Considering the recent rash of “school shootings” and the plethora of fabricated mainstream news narratives created to drive greater public attention towards a pathetic slew of manufactured presidential candidates, one fact becomes painfully clear.

That gaggle of royal clowns – we’ve come to know as the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – remains dedicated in their continued efforts to mercilessly conduct a surreal three-ringed mainstream media circus of psychological gaslighting before its hypnotized audience, the American general public.

As we’ve learned – like the clowns one finds entertaining at the circus – the family members of the ruling elite’s remain hidden behind garish masks, celebrity personas, the well-constructed images of popular music industry legends, and Hollywood’s award-winning entertainment glitterati.

On this occasion, we will examine the persona of activist David Mayer de Rothschild who, as you would probably expect to discover, is yet another media-created clown, an actor whose genuine identity remains concealed behind a mask’s well-conceived disguise.

The Rothschild family – ever since the commercial proliferation of digital technologies in the 21st century’s retail marketplace – have seemingly become the ubiquitous bugbear of those counted among the so-called alternative news research community.

But many of these researchers have fallen prey to disinformation; bottomless rabbit holes which have been designed as distractive and even destructive traps.

Nevertheless, as it turns out folks, the universally despised family of Rothschilds – like the one alleged to be named David – are not who they appear to be either.


Some of you may have seen the youthful David Mayer de Rothschild appear as a guest on the infamous Alex Jones show – INFOWARS.

During one INFOWAR’s appearance in particular, Rothschild’s only general purpose – as evidenced from the footage observed in the video, displayed below – seemed to exist as a virtual punching bag for the clamorous harangues of the buffoonish host.

Remarkably, as a victim of Jones’s unabated assault, “Rothschild” seemed able to maintain an admirable sense of calm dignity.

By now, of course, it is no secret to anyone that Jones has been exposed as a Jesuit trained agent provocateur. Jones, like his guest Rothschild, is a masked controlled-opposition agent, and their dialectical tete a tete – though it may not have been evident to the majority of Jones’s loyal viewers – was a thoroughly scripted affair between a pair of European royals in disguise.

This is the identical state of affairs witnessed with the 2020 presidential campaign “debates”, which – as we’ve come to learn – feature a number of European royals, including Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco.

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Casiraghi not only portrays former VP Joe Biden, he also has been cast in the role of the much maligned Actor-in-Chief, Donald Trump.

Stefano – who seems quite expert at legitimizing his seemingly endless gallery of masked disguises as well as faking his death – was alleged to have perished in a speed boating accident in the English Channel decades ago.

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In retrospect, even after Jones’s contrived veneer – truth-telling alternative media journalist – was thoroughly exposed, the host’s cartoonish Yosemite Sam act still appeared – in small dosages at least – to be marginally entertaining and, at times, unintentionally if not riotously humorous.

“You’re a RED SHIELD, and I’m calling you out, ROTHSCHILD!” Jones can be heard wailing like a deranged contestant in a professional wrestling match at his bewildered guest.

But Jones’s boorish behavior merely serves to illustrate the true nature of the dialectical game on display in the video.

Jones’s character was designed to be made to look emotionally impetuous and, eventually, clownishly ridiculous while, on the other hand, “Rothchild” was scripted to remain as the calm voice of reason.

In transforming “Alex Jones” to appear as the very caricature of an unhinged “conspiracy theorist”, those of his dutiful and loyal followers – by proxy – were also made to look ridiculous.

By scripting this dialectical confrontation in such ways, “Rothschild” and the “climate change” agenda for which he appears to be shilling, are made to appear rational and morally superior.

Clever, huh folks?

And as for the quip about the “Red Shield”, the host actor portraying alternative media agitator “Alex Jones” would certainly be expected to possess such intimate knowledge of the “Red Shield” of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate.

The Red Shield, Red Cross of the Templar order:

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis prove, the man known as “Alex Jones” is yet another disguised European royal, Gustav Frederick Phillip Richard, the seventh Danish prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

Prince Gustav of Sayn:

Alex Jones:

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While soldiering on with our examination of his official biographies, we will soon be able to determine that, like his scripted foil, Sir Gustav of Sayn AKA Alex Jones, the young David Mayer de Rothschild is also a European royal in disguise.

