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Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]What possible connection could the NFL have with mass school shootings, one may respectfully ask? Although one would never normally connect the two, it turns out there is indeed a connection. Long ago, before Columbine, Sandy Hook, David Hogg and Parkland there was Charles Whitman – by now virtually forgotten –  who with a rifle allegedly gunned down fourteen students at the University of Texas in 1966.

In a moment of what appeared to be a stream of consciousness, one’s memory was triggered by a clip from Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam War epic “Full Metal Jacket.” One recalled that mid-way through the film, Lee Harvey Oswald and Charles Whitman were referenced as having been former United States Marines.

This immediately struck one as rather ironic, because although both men were referenced as genuine historical figures within the fictional context of a movie about a so-called ‘authentic’ historical event, Oswald and Whitman were no more real than the characters portrayed in Kubrick’s movie. But this is precisely how the ruling elites in control of Hollywood’s dream factory blur the perceptive lines between fact and fiction to perpetually confuse the minds of the masses.

And, this is precisely how the ruling elite Jesuit families prefer the masses they rule over to remain – confused, distracted, drunk, drugged, passive, obedient, and ultimately stupid.

And what exactly may this have to do with the NFL, I hear one impatiently inquire?

Well, it turns out folks the host actor portrayed mass murderer Charles Whitman once played professional football for the Detroit Lions while donning an official NFL jersey that sported the number 77!

Normally, the subject matter explored here would have fallen under an already well established Newsspell headline having to do with the NFL. However, since the subject matter transcends the boundaries of professional sports into the area of political and social issues, one thought it would be better to accompany such an entry under another heading.

The American history books allege that on the date of August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman (Whit(MAN)=666/biblical number of man), a former Marine, stabbed his mother and his wife then proceeded to the campus of Texas University toting rifle(s) and a virtual armory of other weapons (sound familiar folks?) and assumed a strategic vantage point from the Main Building’s clock tower, whereupon he began opening indiscriminate fire on campus passersby and those on the surrounding streets. Both mainstream news and historical accounts allege – before police were able to reach the assassin’s clock tower location and proceed to shoot him dead – that in 96 (9+6=15/tetragrammaton/Kabbalah tree of life) minutes Whitman killed 14 (77/twin lightning of Lucifer/Wizard of Oz code) people (including, it is alleged, one unborn child) and injured 31 others (13 mirror reflection/top of masonic pyramid).

One of the alleged survivors of Whitman’s rifle onslaught, David H. Gunby, died on November 16, 2001 (11+7+3=21/777/ intelligence joker code), twenty-four years (2 4’s=44 Shiva the Destroyer code) after the fact due to the lingering effects of his wounds at age 58 (13/summit of masonic pyramid).

Regarding Whitman’s assortment of weapons, it is alleged subsequent to killing his mother and his wife between midnight (12/21=777 intelligence joker code) and 3 AM (33/high degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) on August 1(9/Satan’s #), Whitman proceeded to cash $250 (7/masonic ‘G’ centering square and compass) worth of bad checks and with a rented hand truck drove to a hardware store to purchase a Universal M1 carbine and two additional ammunition magazines along with eight boxes of ammunition. It is claimed when the store clerk enquired after the intended use of the firearms and ammunition, Whitman replied, “I plan to hunt wild hogs.”

Though there are many anomalies concerning the mainstream account of the Texas University shooting, the first anomalous detail capturing attention concerned Whitman’s woeful backstory seemingly composed by intelligence agents or intelligence aided by scriptwriters on loan from Hollywood.

The mislead life of Charles Whitman

The following documentary offers a biographical sketch of Charles Whitman, of his dysfunctional family, his academic and marital struggles, and of his tour of duty while enlisted in the United States Marine corps – all told in the melodramatic tone one would expect from a grade Z American tragedy broadcast on the Lifetime cable network.

In this movie – and it is a movie folks – Whitman is posed as an unwitting suicidal victim, suffering at the cruel hands of an abusive paternal figure who reportedly not only beat his spouse, but would severely reprimand or even dish out corporeal punishment to both Whitman and his siblings for the slightest offense.

