There is some new information regarding the coronavirus’s psychological operation which has recently availed itself.

While perusing medical journals at the local library, I discovered an entry in the AMA (American Medical Association) Encyclopedia. On page 1051, of the 1989 edition, it clearly states that the symptoms which the MSM has associated with the coronavirus are synonymous with nothing more than the common cold.

Unfortunately, there is no corresponding online link to be found, at either Google books or elsewhere, and all such links to the specific encyclopedic edition, previously cited, have either been scrubbed or flooded out with “official” information designed to directly contradict the published findings of the AMA.

There is also an article from the UK’s Daily Mail, which reports that US health officials, associated with John Hopkins University, prior to the outbreak in Wuhan, China, met to participate in what was described as a “tabletop exercise simulation” (dubbed 201 i.e. Agenda 21), for the purpose of testing and monitoring the responses of governments, in cooperation with multi-national corporations, and the reactions of the general public to a hypothetical pandemic.


Nevertheless, on to the subject-at-hand.

Sometimes, however briefly, the curtain of Post-Modern Reality Simulation is pulled away.

For those of you who may have considered the coverage of the Kobe Bryant event in the last installment to have been all-too-brief, what follows shall more than whet your appetites.

Admittedly, even to those who’ve become familiarized with the strange and occulted concepts discussed here, the following mainstream news story will seem even stranger, perhaps, even bizarre.

The story in question involves Rob Pelinka, the general manager of the “late” NBA legend Kobe Bryant’s former team, the Los Angeles Lakers, and his revelation of what appears to have been a dubious, and even bizarre narrative.

Everyone shall also learn of the stunning results of an investigation into the testimonies of each of the so-called witnesses of the alleged crash of Bryant’s Sikorsky aircraft. The alleged witnesses are two men who claimed to have heard the low hovering vehicle carrying NBA legend Kobe Bryant just before it reportedly crashed.

Regarding the Laker’s general manager, Pelinka is reported to have revealed personal knowledge of a dinner meeting between Laker’s star Kobe Bryant and Hollywood actor Heath Ledger to a captive audience.

Turns out, there’s only one problem with Pelinka’s account: Ledger was alleged to have tragically died, six months prior, from a drug overdose.

Every once and a while, the general public gets to peek – as it were – behind the curtain of Oz, and is then told by the MSM to promptly move on with their mundane lives, as if the spectacular nature of the event they’ve witnessed held no particular or greater significance.

Nevertheless, it is no coincidence, the MSM leaked Pelinka’s remarkable story of the “late” Kobe Bryant’s dinner meeting with the “late” Heath Ledger. Ledger, of course, was a Hollywood actor who, before his untimely death, starred in “The Dark Knight” as “The Joker.”

The leaking of Pelinka’s dubious account by the MSM is meant to disguise an ulterior motive; a genuine effort to provide themselves with some measure of plausible deniability.

In essence, the MSM is broadcasting to the general public – in their usual sneaky and disingenuous manner – that the entire story of Bryant’s alleged air crash is tantamount to absolute balderdash.

As everyone shall soon learn, the statements made by the two witnesses produced by the MSM – Scott Daehlin and David Lyudmirsky – who claim to have heard Bryant’s Sikorsky S-76B-N72EX as it hovered amid a low ceiling of fog just before it allegedly crashed, are filled with contradictions and anomalies.

The official details of the crash, distributed by most of the MSM television and print outlets, don’t appear to underscore or even clarify the witnesses’ statements but, rather, appear to add nothing more than contradictions, confusion, and outright obfuscation.

One of those witnesses, Lyudmirsky, who testified to having filmed the flight of Bryant’s craft before it crashed during an interview with ABC news, appears to be connected to a freemasonic blue lodge. Lyudmirsky also has a connection to the entertainment industry and to the Disney Corporation, and possesses an IMDB page.

But before more detailed information concerning the tale told by Laker’s general manager Rob Pelinka involving the “late” Kobe Bryant” and the “late” Hollywood actor Heath Ledger is forthcoming, there is a great deal more to reveal about the MSM’s detailed account of Bryant’s alleged air crash.


Wikipedia and other official MSM sources have officially reported that, “due to light rain and fog, the LAPD helicopters and most other air traffic were grounded” on the morning of January 26, 2020 around the region of Calabasas, California.

These reports are contradicted by official statistics recorded and published by the Weather Bureau.