Unlike the Danish royal family of Gustav’s, however, the royal genealogy to which “Rothschild” belongs possesses a greater and more visible public profile; a royal family name which – as we are about to discover – will seem immediately familiar.


David Mayer de Rothschild, alleged to have been born on the 25th of August, 1978, is described – in addition to an ecologist and an environmentalist – as an “adventurer”, a description seemingly synonymous with only that of the offspring of the ridiculously wealthy and the most well-to-do, those who have arrived into this world with a silver spoon clasped firmly between their lips and a lot of time on their hands.

And to what effort do you suppose the young David Mayer de Rothschild donates his considerable time?

It seems – given what we are about to discover concerning Rothschild’s “charity” –  he hopes – or more accurately considers it his noble birth rite – to change or sculpt the world into the vision conceived by the elders of his ruling elite family, of course.

Certainly, the first thing we happen to notice about “Rothschild” is the numerological significance of his listed DOB: 25=7 (Kabbalah Zayin, the hook or the mind weapon), August=8th month (aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits), 1978 (1+9+7+8=25/2+5=7 (Kabbalah Zayin again).

Rothschild is also listed as the head of the Sculpt the Future Foundation, described as “a charity that supports innovations and creativity in social and environmental impact efforts.”

As we’ve discovered from our past investigations into the concept of “charities”, such legal arrangements exist as tax exempt as well as profit generating constructs, arranged for the sole benefit of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

When we investigate the activities of Rothschild’s Sculpt the Future Foundation – as described at their web page – we discover the organization’s rather telling mission statement: “Sculpt the Future Foundation promotes positive environmental change towards global sustainability by supporting creative, innovative, and sustainable action.”

“Sustainability”, “change” – does the utilization of those trite buzz words seem familiar?

The term “change” is a shopworn mantra often found utilized by Marxist activists. Marxism is a Luciferian concept; a philosophical concept, broadly speaking, upon which the societally and politically transformative tenets of the dialectical and historical process of order out of chaos were formulated, founded, and firmly based. Such terms are also synonymous with the global environmental program known as Agenda 2030, a globalist psychological operation which was formerly entitled Agenda 21.


Rothschild’s biographers also indicate, he is the founder and intimately involved with the environmental activities of Myoo Agency, officially described as “a marketing agency that works with businesses looking to create sustainable practices.”

In other words, companies which choose to jump on board with the UN’s Agenda 2030 are likely wooed with promises of enormous tax breaks and other economic gifts which subsequently afford these participating companies advantageous opportunities to garner larger profits in their chosen marketplaces.

The Climate Change agenda, after all folks, is a profit making venture, and when it comes to considering that with which the ruling elite families are most concerned, it is always about the money, money which leads to profits, profits which enlarge their economic hegemony over their proletarian subjects.

Referring back to the video, displayed above, it becomes quite ironic to note how the character of “Alex Jones” posits an accurate assumption about Rothschild.

Quite accurately, he identifies the genuine profit-making nature of the youthful adventurer’s environmental activities, when he accuses Rothschild of operating a “scam”.

This stunning realization confirms that, beneath the theatrical façade of their scripted charade, the hidden royal host actors portraying both fabricated characters remain well aware of their royal family’s true intentions.

But since they already hold title to all the known land and the natural resources found beneath, profits and money are, in reality, of secondary consideration to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Their primary concern, first and foremost, is always the consolidation and subsequent maintenance of political power.

To such families who have been bequeathed hereditary fortunes traced back to the days of the Roman Empire, money represents a formidable weapon but merely a utilitarian tool; a useful means in the service of profitable ends.

Politics, on the other hand, represents the force of will to pull the trigger and fire.

Regarding the Myoo Agency, Rothschild’s biographers are keen to point out such a business venture is based on the “Myoo concept” which, upon further examination, is named after the Japanese deity of Fudo Myoo and based on the principles of Acala (Sanskrit for “immovable”), a fundamentalist religious concept that, not surprisingly, is revered by those followers of Vajrayana Buddhism and other similar religious faiths normally associated with the populations of China, Taiwan, Nepal, and Tibet.

It is not surprising to discover Rothschild’s business enterprise influenced by the concepts of Buddhism, or what became known in Western Europe during the Victorian era of the 19th century as the occult esotericism of Theosophy.

