Whether employed by ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, RT or in this case CNN, corporate television’s teleprompter reading spell casters are often not who they claim to be.

Their genuine identities – like those of politicians, celebrities, and Hollywood personalities – are hidden behind carefully chosen pseudonyms.

CNN’s Brain Stelter happens to be no exception.

In truth, CNN’s popular news personality is not who he claims.

In fact, beneath Stelter’s layered disguises, consisting of CGI masking and latex stippling, lies a familiar host actor belonging to European royal genealogy.

In fact, the hidden family of CNN’s news personality Brain Stelter has figured prominently in past investigations, a clear indication that the royal families of Europe are not only heavily invested in fully consolidating their global order of corporate-feudalist affairs, but have actively employed the services of various family members posed as Hollywood celebrities, and entertainment and media personalities to ensure their ultimate success.

Regarding the host actor of CNN’s Stelter, not only does he have a genealogical connection to one of Western Europe’s most ancient royal family bloodlines, but to Space X and their CGI created space opera fantasies.

The predominant royal families of Western Europe – such as the family the host actor of CNN’s Brian Stelter hails from –  have always enlisted the services of their own sibling relations in helping to promote their global commercial interests and to further the well-invested propaganda of their political and social agendas.

The concept of the actor-based-reality has always worked in tandem with the covert methods of political, economic and social subversion created by bureaucratic mechanisms supported by a globalist ideological foundation.

In terms of the post-modern age, the globalist plans of the ruling elites are not novel, nor are they the result of recent developments. For over a century, these plans have been hidden behind the publicly stated altruistic intentions of a number of globalist organizations which act as little more than thin, bureaucratic veils for ulterior motives. One of those prominent but secretive globalist organizations, although it has existed for more than a century, was charged from its inception with promoting the closely guarded monopoly interests of the ruling elites, and it began doing so long before the official establishment of the UN.

It seems quite remarkable, that although globalist organizations such as the Bilderberger Group, etc. etc. have become the bugbears of those counted among the majority in the so-called alternative research community, seemingly none of them have ever mentioned or bothered to research a virtually inscrutable organization that emerged well before the establishment of both the League of Nations and the United Nations.


The idea of globalism is not a novel idea, nor is the spreading of globalist propaganda a recent development. The IPU, or Inter-Parliamentary Union, is a global inter-parliamentary institution established in 1889 by Frenchman Frederic Passy and William Randal Cremer from the UK. In taking a look at but two examples of images of these gentlemen, their faces seem oddly familiar when compared to the facial geometry of a pair of famous historical contemporaries. For example, Passy seems to oddly resemble yet another major figure from the identical 19th century period, Karl Marx, while Cremer seems to resembles the so-called father of the Bolshevik Revolution began during the early portion of the 20th century, Vladimir Lenin.

Frederic Passy:


Karl Marx:


Note that in the image of Marx displayed above, he displays the hidden hand of the left hand path, a masonic derived indicator to his brothers of the international cult of Freemasons that he was, without doubt, privy to the covert machinations known only to those positioned at the highest levels of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic order.

William Randal Cremer:


Note here as well, that Cremer has the Templar cross pinned beneath the lapel of his suit, indicating that like Marx, he was not only and undoubtedly numbered among those of the highest rank of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, but has been bestowed one of its highest honors for the role he played in advancing their “great work.”

Vladimir Lenin:


At any rate, according to all historical documentation that can be found, the establishment of the IPU marked the formation of the first “permanent forum for political multilateral negotiations.”

Although participation among member nations and individual parliamentarians was rather small at the outset, in the post-modern age, it has since grown to encompass 178 countries and achieved permanent observer status at the United Nations General Assembly. Although the UN stipulates the powers of observer status of non-nation states are relatively limited by the security council (participation in open debates, security council votes, etc. etc.) as compared to recognized and organized nation-state bodies such as the EU, the IPU still reserves the right as signatories on international treaties, resolutions and working papers, as well the right to speak at meetings of the UN’s General Assembly.

From a grander perspective, this means that for more than a century, this covert organization, consisting of unelected parliamentarians carefully chosen from its designated member states has for more than a century made important decisions as to the fate of entire nations and their peoples.

