Judge Judith Sheindlin has become an American popular culture icon.

For years, millions have religiously tuned in to watch the latest of her epic courtroom sagas. With a flair for the dramatic, Judge Judith Sheindlin exerts a commanding presence on the television screen. Thousands have stood before her courtroom bench, appearing to tremble while secretly entertaining some glimmer of hope, they might curry her favor and escape the wit-laden vengeance of her barbed tongue.

Yes folks, “Judge Judy” puts on quite a theatrical spectacle.

‘Theatrical spectacle’, you may scoff?

Why is it described as such?

Because Judith Sheindlin is not who she appears to be, and the cases brought into her courtroom represent – yet again –  prime examples of the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Judge Judith Sheindlin is yet another fabricated media character.

Her host actor is a renowned and award-winning television/Hollywood cinema actress, and you have known Judith Sheindlin’s host actor by other famous names from the past.

She was also married to one of Hollywood’s most iconic film actors, a man who currently portrays Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia.

Remarkably, Sheindlin’s host actor has also portrayed a “judge” on the highest court in the land, the US Supreme Court.


“The people are real. The cases are real. The rulings are final.”

Right from the well-known introduction to the Judge Judy show, we are treated to a voice-over narration which utilizes both the power of suggestion and neural-linguistic programming, which is a form of hypnosis. Listening closely while attempting to employ a cold objectivity and you will immediately surmise, the rythym of the narrator’s voice has been carefully synced to match the time signature and meter of the accompanying background music which, of course, is a synthesized sample drawn from Beethoven’s fifth symphony.

This is a rather common and psychologically manipulative technique utilized by the MSM during the introduction of their nightly newscasts, and designed to induce the television viewing audience into an alpha brainwave state.

Countless studies have demonstrated, once this debilitating brainwave state has taken hold of the average television viewer, they are left psychologically and emotionally vulnerable, and are often rendered completely susceptible when faced – whether subtle or overt – with the powers of suggestion.

Rendered in such a dreamlike state, the average television viewer, not only, is more likely to favorably accept the subconscious programming of the television content, but is more likely – when faced with an onslaught of blocks of advertising – to consider buying whatever is being sold to them, whether it be anything from automobile insurance to government sponsored propaganda.

After all, how else to fully explain that millions among the television viewing audience have been entranced and even entertained with Judge Judith Sheindlin’s clownish courtroom antics while, at the same time, they remain wholly convinced the popular show’s claims ‘the people and cases are real’ contains even the most meager traces of veracity?

But why, if the cases and people in Sheindlin’s courtroom are “real”, would there exist such a need to psychologically manipulate her audience beforehand?

Could it be – behind the façade of her entertaining theatrics and the show’s courtroom drama – “Judith Sheindlin” has somehting to hide?

Well folks, as we’re about to discover, “Judge Judith Sheindlin” has a great deal to hide, indeed.

Still not buying the author’s premise?

Well then, perhaps another author, Brendan J. Koerner, will help to convince you.

“Court show viewers don’t seem to want moral conundrums or technical wrinkles. They love Sheindlin’s show because she offers them a fantasy of how they’d like the justice system to operate – swiftly, and without procedural mishaps or uppity lawyers. They get to see wrongdoers publicly humiliated by a strong authority figure. There is no uncertainty after Sheindlin bounds off the bench, and there are certainly no lengthy appeals.”

Yes, you read that correctly, folks.

Judge Judy’s show is designed as a fantasy. It is a television vehicle which, covertly, promotes sinister psychological programming disguised as entertainment.

Though packaged and sold to its ravenous viewing audience as “reality” television – while both the cases and the people claim to be “real” – Sheindlin’s show could best be described as a simulacrum of justice or, better still, a travesty of same, where the prurient interest of observing working-class people routinely humiliated is, tragically, considered to be a legitimate spectacle of entertainment.

Regarding Brendan J. Koerner, here are a few interesting facts.

Research into Koerner’s journalistic credentials reveal, he was once employed by Slate magazine, a publication which was created by former New Republic editor Michael Kinsley, and owned by Microsoft Corporation. The New Republic – since its first publication in 1914 – has existed as an instrument of the international intelligence octopus – which includes CIA – and has often been found to advocate an ideological position which has been historically described as the “Third Way” or, as it is more commonly known, socialism/communism.

Since 2014, New Republic has been owned by – wait for it, folks – Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.


Officially, Judge Judy’s story begins in 1965 (777).

After she was alleged to have passed admission to the New York State bar, Sheindlin subsequently found her first job as a corporate lawyer for a cosmetics firm. After merely two years, it is said Sheindlin ‘became dissatisfied’ and quit her job to raise the pair of children she shared with her first husband, Ronald Levy.