The following quote is culled from a speech made at the United Nations in 1978, concerning Theosophy’s most ardent progenitor, Madame Helena Blavatsky.

The profound implications of the quote seem to indicate there exist connections between those esoteric and occult tenets revered by high-degree initiates of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic order, the global bureaucracy of the United Nations, the widely promoted propaganda of the feminist and “diversity” social movements, and the UN’s widely promoted and generously funded Agenda 2030.

“She {Madame Helena Blavatsky} was a completely cultured woman in the renaissance ideal. She was a scientist, poet, pianist, painter, philosopher, writer, educator, and above all a tireless warrior for the Light. In her quest for truth and universal brotherhood, H.P. Blavatsky earned so much enmity and many enemies. No one so ruffled the feathers of nineteenth century religious prejudice, spiritualistic charlatanism, and intellectual pomposity as she did.” Dr. Paul Weinzweig in a 1978 United Nations tribute to “Outstanding Women”

Does it not seem rather highly irregular for an obscure occultist to receive such high praise from a representative belonging to a global bureaucracy such as the United Nations?

Upon further consideration, perhaps such an occurrence does not seem so irregular after all, for when we perform an image comparison analysis between Madame Helena Blavatsky and the British monarch, Queen Victoria, stark similarities emerge.

Even without the benefit of corroborative results derived from the formal process of facial recognition scans, utilizing ocular perception alone, it becomes possible to observe the facial similarities between Queen Victoria and the influential occultist Helen Blavatsky.

Indeed, if one looks very closely, the comparative geometry of the facial structures, chins, brow ridges and, particularly, the geometric alignments and unique qualities of the eyes, appear remarkably similar between Victoria and Blavatsky.

Madame Helena Blavatsky:

Queen Victoria:

There also exists corroborative merit in Weinzweig’s quote regarding the occult influence of Blavatsky on global institutions.

The broadening influence of religious faiths derived from the Eastern hemisphere of the world that began to spread among many European royal monarchs of the 19th century era – including among the court of the British Queen Victoria and her royal consort, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – and the transformation such influence effected in widening recognition of other religious faiths outside the traditional spiritual scope of Britain’s Anglican Church during the Victorian era has been historically well-documented.

Taking all of these circumstantial elements into consideration, it becomes possible to surmise, the royal families of Western Europe began planning and financing their post-modernist globalist agenda – which is just now coming to fruition – well before the arrival of the turn of the 20th century.

Though Rothschild’s Myoo agency – as often happens when put under the glare of public scrutiny – has now been rebranded World Exposure Agency, it remains dedicated to its global mission of “introducing firms to sustainable practices and promoting communications strategies involving sustainable means and profiling sustainable enterprises.”

Rothschild’s official biographies also inform us, he is the founder of Mpact, an organization “which focuses on teaching corporations and organizations on how to access the most zealous community contributors and volunteers, and how to provide them with the tools they need to succeed on their behalf.”

Indeed, it is no accident that we find the word “zealous” within the mission statement of Rothschild’s organization.

Zealotry is the vitally characteristic mindset of every known “revolutionary”.

Additionally, how else but “zealous” to aptly describe the clueless legions of internet revolutionaries grown virtually ubiquitous on every existing social media platform?

In other words folks, Rothschild’s organization infiltrates companies, corporations, and communities with their agents, those who are actively charged with the recruitment (brainwashing) of whatever gaggle of useful dupes and idealistic foot soldiers are most willing – while undoubtedly coaxed with economic blandishments — to spread the tired slogans of globalist propaganda as far and wide as possible.

The sly alteration with Rothschild’s company moniker comes as no surprise either, since secrecy, subversion, and infiltration by stealth have always, for centuries, characterized the time honored methods of effective operation utilized by the ruling elite families and their Templar/Jesuit/Masonic conspirators.

Would it then come as any further surprise to learn the genuine identity behind the mask of David Mayer de Rothschild belongs to a well-known British royal?

The results of ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm the host actor of the character known as David Mayer de Rothschild is a highly-recognizable member of the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex.

David Mayer de Rothschild:

Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex:

While perusing the seletion of David de Rothschild’s images, you will note, he has taken great pains – hair growth and restyling, black dye, conspicuous facial hair growth – to maintain the visible concealment of his host actor.