In other words, folks, the father of Charles Whitman would never have been mistaken for Ward Cleaver.

Despite this, by all accounts Whitman was somewhat of a child prodigy with an intelligence quotient of 139 (13/summit of masonic pyramid), and his intelligence was noted by teachers, peers, and administrators while matriculating at Saint Ann’s High School in West Palm Beach where he graduated seventh in a class totaling 72 (7+2 7’s=777 intelligence joker code).

An accomplished pianist before his teens, Whitman joined the Boy Scouts as age 11, and at 12 years and three months, was given the prestigious designation of Eagle Scout, reportedly the youngest so awarded up to that time in the history of the organization. While still a young man, it is claimed Whitman became familiar with the use of firearms and developed into quite a marksman at the local shooting ranges near his hometown in Lake Worth, Florida. In fact, his father was noted to have said, “Charlie could plug the eye out of squirrel by the time he was sixteen.”

Suffice to say, folks, Charles Whitman more than resembled the all-American boy?

Yeah, right.

But, everyone surely noticed the coded gematria?

1.) 12 years and three months: 12X3=36 (3 6’s=18/666)

2.) Age Whitman joined the Boy Scouts: 11= twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin

3.) 16=2 8’s/mark of the Jesuit order/also symbolic of Saturn/time’s infinity loop

4.) Eagle=symbolic of the legend of the Phoenix bird, which rose from the ashes to fly towards the sun.

In terms of the overall hierarchy of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, and according to texts written by high-degree mason Albert Mackey, the Boy Scouts, along with organizations such as the YMCA, the Lions Club, Rotary Club, etc. etc., are affiliated with ‘blue lodge’ masons, but, historically, its members are known as ‘masons without aprons’, those who have not entered into the third degree to become ‘illuminated’.

Mainstream accounts also claim Whitman entered the Marine Corps, shortly after graduation from High School, where, he soon adapted to military life and became a sharp shooter. On July 6, 1959, he was assigned an 18 month tour of duty at Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba. His father, once learning of his son’s enlistment became displeased and reportedly phoned the federal government in a futile attempt to have his son’s enlistment cancelled. Despite daddy dear’s displeasure, Whitman applied and was accepted for a Naval and Marines scholarship program.

From there, Whitman enrolled at Texas University, where he soon met and married his college sweetheart, Kathy Leissner.

Soon though, and despite his so-called superior intelligence, it was reported Whitman had difficulty juggling the demands of academic life on campus during his freshman year. His troubles with on campus life continued when Whitman and two college friends went hunting and poached a deer, but were summarily arrested when it was discovered Whitman and his duo of friends attempted to butcher the animal in the bathroom tub at Whitman’s dormitory.

Sure, and I’m Davy Crockett!

Soon after that dubious incident, it was reported, during a visit to the campus library while eyeing the main building clock tower on campus, Whitman remarked to a fellow student, “A person could stand off an army from atop the tower before they got him.”

Does it not strike everyone as convenient that a fellow student would overhear Whitman making such a darkly telegraphed remark, especially, after his father’s surviving testimony declared, his son “Charlie could plug the eye from a squirrel”?

If everyone, up to this point, has been following along with Whitman’s biographical details, thus far, does it not provide one with the disquieting feeling that, someone, perhaps either an intelligence department or even a third rate Hollywood hack, seems to have, badly, attempted to stitch together an all-too-tidy narrative arc for “Charles Whitman”; a fictional character inhabiting a movie or even a novel?

If so, that feeling, given the shoddy story surrounding “Charles Whitman”, is more than justified.

Furthermore, the following biographical analysis will surely discredit whatever shred of veracity one may wish to discover.

When everyone observes the content of the following video, displayed below, which contains footage from the University campus in question on the day of the shooting, it shall become immediately noticeable how robotically every participant in this psychological operation appears to behave.

Generally speaking, everyone is also likely to notice how the participant’s movements  seem uniform, as if they are ‘extras’ on a movie set and acting under direction.

