Remember James Tracy, the notorious Florida Atlantic University “professor” who received a great deal of negative exposure through the MSM for his most unwelcomed thoughts on the Sandy Hook “shooting” of 2012 and Boston Bombing of 2013?

Well, it turns out, the “professor” – as with everyone associated with the Sandy Hook and Boston “events” – was not who he claimed to be and, in this installment, the man known as “Jim Tracy” will be thoroughly unmasked.

An in-depth investigation – utilizing our standardized and effective methods – reveals that the host actor portrayed “communications professor” “James Tracy” is a familiar descendant of a European royal family.

Turns out, there are justifiable reasons Tracy was “fired” from his tenured position as professor at FAU.

However, the true justifications for Tracy’s dismissal, had little to do with those offered to the public by the MSM.

The MSM failed to report Tracy’s host actor merely transitioned to concentrate on acting in the role of yet another of his multiple character portrayals – another “notorious” character whose “death” was recently featured by the MSM.

Stay tuned folks, those character identities portrayed by Tracy’s host actor – all of which many of you are undoubtedly familiar –  are about to be revealed. 

Oftentimes, when stories of this controversial nature – involving media generated characters like “James Tracy” – are widely broadcasted, the superficial details are meant to conceal a covert scheme.

It is no surprise to discover then, that – the host actor behind the mask of the character – “James Tracy” was involved in yet another major news story, a recent news story which also featured a controversial protagonist.

But, as the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families have always been well aware, generating stories of such a controversial nature always translates to greater television and internet advertising profits.

It is also comes as no surprise, as we shall soon learn, that “James Tracy” is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a host actor belonging to a familiar and powerful European royal family about which a great deal has been chronicled, particularly, regarding this family’s covert role in the perpetuation of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.


The first anomaly we find associated with the “professor” is found in his official biographies. Regarding his birthdate, there is a year listed, but other sources which would be expected to indicate a particular month along with a corresponding day don’t seem to exist.

At any rate, the year listed as the official DOB for “James Tracy” the “communications scholar” is 1965.

If we attempt to sum each of those numbers together, we get a total of 21 (777/intelligence joker code).

When summed in English Ordinal gematria, the moniker of “James Tracy” equals 115 or 7, a number which represents the Kabbalah’s Zayin or mind weapon. When summed in Reverse Full Reduction, Tracy’s name is equal to 65 or 11, a number which is symbolic of the masonic twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin. When we multiply 11X7 we get 77, a number which signifies an angelic or spiritual transformation.

Regarding the concept of transformation, we will soon learn of Tracy’s other well-known character modification schemes.

Though Tracy’s biographies also allege he holds a PhD degree awarded from the University of Iowa, anomalously, there doesn’t seem to exist any source which specifies in what field of study.

In fact, when we look into any biography associated with “James Tracy”, they all appear to be remarkably threadbare, and absent of any significant or deeper personal details, beyond that which would appear to marginally satisfy the barest of essential biographical information.

Nevertheless, given the identity of James Tracy’s host actor, it isn’t a mystery as to why the “controversial” “professor” would be privy to the fraudulent nature of mainstream news “events” such as the Sandy Hook “massacre” and the Boston “bombing”.

Before delving into the greater details of what little exists concerning Tracy’s official biographical information, let’s, for a moment, look into what information is provided regarding the university campus at which Tracy was alleged, before he was disgraced by the MSM and summarily dismissed, to have held a tenured professorship – Florida Atlantic University.

After clicking the links provided just below, you will observe depictions of the official logos of FAU, alleged to have been the university campus at which Tracy formerly held a tenured position as a lecturing professor.

While perusing the particulars of the logos, do you notice any overt examples of occult symbolism?

Official Seal of Florida Atlantic University:

In the first image, we notice an animated depiction of the mythological torch which, from the perspective of occult symbolism, represents the light of Lucifer, the mythological light energy. This is an occult concept well-known to high–degree freemasons. From an occult perspective, Lucifer is the light energy which flows through the pyramid of the Sun when it rises each morning in the east (the Eastern Star represents the distaff branch of Freemasonry).

From a biblical perspective – referring to the description found within the pages of the modern version written by King James the First’s 47 scholars, including Francis Bacon AKA William Shakespeare – this is why the anthropomorphic being known as Lucifer is exoterically referred to as the “Son of the Morning” or the morning star.

In the image of the second official logo associated with FAU, we will observe a depiction of what appears to be an owl.

In Greek mythology, the owl or Athene noctua, accompanies the goddess of Athena, who was said to be the Goddess of wisdom, skilled in the arts of War and Justice.

The Goddess of Athena is also held in high regard by the inner circles of Wicca or modern-day witchcraft.

With traditional Roman mythology, we find the Greek goddess of Athena transformed, into the virgin goddess of Minerva.

Occult philosophy tells us The Owl of Minerva spreads its wings only during the fall of dusk and, philosophically speaking, appears only in the “maturity of reality”, because it understands or comprehends in hindsight.

While reading the following excerpt from the essays of philosopher George Wilhelm Hegel, attempt to relate the philosophical content to what we have learned about the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

The following passage is also greatly pertinent to the character role of “Professor James Tracy” as a counter-intelligence or agent of social and political chaos. The following passage from Hegel also describes how history is covertly created, and how this secretive process relates to the historical role of those latter-day psychological operations or “events” to which “James Tracy” publicly referred as hoaxes or “false flags”:

“Philosophy, as the thought of the world, does not appear until reality has completed its formative process, and made itself ready. History thus corroborates the teaching of the conception that only in the maturity of reality does the ideal appear as counterpart to the real, apprehends the real world in its substance, and shapes it into an intellectual kingdom. When philosophy paints its grey in grey, one form of life has become old, and by means of grey it cannot be rejuvenated, but only known. The owl of Minerva takes its flight only when the shades of night are gathering.” From G.W.F. Hegel, Philosophy of Right (1820)

Although there undoubtedly exists a plethora of alternative interpretations of Hegel’s philosophical works, the previous excerpt accurately describes how the dualistic process of history unfolds or manifests into the light of conscious perception or “an intellectual kingdom”, but only after-the-fact, subsequent to its “one form of life” having been conceived or contrived in the darkness of secrecy.

