The media’s house of horrific hoaxes


The media sorcerers are losing their magic mojo.

Or, perhaps they realize they no longer have to try that hard in working over their scripted hoodwinks.

Yes folks, in a recent media driven psychological operation that seemed to harbor an agenda equally sinister and transparent, the American public’s credulity was stretched to the breaking point in being asked to believe a young girl – along with her twelve brothers and sisters – were deprived of rescue or recourse while being subjected to malnourishment and hostage-like conditions while uploading videos to You Tube which received over thousands and even millions of views.

The sub-department worker bees at Langley must be falling out of their cubicles and writhing on the office carpets overcome with fits of laughter at just how easy their jobs have become.

Then again, is it so surprising the media gets away with such egregious criminality in an era featuring bloggers praising the dubious virtue of continuing to “dream” in lieu of engagement with critical thinking? But this plays right into the hands of the ruling elites. For, they would much prefer for the masses to keep wishing on the star of a fantastical “dream” rather than thinking their way into definitively discovering how to break through the shackles of soul destroying lies enslaving them.

With prevalent mentalities such as this dominating the increasingly blunted consciousness of one’s fellow bloggers, and mankind in general, is it any wonder the general public is pathetically fooled time and again with such transparent psychological operations?

No, indeed it is not, folks.

Nevertheless, one shall proceed with an analysis of what was no doubt yet another blatant hoax perpetrated on the masses. At the risk of dancing on the edge of the macabre and falling into the arena of black humor, one finds both the dubious details proffered darkly comedic and the transparent agenda masked behind this absurd media story of the “House of Horrors” in California suspiciously sinister.

And yes, one has discovered yet more host actors portraying villainous characters- and these are rather famous, folks.

Although one supposes virtually no one will conceive that these pair of Hollywood luminaries would bother to star in such a low brow production – think again.

Hollywood actors are under contract to the very studios owned by the ruling elite families, and they aren’t paid millions of dollars just to ostensibly entertain the masses, they are also obligated to help push the political and social agendas of their masters and benefactors, for if they refuse to participate, they risk not only getting sued for breach of contract but their stellar careers and the sterling reputations accompanying them will crumble into the putrid dust of disgraceful infamy.

Before beginning an analysis of the details relating to this story presented primarily by CNN,  one must remember Anderson Cooper’s admitted ties to intelligence while he matriculated at Yale University, yet another prestigious collegiate recruiting hotbed for CIA. In fact folks, Cooper’s uncle, William Henry Vanderbilt III, was a crony of ‘Wild’ Bill Donovan, the founder of the CIA’s forerunner, OSS (Office of Strategic Services) and became Executive officer of the agency’s special operations branch (psychological operations).

Therefore, there is little doubt the ham handed melodrama demonstrated by this fantastical story of the “House of Horrors” derived from the scriptwriting post-modern Mockingbird agents headquartered at Langley, Virginia. Our man the propaganda agent Cooper is also a descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt, the patriarch of one of America’s richest and most prominent founding families with extensive ties to the thirteen ruling elite bloodlines and per Burke’s peerage European royalty as well, including direct relations to the bloodline of the 11th Duke of Marlborough (a Duke is a royal title just beneath that of monarch).

Given that foundational information, one can begin to fully comprehend that the American news networks are nothing more than propaganda pipelines for the richest and most powerful. Therefore, nothing one observes broadcast on mainstream television, no matter how seemingly trenchant or frivolous, is created for an express purpose – not to entertain or to even inform – but as a propaganda vehicle of the ruling elites overriding global agendas. The media’s concocted story of California’s “House of Horrors” is no exception, as one shall soon observe.

The telltale visual aids dispelling all credulity – the photographs released by the mainstream media of the children clothed in their uniform colored clothes – appear to be backdated photo shop tip-ins  loaded with symbolism, that is if one knows what to look for. One shall also immediately notice upon perusal the faces of most, if not all of the alleged abused children are digitally shrouded, which is no doubt curious if not suspicious. Careful examination of the following photos will reveal these are not recent examples, and that they are not of the type featuring the crystal clear resolution of those taken by an I-phone or similar device, but rather those resulting from the shutter of a hand held instant camera production model dating back several years.

The photo above demonstrates evidence of being a cut and paste job. But further examination of the details shall avail a most curious anomaly. Centering on the mother positioned behind the little girl and what appears to be an infant, one shall notice a strange limb with a hand emerging from out of a void. To whom does this hand belong? This is evidence of a pathetically hasty photo shop job. Could it be this part of the psychological operation project was assigned to a novice just beginning their career at Langley – or is this yet another blatant attempt on the part of the masonic mainstream media sorcerers to completely mock the child-like credulity of the masses?

As one has so often stated here at Newsspell, the devil is often found in the details. Examining this second photographic example more closely reveals signatures of Freemasonry. To the far right portion of the photo stands an adult female figure (who is slyly flashing the freemason sign of the Baphomet/duality of male and female) and if one casts their eyes to the immediate background, a dome colored with golden light symbolic of the Freemason pyramid and extending below it the Freemason pillars of Boaz and Jachin can be readily observed. Also one shall notice the prevalence of the color purple which is symbolic of the thirteen ruling elite royal Jesuit families. And why is everyone dressed in red? In freemasonry red is the symbol of fire and regeneration, of the immortal phoenix rising from the fiery ashes of destruction.

