The sports network of ESPN has some explaining to do.

And why?

Because Dan Patrick, one of their biggest, if not most popular radio stars is a key participant in the actor based reality, and he is most likely, a sworn member of the Jesuit order of the Knights Templar.

As a form of cruel mockery, the minion scribes of the ruling elites enjoy placing the secrets of their masters completely in plain sight, leaving them thoroughly unveiled. Once again, such is the case here, to the degree that one can almost detect the blatant calculation. There can also be little doubt, they are delighted no one has bothered to notice.

That is, until now. 

In the last installment, an analysis was offered regarding one of classic rock’s most renowned compositions, “Hotel California.” That analysis involved the Knights Templar, who are synonymous with the Jesuit order and the thirteen, ruling elite families. Part of the initiation into the Templars, involves the initiate taking a blood oath, which they must imbibe from a human skull. Outlandish as this may seem, establishing an oath of such profound and extreme gravity may have been necessary when considering the deep secrets this order has harbored for centuries. Though the following may seem like an unnecessary digression, it is hoped that an adequate historical background regarding this ancient order – both for loyal readers, first time visitors, and for merely those so inclined to perform further investigation – will better provide a foundational basis with which to begin corroborative research.

The origin of the Knights Templar can be traced to one of the prime families of the thirteen, the Farnese, who since the 16th century, have been intermarried with the Spanish crown. In a recent installment, it was revealed that the host actor portraying such stars of the entertainment world as Madonna and Angelina Jolie was identified as the royal Spanish consort of the reigning Spanish monarch, Felipe VI, of the royal Spanish House of Bourbon-Anjou. The Knights Templar or the Jesuit order, has legal dominion – in accordance with prevailing admiralty or maritime law – over all Crown colonies or corporations (nations), as well the inner and middle temple of the Crown Temple, the headquarters of which are housed within the one square mile of the City of London.

The City of London is ruled over by the Lord Mayor, who is unlike any other official, in that since the 13th century, he remains unelected by the people but acquires his office from the votes of 108 livery companies who belong to the “Worshipful Company of Fishmongers,” and most recently, accompanied by the votes of carefully selected merchant banking and management consultants.

Since 1252, this vote has been approved by 25 officials sitting on the “Court of Alderman.”

In turn, Crown Temple is connected to the international banking havens of both Switzerland and Israel. Both the Federal Reserve banking system in the West, and the bank of Hong Kong are Crown Temple subsidiaries, controlled through the city of London by the Jesuit order and the thirteen families in Rome. In a legal sense, the United States still exists as a corporate joint stock venture colony, which was established, consolidated and remains to this day, per the terms and conditions of the Treaty of Peace signed in Paris in 1783, governed under the economic and legal auspices of Rome via the middle and inner temples, located within the one square mile of the City of London (See: How Crown Temple Rules America.

The blood oath that is administered to each Templar initiate wishing to enter the order in good standing, makes very plain these secrets shall not, upon threat of suffering the severest penalty of death, ever become publicly revealed to the hoi polloi or to those outside of the order. The International Brotherhood of Freemasons and the global intelligence octopus, which consists of Mossad, MI6/MI5, CIA and the Stasi are deployed not only to dissuade commercial competition from ever threatening the hegemony of the ruling thirteen families, but are also deployed to ensure those initiated into the Knights Templar are blackmailed into submission. Acts of blackmail and entrapment are committed as an insurance policy, should any initiate become foolish enough to entertain quixotic notions of either disavowing their oath or divulging the ancient secrets of the order. It is this vast intelligence apparatus, working on behalf of the Templar/Jesuit order and the thirteen families, that enables the integrity of their global commercial hegemony to remain virtually impenetrable, as well ensures the phenomenon of their actor based reality is kept wholly intact.

In truth, the Templars represented the first wide-scale attempt to both organize and mobilize the forces of occultism for the purpose of gaining control of all human, economic, and natural resources. Research indicates the philosophical underpinning of the Templar order can best be described as gnostic, which is defined as the knowing of one’s own divinity. The Templar order abides by the esoteric philosophical tenet one can come to know, through introspection and the close examination of one’s inner being or spirit which has passed through many earthly incarnations, that we are all “God.”

In this sense, the Templar order is unlike other exoteric religious creeds, for rather than finding one’s salvation in the afterlife, a true gnostic seeks to become a living Christ by conquering spiritual ignorance in the form of death. It is believed, that once one has achieved this Christ-like state, the mysteries of creation, and of time and space would become manifest, thus exposing one’s perceived reality in the material realm as an illusion, or in the paraphrased words of William Blake, later appropriated by Aldous Huxley, if the doors of perception were cleansed, all would appear as it is, Infinite.

