“Al-Baghdadi” story big Bag of Lies?

The business of military intelligence concerns public perception management and, with the apparent success of the al-Baghdadi counter-intelligence operation, business has never been better.

There’s only one problem concerning this latest and widely promoted operation.

The “official” story, which has been perpetrated regarding the demise of ISIS terror leader Abu Akbar al-Baghdadi, too closely resembles another familiar tale: the alleged capture and killing of 9/11 boogeyman “Osama bin-Laden”.

Both terrorist boogeymen, it is claimed, were conveniently buried at sea.

The better, one supposes, to have hidden any and all evidence of malfeasance and gross criminality on the part of the perpetrators.

Let’s face it folks, for those of us all-too-aware of the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, the story of “al-Baghdadi and ISIS” represents one of the most preposterous accounts ever perpetrated by “officials” of the US corporation and its chief propaganda arm, the MSM.

Has no one bothered to notice, the MSM never seems to alter the narrative of such terrorist boogeyman stories, only the setting, scenery, and the name of the main character?

As usual, however, a majority of the general public failed to take note of the glaring similarities.

They also, unsurprisingly, failed to take note of the glaring anomalies and utter improbabilities of the “al-Baghdadi” story’s details.

Rest assured, the terrorist group known as “ISIS” was a holographic counter-intelligence fabrication; a thoroughly scripted but poorly conceived television production which, covertly, was designed as a politically and financially profitable psychological operation.

Stay tuned, folks.

Even a cursory examination into the official history of the creation of the terror group known as ISIS, and its alleged leader Abu Akbar al-Baghdadi, reveals too many glaring anomalies to mention within the context of merely a single installment.

Nevertheless, and before beginning to examine the “official” story of al-Baghdadi’s alleged capture and death, I shall now attempt to enumerate those “facts”, regarding the terrorist leader and his “terror” organization, which appear to be the most glaringly anomalous.


Indeed, from where and from whom did the alleged terrorist juggernaut, ISIS, purchase their caravan of identically-modeled Toyota pick-up trucks?

From where did Abu Akbar al-Baghdadi’s source of funding to allegedly establish such a menacing and large-scale terror operation originate?

Furthermore, from what source – illicit or otherwise – did the alleged terror group purchase their array of weaponry?

The official information reported by the news anchor at the very beginning of the ABC news “report” – featured in the video, displayed above –  is very interesting and presents some rather revealing inferences – both of a visual and oral nature. After the news anchor’s introduction, we see a banner floating over a pile of discarded car parts which is clearly marked: “CONTROLLED DEMOLITION”

While watching the video, you will notice the network camera production lingers on the image of the banner.

This fact, while readily apparent, is also very revealing.

As they say, a picture is worth one-thousand words.

But there is a reason the camera chose to linger on the banner and its message: “CONTROLLED DEMOLITION”

The MSM have made a subtle but clear inference, as to the true objectives of the thirteen, ruling elite families as well as subtly related the genuine commercial nature of the concept of war and geopolitical conflict: strategic relocation of populations, commercialization and monopolization of both human and natural resources, the controlled demolition and subsequent urbanization or modernization of decrepit and outdated building and roadway infrastructures.

The concept of the “war on terror” is merely a euphemism used to conceal the criminal nature of these identical sorts of monopolizing commercial activities. There can be no doubt, “ISIS” was a creation of the US government and managed by those agencies of the international intelligence octopus, incuding CIA and Mossad.


In reality, commercially oriented geopolitical schemes such as the so-called “war on terror” – which proliferated subsequent to the manufactured events of September 11, 2001 – are ultimately funded by the American tax payer, who, when prodded by the incessant emotional and psychological manipulation perpetrated by the MSM, are deceived into thinking greater amounts of their tax dollars are needed to protect “American interests” abroad.

Turns out, unsurprisingly, Toyota and the US government have a long-standing relationship.

In fact, the nature of such a long-standing relationship regards legal disputes extending as far back as 1999.

A chief executive from the company appeared before a congressional committee as recently as 2010, to offer a profuse apology regarding a “safety scandal” involving “criminal charges” lodged against the automaker. In an effort to scuttle the plaguing scandal, and in response to charges the company was involved in a cover-up, Toyota later agreed to pay out over 1.2 billion dollars.


The automaker was also served with yet another legal suit from the Environmental Protection Agency which, “sued for penalties of 58 million dollars in connection with an accusation that the company sold 2.2 million vehicles with defective smog control computers.”

