History is but a veil of lies to conceal the truth.

Although the headline may indicate this article will concern the London Parliament gunpowder plot of November 5, 1605, admittedly, that is somewhat misleading.

While most of the alternative media may point to the ‘illuminati’, the masonic orders or the Zionist merchant banking families of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds as the world’s visible ruling elites – the latter currently masked as the British royal family –  one can rest assured they are but merely puppets. The actual ruling families, over a period of centuries long intermarried and consolidated, have been hidden behind the cloak of an ecclesiastical religious order known as the Jesuits, or the Society of Jesus.

Through research recently completed into the ‘gunpowder plot’ of 1605, it can now be reported the prime culprits behind the conspirators involved with the infamous “Gunpowder Plot – Guy Fawkes and four other conspirators – were those holding the real power behind the Jesuit order and currently in control of the Vatican, the UN, the Crown Temple bank, and the Anglo-American empire.

Throughout the ages, scribes and scholars have concocted historical tales replete with mythical characters to hide the true identity of their masters.

Creating mythical hoaxes to fill the pages of the history books-as one shall soon observe-is not a new phenomenon. When it comes to approaching recorded history, it is often necessary for one to read between the lines, or perhaps, more accurate to say, read the message concealed behind the dates. Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician and father of the numerology system that bears his very name, was once quoted as saying, “All is number.” Indeed, for anyone who has followed Newsspellcom.org for any duration, one is cognizant of the fact, when it comes to the ultimate interpretation of mankind’s history, the mystery of the message is indeed hidden in the numbers, accompanied by the names and symbols.

Recognizing, identifying, and then interpreting  the occult significance of numbers, names, and even symbols are the keys to identifying the true makers of history and unmasking the true identity of the producers of history’s grand stage play.

In every major historical event reaching mythical proportions, one shall always find these unique markers of masonry and the Kabbalah. Indeed, as one reads on, one shall discover that when it comes to the subject of history, though the characters, set pieces, and costumes may change, the numbers always remain the same.

Jesuits strike again

Prominent historians tell us that the famous, or infamous gun powder plot of November 5, 1605, was engineered by five conspiring Catholic dissenters to the Protestant rule of King James I.  Though Guido, or as he was known, Guy Fawkes, is the historical focal point of what came to be known as the treacherous ‘gunpowder plot’, Fawkes was merely an associate involved in what developed into a daring conspiratorial endeavor. The ringleader of this treasonous plot was Robert Catesby. By all accounts, Catesby was a charismatic man possessing a silvered tongue, of the sort it was said could summon tremendous powers of persuasion. And yet, even after Guy Fawkes was captured and interrogated by the Kings men, Catesby found it difficult to roust further support among his fellow Catholics already claimed to have been seized with revolutionary fervor against the king. Even when one leaves that aside, examining the details of the plot itself – ridiculous though it may objectively seem – reveals undeniable and yet unsurprising anomalies.

Somehow, Catesby and his conspirators were able to smuggle a reported one to three tons of gunpowder into the cellar beneath the Houses of Parliament without being detected by nearby palace guards or anyone who may have thought the conspiratorial activities the least bit suspicious. Scholarly apologists wishing to establish this hoax as an actual historical event will excuse this anomaly by pointing out the Houses of Parliament and the palace were collectively in those days ‘a rabbit warren of commerce’, and therefore by the most flawed of reasoning did not require the presence of large numbers of security.

Mainstream historians may also point to the fact the adjoining harbor was filled with ships, and no one would have suspected the presence of but one more small boat traveling from shore to shore. But, this is the sort of nonsense that passes for scholarly historical analysis remarkably unquestioned by tenured professors and students of history alike. Are we really to believe, that just as they are today, the Houses of Parliament and the king’s palace were not always heavily guarded to ensure the efficient and unmolested progress of the kingdom’s governance?

Additionally, given the religious upheavals and internecine political turmoil of the times, it seems reasonable to believe every genuine effort would have been made to ensure the security of the king and the House of Lords, not to mention ensuring the smooth transition of commerce from disruptive and looting pirates.