The mainstream media claims this is a picture of the eldest child allegedly held hostage in the “House of Horrors.” They also claim the alleged male victim is approximately 26 years of age (2 6’s=12/21/777 intelligence joker code). However, looking more closely – and even without benefit of full view of the alleged victim’s face – one can observe this person appears to be significantly younger, perhaps by as much as ten years. This particular photo is most likely backdated several years, and does not appear to have been taken recently. Also, one observes the subjects hair styling suspiciously resembles that of Sandy Hook boogeyman Adam Lanza.

Obviously, the media sorcerers have relied heavily on the power of suggestion to supply whatever appearances of credulous heft they felt the public could latch onto regarding this fantastical story. A recent numerology laced article published in Britain’s Daily Mirror ( trumpeted the idea that before they appeared to have been arrested and indicted, the alleged parents, David and Louise Turpin, of the thirteen held captive in this “House of Horrors” were planning to conceive a 14th child (77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer) and that they purposely designed the surnames of the remaining thirteen (summit of the masonic pyramid) to begin with the letter ‘J’.

One should also note that although it is claimed the thirteen children were allegedly abused, the Daily Mirror provides a photo of the entire family in question on vacation at Disney World. Why didn’t any of the children, if their living conditions were as dire as the mainstream media claims, choose that opportunity in hastening to make their escape to notify authorities of their wretched plight?


In researching the claim made by the Daily Mirror regarding the children’s surnames, the letter J has esoteric significance, for it is the equivalent of what is known as the “Yod” in the Hebrew alphabet, and symbolically speaking is the letter representing spiritual and epic transformation. Given this – what transformative agenda is inherently being pushed by the ruling elite families who own the American mainstream media?

Could it be, the ruling elites know that the cornerstone of strong societies is the nuclear family, and this story is just another destructive volley in their total destruction of America?

Perhaps, the programmed agenda inherent in the mass promulgation of manufactured stories such as the “House of Horrors” is designed so that the masses become suspicious of any overzealous attempts observed on the part of their neighbors while attempting to raise their children, or perhaps even more sinister, a programming agenda is being pushed to cause children to become suspicious of their parents in believing every effort made at parental discipline, no matter how benign, could be construed as “abuse”?

Though the production delivery in the video sample provided above one finds rather crude and even vulgar, nevertheless, the narrator speaks sense. The mainstream media would have us believe despite the fact the alleged seventeen-year-old child was being ruthlessly held hostage against her will, she nonetheless had access to a ‘secret’ You Tube account where she posted self-penned and produced songs with lyrics dealing in the subject matter of her alleged tragic plight.

Now seriously, folks, if you were a kidnapper holding someone hostage, would you risk granting them access to the globally distributed internet, thus granting them a chance to make an escape, not to mention bringing an unbidden visit from law enforcement hastily to your door?

The answer is definitively negative.

But lately, folks, all caution seems to have been thrown to the wild wind in terms of logic when it comes to the execution of these mainstream media psychological operations.

Should it not strike one as curious the mention of social media outlets such as You Tube, Twitter and Facebook always somehow manage to play a prominent role in these media driven psychological operations? One should think not, primarily due to the fact all social media outlets have been created and are overseen and monitored by the military/industrial/complex (DAARPA). and fronted by puppets of the international intelligence octopus (Mark Zuckerberg et al)..

The Godfather and Kay

In referring to the photographic samples provided earlier in this installment, one must remember that military grade photo shop software has advanced greatly, and that now more than ever before, it is possible for the mainstream media sorcerers to convince the public absolute fakery is concrete reality. But more than this, those such as the loyal readers here at Newsspell, having assumed great powers of discernment, are surely beginning to realize the powers that be are increasingly testing the limits of the masses credulity. After all, that is the ultimate purpose of these psychological operations, and given the overall success rate of such operations, one theorizes the ruling elites shall perhaps soon perform their coup de grace – a feat of media sorcery that shall dwarf even the apocalyptical mass psychological effects of an event like 9/11.

But now, facial recognition performed on the courtroom photographs of “David and Louise Turpin” may have truly brought forth some rather stunning results:

Hollywood luminary Al Pacino’s cinematic resume reads like a classic encyclopedia of the history of modern cinema, having starred in the Godfather, Serpico, Scarface, Donnie Brasco, Glengarry Glen Ross, etc. etc..

But even Pacino still has to pay his dues, and after a lifetime of accolades, awards, and glittering praise showered from critics and adoring public alike, ‘the Godfather’ has been finally called to make good on his end of the grand Faustian bargain made long ago.

As for Miss Diane Keaton, it really is no surprise to see her accompanying her former Godfather co-star Pacino. For, it has been well documented the relatively reclusive star has not only entertained romantic dalliances with Pacino, but with noted director Woody Allen early in her career while starring in Allen’s Broadway production of Play it Again Sam, and again with Warren Beatty, who as loyal readers know starred as American president Richard ‘tricky Dick’ Nixon.

(See: Watergate covered up more sinister crime)


It can now be reported via voice analysis that the seventeen-year-old captive featured performing self-penned musical ditties uploaded to a ‘secret’ You Tube account a mere two weeks before making a daring escape through a window in the “House of Horrors” may be Ariana Grande, who of course also starred in the Manchester arena bombing hoax. The shaky and off-key vocal performances one hears in the video may also be due to the fact this is what the popular Disney performer actually sounds like before her voice has been filtered through studio pitch correction software and a musical recording apparatus known by producers throughout the music industry as the “box.”

(See: Pop stars make it by faking)




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  1. If these events were sold as a film they would they would be picked apart and derided, probably for lacking realism.

    Sell them as reality and nobody looks twice.

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