SEE: https://www.corp-research.org/toyota

Is it reasonable to assume that Toyota – as part of a private agreement to alleviate the burden of such enormous financial settlements – colluded with the government of the US corporation to perpetrate a heavily promoted psychological operation involving the manufactured terror group known as ISIS?

Did Toyota – when threatened with astronomical and crippling legal difficulties from the US corporation – opt to become complicit in the US government’s criminal perpetration of false claims involving a fraudulent and fabricated terrorist organization, in exchange, for legal immunity from further prosecution, and the covert unburdening of crippling financial payouts?

One should think – given the circumstances – it was expedient for them to have done so.


During the entire duration of the al-Baghdadi psychological operation, the MSM was loathe to mention the prevalence of US military bases, both in Syria, neighboring Iraq, and in Barisha, where al-Baghdadi was alleged to have been captured.

Comparative to the nearly unlimited resources – in terms of manpower and armaments –  available to the US military stationed in and around the Northwestern regions of Syria, positioned in neighboring Iraq, and even Turkey, it seems likely any tangible or proximal threats posed by ISIS and their alleged leader, al-Baghdadi, would have been neutralized in short order.

According to google maps, there is a significant military presence in the Northwestern Syrian region of Barisha, which falls within the borders of what is called the Idlib Governate.

In Northern Syria, the US corporation has two airbases, and holds an additional eight military checkpoints.

US special forces units are also billeted in Al-Hasakah, Raggah, and Manbij.

There are also US military strongholds established across Syria, in Ayn Dyad, Ushayira, Sabt, Ayn al-Arab, Harab Isk, and Ayn Issah, with additional installations located and spread out across Eastern Syria in Tal Tarmir, Tal Baydar, and Ash Shaddadi.

The latest US military installation to have been established in Syria is located in Al-Tanf.

Map of US military bases in Syria:


Idlib, the reported location of al-Baghdadi’s capture is the identical province where, on April 4, 2007, air force strikes were carried out on the town of Khan Shaykhun by Syrian government forces, an incident which reportedly came to be known – according to Wikipedia and other MSM sources –  as “the deadliest use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war.”

In the wake of the alleged hostilities, however, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad (AKA Mark Rockefeller) called the attack a “fabrication” while the Russian government released an official statement claiming the incident was “staged”. The nature of such stunning statements from representatives of foreign governments – though verifiably true – are truly ironic, given that both al-Assad (Syria) and Russian president Vladimir Putin are fabricated characters, portrayed by actors using pseudonyms.


But those reactions, both by Syrian president al-Bashar and Russian officials were preplanned and, very likely, part of the psychological operation.

The fabrication and maintenance of dialectically opposing forces is, after all, how the game of geopolitical chess is played.

CNN reported the Khan Shaykhun airstrikes, which reportedly took place at 6:30 am (3 6”s=666), were responsible for the deaths of 92 women and children (92/2X9=18/666/2 9’s=2 6’s=12/21/777/intelligence joker code).

The date of the Khan Shaykhun attack is also riddled with gematria coding: April(4th month)+4= 8/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order/Saturn/2007/9=6 (occult mirrored reversal)/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

Considering ISIS and the comparatively limited manpower and resources available to al-Baghdadi and his terrorist cohorts, it seems highly unlikely they would have been able to withstand any significant and coordinated strike which may, at any time, have been planned and executed by the US military forces stationed in proximity.

Therefore, it also seems likely, whatever legitimate threat ISIS posed to US interests in the region could have easily been mitigated, and long before the recent capture and kill of Abu Akbar al-Baghdadi.

Given this reasonng, it is fair to conclude ISIS and its leader, al-Baghdadi, did not exist as a legitimate threat to US interests nor to anyone else’s, and were created to serve as a geopolitical stalking horse, a tool of psychologically-oriented perception management.

In truth, ISIS existed as a holographical counter-intelligence creation, structured much like the Palestine Liberation Organization of the 1970’s and 80’s led by Yassar Arafat as well as al-Qaeda, led by the equally fictitious but reputedly notorious CIA intelligence asset, Osama bin-Laden. The latter figure was a fabricated counter-intelligence character portrayed by a well-known Hollywood actor/entertainer, who also went on to portray a US president.

SEE: 9/11: terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (Part 1)

Considering the creation of the ISIS/al-Baghdadi counter-intelligence/psychological operation – what could possibly be the prime objectives in relation to Syria?

