As promised, here is the final installment of this truly revealing series of blog posts.

The following revelations may be enough for one to begin to question not just mainstream or even alternative media sources, but to question the very reality they have unquestioningly been conditioned to believe.

It is important to remember, even if just one of the participants, posing as either a parent or child identified as having taken part in the Columbine or Sandy Hook events, is proven to be an actor under contract, then enough reasonable doubt has been demonstrated to invalidate the entire ‘official story’ proffered by mainstream media sources.  

It cannot be emphasized enough, the actors participating in these drills, sold to the public as actual crisis events, are in fact always operating under the strict terms and conditions of a legal contract. These contracts stipulate any breaches would be met with possible litigation. Worse, such breaches would also mean the unceremonious termination of not only the contractual agreement, but the end of that actor’s career.

Since the actors are all related by either lineage or by contractual production, this is enough to keep the lid on any security leaks with regard to the true nature of these ‘events’ from ever being publicly exposed. Many may wonder, if these events are not actual, but in fact simulated events, in essence government sponsored preparedness drills in the guise of public crisis, just what is being prepared for?

Speculatively, it may be the HSLEEP drills, school lock downs, and the now commonplace practice of state and local governments declaring ‘residence in place’, are in depth preparation for an even larger event, an event presented on the scale of what occurred on September 11, 2001, with perhaps not just national, but global implications.

In the last installment, one made some promises as to further identifying the actors that played key roles at both Sandy Hook and Columbine. Suffice it to say, the actual identities, when revealed, shall seem surprising, if not shocking. None of these revelations may prove to be surprising however, to those frequently visiting Raging Falcon - 3D[1343692]

It would also be instructive to point out, that to the actors contracted, their participation on a personal and professional level, may not be attributable to any sort of ideological or political affiliation, but rather by nothing more than yet another high profile opportunity to practice and perfect their chosen craft.


While this married couple may have appeared to the public in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook ‘tragedy’ to have been grieving parents who lost their child to the seemingly motiveless whims of a mentally disturbed gunman, it turns out, they were neither. It has been confirmed, Francine Wheeler was an assistant to the finance committee chairwoman of the Democratic party. That’s right folks, Francine was an inside political operative sworn to confidentiality.

How convenient indeed.

But, lo and behold, Francine has also performed as both an actress and singer. As to the true identity of her so-called ‘husband’ David Wheeler-well, let’s just say, one may want to take a deep breath. Upon observing the first television appearances of the character known as ‘David Wheeler’, one was stricken with the idea he seemed familiar. And, as it turned out, the true identity of the actor performing the role of Mr. ‘Wheeler’ is a household name, familiar to millions of Americans.

Growing up in America, one couldn’t help but catch more than one episode of the long running classic television comedy production ‘Saturday Night Live’. It can now be reported that through ear bio-metric, vein hand pattern and voice analysis, the genuine identity of David Wheeler, the grieving Sandy Hook parent turned gun violence lobbyist, was portrayed by none other than Dan Ackroyd.

Yes folks, that Dan Ackroyd!

Taking it a step further, Dan Ackroyd is in fact a show business pseudonym. There is every indication Ackroyd may be a close relation of Desi Arnez Jr., who portrayed a Colorado county sheriff’s deputy at Columbine.  Escape to Death - 3D

This should clue one in as to the importance and high priority nature of the political agenda attached to the Sandy Hook event. The US government, in collusion with both Hollywood and the major American television networks, pulled out all the stops in contracting an experienced and professional actor with a glittering resume, someone they could be assured was more than capable of consistently staying in character for a specific starring role designed to persist well beyond the aftermath of the event.


In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook event, there was considerable speculation among internet You Tube ‘conspiracy theorists’ as to the mystery of how the principal, Dawn Hochsrpung, could have positively identified the shooter Adam Lanza, when in fact she had been reported as one of the first shooting victims.

Well, one shall hereby put all speculation and theorizing to rest.