Sheindlin has always claimed Levy, also a corporate attorney, did not take her vocation as a legal litigator seriously, an attitude which – according to the woman who would become known as America’s most famous judge – necessitated their divorce in 1976.

Soon thereafter, Sheindlin met her “current husband”, Jerry Sheindlin, with whom she is alleged to have shared 41 years of marriage, in a New York bar.

The story of Sheindlin’s meeting with Jerry typifies the tough-talking public persona for which “Judge Judy” has become renowned.

Jerry Sheindlin has been quoted in the LA Times, describing his memorable – though seemingly inauspicious – inaugural meeting with his future wife of over four decades:

“Judy came walking in and put her finger in my face and said, ‘And who is this?’ I said, “Lady, get your finger out of my face.’ We’ve been together ever since.”

After her marriage to Jerry Sheindlin, Judith Susan Blum (her alleged maiden name) first entered the public’s eye when, in 1993, she appeared on the popular news magazine program 60 minutes and after publishing her first book, sardonically entitled, “Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell me it’s Raining”. Undoubtedly, the title of Sheindlin’s book was also meant to accentuate her reputed image as a ‘no nonsense’ family court litigator, a reputation further cultivated during her alleged tenure as a criminal court judge in New York City.

Sheindlin was alleged to have been appointed to the city’s criminal court in 1982, after her stern courtroom demeanor gained the attention of New York mayor Ed Koch in 1982.

It seems, Sheindlin’s official biography represents yet another example of the sort of rags-to-riches character portrayals we’ve – upon further investigation –  observed on numerous occasions before.

Additionally, there is evidence Sheindlin’s biographies are riddled with gematria coding  which, without exception, also permeates the biographies of numerous other such celebrities of her caliber.

Sheindlin’s birthdate is alleged to have been on October 21.

The number of 21 is equal to 777, the intelligence joker code. This is also a date associated, in high-level occult circles of witchcraft, with the holiday season of Samhain.

When summing together the year of Sheindlin’s birth – 1942 (25/7/Kabbalah Zayin, the hook or mind weapon) and the number of 10 (October the 10th month/7+1/0 is customarily omitted when summing gematria) we are left with the number of 8 (aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits/Saturn).

According to Forbes magazine, Sheindlin was the highest paid television host – and most highly-rated, with reportedly over 10 million television viewers per day, surpassing even the reigning Queen of American daytime television, Oprah Winfrey –  in 2018, earning an estimated 147 million dollars.

Again, we see evidence of gematria coding associated with the character of “Judge Judy”.

147 sums to the number of 12 (777) and the year of 1947 marked the official establishment of the CIA, an organization which not only – on behalf of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – monitors and controls the MSM, but remains in firm control of the Hollywood movie and music entertainment industries.

There is something else noteworthy regarding Sheindlin: her official biographies claim she has been awarded – by Guinness’s Book of World Records – as the “longest serving judge or arbitrator in courtroom-themed programming history.”

The operative word here, folks, is ‘programming’.

Sheindlin’s television production was designed to psychologically condition the perceptions of the American general public to the nature of the legal proceedings which they can expect to quite normally occur within the average American courtroom.

But the melodramatic hijinks Sheindlin has repeatedly demonstrated in the television courtroom over which she presides are highly irregular and, as everyone has probably suspected, just as completely staged and scripted as any other American television production.

It is also noteworthy, that Sheindlin’s show debuted shortly after the farce of the O.J. Simpson courtroom imbroglio which, by all accounts, thoroughly riveted the attentions of the American general public.

Coincidence folks?

No one should certainly think so.

Like the trained actors posing as politicians in the nation’s capital of Washington, the network television executives know never to allow a good money-making opportunity to go to waste. To the thirteen families, money and power are handmaidens and inextricably linked. Finance is a gun, and politics represents the means, motive, opportunity, and the will to power in daring to pull the trigger.


Judith Sheindlin’s host actor has portrayed several other well–known characters.

One of these, is former Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor.

Yes folks, the US Supreme Court is – like the Judge Judy show – merely part of the theatrical scenery; a holographic structure – common to the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation – designed to appear as genuinely functional.

Facial recognition and image comparison analysis also confirm Sheindlin’s host actor has portrayed Lonnie Anderson, the former star of the late 1970’s television comedy production, WKRP in Cincinnati. Anderson, of course, is the former wife of Burt Reynolds AKA iconic Hollywood actor Marlon Brando/Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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Judith Sheindlin:

Sandra Day O’Connor:

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Lonnie Anderson:

Facial recognition, voice analysis, and image comparison analysis also confirm the host actor behind all of these character’s carefully crafted masks is former Academy-Award winning actress, Sally Field.

Sally Field:






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