Everyone, too, shall notice, the unorthodox methods utilized to remove some of the “bodies”:


CIA=Criminals In Action

Recently, new CIA director Michael Pompeo spoke to a packed house at the University of Texas concerning the topics of “cyber-security and non-state actors.”

ACTORS – Yeah, you got that right pal.

Perhaps Pompeo should have gone on to tell the good people of Texas the true function and purpose of CIA (Criminals In Action), which is to perform and execute psychological operations, both at home and abroad, to keep the world’s masses distracted from figuring out they are merely human resource slaves to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, who are nothing more than thieves, cheats, scoundrels, murderers and liars.

During the course of his talk, to students and community members, Pompeo made a crack about his meeting with the “president” before coming to Austin to serve as keynote speaker. Pompeo told the filled auditorium, when he informed the “commander in chief”, he was traveling to Texas, the president replied, “make sure you recruit a few good ones.”

In truth, though the president is merely another actor on the world stage, his comment is rather telling. For, the University of Texas has always been a hotbed recruiting ground for intelligence prospects, and their fingerprints are all over the clock tower psychological operation performed in 1966. Always arrogant about leaving their secrets in plain sight since they are the Praetorian Guard of the ruling elite, the focal point of the University of Texas psychological operation, the clock tower, references a long running intelligence black operation began in Southeast Asia called “Watch Tower.” The image of the tower is also equivalent to the occultic representation of the symbolic obelisk, or ‘male energy’.

Beginning in the early to mid 1960’s, Watch Tower was a covert operation involving the smuggling of narcotics, specifically heroin shipments from Southeast Asia under the cover of the Viet(nam) war (nam/man/mirror reversal/666) using military troop cargo planes. The operation also involved setting up networks of businesses or “brass plates” which acted as cover for the agency’s money laundering of illicit narcotics profits.

In fact, one could even state with some degree of educated speculation the event at the University of Texas in 1966 was a dry run for what occurred later at Kent State (See: Kent State was hippy Sandy Hook).


And now for the revelation which seals the fate of this psychological operation and the character of Charles Whitman. Yes folks, Whitman was yet another in a long line of actors in history’s grand stage play, and there is a good chance some of you (if you are old enough) may remember the name of the host actor about to be revealed.


Charles Whitman:

Alex Karras

Alex Karras was an American football player, professional wrestler, and, yes folks, an ACTOR.

During his professional football career, Karras was rather celebrated while playing for the NFL’s Detroit Lions from 1958 to 1970, and awarded four Pro Bowl appearances. As an actor, Karras appeared in the Mel Brooks satiric comedy Blazing Saddles, but was perhaps best known to Americans for his role on the long running 80’s comedy Webster, which also starred Emmanuel Lewis and Karras’ wife Susan Clark.

In fact, ear-biometrics, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicate old number 77, all-Pro NFL star Alex Karras, was the identity of the host actor who portrayed the character of mass “clock tower” killer, “Charles Whitman”.

In conclusion, one finds it more than tragic, how, even today, the masses, still, so easily and completely fall under the spells cast by the ruling elite’s Hollywood cinema and mainstream and alternative “news.”

But one supposes that, at least, for those who have broken through the veil of the spell and for those who regularly visit this blog, everyone can take solace in the joy that comes with knowing, it is far better to think for oneself than it is to be doomed inside the prison of consensus reality.






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    1. One believes Karras, Whitman’s host actor was gifted his Hollywood and television career solely due to his successful performance in the clock tower psychological operation.

  1. Fascinating as always and a little frightening. The idea of people owning guns is so alien to us in the UK

  2. Thank you for your continued interest in Newsspell. What strikes one as truly frightening is the fact a majority of the public, in allowing themselves to become emotionally manipulated by such government sponsored psychological operations demand real laws enacted by the so-called freemason puppets disguised as politicians and public officials.

    1. You are right, to be honest the whole history of the world is the manipulation by those in power rewriting history and morality which we swallow uncomplainingly. Best P

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