You will also notice that – in one of the three images of Rothschild’s host actor – the Duke of Sussex can be seen offering a symbolic gesture which implies a hidden or occult meaning; his hand firmly planted within the folds of his tailored blazer.

As we’ve witnessed many times before and learned from several past examples, this occult gesture is meant as a clear but covert signal to fellow high–degree initiates of the masonic order – those with the eyes to see and ears to hear – the Duke has chosen to symbolically indicate, he has dedicated himself to the Luciferian/Marxist agenda of order out of chaos.





9 thoughts on “Behind the disguise of David de Rothschild

    1. Yes, indeed! Concerning the royals, the perception among the public has always been, they spend most of their time lounging in their palaces eating pate and drinking champagne. But, as we have both come to discover, this is not so. Always, they are actively promoting their political and social agendas while hiding behind various well-conceived character schemes.

      1. And I’m sure all of that is rewarded with countless tax dollars pouring in as compensation, meanwhile they pay next to nothing in taxes. That’s where the funding for much of this (as well as for their incredible fortunes) typically comes from, as my and others research have shown. But, as usual, the masses never get it and they continue paying the parasites.

      2. In fact, the entire global economy could be described as a grand con game designed to bolster and maintain the hegemony of the ruling families over the hapless proletariat.

      3. And speaking of Helena Blavatsky, she was also born into Russian nobility, who are closely related to the British aristocracy (royals included). The Romanovs and the “Windsors” are intimately related, and, of course, the Russian royals faked their deaths in 1918. I wouldn’t be surprised if their ‘British’ royal cousins secretly offered them asylum, knowing that their subjects would oppose such a move if it was done openly as public sentiment in Britain was highly anti-German at the time. (This also ties us to the Lusitania scam, since I believe Alfred Vanderbilt faked his death and became Vladimir Lenin, who was the front-man for the phony Russian Revolution.)

        Such anecdotes are also telling indicators that we’re probably looking at the same actress. And from seeing Helena’s abovementioned family tree, it appears she was of German ancestry, like Queen Victoria and even the Romanovs, which is another huge clue, IMO. For example, her maiden surname was von Hahn, which belongs to a prominent Baltic-German dynasty that’s also related to the Mecklenburg clan, tying us to Queen Charlotte, who was Victoria’s paternal grandmother. It’s interesting to note that among the members of this family included a “Privy Councillor to the Empress Catherine II”, which again ties us to the Romanovs.

        Her paternal line at Geneanet doesn’t include the Mecklenburgs, but I suspect they scrubbed them from her official family tree so we won’t connect her to British royalty.

      4. Regarding Alfred Vanderbilt/Vladimir Lenin, I recall the images you sent and, since that time, I’ve been preforming an ongoing image comparison analysis. It turns out, the theory you’ve presented may indeed have merit. As for the origins of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor), historians now openly admit that, since the coronation of George II, a Hanoverian who could only speak German and refused to learn the vernacular of the high British aristocracy, the “British” royals have made every effort to hide their true genealogical emanations.

      5. Also correct. In fact, they tend to hide the fact that they’re crypto-Jewish royalty from central Europe, just like the Rothschilds. Diana herself is said to be of Jewish ancestry, as her reported connections to the Rothschild dynasty demonstrates.

        And don’t be surprised if these psychopaths will soon sell the “carbon tax” as progressive, like what they did with the federal income tax under Lincoln and Wilson. Oftentimes, they have to sell their insidious agendas in a positive light so the stupid masses will accept them and willingly pay for it, as we all know. They’ll try to present such an initiative as a way to redistribute more wealth to the downtrodden, when in fact it will be a continuation of what has been happening for centuries – which is upward wealth redistribution – by which the costs are socialized to the many and the gains are privatized by a few blood-related insiders.

      6. Research indicates that, overall, the fundamental difference between the ruling families and the proletariat is that the former has been steeped in an environment which instills an ownership mentality as their birth rite, while the latter, the proletariat, is psychologically conditioned at every step during their mundane lives to observe a slave mentality – that which is cleverly disguised as “democratic freedom”, an obedient tax paying human resource – as the apex of virtue.

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