difficult to abscond from. Once behaviors become hard wired, it becomes difficult for one to imagine altering propensities seemingly as common as involuntary breathing. The following will no doubt be dismissed as science fiction. However, the paper trail of patents and their intended nefarious utilization shall serve to belie that knee-jerk assessment. 

Lately, one has noticed posts concerning similar subject matter appearing in this particular blog stream. But, it is interesting to note, though the subject matter may be similar to that found at, the content is spun in a direction more acceptable to mainstream tastes. This is what is commonly known as a soft form of censorship. In essence, by flooding the blog stream in this manner, the object and hope is that one will peruse only their posts and ignore mine, or at least encounter what is written here less frequently. Rather clever, but ultimately a pusillanimously covert ploy.

Anything shall be done to prevent the truth from being encountered or spoken. Raging Falcon - 3D[1343692]

With that rant out of the way, we shall proceed with the subject at hand-Hulu and television, and the adverse effects, both psychological and physical, derived from voraciously consuming the content provided via this technology.

One should not misconstrue the overall emphasis or premise.

Television is a unique invention and concept that can be used for good or ill. Unfortunately, one has uncovered incontrovertible and inarguable evidence that this invention is being utilized primarily for the latter purpose. What if one were to inform television can no longer be construed as an instrument solely created for the purposes of entertainment, but a programming instrument created for ulterior motives, motives which will lead to frightening implications for mankind? Yes, many shall reject the following notions out of hand. Nonetheless, it is those reactionary and even dismissive responses which shall serve to underscore one’s premise to an even greater degree. That premise will lead one to consider very dark implications. Most likely, what follows will illicit the usual cliched responses attacking the messenger; ad hominem attacks of ‘tin foil hat’ and so on. Shortly, there will come another installment detailing precisely what it is the so-called self-appointed elites are planning for the future of humanity. Many shall scoff and continue to be concerned with nothing other than the satisfaction of their own petty material desires.

So be it.

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.

Deny the evidence at your own peril. After all, a great majority will no doubt never allow even the most pertinent of information from interrupting their pursuance of the mundane and insignificant. Perhaps for just one moment, one shall set those petty desires aside, and at least consider the following. We are all one, black, white, yellow, red, regardless of religious denomination or sexual preference, whether LGBTQ or heterosexual. The prevailing dominance of the Crown Temple global bankers and the elite industrial oligarchs depends on keeping us all constantly divided and weak.

In truth, it is us against them.

And, when all of us finally arrive at this collective realization, their grand game of Machiavellian global control shall be over.


It is very unlikely any significant majority shall find themselves recognizing Hendricus G. Loos as a household name. The following information shall serve to demonstrate why that is perhaps so. Mr. Loos is responsible for over fifteen patents registered between 1984 and 2001 having to do with nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields distributed through television and computer monitors.

A memo discovered online, having to do with Mr. Loos and the development of what is known as HULU, or high definition interface between home computers and television networks, is an eye opening indictment of the true purpose of this technology, and why it was unveiled with such fanfare and made available for free. For those who don’t read, perhaps this will better serve as a more effective source of illumination:

To begin with, the title of the memo is most telling: “A Quantum Leap in mind control and manipulation.”

The contents of this revealing memo, written by Dr. A. T. Ott, goes on to describe not only the minute details of the sinister capabilities of this new technology, but who built it and how it was funded. Hulu was funded and built with cooperation between the US military, government intelligence agencies, and private contractors. In essence, the government is developing technologies to enslave the masses, then stealing their tax money to pay for it.

Hulu, as a programming interface, essentially allows the US military access to American television programming from anywhere on the planet. The memo goes on to describe how using computer monitors and HD TV screens can be used as a broadcast medium to digitally pulse electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby human subjects, while the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity to bring about a specific emotional and even physical response in humans viewing the medium.

Dr. Ott also relates that these electromagnetic fields are capable of mind control programming of specific individuals. With the Hulu interface, it is even possible to cause physical illness using electromagnetic pulse methods, including flu symptoms, heart attacks, and even strokes.

Ott further details this can be done by harmonizing a specific digital frequency, custom designed for the end user of Hulu to produce a specified physical event.

Now folks, here is the most dramatic aspect: All that is needed for the computer to design this specified physical event is to obtain a sample of the end user’s DNA.

Sound ominous folks?

Yes, assuredly it does.

But, by all means, continue to enjoy your petty ‘entertainments’ while the powers that be continue to fry your brains and with incremental deliberation deteriorate your health. American Siren - 3D


There is a rare publication online entitled “Silent weapons for quiet wars.” Written anonymously, the information therein, should one be so inclined to investigate, shall surely prove to be educative. The anonymous publication goes on to describe the various methods and technologies utilized to cause the populations of the earth to become more docile, socially engineered, and more compliant to the monstrous rule of their so called elite overlords.

Would one be surprised to discover one of the most effective of silent weapons turns out to be television?

Television, or more specifically Hulu, the program designed to integrate television programming and one’s home computer, has not been conceived with the entertainment of the masses in mind, but rather their total enslavement.



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