Does this sound even remotely democratic, folks?

This represents more empirical evidence of the depths of subversion, secrecy, and calculated political maneuvering to which the ruling elites have stooped to consolidate and maintain the hegemony of their global commercial monopolies.

Furthermore, the IPU was financed by the thirteen ruling elite families by proxy through those belonging to the globally connected merchant banking class, specifically the family of American industrialist and reputed philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie. From the earliest stages subsequent to its inception, the IPU moved to establish the Court of International Appeals in the Hague, Switzerland, the location of its very headquarters in a nation whose flag is emblazoned with the Templar cross.

Flag of Switzerland:


Of course, Carnegie’s role in the Lincoln assassination hoax was alluded to in a previous installment (SEE: History’s story of “Honest Abe” fiction? (part II)

Additionally, an article (https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/244234570/) first published in The New Hampshire Sunday Times on April 1, 1962 – composed by Edith Kermit Roosevelt, former presidential first lady of Theodore Roosevelt, and close family relation of the former president Franklin Roosevelt and his sibling Kermit, (SEE: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XII) detailed that not only are the US congress and the OAS (Organization of American States) ipso-facto members of the IPU, and that both operate as key conduits for the promotion of the IPU’s globalist agenda – which at the time of the organization’s inception sought to establish ‘dialogue between nations of the eastern and western hemisphere’ – but it also sought to readily adopt Russian Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin’s proposal of a “United States of the World” as one of the key planks of its mission statement.

These certain and verifiable facts raise a pertinent question relevant to a certain major historical event concurrent with Roosevelt’s published article.

The published date of Roosevelt’s article came merely a few months prior to the Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 1962, an event that involved not only the participation of the OAS and the UN Security Council, but served to foster – the stated goal of IPU at its inception – ‘ongoing dialogue’ between the hemispheres of east and west which, during this era, were represented by the governments of the predominant military and economic powers, the US and USSR.

If one truly reads between the lines of the major points of Roosevelt’s article regarding the IPU, it is fair to conclude that the entire “missile crisis” of October 1962 may have been created as a showpiece of global political theater, to not only implement the globalist policy directives of the IPU, but to both strengthen and legitimize the presence of the UN’s governing body as an international arbiter in global affairs, and to additionally create the perception of the need for an international police force which could not only be utilized – as in the case of Israel and Palestine and the Bengali and Indian “conflicts” – to aid in the ongoing arbitration of disputes of an international nature, but a global police force of “peace keepers” which could subsequently act as the sole enforcement arm of the UN when such disputes had been “legally” and contractually settled by UN directed negotiations.

Though the all-pervasive psychological hold over the masses enjoyed in past decades by the mainstream media complex would appear to be slipping, it has become increasingly evident that the corporate publishing scribes, administrative and Crown Temple legal flunkies, teleprompter reading robot media minions and political puppets toiling under the corporate umbrella of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, have now been ordered to take drastic measures in maintaining this iron-gripped stranglehold at all costs.

This is where Google search engines, You Tube and social media come into play; to direct the flow of public discourse and the distribution of knowledge deemed solely favorable to the ruling elite families and their greed stricken corporate mobs of tax extortionists called governments.

Popular American newscasters like the character of Brian Stelter are created precisely for this purpose; to sell and distribute popularized narratives of primary propagandizing value on behalf of the major corporate shareholders – prominent European royal families  – to the majority of the masses, those over which these ruling elites wish to maintain their hegemonic and commercial control.


Allegedly born in 1985 (23/2 3’s/33/High-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), Brian Stelter currently serves as CNN’s chief media correspondent and the host of that same network’s dubiously entitled show, “Reliable Sources”. According to official biographies, Stelter had been previously employed by the New York Times and as the editor of TVNewser.

Stelter’s employment by that mainstream media toilet of rancid propaganda filled with its gaggle of robotic stenographers, The New York Times, should give you pause and also serve as a true indicator something is truly awry. Stelter’s biographies are remarkably slight, none of which go into any great depth about his remarkable and unprecedentedly rapid ascent to the heights of corporate mainstream media visibility at such a relatively young age. This fact alone represents a surefire sign we’re dealing with a manufactured character created by the international intelligence octopus which – verified by reams of declassified government documentation – has been in perpetual control of the Western military/industrial/media/entertainment complex on behalf of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families since before the advent of the television medium in the mid-twentieth century.

