Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XIII)

Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]The celebrities and pop stars you know and love also happen to be among the royal families that rule over you. After all, the royal families, born with the luck of primogeniture, are also the largest shareholders in terms of controlling ownership in all the movie studios, record labels, and television networks. Considering these auspicious circumstances, does one really think these royals would be content sitting around in their palaces all day? No, they would want to ensure every effort was made to increase the profitability of their shareholdings, and to increase the economic value of their family portfolios. And, would they be content to scour the globe to look for talent to star on stage and screen? Most likely, they would promote from within, choosing to position themselves as celebrities, movie stars, and popular singers.

Vanity dictates they want to be worshiped, adored, and admired.

Of course, this formula would not be feasible if they did not present themselves to the public without hiding behind a clever facade.

Therefore, they choose to operate under pseudonyms.

The pseudonyms these royals create and utilize help to conceal not only their true identity, but so that Hollywood’s prevailing royal nepotism remains clandestine. In the last installment, one began to outline and discuss the ruling Jesuit bloodlines. Among the more prominent of those bloodlines is the House of Orsini. While the Jesuit House of Farnese presides over the Rothschild’s also known as the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha royal line in Britain, the House of Orsini presides over the Spanish royal throne, and over the span of many centuries has produced a vast array of Cardinals, Popes, merchant bankers, prominent nobility, and high-level Vatican clerics.

One should not believe the historical chronology of the official accounts claiming the Jesuits were established by Ignatius Loyola in the sixteenth century. That is merely another cover story created for mass consumption, and to hide the ultimate truth. The truth is, the Jesuit order, thirteen ruling bloodline families collectively operating under many names throughout history, going back to the days of the fall of the Roman republic, represent the Zoroastrian priesthood that has dominated not just the religious and philosophical sphere, but all areas of human endeavor, including science, politics, art, and most importantly world governance.

In addition to this, these ruling elite families have produced some of Hollywood’s most renowned and award winning performers, beloved by public and critic alike. This installment shall examine the Jesuit ruling bloodline known as the Jesuit Houses of Orsini and Farnese. Though their formal and royal names may seem unrecognizable, one shall be most surprised to discover their faces and their Hollywood names to be more than familiar. 

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Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

The Hollywood stars you worship also rule over you

Before one reveals the identity of these ruling elite family members that have doubled as beloved Hollywood stars, a more complete historical foundation must be laid.

First, let us begin with a somewhat cliched, but nonetheless apt analogy. The acquisition of a comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of history is a bit like peeling an onion. One must peel back the cover stories and the layers of pseudonyms to get to the truth. But, there are surely no historical truths to be found in public school texts or even those composed by scholarly sources. Even prominent figures in the alternative media are comparable to the hired scribes of old, employed to ultimately conceal the truth even while providing small dollops of credible veracity. Some, may even lead one on a revealing path, only to redirect one towards a diversionary sojourn at the most critical juncture of revelation. Contrary to the misguided opinions of some, here at, there is never any attempt made to mislead or misinform, only to present the truth as one currently best comprehends.

Zoroastrian priests

The story of the Orsini and Farnese Jesuit bloodlines begins before the middle ages, with the establishment of what was termed the Zoroastrian priesthood. The Zoroastrian priests were not just responsible for the guidance of the religious life of the community, but established the system of governance that would become known as Admiralty law or the Uniform Commercial Code that governs all corporate entities, or legally speaking, all nations of legally designated ‘persons’. The philosophical basis of Zoroastrianism is best summarized in the idea that life is not stone but water, and that all ‘persons’ are therefore legally designated as ships.

What is really meant by that?

