“The Partridge Family” is often fondly remembered, as one of the most popular and highly-rated American television productions that aired during the era of the 1970’s.

Regarding the cast of this popular 1970’s situation/musical-comedy, our past investigations have managed to reveal that, former teen idol, David Cassidy is the hidden son of Hollywood icon Warren Beatty AKA former US president “Tricky” Dick Nixon, and Anette Benning AKA Hillary Clinton/Massachusetts senator/current US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Cassidy, the former Partridge Family front man and lead vocalist, has also been identified as the host actor behind the mask of a plethora of other music industry/Hollywood entertainment stars, including rock legend Elton John, 1980’s soap opera star/pop singer Rick Springfield, heavy metal rock guitar hero Randy Roads, and the “late” comedian Sam Kinison.

It follows therefore, Cassidy wasn’t the only member of the Partridge Family cast to have participated in Hollywood’s grandly conceived character conversion schemes.

In fact, empricial evidence, drawn from extensive investigation, not only indicates Partridge Family cast member Danny Bonaduce went on to convert his host actor into the portrayal of one of Hollywood’s most iconic cinema action heroes, but, he also has a connection to playwright Tennessee Williams, who achieved his breakthrough success with the Glass Menagerie in 1944, at the age of – wait for it folks – thirty-three.  

Regarding the very young Danny Bonaduce’s performance in the video, one believes even Helen Keller could detect he’s lip syncing. Which brings us – before beginning our in-depth examination of the former Partridge family cast member’s official celebrity biographies – to an interesting piece of trivia concerning the track “Save a Little Piece For Me”.

The vocal track features Bruce Roberts, a renowned singer/songwriter during the era of the 1970’s and 80’s. Many of Roberts’s compositions not only went on to become chart topping hits, but were recorded by a number of platinum level artists, including Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, and the Pointer Sisters.

Despite what the majority of the general public – many of whom remain entranced with celebrity worship – perceives to be the realities of the music and entertainment business, the featuring of ‘ghost’ vocals attached to the promotional vehicle of a famous face has, for decades, been the Hollywood music industry’s standard practice.

In some cases, as we’ve come to learn, the recording artists are merely actors, skillfully playing out the scripted characteristics of a theatrical role while operating under a pseudonym. Often, the biggest of these music industry stars become merely popular vehicles for the promotion of social and political agendas.

In still other cases – Lady Gaga AKA Amy Winehouse/Princess Beatrice, Duchess of York, for example – there are those artists, possessed of more than a modicum of talent, who are the hidden sons and daughters of the record company’s owners. These are the well- seasoned performers who, nevertheless, though their genuine identities remain well-hidden while basking in fame’s white hot spotlight, were trained, from childhood, at the finest performing arts schools in several artistic disciplines related to the popular entertainment and music recording industries, and were well-prepared to have fully carried out their vivid portrayals as popular music recording stars.

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As we shall soon discover, the success of the music and entertainment career of the 1970’s child star known as Danny Bonaduce – it seems most likely – would not have existed without the aid of nepotism.


Alleged to have been born on August 13 (sums to 21, or 777) of 1959 (33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), Bonaduce quickly went on to achieve stardom at a very early age.

Soon after his star had waned as one of Hollywood’s premiere child actors, during the era of the 1970’s, Bonaduce took pains to become publicly candid, concerning what he has often described as a dysfunctional childhood and of the abuse, he allegedly suffered at the hands of his father, Joseph, a noted and award-winning television and Hollywood screenwriter.

However, as we’ve come to learn, resulting from our extensive investigations, the thirteen, ruling elite families often use the covertly stimulated discordant effects of various widely promoted social and political movements to synthesize new orders of public affairs.

Historically – other than racism, sexism, as well as economic and socio-political class warfare – one of their favorite targets has been to attempt to fragment the integrity of the traditional nuclear family.

Centralized political control – feudalism disguised under the heading of any number of covertly Luciferian political ideologies, i.e. communism, Marxism, and socialism, ideologies which are, in turn, always found to be not so cleverly hidden under the guise of “political correctness” – has always remained the preferred state of political and social affairs of the ruling elite families.

The ruling elites have always been well aware, the pervasive influence of a centralized and governing political body cannot be strengthened or perpetually maintained over the masses of a subject people as long as the societal cornerstone of strong and traditionally ordered nuclear families persists and remains unsurmountable.

It seems likely, Bonaduce’s Hollywood masters were utilizing his well-scripted childhood stardom as a vehicle to promote the socially discordant agenda of family dysfunction. After all, there is a lot of profit to be made from latch key kids entering the foster care industry. The wide promotion of societal dysfunction also brings profits to the psychiatric and pharmaceutical cartels.


Beginning our examination of Bonaduce’s official biographies, we readily notice the first telltale numerological marker. Bonaduce’s alleged date of birth is listed as August 13, which sums to 21, a number equaling 3 7’s, or 777, the intelligence joker code.