Though Stelter’s biographical accounts offer a paucity of detail, there is one snippet of information they do reveal which offers a key connection not only exposing the identity of his host actor’s family, but leads us right to the doorstep of a family relation who played a prominent character role in American history, and also right into the sordid belly of the international intelligence octopus, specifically and unsurprisingly the CIA.

Stelter’s biographies do tell us he was allegedly born in Damascus, Maryland, and attended classes at Damascus high school.

Stelter allegedly matriculated and graduated from Towson University, in Towson Maryland . While still an undergraduate, Stelter became editor in chief of the school’s campus newspaper, the “Towerlight”, and the creator of TVNewser, a blog that concerned itself with topics involving television and cable news.

Despite the threadbare nature of Stelter’s official biographies, one’s further investigation into both Stelter’s alleged creation of TVNewser, and its subsequent acquisition by a shadowy media company with a checkered past called MediaBistro, offered the discovery of a virtual gold mine of stunningly revealing information.


TVNewser, the media blog allegedly created by CNN’s Brain Stelter while he was still a Towson undergraduate student, was sold to MediaBistro.com which, if official sources are to be believed, is a ‘website that offers resources for media professionals’. Exactly what those ‘resources’ are is not thoroughly explained nor confirmed, either by the company’s website or any other source one wished to consult. One could guess that MediaBistro.com existed as a holding company and, while dialed in with not only the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic controlled CIA, but Big Data and high technology, also served as an information gathering house disguised as a ‘media resource’. Although this theory is not completely verified, the personal information collected on MediaBistro.com was most likely used to conduct further surveillance and generate intimate personal data on Hollywood entertainment and mainstream media personalities for the purpose of later blackmailing them into compliance with the ruling elite’s prevailing political and social agendas.

Further research into the company itself and its founder Laurel Touby however, proved to be most intriguing, and led to a treasure trove of blatant corruption and a cesspit of financial malfeasance beyond one’s wildest expectations.

Based in New York City, Mediabistro.com was founded in 1999 by Laurel Touby. On July, 18, 2007, Jupiter Media Corporation announced that it had acquired all of the company’s shares for a total of 20 million and a two year earn-out that at the time, was forecasted could result in an additional windfall of 3 million. Before the time of this acquisition however, Jupiter Media and CEO Alan Meckler were embroiled in legal snafus involving stock option fraud: (https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-xpm-2007-01-12-0701120468-story,amp.html)


The legal acquisition of MediaBistro.com was managed and negotiated by Key Bank Capital Markets, which is a division of Key Corporation, and at the time of the acquisition of MediaBistro.com, Key Corp. was led by CEO Ken Carr III, a man who had previously held senior executive roles and completed significant mergers and other acquisitions with organizations such as IBM Global Services Australia, Lucent Technologies, Computer Sciences of Australia, and Unisys Australia LLC.

For several decades – going back to the time of the ouster of Australian PM Gough Whitlam – CSC has acted as an intelligence front for the CIA.

CSC was founded in April of 1959, and initially provided programming tools such as assembler and compiler software to major computer manufacturers like IBM and Honeywell, companies that have long been dialed in with CIA .

The company also secured its first contracts for the US public sector with NASA which, as loyal readers have learned, is not a space exploration agency, but a cornerstone of the international intelligence octopus and essentially a Hollywood movie studio which produces taxpayer funded propaganda for the extortionist US corporate government.

By 1963, CSC became the largest software company in the US and the first such company to become listed on the American Stock Exchange. By as early as 1968, CSC was also listed on the New York Stock Exchange and had expanded its operations to Canada, India, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and the Netherlands.

This sort of rapid and ravenous expansion in tandem with the company’s uncanny ability to secure prime government contracts with NASA merely eight years after its inception seems rather unprecedented in the history of American business, but perhaps not so impossible when one considers that from the start, CSC has enjoyed a cozy relationship with the praetorian guard of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, the CIA.