The answer(s): 1.) To promote the urgent necessity for maximal levels of western security abroad and, therefore, also the necessity for greater financial allocations, in the form of tax dollars, to domestic military spending, 2.) The establishment of a non-nationalized Syrian central bank controlled by the Crown Temple in the City of London, 3.) Greater security for covert narcotics trafficking operations (specifically, the refinement and distribution of heroin).

Don’t believe there is any validity to the latter point?


Of course, most of the American general public has been manipulated into the axiomatic notion, the presence of increased American military forces in the Middle-Eastern and North African regions of the world persists to protect multi-national oil and gas interests.

SEE: https://fas.org/irp/congress/1998_cr/980507-l.htm

But this is only a cover story for greater and even grander criminal activity.

Oil and gas refineries are also fronts for the commercial refinement of heroin.

Cities located in Iraq, Iran, and Syria have – for some time – existed as nodal distribution points for the international narcotics trade.

Afghanistan’s primary export has always been the poppy crop, which is delivered through oil pipeline matrices extending to Iraq, Iran, and Syria. After the process of refinement is completed, these tons of heroin “bricks” are distributed to the doorstep of Western European cities and, eventually, to American shores.

The international narcotics trade is a colossal profit generator for the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, the same families who were responsible for establishing the East India Tea company, which was nothing more than a front for narcotics profiteering in China, India, and Southeast Asia. The distribution, marketing, and sale of narcotics, such as heroin, is not only greatly profitable, the international narcotics trade is also judiciously utilized as a tool of geopolitical destabilization.

SEE: https://www.geopoliticalmonitor.com/afghan-heroin-the-cia-519/


Regarding the official story of Abu Akbar al-Baghdadi, we are told the terrorist leader’s rise to prominence on the world stage began with his detainment at the hands of US forces in Iraq, at Camp Bucca. There, it is claimed, he became “radicalized” by elements of al-Qaeda’s command structure who were also being held prisoner.

If, before-the-fact, al-Baghdadi was known to have been “radicalized”, as US government officials uniformly and adamantly claim, why then, was he allowed release from captivity to become elected as a Caliphate and prospective terror group leader?

Perhaps, the plan all along was to develop the character of Abu Akbar al-Baghdadi into a valuable intelligence asset, one which could be expediently utilized in service to the goals of US foreign policy?

The more reasonable explanation – apart from the official propaganda – is that al-Baghdadi was created as a counter-intelligence asset.

Most likely, al-Baghdadi received his official briefings – as to his role in the ISIS psychological operation – from US military counter-intelligence officials, while he was still alleged to have been “detained” at Camp Bucca in Iraq, prior to 2011.


When we examine the official images of “Abu Akbar al-Baghdadi”, there appear to be numerous anomalies regarding his facial geometry. The plethora of al-Baghdadi’s official images, distributed to the general public by the MSM, appear to have been cropped, morphed, composited, and manipulated by photo-shop animation software.

It also appears, either a pair of actors were utilized in the portrayal of al-Baghdadi, or backdated and older images of an identical host actor were photo-shopped and composited to expediently fit the prefabricated specifications of the character. The images made available for public view, were judiciously utilized – whenever expedient – at various junctures to augment the executional effectiveness of the ISIS/al-Baghdadi counter-intelligence psychological operation.

Regarding the slew of al-Baghdadi’s official images, there is one particularly glaring anomaly: he is wearing a timepiece.

Despite having raised controversy on social media (most likely staged by government operatives) the style of watch does not appear to have any gold which, according to the rules of Islam, would be strictly forbidden for someone in the position of Caliphate leader.


The issue of al-Baghdadi’s watch does raise other pertinent issues, however.

The style of watch, observed in the first image displayed at the link(s) available below, appears to be embossed with an image of Mickey Mouse (MM=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

Looking still more closely, the timepiece’s arms are positioned at precisely 10 and 2 (12/21/777/intelligence joker code)

Abu Akbar al-Baghdadi:



When the facial geometry displayed in certain images of Abu Akbar al-Baghdadi were further examined with facial recognition and ear biometric analysis, it appeared a familiar face had been unmasked: Hollywood director/actor Rob Reiner, who has also been identified as climate change activist and former US senator and vice president, Al Gore.

Reiner’s most infamous performance, however, was his portrayal of Doctor Wayne Carver, the alleged Connecticut state coroner, who proclaimed, “It was a magnificent thing,” during his press conference in December of 2012, while at Sandy Hook elementary.