One must also remember, the king’s wife was herself a devout catholic. It is very likely, the story of the smuggled gunpowder and the tale of the conspirators was a complete and concocted hoax, and served as mere historical set pieces to establish the desired divisive psychological effect between Puritans and Papists desired by the Jesuit perpetrators. Historians would like one to believe the Papist Jesuits were a marginalized fringe terrorist group, when in fact by this time, they had well established political hegemony over the papal throne and, with their agents having infiltrated most of the royal and noble courts of Europe through the creation of political, social, and religious turmoil, were most likely the key culprits behind executing the psychological operation known to history as the gunpowder plot. The end game of this plot was to fully consolidate Jesuit control over the British throne.

In fact, the entire story of the Gunpowder plot and tales of gunpowder smuggled into a busy port without the slightest detection immediately brings to mind the implausibility of Steven Paddock the alleged Las Vegas assassin, who the MSM tells us managed to smuggle a virtual armory of guns and ammunition into a Vegas hotel resort while completely unmolested and without the slightest detection from security or monitoring surveillance cameras.

The telltale numbers reveal the lie

The ultimate giveaways the gunpowder plot tale is an absolute hoax are the numerology inherent in the historically listed date (1605/1+6+5=12, or 21 in the mirrors reflection for 777), each number symbolically representing the three angles constructing the pyramid or idea fixed in the conscious mind), and the clever wordplay evident in the very name of the man most closely associated with implementing the plot, Guido, or ‘Guy’ Fawkes (Guido, or perceptive guide through the door of perception, and Fawkes, or faux, which is a word of French derivation meaning fake, not genuine or artificial, also Fawkes, pronounced Fox, which in Pythagorean numerology comes out to 666).

At the time of his arrest, it was soon discovered Fawkes was operating under the most inauspicious alias of ‘John Johnson’. That’s right folks, these elite schmucks who come up with this historical nonsense love their lewd anatomical references.


Jesuits create religious opposition dialectic

The history books tell us 17th century Britain was in the throes of religious persecution. It is said Catholics were made to attend protestant schools and churches upon pain of significant fine or imprisonment. This is the first telltale sign of the chief method of operation on the part of the Jesuit order-divide and conquer. The fact is, the Protestant Reformation of nearly a century previous to the gunpowder plot was itself a Jesuit psychological operation, and the Jesuits had two controlled opposition agents in place in order to make it happen. It’s chief catalyst, Martin Luther, was a Jesuit trained agent, propped up to cause religious mayhem in Germany. The other, was Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, placed within the English court of king Henry VIII as High Chancellor.

Religion, as a concept of population control, along with politics, are the velvet gloves that conceal the iron hands of the tyrannical Society of Jesus. Therefore, the visible dispute between the Papists and Puritans concealed the true legal struggle, between the Vatican in Rome, and the Princes of Europe, between apostolic church and monarchical state. At the time of the gunpowder plot, the pope’s authority to depose any European monarch proven hostile to the Vatican was in ultimate question.

Legally speaking, the Vatican has always relied on the force of an eleventh century document entitled the ‘Dictatus Popae’, a compilation of twenty-seven statements of powers arrogated to the pope included in Pope Gregory VII’s register. Bolstering the legality of this document was a collection of decretals published by Cardinal Deusdedit, and dedicated to Pope Victor III embodying the law of the church, or what came to be known and generally accepted as Canon law, or the law of papal supremacy.

The thirteen most powerful Jesuit ruling families

The key link in the Jesuit psychological operation known as the gunpowder plot was Robert Cecil, first Earl of Salisbury, and both Lord High Treasurer and Lord Privy Seal under the reigns of James I and Elizabeth I. The philosopher Francis Bacon, most likely the man who wrote under the pseudonym William Shakespeare, was Cecil’s first cousin. Cecil’s family had long been controlled by the Jesuit family of Pallavicini. During Cecil’s tenure as Elizabeth’s Lord Privy Seal, it was the Pallavicini family from whom Cecil solicited massive funds enabling Britain to assemble armed forces and a navy to fight against the Spanish. The Pallavicini family is intermarried with two of the most powerful of the thirteen ruling Papal bloodlines, the Orsini and Breakspear families. The Breakspear have their UK headquarters at 114 Mount Street. The current patriarch of the Orsini family is Pepe Orsini, also known as Orso.