According to the weather statistics, available at the link provided above, there had been a total of 0.00 IN of total precipitation for the morning of January 26, 2020, the date of the Bryant air crash and, contradictory to eyewitnesses testimonies, there existed a visibility of 4.6 miles. Therefore, if there was zero precipitation of either rain or snow, and good visibility existed, providing unobstructed line of sight for the flight paths of aircraft on the day in question, how can the MSM authoritatively make the claim, the crash of Bryant’s vehicle may have been due to a low ceiling cover of fog caused by the presence of bad weather or rain precipitation on the morning of January 26?

Keep this in mind while listening carefully to the testimony of one of the MSM’s “official” eyewitness, Scott Daehlin:

As you heard, while listening to the ABC news audio of Daehlin’s testimony, Daehlin claims the fog was thicker than a “pool filled with milk”, a testimony which stands in direct contradiction to the official statistics provided by weather stations reporting to the weather bureau on the day of the alleged Bryant air crash.

Daehlin, incredibly enough, and with a remarkably straight face, then proceeds to make the claim, in yet another eyewitness testimony he provided to #extratv, though his ability to positively identify Bryant’s ill-fated aircraft was obstructed by a “low ceiling deck” of fog, he heard the sound of the hovering aircraft just before it crashed, and that another witness, a building manager of the church where the witness was reportedly employed as a “sound engineer”, observed the “smoke” from the alleged crash site?

While listening more closely to the audio of Daehlin’s testimony, does the eyewitnesses’ description – both in his choice of words and in the manner with which he delivers them – appear to be genuine, regarding what it was he thought he might have heard?

Is Daehlin’s demeanor of stilted formality what one would expect from a mere layperson stricken with grief after witnessing such an unexpectedly horrific and tragic event?

Does it not seem likely, Scott Daehlin was carefully selected then employed as a professional eyewitness, and instructed to recite the exacted requirements of a preconceived script?

Still more dubious, is the testimony of David Lyudmirsky, who allegedly filmed Bryant’s aircraft in what was described by the New York Post as “a very aggressive circling maneuver a half-hour before it crashed.”


While watching Lyudmirsky’s alleged video, which was allegedly provided to NTSB for analysis and official confirmation, one didn’t happen to notice the presence of any thick cover of fog. Rather, in direct contradiction to the eyewitness testimony of Scott Daehlin, Lyudmirsky’s video excerpt seems to corroborate the clear visibility (4.6 miles) reported by the weather bureau for that specific geographical region of California, on the morning of January 26, 2020.

While investigating the social media footprint of this particular eyewitness, one was able to make some rather interesting discoveries. Not only does Lyudmirsky possess an IMDB page which clearly indicates a connection with Disney Corporation, but an Instagram account features several interesting images which appear to depict Lyudmirsky donned in freemasonic garb.


SEE also:


Referring, once again, to the video excerpt from ABC news, not only, incredibly enough, were local police, sheriff’s deputies, fire and first responders arrived at the site of the crash within minutes, but in the wake of the crash of Bryant’s Sikorsky helicopter, the FBI, in cooperation with the NTSB, also quickly arrived at the scene.

And yet, as you will hear from the alleged audio recording of air traffic control, which can be heard at, approximately, the 1:57 mark of the ABC news video, displayed above, the pilot of Bryant’s aircraft is informed his flight path cannot be detected by radar.

“Two echo X-ray,” the air traffic controller can be heard informing Bryant’s pilot, “you’re still too low-level for flight following at this time.”

If this was so, then how were the fire department, sheriff’s deputies, and local police along with first responders able to so quickly and accurately find the location of the alleged crash and move to the scene with such alacrity?

Everyone will also notice, while again carefully examining the ABC news video footage, though the crash scene was said to have been situated in a mountainous area, thereby making the alleged wreckage almost inaccessible, the crash site is clearly observed to have been found in the direct path of a sinuous and well-traveled trail.

Does this scenario seem all-too-convenient and even contrived?

Especially, if someone wanted to stage a simulated aircraft accident for the purpose(s) of achieving ulterior objectives? Oh, and by the way, seven two echo x-ray sums to 6 in English Ordinal gematria (33/high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry), and 75 in Reverse Full Reduction (12/21/777/intelligence joker code).

Furthermore, official radar and flight information for Bryant’s vehicle which, up until a day ago, was available at has now, apparently, been completely scrubbed.

Flight information, which had been formerly available at, revealed the Sikorsky S-76B-N72EX, flown by Bryant and his party of eight from John Wayne airport in Orange County, safely reached its destination at 17:31 military time, which translates to 5:31 pm in the afternoon.

According to official registration information, available at, the registration for Bryant’s vehicle is still active, and doesn’t expire until 9/30/2021.