SEE: Meathead Al Gore Robs America Blind

Rob Reiner:



Additionally, there were some interesting and telltale results when the name of Abu Akbar al-Baghdadi was summed in gematria.

English Ordinal: 106/7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon or hook

Full Reduction: 61/7

Reverse Ordinal: 380/11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin

Reverse Full Reduction: 119/11

According to Wikipedia and other sources, the name of Abu Akbar is a reference to Akbar the Great, the third Mughal emperor (1556-1605) of an empire on the Indian subcontienent which corresponded with what are now known as the countries of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

Wikipedia also claims that Akbar the Great had royal genealogy in common with Genghis Khan.

In summary, it is very likely all of the ISIS Toyota caravan footage, and any and all public performances given by Abu Akbar al-Baghdadi – including the concocted scenario involving his alleged “death” –  were wholly directed, produced, and filmed at various secure US domestic locations and composited, in post-production, with footage filmed on various military bases located throughout the northwestern region of Syria, and controlled by the US corporation.













5 thoughts on ““Al-Baghdadi” story big Bag of Lies?

    1. Thank you. It is quite likely both ISIS and al-Baghdadi never existed as the public has been told. But only in celluloid form. Apparently, the CIA has been using the tactic of Post-Modern Reality Simulation since their inception (film, pictures, movies) going back to the coup of Iran in 1954.

  1. The 9/11 part also reminds me of the “missing” DOD funds reported a day before the attacks occurred. I wouldn’t be surprised if those “missing” federal tax dollars paid for the 9/11 psyop itself. Not to mention the cost of cleaning and rebuilding “Ground Zero” would’ve been a huge moneymaker for construction companies involved in the project. The timing is too convenient for it to be a coincidence.

    Bush II’s Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld gave a speech about accounting issues at the Pentagon, where he mentions the unaccounted “$2.3 trillion in transactions” later said to be missing by ‘conspiracy theorists’. He claims it’s due to the funds being “stored on dozens of technological systems that are inaccessible or incompatible” that the money isn’t always carefully tracked or managed, which leads to waste and abuse. Learn more about that below:

    User Clip: Donald Rumsfeld 9/10 FULL Context:


    DOD Acquisition and Logistics Excellence Week Kickoff—Bureaucracy to Battlefield:


    With all the money the DOD amassed before 9/11, you’d think that they would’ve already took care of that issue by investing such resources into state-of-the-art technology for the time. Somehow, they didn’t care to do so until after 9/11, I suppose, either due to incompetence or malice. Or, the money probably went to finance the fake attacks, as I suggested, perhaps being used to pay for drones that struck the Twin Towers and, conveniently, the Pentagon itself. Knowing that the event was clearly an inside job, it’s not illogical to assume that might’ve been the case.

    Also note that Rumsfeld called for the “Pentagon bureaucracy” to shift more of their resources “for the battlefield” so they can be better prepared for future military campaigns. This was just before the “War on Terror” began, where Rumsfeld’s vision came true. It seemed that they needed an excuse to justify going into war, and the 9/11 psyop provided that excuse at an opportune time to do so.

    1. Malicious? Certainly. Incompetence? Never. Although, such as now, as in the case of the Covid 19 operation, appearances of incompetence on the part of government officials are maintained for the benefit of the public. Rather, large-scale psychological operations such as the one to which you’ve alluded are calculated years and even decades in advance and executed with strategically planned and multi-layered contingencies. As I’ve shown in several previously published articles, there was no need for any “planes” or “drones”. The success of any psychological operation is based on the power of suggestion through repetition utilizing neural-linguistic programming and influence affirmation implemented on both a subliminal and conscious basis. The 9/11 operation involved controlled demolition, CGI morphing and prerecorded audio, while “witnesses” connected to the perpetrators, whether directly or indirectly, were strategically placed on scene to regurgitate their assigned narratives which were designed to influence or to achieve mass perception management of the American general public. As for “Donald Rumsfeld”, he did not possess any “vision” or “wisdom”, he was merely an operative, a fabricated character scheme dutifully portraying his key role. Comparative analysis indicates, the identical but meticulous method of operation which was utilized to carry out 9/11 appears remarkably consistent with that used to carry out the Covid psychological operation. On the other hand, in all cases regarding such operations, complete control and centralization of all aspects of the “official” narrative is rather a simple matter to achieve on the part of the ruling families when one possesses monopoly ownership of the MSM and remains in firm control of the three capitals of global governance – Washington D.C., Crown Temple in the City of London, and Vatican City.

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