The presence of the triple 7 code – once again – represents a clear indication, we are about to delve into the scripted details of a manufactured Hollywood-styled character, one who was not only likely to have operated under more than one pseudonym, but one who has also transitioned into the careers of several other fabricated Hollywood celebrity characters.

Bonaduce’s first television appearance came in 1969, starring in a cameo role on the popular 1960’s situation comedy, Bewitched. Next, of course, Bonaduce was cast in the role of Danny Partridge, as the bass guitar plucking kid brother of teen idol and Partridge Family band leader David Cassidy’s popular television character.

The show’s premiere episode debuted on the 25th of September, 1970 (11X7=77/angelic transformation/19+7=26/12/21/777). The series ran until March 23rd (777) 1974 (30/Three/EE/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry). According to legend, the narrative of the series was based on the real-life popular musical group, the Cowsills.

It is interesting to note, that the biographical career arcs of David Cassidy, Elton John, and Rick Springfield neatly converge together. During the era of the early 1970’s, “Elton John” allegedly migrated to America to live in Hollywood, to be closer – so it is rumored – to his music industry contacts, while Rick Springfield had arrived in Hollywood around the same time, after a stint with the Australian teen idol rock/pop act Zoot.

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Regarding the performance video of the Partridge Family, displayed above, it is also interesting to note, the content of the banner positioned above the makeshift stage: “POWER OF WOMEN”.

Not surprisingly, this feminist oriented slogan sums to 168/6/33 in English Ordinal gematria, and 48 in Reverse Full Reduction, which is equivalent to 3 (Three/EE=33).

The ruling elites communicate through gematria – the transliteration of letters into numbers — which is often accompanied by appropriate occult symbols.

By displaying the slogan, “Power of Women”, a conscious signal was sent to those initiated into the highest levels of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic brotherhood.

On the other hand, there clearly existed an ulterior intention: to broadcast a subconscious message, or psychological spell, to the proletarian television audience, as to exactly who was in control of the television network and, as well, who was behind the executive decision-making process concerning the television network’s content.

Therefore, it becomes clear, the ruling elite families – the owners of the network – planned to utilize the Partridge Family show as a primary television vehicle to broadcast the message of their social agendas.

It was no coincidence either, during this era of the 1970’s, to have observed the incipient feminist movement, led by the CIA trained Gloria Steinem, in full swing from coast-to-coast across America.


The Partridge Family band was managed by Reuben Kincaid, played by Canadian-born actor/comedian David Madden. Madden’s biography is a curious study, in that there appear to be huge gaps during the course of his Hollywood career arc.

Madden is also noted for his role as a recurring character on the 1980’s situation comedy, Alice.

After the close of the 1980’s era, there is very little, biographically speaking, to distinguish the acting career of David Madden, other than a handful of cameo television and movie roles.

What we will discover, however, is that there is a connection, between television and Hollywood screenwriter Joseph Bonaduce, bit character actor David Madden, and the celebrated American playwright, Tennessee Williams, who became renowned as the author of some of 20th century America’s most iconic plays, including A Streetcar Named Desire, and The Glass Menagerie, the latter of which, before the close of the Second World War, became hailed as the author’s breakthrough theatrical production.

Although, some of you may have already surmised what that connection could possibly be, it should be pointed out there exists a key element, contained in the plot of Williams’s stage drama, Glass Menagerie, holding pertinent occult significance.


After years suffering in relative obscurity as a playwright, Williams hit professional pay dirt in 1944, with the premiere of his theatrical drama, The Glass Menagerie, based on the plot of a previously published short story of Williams’s entitled, the Gentlemen Caller.

Williams’s plot revolves around three main characters, Amanda Wingfield, a faded, middle-aged southern debutante, her painfully shy daughter, Laura, and her working-class son Tom, who serves as the narrator and main protagonist.

Williams’s opening monologue, delivered by the character of Tom Wingfield, is very telling, as it relates to the concept we’ve come to know as Post-Modern Reality Simulation:

“Yes, I have tricks in my pocket, I have things up my sleeve. But I am the opposite of a stage magician. He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth. I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.”

The Glass Menagerie, just before the play’s denouement, features a key scene with Tom’s shy sister, who spends all of her time polishing her collection of little glass animals, one of which is a unicorn. During dinner, Tom and his mother Amanda introduce her to Jim, someone they both consider to be a possible male suitor for the introverted Laura.

Just before the closing scene of the drama, the characters of Jim and Laura are featured, and while alone, together onstage, in a scene of growing intimacy, share a dance while submerged in the darkness of a small and dingy New York apartment.

As the pair’s intimacy grows apparent, Laura’s introverted nature overtakes her, and in a bout of nervousness, withdraws from Jim’s embrace. In a flight of panic, she knocks over her prized glass unicorn, and it falls to the floor, breaking off its horn.

One’s loyal readers have undoubtedly recognized, Williams’s depiction of this dramatic scene, and the inclusion of the unicorn’s imagery, contains significant occult symbolism.