The registered owner for the vehicle is listed as Island Express Holding Corporation. The address for the company is listed as 16425 Hart Street in Van Nuys, California. By all indications, the property had been up for sale, but a message regarding the availability of the property, posted at, now indicates “the property is no longer advertised.”

Regarding the fan tail number of Bryant’s vehicle, several mainstream sites claim it had been altered prior to Bryant’s fateful flight. Referring back to ABC news’s video excerpt, the flight control recording clearly indicates two echo x-ray or 2EX, with the number 7 omitted.

A search for this N number at turned up an experimental single-wing aircraft, model Sonerai II, manufactured by John F. Giordano and owned by Daryl B. Wade, out of Waco, Texas. According to official FAA records, the vehicle is non-instrument rated for flight in inclement weather. Official FAA records also clearly demonstrate, the vehicle had only flown once, approximately two months ago, and was subsequently grounded.

Furthermore, it appears, all the mainstream sites, including CNN, Slate,, and several others are desperately scrambling to run interference and flood the internet with a unified narrative concerning the former ownership of Bryant’s vehicle.

What exactly are they trying to cover up?

Why has the MSM and the usual assortment of internet shills gone out of their way to create such deliberate obfuscation, regarding the fantail or N-number of Bryant’s ill-fated helicopter?

The prevailing theory, folks, is this: the air traffic control audio the MSM claims was recorded on the morning of 1/26/2020 was taken from the brief flight history of the Sonerai II, N-number 2EX, from several months ago, and fraudulently presented to the public; a classic bait and switch of both blatant deception and misdirection.

Which now, brings us to Business Insider who, in addition to joining the official narrative advising the general public to forget all about searching for further information concerning Bryant’s helicopter, have recently published a most intriguing story concerning the general manager of Kobe Bryant’s former NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers.


According to an article, published at on May 28 of 2019, Los Angeles’ Laker’s general manager Rob Pelinka publicly testified to having arranged a dinner meeting between his client, legendary NBA star Kobe Bryant, and Hollywood actor Heath Ledger. During his public testimony, Pelinka claimed the late NBA star was interested in ascertaining how the star of “The Dark Knight” became “so deeply involved in his role as The Joker.”

“{Kobe’s} like, ‘Hey, hook me up with dinner with Heath Ledger, because he got so locked into that role. I want know how he mentally went there’,” claimed Pelinka. “So,” Pelinka went on to say, “he had dinner with Heath, and he talked about how he locks in for a role.” While addressing an assemblage of Bryant’s teammates, Pelinka claimed Bryant later utilized the information acquired from Ledger as motivation for an upcoming game with the New York Knicks.


Nevertheless, the article goes on to point out that, it is likely, the meeting never took place, due to Ledger’s death in ‘January of 2008, six months before “The Dark Knight” came out’.

But, as is the case with most MSM sources, the article goes on to provide a speculative explanation in attempting to explain away the unexplainable.

“There is a possible explanation of Pelinka’s comments that allows the timelines to match up. noted that while Bryant may not have been able to see ‘The Dark Knight’ before it was released, and thus before Ledger died, an eight minute prologue of the film was shown before an IMax release of ‘I Am Legend’ in December of 2007. With the Lakers having played the Knicks in New York on December 23, 2007, Bryant may have seen the prologue, and asked to meet Ledger about a month before Ledger died.”

Yes, of course, and there may have been more than one shooter on the grassy knoll of Dealy Plaza on December 22, 1963 during the “assassination” of JFK AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper.

The article goes on with the usual tactics of misdirection, as if to say to those numbered among the common rabble: don’t dare to ever question the authentication of our ill-conceived speculations, merely accept their dubious veracity and move on with your insignificant lives, you miserable peasants. The insufferable misdirection contained in the article persists with what were, then, considered to be wider speculations of Pelinka’s growing unpopularity among those in the Laker’s organization, including with Shaquille O’Neal, himself a high-degree freemason.

Shaquille O’Neal, donned with a ritual masonic apron:

What the article at failed to address but only hinted at is this: Heath Ledger faked his death, while the host actor who portrayed Ledger’s character modification scheme, Johnny Depp, lived on; a fact which is clearly confirmed by ear biometric, facial recognition, and extensive image comparison analysis.

Heath Ledger:

Johnny Depp:

Heath Ledger:

Johnny Depp:

Increasingly, articles produced by mainstream sources, such as the one previously cited from, those which provide the public a glimpse into the thoroughly fabricated nature of “reality”, seem delivered with greater regularity. And yet, the general public contiues to shrug its shoulders and, like bewildered and frightened children, are always compelled to turn away.

Meanwhile, “The Joker” continues to laugh and mercilessly mock them.






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