In addition to inexplicably surviving numerous probes by the Securities and Exchange Commission concerning the company’s estimated 19 million in both intentional and fraudulent accounting irregularities and errors, the company has been accused – by its own shareholders in addition to the governments of Norway and Britain – of breaching human rights by arranging several illegal rendition flights for the CIA between 2003 and 2006.

Added to this laundry list of malfeasant and felonious activity, CSC was a contractor hired by the Jesuit/Crown Temple controlled IRS to modernize its tax-filing system. Though they informed the IRS it would work to meet a deadline set in 2006, the company failed to do so, which left the IRS with no reliable system to detect acts of tax fraud, an oversight which cost the IRS between 200 and 300 million dollars.

Would it be wrong to think this scenario may have been planned in advance?

No, folks, it certainly would not.

Consider also that Key Corp., while linked with Key Bank that handled the merger and acquisition of MediaBistro.com by Jupiter Media – prior to its recent liquidation –  was also advised by Sullivan and Cromwell LLP, whose former partners were Allen Dulles, the head of CIA and John Foster Dulles, former head of the State Department during the era of the Eisenhower presidential administration.

Now, loyal readers have learned and will recall from a very recent installment (See: The Rockefellers and Their Phony Feminists) that both facial recognition and ear biometric analysis have clearly demonstrated Dwight D. Eisenhower was a fake historical and political character portrayed by none other than Hollywood mogul and CEO of IAC/InterActiveCorp. Barry Diller AKA Austro-German Prince Eduard von Furstenberg, the long-time spouse of Princess Diane von Furstenberg AKA Hollywood icon Barbara Walters.


Before revelaing the identity of the host actor of CNN’s chief news correspondent Brain Stelter, facial recognition analysis of images of Laurel Touby, the founder of MediaBistro.com, the very company that bought out Stelter’s TVNewser blog before it was swallowed up by Jupiter Media rendered some fascinating results:

Laurel Touby:



Princess Alexandra von Furstenberg:



Note that in the set of images featuring Touby, the character is donned with eyewear, which historically has been identified as an effective method of not only obscuring or distorting the ocular perceptions of the actor’s facial geometry, but proves also effective in concealing the identity of the character’s host actor.

Remember, that in the case of even prosecutable and felonious criminality, a character acting under a pseudonym which has been verified by only a third party in the eyes of prevailing admiralty law cannot be subject to prosecution because technically, that person does not legally exist.

This is why the concept of the actor based reality is an ideal tool for the high-level criminals sworn in allegiance to the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic global cult.

It is also very likely that Touby, like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Space X chief Elon Musk, acted as merely a symbolic front person posed for the purpose of public perception, and was not tasked with overseeing the company’s daily operations or involved with the process of executive decision making.

It turns out folks, that Laurel Touby may have been well familiar with the alleged creator of TVNewser, CNN’s Brian Stelter.

And why?

Because they are both members of the identical European royal family, the House of Von Furstenberg.

Brian Stelter:



Prince Alexander von Furstenberg:



But CNN’s Brain Stelter is not the only high-profile character portrayed by His Majesty the Austro-German prince. Yes folks, Alexander also plays the role of everyone’s favorite phony spaceman and CEO of the tax funded pyramid scheme Tesla Motors, Mister Elon ‘Next Level Genius”, “you can tell its real because it looks so fake” Musk.

Elon Musk:



While considering the information disseminated throughout this installment, were you able to discern the clear nexus between the pattern of criminal activity and the utilization of the actor-based-reality? In every instance, and without exception, European royal families have set up pyramid schemes involving companies with artificially inflated stock value fronted by family members operating under pseudonyms for the purpose of dumping them for maximum sale price once the artificially pumped stock value reaches an apex. This criminal method of operation was especially evident in the case of Musk’s Tesla Motors (See: Should America buy what Elon is selling? (Part 1)

In the case of CNN’s Brain Stelter, his royal family – a major shareholder of the CNN network – placed him there under a pseudonym and posed him as “chief news correspondent” to not only distract the public from his family’s criminal activity with CIA created propagandizing drivel, but to intentionally plague the public with artificially created racial, political and social agitations.

Yes folks, Stelter’s European royal family is also a major shareholder of the corporate US government, which means they essentially possess a license to steal from you, again and again.










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