Former NASA astronaut Don Petit publicly admitted, while lecturing during a seminar held at Johnson/Kennedy space center, that rocket technology as presently constituted, cannot safely launch payloads into earth orbit, not without significant risk.

Petit is also on record as stating the rocket technology NASA allegedly utilized to transport astronauts to and from the moon has been ‘destroyed’, and would take too much of a considerable and perhaps insurmountable effort to ‘build back up again’.

Objectively, what could this mean to the reputation of America’s hallowed space agency? 

In consideration of these two loaded and anomalous statements, it is fair to conclude that the hallowed space agency known as NASA has been not only duping, but bilking the American public out of billions in tax dollars for decades.

Could this mean, all this time, NASA has been operating under false pretenses?

After all, it has been conclusively demonstrated, the entirety of NASA’s official photographs, of not only the earth, but of both deep and orbital space, are in fact photo shopped, consisting of strings of photographic data and post-production composites.

In other words, they are not genuine pictures of space, but fakes.

Could this mean, NASA’s existence has been tantamount to nothing more than an employment/PR/social welfare agency, operating with implicit blessing of the US government’s Department of Defense? escape-to-death_banner1071

In the last installments detailing NASA’s unofficial history, it is clear, right from the beginning, with the involvement of MI6 agent Alistair Crowley, rocket scientist/occultist Jack Parsons, and writers such as L. Ron Hubbard and Arthur C. Clarke, perhaps NASA’s intention all along was to sell science fiction in the guise of genuine science to the American public. Is it any wonder, Hubbard went on to become the founding father of Scientology? Can it be accurately stated, for all intents and purposes, given the blind faith of its adherents, that what NASA truly offers the American public, is not scientific inquiry and astronomical observation, but fatuous religious theology wrapped in a thin package of voodoo pseudo-science?

Those who regularly criticize the material content found here at this particular blog, may say one takes too much joy in slaughtering sacred cows, and even perhaps tilting at proverbial windmills. Many will never realize the elite power structure, the Crown Temple bank in London, owning and operating the US and other governments, has been treating the populace like infantile children, a psychologically weak herd of sheep harboring the constant  need for having reality spoon fed to them.

NASA claims to have contributed to the advancement of science and space travel, when in reality, all they have produced is a series of cleverly produced PR stunts. In order to replicate and even surpass, the dramatic and psychological effects of their space opera theatrics, NASA continues to bamboozle and bedazzle the American public out of untold billions in tax dollars.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

What shall soon be revealed here, may change one’s perception of reality, or at least, the illusory reality NASA chooses to present to the American pubic.

Many may wonder, how it is one can be certain NASA fakes its space missions.

The answer: Holo-lense, or augmented virtual reality.

This is essentially advanced military grade video game technology.

Before 2012, NASA would use simulated zero-gravity units, placed inside of a high-altitude plane combined with green screen and video masking techniques, to simulate the environment of outer space to which public expectation had become accustomed.

Now, with augmented virtual reality, NASA is able to simulate materials like water and other solid objects live in three dimensional space. This enables NASA to project objects that are photo realistic and rotate and move them during live broadcasts. Before, NASA had to render these objects frame by frame in post production, passing off the footage as ‘live’. This augmented virtual reality effect is done using dual screen monitors, whereby three dimensional objects from a virtual reality world are projected into our world onto a dual screen video layer. In this way, ‘astronauts’ can see, hear and touch through especially made virtual reality contacts or glasses.

And folks, the technology is so well advanced in 2017, that this can be done live and in real time.

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In 2012, when NASA finally retired the last of their high altitude space shuttle fleet, they began soliciting companies specializing in real-time augmented virtual reality products. From a business standpoint, this was a necessary budget cutting solution to simulating the weightlessness of space. With the American congress slicing away at NASA’s annual budget, NASA management decided virtual reality technology should be used to simulate all future space missions, in lieu of the massive costs of maintaining a fleet of shuttles. This also helped to eliminate the safety concerns of ‘astronauts’ attempting to simulate zero gravity at high altitudes.

Employing Hollywood was certainly one option on the table, but in terms of production, the necessary visual effect to obtain realism could only be attained through the post-production process. NASA found it needed a reliable system that could perform in real-time during live broadcasts.


After an exhaustive search for a company NASA could reliably outsource, they decided to draft an exclusive contract with Telemetrics, a company specializing in helping corporate news teams create virtual reality location sets. The sort of technology developed by Telemetrics allows news personalities, located anywhere in America or around the world, to appear as if they are in the same room together during a live broadcast.

However, despite the fact this augmented virtual reality technology is far advanced, NASA has encountered problems.

In fact, if one closely observes NASA’s ‘live’ footage broadcast from the International Space Station, one will notice anomalies. From time to time, the dual screen technology will malfunction, which will result in embarrassing broadcast glitches. One can observe ‘astronauts’ fingers, jewelry, and other visual details suddenly dropping out or vanishing completely from the broadcast feed. At other times, the augmented virtual reality monitor will also malfunction, and one can observe the ‘astronauts’ reaching for objects that don’t appear on the broadcast video feed.

What does all this mean?

It means the nature of space may not have changed, only NASA’s ability to make it appear to the American public as if their astronauts are actually in space.

Is this what former ‘astronaut’ Don Petit meant when he stated there may be a way for NASA to get into earth orbit without taking the enormous risks posed by the ‘tyranny of the rocket equation’?

Just be forewarned folks, as this technology advances further, and NASA continues to correct any and all technical glitches associated with augmented virtual reality, one will find it increasingly difficult to discern fantasy from reality.

In other words, when NASA shall shortly tell you their ‘astronauts’ have successfully ventured out into ‘deep space’ and successfully landed on Mars, it will appear astonishingly real, at least to those who have no knowledge of how virtual reality truly works with regard to ‘live’ television broadcasts.

Will you believe it folks, or not?


  1. Yes NASA have conned the American public for the last 50 years. Brilliantly exposed on the NASASCAM and APOLLOREALITY websites. Even people who worked on the Apollo program have admitted it was all fake. Their comments can be seen on the APOLLO FEEDBACK page.

    1. Thank you, for your interest in Newsspell and for the link to what appears to be a most amusing video. Yes indeed, NASA is nothing more than a movie studio. Research thus far has also linked NASA with the flat earth debate. This is a sinister effort, on the one hand to distract the public, but also to control the ongoing narrative among those perceived to be numbered among the alternative news community.

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