It can now be reported that yet another member of the Arnez family connected to the CBS television network, Lucy Arnez Luckinbill, portrayed not only a role at the Columbine event in 1999 as local CBS television affiliate director Patty Dennis, but also portrayed the role of Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung in 2012. Just as an added anecdotal tidbit, Arnez-Luckinbill also played a role as murder victim Brenda Ball (Brenda Ball-get it, folks?), in the Ted Bundy serial murder case. This means the entire story of Ted Bundy was also manufactured by television script writers.

Are you now starting to question the credibility of mainstream media-is one beginning to observe a definitive pattern developing? American Siren - 3D


Admittedly, this is a positive identification that came as a bit of a surprise. Nonetheless, one must dare to venture wherever the evidence leads. Having spent some of my youth living through the decade of the 1980’s, one is well familiar with this particular actresses resume (Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, Remote Control). One is not ashamed to admit, that during those adventurous days of the MTV generation, a great deal of admiration was held not only for her consistent demonstration of skillful acting on the silver screen, but in addition, for the rather warm and bubbly personality she always seemed to exude during television appearances, not to mention her girl next door comeliness. Indeed, it can now also be reported, that the former 80’s ‘brat pack’ actress, who now apparently owns and operates a private acting school near Los Angeles, California, portrayed the role of an aggrieved teacher, both at Columbine and Sandy Hook.


One shall recall in the last installment, I began to detail the tight business relationship between Desilu productions and CBS television network. It turns out, underneath the same corporate umbrella, exists another production company responsible for the creation of the long running television animated comedy ‘South Park’.

Well, are you ready for this folks?

It can now be reported that the identity of the actors portraying the ‘trench coat mafia’ Columbine assassins were Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the pair of minds credited with the idea for the show’s creation.


For many decades, show business luminary Lucille Ball was beloved by scores of millions as one of televisions most legendary comedic performers. Be that as it may, looking further into the stockholders of the CBS production company Desilu productions, one was able to discover a royal connection.

This more than piqued one’s active curiosity.

Could it be that Lucille Ball, the household name known to millions of fans spanning several generations, is in fact a clever pseudonym? Could it be, the woman once deemed the Queen of comedy, may have been a queen of another sort?

No doubt the following shocking revelation will cause many to wildly scoff.

It can now be reported Lucille Ball, per ear bio-metric comparison, is also known as the reigning monarch of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Queen Elizabeth II.

Oh, and by the way, actor and comedian Gary Morton was utilized as a show business pseudonym for Elizabeth’s consort, Prince Phillip.


  1. This is just awesome information…where have you been all my life? I have never seen anyone adequately name any actors at Columbine until now. Very nice. I can’t wait to look up those South Park boys. You are undoubtedly correct about Aykroid playing Wheeler. Be sure to look for the entire Eisner family at Boston, Jeff Bridges leading white supremacists at Charlottsville, and who the heck is playing David Duke now? Is that Ron Howard….omg. I also believe that Dr. Carver is actually Meathead!!!!!! This is so fun! Too bad it’s so depraved.

    1. Yes, Dr. Carver-“It was a magnificent thing!” In essence, Sandy Hook was a black comedy Saturday Night Live skit. And yes, the Eisner and Disney Corporation had a major presence at Boston-Spielberg too. And, Ackroyd is a talented man. It is unfortunate he chooses to use his considerable talents in the service of evil. Speaking of Disney, although I omitted this from the Columbine piece because it couldn’t be confirmed, but I believe Brittney Spears played a role at Columbine.

      1. I don’t know if you have watched any of my videos on the Trump family…but a good portion of the Spears family is currently acting as the Trump family. I feel I have proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt. I will have to take a look at Columbine. You definitely have my curiosity piqued. I can barely keep up with all the hoaxery currently happening.

      2. I have indeed seen your videos, and they are good work. As for the hoaxes, this is not a recent phenomenon. An analysis of the entirety of American, and global history reveals glaring anomalies.