This is a philosophy of law and governance based on casuistry or sophistry. Casuistry is a specious rationalization or argument related to an interpretation of ethical, legal, or religious principles. An example of this would be for an NFL coach to argue at a post-game press conference that despite his team having been trounced in the Super Bowl by a point spread of several touchdowns, such a woeful performance nonetheless represented a rare species of victory. Sophistry is the utilization of extremely subtle deceptive reasoning or argumentation. This prevailing philosophy is why the laws are purposely written in such vague terms in order that they can be reinterpreted or changed due to political or social expediency. In today’s modern 21st century parlance, examples of such sophistry are evident when one witnesses or hears media ‘talking points’ or ‘spin’. This is how politicians, government bureaucrats, and corporate spokespersons can take any question of any substance and shape it into the answer that corresponds with the prevailing message they’ve been told by their corporate masters to publicly convey. The Zoroastrian priesthood, or Jesuits as they are known today, are masters of such treacherous but subtle semantic deceptions. This is the legacy they have given mankind, and why every American generation since the nation’s founding has been duped into thinking they have been governed by a democratically just system.

In truth, this is just for the sake of appearances, while the reality is quite something different.

The global governing and legal system of copyright Admiralty law is based on the idea that one is birthed into a corporate fiction, represented by a social security or human resource number, under Roman Latin law, which means you are a ‘person’, or fictional corporation under maritime law. As a legal fiction or ‘person’ under the maritime law of Uniform Commercial Code, one is a ‘ship’ upon the legal seas, subject to the guidance of an array of contracts, licenses, fees, and other legal arrangements therefore binding the person to citizenship, sponsorship, and partnership to other ‘dead letter’ corporate entities.

This is what is meant by the phrase “corporations are people.”

The idea of maritime admiralty governance derives from the three corporate trusts established by the Zoroastrian priesthood dominated by the Ptolemaic Jesuit family bloodlines, of which the Houses of Orsini and Farnese have always been two of the most powerful. The first trust established by the Zoroastrian Jesuit priesthood was issued in 1302 by Pope Boniface, and entitled the Unam Sanctam, an express trust deed and primary document establishing the pope’s claim to global power, the last line of which reads: “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”

In claiming dominion over the entire world, Boniface commissioned a gold plated headdress in the shape of a pinecone, with an elaborate crown at the base. The pinecone is an ancient symbol of fertility, and also represents the pineal gland placed in the center of the human brain. Today, in Vatican Square, one can find a thirteen foot tall sculpture of the pinecone, or pineal gland. Later, in 1455, the first Testamentary Trust was created by Pope Nicholas V, through the Papal Bull Romanus Pontifex, a deed and will creating a Deceased Estate. This bull had the effect of conveying the right of use of land as Real Property, from the express Trust Unam Sanctam, to the control of the Pontiff and his successors in perpetuity.

This is why all land is legally claimed as ‘Crown Land’.

When one is born into this legally fictional world, you are legally deprived of all beneficial entitlements and rights on the land. Since 1933, when a child is born in a State (Estate), under Roman law, Trusts are created upon certain presumptions specifically designed to deny, forever, the child any Rights to Real Property, any Rights to be free, and any Rights to be known as a man or woman, rather than a creature or animal, by claiming or possessing their Spirit or Soul.

The sad fact is, millions of parents, enablers of this pernicious global commercial system, unwittingly sign the rights of their own offspring into debt ridden commercial slavery.

The Executors or Administrators of the higher Estate willingly and knowingly: 1.) convey the beneficial entitlements of the child, as Beneficiary, into a trust (Cestui Que Vie, or beneficiary pronounced setty kay ) Trust in the form of a Registry Number by registering the name, thereby also creating the Corporate Person and denying the child all Rights to Real Property; and 2.) claim the baby as chattel to the Estate. The slave baby contract is then created by honoring the ancient custom of either having the ink impression of the baby’s feet into the live birth record, or a drop of its blood, as well as tricking the parents into signing the baby away through the deceitful legal meanings on the live birth record which is a promissory note, converted into a slave bond, sold to the private reserve bank of the estate, and then conveyed into a second and separate CQV Trust, per child, owned by the bank. When the promissory note reaches the maturity and the bank is unable to seize the slave child, a maritime lien is lawfully issued in series against the CQV Trust. 3.) claim the child’s soul via the Baptismal Certificate. If the child later contracts as a soldier to defend the corporation, this means the person has agreed to be legally ‘sold to die’.