Once “official” historical narratives are agreed upon in secret, they are acted out in the light of day in the form of theatrical or symbolical exercises which then, in turn, become collectively perceived or “known” in hindsight as the “maturity of reality”.

In the most simplistic terms folks, history is scripted, and you’re made to believe it through the government funded vehicles of social and psychological conditioning, the type of psychological operations (Sandy Hook school shooting/Boston bombing, etc. etc.) for which the fabricated character of “James Tracy”, while acting out his scripted role in the public arena, was ridiculed by the MSM and punished with termination by his employers at FAU when he dared to publicly declare them as hoaxes.

Yes folks, Tracy’s public humiliation at the hands of the MSM was part and parcel of the theatrical script composed for the narrative arc of his high-profile and media generated character.

Tracy’s termination and public humiliation served as a form of social and psychological conditioning, a process designed to acclimate those among the general public to the “maturity of reality”; a template or example created for conspicuous observation, and designed to generate fear among those who would dare to question the official and prevailing narratives regarding events such as the Sandy Hook “massacre” or the Boston “bombing”.


But are there any additional occult symbols to be discovered associated with Tracy’s alleged alma mater, the University of Iowa?

If we observe the official logo of the University of Iowa more closely we do, indeed, immediately notice more evidence of occult symbolism:

University of Iowa:

With this official university logo, we seem to have discovered the grandest occult symbol of them all, the eagle.

And, as we readily observed – at the image link displayed above – the eagle is conspicuously displayed in association with Iowa University.

Here’s an excerpt of what 33rd degree mason, Manly P. Hall, once wrote about the symbolism of the eagle in his text, The Secret Teachings of All Ages:

“Among the Greeks and Romans, the eagle was the appointed bird of Jupiter and consequently signified the swiftly moving forces of the Demiurgus; hence it was looked upon as the mundane lord of the birds, in  contradistinction to the phoenix, which was symbolic of the celestial ruler. The eagle typified the sun in its material phase and also the immutable Demiurgic law beneath which all mortal creatures must bend. The eagle was also the Hermetic symbol of Sulphur, and signified the mysterious fire of Scorpio – the most profoundly significant sign of the zodiac and the Gate of the Great Mystery. Being one of the three symbols of Scorpio, the eagle, like the Goat of Mendes, was an emblem of the theurgic art and the secret process by which the internal fire of the scorpion was transmuted into the spiritual light fire of the gods. Proclus confirms this fact; “Jupiter is the king, Jupiter himself is the original source of all things; there is one power, one god, and one great ruler over all. But we have seen that Jupiter and all the other gods were but names for the Sun; therefore it follows that the Sun, either as an emblem or as God himself, was the object of universal adoration.”

By indicating the character of “James Tracy” was awarded a doctorate degree by Iowa University, Tracy’s official biographers are covertly informing us he (his host actor) also belongs to the higher echelons of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, the international brotherhood whose initiates are sworn by secret oath in adoration of the Sun, which they envision as the one god, “the ruler over all”.


It is very likely “James Tracy” was created and designed as a counter-intelligence agent and planted – with appropriate but wholly fabricated bona fides in hand – for a short time within the American university system.

The “professor” represented the type of character the ruling elites have been creating for centuries – whenever expedient – to thwart potential threats to the smooth operation of their prevailing status quo.

Masked characters like Tracy represent symbolic sacrificial lambs, designed to discredit social movements (in this case dreaded “conspiracy theorists” or those who question “official” narratives) that, left unchecked, could potentially develop into uncontrolled chaos; a monkey wrench – as it were – thrown into the well-oiled gears of the global, economic, and political machine upon which the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families have historically relied to smoothly maintain their hegemony over the proletarian masses.


The results of image comparison, ear biometrics, and facial recognition analysis clearly confirm Tracy’s host actor portrays yet another well-known character modification, a character belonging to a familiar but wholly fabricated historical legacy, the Bush family.

James Tracy:

Marvin P. Bush:

Recall, we have previously identified Marvin’s family relation – former US president George H.W. Bush – to have also existed as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a royal host actor, Brain Williams AKA Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco, who also portrays current US presidential candidate “Joe Biden” as well as the current US president, “Donald Trump”.

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Added to this stunning information, image comparison, ear biometrics, and facial recognition analysis also confirm that, after his firing from FAU, the character of “James Tracy” was modified into the notorious character of “Jeffery Epstein”.

Jeffery Epstein:

In summary, the host actor behind the characters of Marvin P. Bush, Jeffery Epstein, and “Professor James Tracy”, is not only a family relation of Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco, the hidden host actor behind the masks of Brain Williams, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and George H.W. Bush, but he is also the son of former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly AKA Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III, Prince Albert Casiraghi Grimaldi II, the sitting monarch of the Principality of Monaco.

While comparing images, you will immediately note that Albert Casiraghi Grimaldi II, James Tracy’s host actor, appears to have employed an identically styled hair piece – with slight variations of artificial coloring added to distort ocular perceptions – while portraying both of his other high-profile character modification schemes, “Jeffery Epstein” and “Marvin P. Bush”.

Prince Albert II of Monaco:













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