      3. Oh wow ..thank you for watching! This is so interesting..the very people that I was unable to identify are the ones that you have identified as the Astins…simply marvelous…I have come to the idea that they work in cells…sometimes family cells like the Greenbergs, the Astins and the Spears…but sometimes they form special cells…for instance the cast from an HBO summer series…Under the Dome…was the crew that acted out the Oregon Standoff under the leadership of Ed Harris who played Finicum. Much like the cast from big Bang theory acted out the Obama cabinet…now that is scary! And yes you are right…it has been going on for a very long time. Personally I have only gone back as far as the first televised debates but I am sure that Kennedy and Nixon were actors. In fact I am recently convinced that these big wealthy families are all fictional…the Kennedys, the Bushes, The Trumps..all of them. And what about Bob Hope? Somehow he is at the very center of the show.

      4. All celebrities, pop stars, historical and public figures, etc. etc., are relatives of the ruling elite bloodlines. The fact they operate under pseudonyms not only shields their ruse from public detection, but also preserves the illusion that America’s economy is based on free enterprise and the political system is democratic when in truth the former is a monopoly and the latter disguises a sort of benign corporate dictatorship. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby are an interesting study, and I believe both were descendants, like all other celebrities, to royal bloodlines. I was planning to investigate them soon, but I shall, in the name of diplomacy, allow you to take a crack at it first.

      5. Oh…please be my guest! I am in no way proprietorial over these ideas. I became interested in Bob Hope when I was looking at Nixon. I have actually already attempted to make a video about Bob but, I don’t have it up right now as I am still reorganizing after the big youtube crackdown on fake news…lol. I will re load it soon and you can see what you think.

      6. I believe when it comes to characters such as Hope, Kieth Richards, David Bowie, and others of their ilk, those who stay in the public eye for decades, that may be indicative they have royal ancestry. This may be a stretch, but just like Queen Elizabeth portrayed Lucille Ball I have a hunch Hope may be the abdicated British King Edward VIII. Hope’s spouse looks very similar to his mistress it is rumored he vowed to keep in lieu of his throne.

      7. Try this one if you haven’t seen it…it is a theoretical journey…I am open to all of your ideas about the royal ancestry…what if the reason they didn’t like Dolores was because she was a transvestite? Just a thought. I don’t intend to advertise my videos here. I’m just not sure how else to show this to you. I will upload the Nixon/Hope flick next.

      8. Yes, that seems to be a part of the philosophy of high degree freemasonry. It has to do with the symbolism of Baphomet which is Isis, that statue in the New York harbor Americans have been brainwashed into believing is the ‘statue of liberty’. The only thing is, liberty means something different to the ruling elites.

      9. I am not particularly religious…but I have to say that while I was working on the Bob Hope/Nixon video I had the oddest idea that he was Baphomet or maybe better…Beelzebub and that we invited him into our living rooms via the TV….lol….just my mind wandering. I hope that you do something with your theory about him being the king that abdicated. I will look it up too. I have a photo of him where he has a bunch of royal medals. Interesting.

      10. Astute comment concerning the television. The medium is being used to manipulate and transfer human energy through electromagnetism, which is the religion of freemasonry at the highest levels. The celebrities, or objects of worship are merely vessels. The idea of the Baphomet is tied in with the transgender agenda, that bodies are merely vessels for energy, and when a high degree mason learns how to properly gather and use male and female energy he becomes the baphonet, or possesses the seething energies of Lucifer. Freaky bunch these masons. But, this is who rules over us.

      11. Yes they are a freaky bunch. I love to attend the funerals. Okay…I hope you enjoy it…my videos are a little random…I mainly make them for myself to record my research. I am a visual artist and a cultural anthropologist so the images are what interest me most and how these people are related to one another.

      12. Great. What is immediately apparent is how obviously all of these political characters are wearing prosthetics. And the resemblance between the Hope and Humphrey characters is uncanny. By the way, there is a video of Hope during a 1974 interview on the Cavett show joking about how he ‘left England at 4 because their was little chance of becoming king.’

      13. I looked at Edward…although I don’t see a whole lot of resemblance between Hope and Edward…I do think that Edward’s wife could easily be a transvestite. Also..before photoshop we had cut and paste. Some of ht e work is really quite good.