Since 1540 and the creation of the CQV Act, deriving its power from the Papal Bull of Pope Paul III, when a child is baptized and Baptismal Certificate issued, the parents have gifted, granted, and conveyed the soul of the baby to the Church, which has held all such documents in its vaults since that time. Therefore, legally, having forfeited ownership over your soul and body, you are officially and legally a unit of commercial property, presided over by the judges sitting on the Bar of courts. Under presiding Uniform commercial code, which includes corporate commercial law, maritime and canon law, and Talmudic law, the judge represents the landlord, banker, and priest over all property entering the court.

In summary, the concept of democracy is a cruel hoax, and the thirteen Jesuit ruling families, of which the Orsini’s and the Farnese are two of the most prominent, legally hold spiritual and temporal ownership over each and every ‘person’ on earth. Consider also, that when your ‘person’ is summoned to court, per the terms and conditions of these Trusts, the judge sitting on the other side of the bench holds your legal name based upon your implicit consent to appear and stand under the flag of admiralty law in their court. In full effect, the judge is legally the holder of your Trust. This is where the concept of the mirror reflection comes into play. The ‘person’ is the judges mirror image, a ‘dead’ fictional corporate entity standing in judgment before a living trust. However, this is but one example from the almost numberless array of ghastly Jesuit deceptions noted throughout recorded human history.


Commonwealth of Crowns

Collectively, the three Trusts decreed by Papal Bull, represented by the symbolic Crowns wrapped about the intersecting point of the Holy Cross, established Jesuit ownership of land, persons, in both spirit and body, and highest steward sovereign of all Roman slaves subject to the rule of the Roman Pontiff.

In other words, certain branches of the Jesuit ruling families were granted license to legally act as proxies on behalf of the Holy See.

The second Crown or testamentary trust was created in 1481, with the Papal Bull Aeterni Regis, or Eternal Crown, issued by Sixtus IV. This Papal Bull created the Crown of Aragon, later known as the Crown of Spain. Spain lost the Crown in 1604, when it was granted to James I by Pope Paul V after the passage of the “Union of the Crowns”, or Commonwealth, in 1605, after the Jesuit gunpowder plot hoax.

The Sovereign Crown was not returned to Spain, until the reign of Juan Carlos in the mid 1970’s.

This was the true political and legal agenda going on behind the facade of the manufactured religious opposition between the Puritans and Papists. Then again, this is the specialty of the ruling elite families demonstrated throughout human history, to create predetermined order out of manufactured and controlled chaos. As one can see from the recent headlines concerning the Las Vegas shooting hoax, the methods utilized by the ruling elite Jesuit bloodlines has not significantly altered.

The shocking revelation one has waited for shall arrive presently, but more on King Juan Carlos in just a bit.

The Third Crown, or final testamentary deed and will of the Ecclesiastical Papal See was created in 1537 by Paul III, set up for the reaping of ‘lost souls’ to the Papal See, through the Papal Bull Convocation, also meant to open the Council of Trent. This Crown was secretly granted to England during the reign of Henry VIII, but was lost in 1816, due to the deliberate Jesuit bankrupting of the country, and subsequently granted to the Jesuit controlled Temple Bar, or Middle Temple of the Crown Temple bank. This will and testamentary includes the registration and collection of Baptismal Certificates, now performed by the London Crown Temple bank on behalf of the Jesuit controlled Vatican.

The Spanish royal family

Stripped of his disguising royal regalia, skin stippling and make up, one would immediately recognize recently abdicated Spanish king Juan Carlos as one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors. In fact, the former Spanish king and queen have starred together in such American Hollywood films as Rally around the flag boys, Harry and Son, and The long, hot summer.