A consensus among scholars appears to agree, the first references to the animal known as the unicorn appeared in the ancient Mesopotamian epic of Gilgamesh, dating circa 2000 B.C., and again, many centuries later, in the Authorized version of the Bible, which refers to the mysterious animal nine times. One of these references can be found in the biblical book of Numbers, in chapter 23, from verse 22:

“God brought them out of Egypt, he hath as it were the strength of the unicorn.”

But later on, scholars later discovered these references, to the mythical animal, may have been the result of linguistic errors made by Hebrew scribes in the third century B.C., when the collection of known biblical scriptures were translated from the Greek.

Thus, from that point onward, the unicorn became transformed into a theological allegory.

In this sense, the Unicorn became symbolic, and in an occult sense, symbolic of the Christ consciousness.

Centuries later, the symbol of the unicorn was adopted by the Templars, who, during the fourteenth century, when faced with mortal persecution in France from King Phillipe, fled to Scotland, a country which, thereafter, became a stronghold for the Scottish Rite of Freemasons. The unicorn (symbolic of the Christ consciousness) and the lion (symbolic of the sun) can both be seen on the Knight’s Templar/UK coat of arms, representing a sharing of power between the crowns of Britain and Scotland:

Templar coat of arms:


In the context of the occult, the unicorn exists – rather than as it would in the exoteric sense, as an animal – as an astral-theological configuration, found in the heavens, in the form of the star constellation Monoceros, which, according to astronomers, is only visible to the naked human eye during the winter season, and it is normally found to be hidden, behind the star of Sirius and Orion’s belt. Astronomically, Monoceros is found positioned in the heavens between Canis minor and Canis major.

These pair of star constellations are often symbolically depicted by canines or dogs.

Though this may seem shocking and even blasphemous to some, the term “god” is merely the result of the occult’s law of mirrored reversal, applied to the esoteric and astral-theological symbolism of the dog.

And, in the world of the occult, Sirius and Orion are respectively known as Isis and Osiris.

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After the Roman Emperor Constantine’s Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, manifested the exoteric religions of Christianity and Catholicism –  symbolized by the crown jewels of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, representing the proletariat’s exoteric religious enslavement and the elite’s occult possession of the Christ consciousness  – which transformed the symbolic death and rebirth of the star constellation Monoceros, during the winter solstice around the time of December 25th, into the popular celebration of the birth of Christ at Christmas.

The unicorn is also synonymous with Shiva, the multi–armed goddess of destruction.

Within the context of Williams’s The Glass Menagerie, the broken unicorn is meant to be symbolic of the destruction of the exoteric Christ consciousness, and the ongoing destruction of the exoteric religions created by the ruling elite families to enslave the proletariat, to be replaced, in the future, by the Aquarian age esotericism of Isis, or the divine feminine.

This is also the message communicated by the slogan – “Power of Women” –  observed in the video, displayed earlier in this installment, featuring the Partridge Family’s performance.


While images of Danny Bonaduce’s father, Joseph, were difficult to obtain online, both facial recognition and ear biometric analysis – particularly when considering comparisons of the geometrical architectures of the chin and nose – between images of Bonaduce’s Partridge Family co-star David Madden, playwright Tennessee Williams, and Joseph Bonaduce, resulted in confirmed matches.

David Madden:



Tennessee Williams:



Joseph Bonaduce:


https://binged.it/ 334On0G



Image comparison analysis has confirmed several stunning revelations, and it appears, Danny Bonaduce – like his Partridge Family co-star, David Cassidy – has donned many famous masks through the decades.

Though it may seem inconceivable, to even those who visit Newsspell regularly, Danny “Partridge” Bonaduce went on to a music recording career, only on this occasion, portraying a character – Van Morrison – possessing a greater ‘street’ credibility.

Before casting any aspersions on the confirmed results of both facial recogntion and ear biometric analysis, just consider the following lyrical excerpt from one of Van Morrison’s songs, “Wild Children”:

We were the war children/Born in 1945/When all the soldiers came marching home/Love looks in their eye/Tennessee Williams/Let your inspiration flow/Rod Steiger and Marlon Brando/Standing with their heads bowed on the side/Crying like a baby thinking about the time/James Dean took that fatal ride/Tennessee Williams/Let your inspiration flow

Van Morrison:



Danny Bonaduce:



Bonaduce also starred in the guise of the pseudonym “Chuck Norris”, one of Hollywood’s most iconic action heroes. Bonaduce’s official biographies give the game away, when they admit that — like the character he portrayed, Chuck Norris – he holds a verified black belt in the martial art of Karate. Additionally, and once again, facial recognition, ear biometric, and image analysis confirm Bonaduce as Norris’s host actor.

Chuck Norris:



It turns out folks, Bonaduce also starred as the controversial daytime talk show host, Maury Povich.



Here is a video clip of “Danny Partridge” once again, this time, starring as British actor, Tim Roth:
















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