      14. In fact, if one examines closely, all historical photos of prominent figures have been manipulated. Although you could be very well correct about no resemblance between Hope and Edward, remember theatrical prosthetic skin enhancements were available even then.

      15. Oh yes…many many historical photos are altered or even created recently. Everything is an illusion. I was investigating Martin Shkreli (the evil drug czar) and looked up his Albanian family tribe in Wiki only to find that the tribesmen had been cut, pasted and even colored in by hand….lol.

      16. The best example of this is the photos of Abraham Lincoln. All of his photos have been manipulated in significant ways. In fact, if one examines the iconic photos of the American civil war they are all either obviously staged, enhanced or manipulated. Worse still, photos of the iconic figures of the war are all posing utilizing masonic hand gestures with backdrops featuring masonic symbolism.

      17. Oh my…you need to write a book…or have you? This is totally my area of interest is the manipulation of images throughout history in our government. Everything we thought we knew has been fabricated. I am sure it began with court portrait painters long ago. I know that if a painter put a hand on someone backwards that it meant there was deception afoot.

      18. Books, yes, Raging Falcon, Escape to Death, and American Siren, all available at Amazon. Yes, I believe the court painters, Rembrandt, Goya, and Hoban were masters of the sort of image manipulation that is now done with photo-shop and digital enhancement. In fact, portraits of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I are rife with these sort of telltale deceptions. Speculatively, I don’t believe Elizabeth was a woman at all, and that the secret to the actual identity of William Shakespeare lies with her.

      19. Well…I am humbled. I did not realize those were your books. I am new to WordPress and a little naive about how it works. I thought you were providing advertising for someone else…I don’t know what I thought…hahaha… please excuse my ignorance.

      20. Yes, with a new one coming very soon entitled Sorcerers Dynasty. And you needn’t worry, I too am new to both Amazon and WordPress. I thought you might also be interested in checking out Donald Rumsfeld, Nixon’s chief of staff and later Secretary of State with the Bush administration. I think there is a chance the host actor portraying this character may be Leonard Nimoy.

      21. Well I am very pleased to meet you. I actually made a video about Rummy too. I will get it re-loaded today. I am not totally confident about the matches so I don’t know how I feel about it. It is actually about Wolfy, Rummy, Georgie Bush and Dick C. I call it “3 wolves and a pig”….lol. Just some theories about who they might be. I do believe they are all actors.

      22. Yes, they undoubtedly are. That’s the aggregate point we want to get across to the masses, that the ‘reality’ they’ve been conditioned to accept is an illusion. As for the accuracy of the identifications, if reasonable doubt is raised as to merely one historical character, that shall be enough to convince any reasonably intelligent person encountering our material to begin their own investigation, and in the end, see the illusion for themselves. In a sense, we are all knocking down the wall one brick at a time.

      23. Yes…it only takes one. Do you remember when you convinced yourself? My world was turned upside down. Everyone thought I was talking crazy talk. My family started whispering behind my back….lol. I have convinced a few people but, not many. The problem is that people are not taught to think logically anymore. Somehow they have eliminated that from the curriculum. Actors are like eusocial insects, if you find one there are bound to be a hundred more under the next rock. That is how I find them. When I get one I identify their “colony” first and go from there. hehehe It’s easy really.

      24. I have noticed that when people finally realize that I may be right…they become angry and then depressed. some people may just try to avoid those feelings altogether by refusing to see. I wanted to tell you that Sean Astin is playing possible 3 different white supremacist leaders. No shit! I spent several hours looking at him yesterday and he is a huge player in this Jewish Nazi rouse.

      25. The results I did find shocking and like anyone else I found myself embroiled in cognitive dissonance, Once one understands the concept of central banking and how the idea of a free economy is merely a shield for the prevailing monopoly, the discovery all high politicians are actors becomes not so surprising.

      26. I think for many the jump from crooked banksters to the Spears family on Air Force One….might be a tough one….loi.

      27. Not to be overly pessimistic, but let’s face it, a vast majority have so succumbed to the prevailing social programming they most likely will never question anything. This is what the elites rely on to perpetuate and maintain their hegemony.