At 17:43 in the video above, one is looking at none other than Paul Newman and his wife, Joanne Woodward. At precisely 18:10, the woman on the far left, the consort of the newly crowned king is none other than the actress known to American moviegoers as Angelina Jolie. Is it any wonder Angelina is out shilling on behalf of so-called humanitarian Jesuit controlled charities? Go ahead, folks, keep allowing yourself to be emotionally manipulated by these ruling elites. Each time you write a check for one of these charities which are often used as money laundries for the drug and armaments trades, every penny is enriching the coffers of the Jesuit elite ruling families like the royal Houses of Farnese and Orsini.

Further along at approximately 20:25, one shall see the actor Billy Bob Thornton, also known as lead singer Art Alexakis of nineties American alternative rock band Everclear. In the very next frame at 20:27, one shall see former rock singer Debbie Harry, formerly of the American late seventies and early eighties ‘new wave’ band known as Blondie. Still further along, and perhaps last but certainly not least, one shall observe former American Hollywood dilettante Paris Hilton.

Yes, these people are all related by royal blood, meaning that stardom in Hollywood or the music industry is not based solely on merit, but on nepotism.

And wouldn’t you know it, folks, turns out the Farnese and Orsini royal Jesuit families are all major stockholders in the very same movie studios and recording companies all of the above actors and singers performed for while working under their Hollywood and music industry concocted pseudonyms.

Think about this for just a moment.

While you remain worshipful and in awe of these so-called Hollywood stars, not only do these Jesuit royal bloodline families collect your tax money through proxies like the Crown Temple bank, but you pay them untold millions to entertain you with their mediocre Hollywood bread and circus.

Go ahead and scoff shills, because while you attempt to kill the messenger, these royal ruling elite Jesuit bloodline families are stealing your money, and they will continue to own your body and soul, unless you wise up, and courageously endeavor to escape!

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    1. I believe the Piso family to be a Jesuit family bloodline that has changed its surname many time to hide its genealogy. This is what makes research into this subject matter difficult. But they are readily identifiable if one is able to recognize their sinister and clandestine methods of operation over the centuries.

    1. There is every indication all of the world’s holy books are not only girded by the same mythological and allegorical structure, but were in fact composed by the Zoroastrian priesthood of the ruling elite Jesuit bloodlines, of which Piso were a prominent branch.

      1. today pallavicni family have control over islam and islam sect they working to unite all religions to one

      2. That is a very astute conclusion. All of the world’s major religions are being consolidated into a one world global faith based on Paganism and worship of the Isis, or mother earth. That is the messianic philosophy driving the climate change agenda.

      3. if religion happen to unite i think is better for all peace in the world the god is one

      4. Perhaps your belief is justified. Everyone must have the opportunity and leisure to utilize free will. But just consider, the very concept of religion was created by these ruling families as a governing control mechanism and behavioral modification tool.

      5. hello i have search these days i read loot of infos about elife families something interesting i find is an italian family farnese who created jesuit order and are still in control today their house in roma lazio is exactly like pentagon

      6. i want to be clear in this topic what really are zeroastrian priesthood of jesuit ruling elite, are they schoolars of the holy boks

      7. The high level Jesuit priests are the scholars that king James hired to compose the modern bible as well the exoteric philosophies (which are part and parcel of the same) at the center of all the world’s established religions. They did this to keep the world’s masses divided and reliant on their centralized authority while keeping the esoteric of the Kabballah and the Talmud for themselves in order to keep the people from realizing they don’t need to rely upon leaders or priests to discern the true nature of reality. They are truly aware if the masses ever realized they could rule themselves without benefit of their centralized control their commercialized banking system would collapse.

      8. what are muslim hadiths or who wrote hadiths i have read some but they are strange

      9. Per Muslim theology, it is my understanding the hadith’s are a collection of writings of wisdom apart from the Koran, called the Sunna. One must understand, the exoteric world religions feature anthropomorphic gods, whereas with the esoteric teachings kept by the Jesuit priests the concept of god is the devil reversed, and represent systems of electromagnetic energy energy rather anthropomorphic beings.This is why in the bible lightning is used as a symbol for Lucifer.

  1. if you try a siple research in google you will find interesting conspiracy infos about papal bloodlines black nobility guelph ghibelines etc

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