In this sense, it would seem the Templar/Jesuit order is intent on achieving immortality in the material realm, and to build heaven on earth. It would also appear, they intend to utilize the continuing development of artificial intelligence to aid them in achieving that end. The Templar order, in addition to holding to the gnostic creed and in a more pragmatic sense, would also appear to hold in the highest reverence the acquisition and commercial commodification of all natural and human resources.

This is the true meaning of Satanism, in that Satanism is, in fact, a deep sensual reverence for the trading of and profiteering from the buying and selling of mercantile/commercial goods and services or “materialism” at the expense of one’s spiritual development and pursuits of the higher mind.

As to whether or not the host actor of the character known as ESPN’s Dan Patrick is a sworn initiate of the Templar order, no one, including the author, can say with absolute certainty, however likely that probability may appear to be.

Nevertheless, it can be said with the utmost certainty, that throughout the 20th and into the 21st centuries, the ruling elites have utilized the global media/entertainment complex as a vehicle to covertly allude to their secrets as a form of mockery meant for the despised hoi polloi, but only, as in the case of the pop song, “Hotel California,” in the most cryptic and veiled methods possible.


In the video displayed above, ESPN’s Dan Patrick can be seen interviewing Gary Lewis AKA Glen Frey, the host actor behind the masks of popular music icon Bob Dylan (See: The Voice of a Misled Generation) and Hollywood film auteur, George Lucas (See: George Lucas And His Death Star Deception) .

While listening carefully to the cadence and vocal tone of ESPN host Patrick, note the slight and almost effeminate lisp he employs. Clearly, this is a vocal affectation scripted for of the Patrick character, and designed to hide the identity of the host actor. For those not familiar with Dan Patrick, he is an American sportscaster, radio personality and actor, who originally, or so official biographies claim – wait for it, folks – hails from MASON, Ohio.

Patrick hosts the Dan Patrick show, which is broadcast on the Premiere Radio Networks and aired on NBCSN as well the Audience Network for Direct-TV subscribers. He has also co-hosted NBC’s Football Night in America and also serves as a senior writer for Sports Illustrated. But in examining Patrick’s official biographies further, one discovered the usual numerological markers.

Per Wikipedia and other official biographical sources such as Sports Illustrated, Patrick “worked for ESPN for 18 years” (666), “where he often anchored the weeknight and Sunday 11 p.m. (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) edition of the popular SportsCenter.”

Patrick’s alleged birthdate is also rife with numerology: May 15, 1956 (5/2 3’s/33/15/6/33/5X6=30/EE=33/19+56=75/12/21/777).

Officially, Patrick was born in Zanesville, Ohio (Z=26/12/21/777) and raised in Mason, which is located approximately 30 (EE-33) minutes north of Cincinnati (Sums to 102 /3/EE=33 in English gematria/ 48 in Full Reverse Reduction/12/21/777, and 60 in Full Reduction/33).

It is claimed, that while attending William Mason High School in his youth, Patrick was a member of the varsity basketball squad, and scored a single-game personal best of 36 points (3 6’s/666) while gaining AP (36+11=37/3 7’s/777) Class AA All-Ohio third-team honors (AA/26X2=52/7, Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon/3rd team=EE=33).

It is also claimed Patrick graduated from William Mason HS in 1974 (93=12/21/777).

Furthermore, it is alleged Patrick’s father, Jack (the Jokester/jester in the deck) who worked in the computer science department at the University of Dayton, died when Dan turned 25 (7, Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon) in 1981 (28/2 8’s=88/mark of the Jesuits).

Oddly, or perhaps not so surprisingly, the Social Security Death Index lists no official death for a “Jack Patrick” in 1981.

Could it be, the official scribes are attempting to inform us they utilized computer algorithms in brining to life the biographical details of Dan Patrick’s character?

It should also be noted that Patrick allegedly met his wife, a Susan White, when he was employed at CNN and she was a producer of the network’s Inside Politics. It has become common knowledge among loyal readers and the general public alike, that CNN does not in any way represent a bastion or bulwark of esteemed standards of journalism, and that the network serves, for all intents and purposes, as merely a propaganda arm of the US government.


Mickey Dolenz:

Dan Patrick:

Not only did ear biometric examination result in a perfect match between Dolenz and the character of Dan Patrick, but facial recognition analysis indicates nearly similar results, particularly in the region of the nose, chin, and brow ridge. Performing a closer examination of all Patrick’s official, mainstream biographies, it appears, for a man who has had such a long and distinguished career in both radio and television, there don’t seem to exist any discernably strong anecdotal impressions of either colleagues, former guests or anyone else Patrick may have worked closely with in either industry.

At this point however, one wonders, how many more show business characters the former members of the popular pop music group the Monkeys have portrayed?











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