      28. Sadly true. Most people are too busy trying to maintain equilibrium…pay the taxes…keep dinner on the table…they see the truth as a secondary concern to everything else in their lives. And I understand that. I have been lucky to have the time to investigate. I’m not even sure that knowing what we know is even a good thing. But it is too late to unsee it now!

      29. Nail on the head they are so invested, psychologically, economically, and socially into the lie system many are not even capable of imagining any possible way of conceiving reality.

      30. If everything you were taught in school turns out to be false…how does one even know what reality is? If all of those in charge..those we trust with the big decisions…are impostors….how do we even recognize authenticity?

      31. They’ve been conditioned to surrender their powers of perception and look to politicians, priests, gurus, and other so-called authority figures to define themselves and to define reality for them. Unfortunately, many are so conditioned to this state of affairs they live in a perpetual infantile state, both intellectually and perceptually. As for me, I have always questioned everything.

      32. Yes and no worries if you disagree. Every exchange is valuable to me. There are so few to talk about this with…much appreciated.

      33. Thank you…likewise…dang….I just found Sean Astin again at Charlottesville…as a leftist…oh my..this is really his show…I never would have guessed him without you…and now his brother has shown his face also…is Patty still alive? There is this funny white supremacist woman..very short…hahahaha… you know who Donald Trump is? I do.

      34. Yes, the Astin family is ubiquitous when it comes to these televised crisis events. To the best of my knowledge, the family matriarch indeed still lives. But, please, don’t leave me in suspense about Trump. What did you discover?

      35. Okay the proof is in the video…as usual it is the wife that gives it away…..I hope you like it…it is one of my favorite videos. Stick with it to the end and you will be convinced I promise.

      36. I must confess that a youtube fan in Germany gave me the Trump match and I took it from there. I didn’t even want to look at it at first. I thought it was a stupid idea. But, then I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it…you know how it goes. We can help each other. It’s just a fabulous connection.

      37. SNL is literally a training camp for these actors. the first time I really noticed them was at the Chicago Trump Rally…then I started looking for them…they are all over the Pulse nightclub shooting and the Bataclan. They are at any big protest type thing that needs lots of actors. They do much of the ISIS propaganda too. I only see one in Charlottesville so far but I’m sure many were there.

      38. Training camp is a good description. The family members must perform in the guise of a number of characters under the glare of a live audience, a trail by fire.

      39. Lot’s of political figures come out of SNL. Bernie Sanders for one, Sarah Palin. Also Second City TV…that is where Candy comes from.

      40. I’m certain you’re aware Candy portrayed a prominent role at Boston. And yes, SNL represents a training ground, it is almost the American, albeit bastardized, equivalent of the British Royal academy of theater in London.

      41. When I made the Trumpzilla video I did not realize that John Candy’s children are standing immediately behind him at the swearing in ceremony . But there they are..clear as day. Photos of Candy’s daughter were used for the second teacher victim Lauren Rousseau. That is why they said the father was from Canada.

      42. Apologize in advance, nevertheless, one feels compelled to ask. Couldn’t help but notice the same day you asked about my books, Amazon pulled some reviews and reset my sales for the week. Are you perhaps some sort of honey trap or shill? Seems a bit more than coincidental the convergence of events. Suddenly, you show up with posts in my blog stream performing similar investigations and articles containing eerily similar content. If you are, just know I am no shrinking violet, and have no tolerance for backstabbing cowardly shills. So, what of it?

      43. Not that I know of…lol. I am nobody. I am an independent researcher of actors in the government. That is all I do. In all truth I have not even checked out your books yet but I intend to when I get some time. I have no experience with Amazon whatsoever so I don’t know what they do or why they do it. Honey trap..that is flattering though.

      44. Believe me..I have no magical powers over Amazon. If I did I would not be driving a car with 150,000 miles on it.

      45. Oh my..I hope you don’t mind that I am using your tip. The Astins are all over Charlottesville like ants and that includes Sean’s daughter Alexandra who is playing the part of Lauren Southern. It’s great stuff. Thanks again.

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