In terms of royal lineage, each of these thirteen families can be traced back to the Maximus family of ancient Rome, and to the Piso family, synonymous with the imperial thrones of the Roman empire. The patriarch of the Breakspear family, Henry, currently resides in Macau, China. His distant ancestor, Nicholas Breakspear, was the only Englishman to have occupied the papal throne. In fact, examining the genealogies of these families reveals that all of them have produced a long line of Bishops, Cardinals, and Popes throughout the centuries. Among the total of thirteen most prominent families along with the Orsini and Breakspear families are, the Aldobrandini, Franese, Medici and Borgia families, the latter being most infamous for poisoning their enemies with cups of arsenic, which infamously came to be known as the ‘Cup of Borgia’.

Most recently, David Rothschild wedded into the Aldobrandini family, marrying Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini.

Shortly, the results from more extensive research into some of these ruling elite families shall be revealed in a new series of articles right here on Newsspellcom.org.

Stay tuned, folks, because you won’t believe the absolute depravity of those who truly rule over you.

21 thoughts on “Jesuit bloodlines behind gunpowder plot hoax

  1. Yes, and through the centuries they have intermarried and in 1776 began to consolidate all of their corporate business interests. Thank you for your interest in Newsspell. Have an adventurous weekend.

  2. i search now for them. i cannot find any photo of orsini breakspeare but i find sheikh abdul pallavicini one of the most important if 13 families amaizing this man and his sister or cousin maria chamilla pallavicini have extreme power and controll islamic world

  3. if is truth about henry breakspear who control asian states that means he is extremely powerful and i believe he is not a random human i think have ties with extraterrestrials have advanced intelligence and accumulate gold from ancient times maybe from limuria


  5. what you want to saying vatican jesuit are one finger of the hand or all of these families are one finger of the hand you want to say illuminati is more bigger than these bloodlines

    1. No, the point of the article is articulated quite concisely. The story of the ‘illuminati’ is merely a veil, a cover story behind which these ruling Jesuit bloodlines remain concealed. Research will reveal the truth within the disinformation. ‘Adam Weishaupt’ was a Jesuit professor of canon law at Inglestodt University. One must remember, when it comes to the Jesuits, judiciously crafted lies are the method utilized to reveal the truth. I notice you and Stuart include no photographs with your ID icons. Perhaps you are both hiding behind a veil?

      1. i have read some infos today about 13 zeroastrian bloodlines of illuminati or arcana arcanuotum atlantis rite and more but something is dissinfo here some claims pepe orsini the grey pope is the king of the holy roman papal bloodlines who have in control 10 most powerful bloodlines and henry breakspeare who control asia and archon bloodlines but somewhere i find that the real maximus clan is massimo family that means orsini and breakspeare maybe imaginary persons whatever in italy are settled much ancient and powerful peoples like persians babylonians egyptians byzantine emperors and kings jewish khazars and more the truth is roman empire is alive and have many branches colonies around the world no one can stop their gloobal empire nwo

      2. I applaud you for doing what others should in diligently researching for themselves to divine the truth. As for the issue with your picture icon Word Press has an easy step by step tutorial available.

  6. we must mention venetian republic v.e.n.e.c.i.a who protect vatican from turkish ottoman in another part on adriatic sea from greece to albania montenegro croacia sllovenia cristians have hade army in albania region knight skenderber who fight turks from there and albani family who is from matti region in albania

    1. That is interesting and enlightening information. I shall look into this. Like everyone else, I am still learning about these bloodlines and merely reporting what I have learned along the way. It cannot be stressed enough, the visible governments everyone sees on television or reads about in the newspapers is merely a conduit for these ruling elites to work their globalist agenda. through

      1. i like to share my knoeledge with you is an jesuit family but is very powerful they are mix from venice genoa lombardia their origin is ancient iran the surname is pallavicini abdul wahid pallavicini control islamc world rothschilds of london are under this family control lord jacob sir evelyn etc elvina pallavicini now is dead has ben queen of black nobility they have control in iran maybe they are under turkish gulen movement and maybe control erdogan and made turkey powerful now this is my research i hope to find more infos

      2. I also happen to believe the Jewish conspiracy to be disinformation. The Jesuit bloodlines set up families like the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s as a public face. It is merely another wall for them to hide behind.

  7. is truth they put in power fake khazars to do their work and remain in the shadow if we look these 10 years they slowly slowly transfer their power to euroasia china i think they financing kim yong un with nuclear weapons to put amarica in trap in chinese sea anf from there they destroy us marine

    1. Most of the information one encounters on the internet from prominent figures in the ‘truth’ community amounts to disinformation and outright lies. I think your point about the Khazars is well taken.

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