One should think, this installment certainly qualifies as quite the revelatory bonanza.

The author has discovered a pair of Hollywood’s most prominent host actors once again hard at work making a profit for their elite masters. In fact, not only have both portrayed high-profile roles in the realm of national politics, one of these currently stars as a well-known news pundit on the ABC network.

The latter not only currently stars as a corporate news propagandist, one has also discovered that he portrayed a prominent government official during the era of the Clinton administration and, played the role of an FBI analyst interviewed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in the wake of a recent mass casualty/crisis simulation event staged in Florida, courtesy of the American people’s tax dollars and the ‘wonderful’ folks at Homeland Security.

Yes folks, while the majority of the American general public remain blissfully unaware their democracy is nothing more than a theatrical sham, the actor based reality never sleeps.

Lately, as the current president’s official legal council, the political figure featured in the video above has been prominently featured on all MSM corporate networks.

Would there be any loyal readers able to identify Rudy Giuliani’s host actor?

While taking a closer look beneath the layers of stippling, makeup, and CGI markers, does this man at all look familiar? Could it be, the character of Rudy Giuliani is an overt modification of the historical character featured in the image below, a familiar host actor who in the past, formerly portrayed a disgraced US president?

This represents a prima facie case of criminal perpetration, demonstrating how the actor based reality is geometrically modified in plain sight. Yes, folks, whether high-profile Hollywood celebrities, actors, pop singers, or in the case of Rudy Giuliani, a nationally recognized public figure, such characterizations proven successful and profitable are routinely modified into other characters, spun-off like television series or made into sequels like Hollywood’s cinematic blockbusters.

Therefore, have you yet to discern the identity of the host actor?


Considering Rudolf Giuliani, we are once again presented with the mythical scenario of the so-called “American Dream,” selling the idea that upward mobility in a society perceived to be democratic is purely based on merit and not, as in Giuliani’s case, due to nepotism.

In the case of Rudolph William Louis Giuliani’s official biography, his mythical and heroic reputation as an all-American legal crime fighter standing for the exaltation of truth, justice and the American way, seems to have been programmed for the earliest junctures of his so-called public career.

But this is yet another clue left behind by the professional scribes in the employ of the elite ruling families as to the identity of Giuliani’s host actor, and that his characterization, is itself not only a visual modification based on a pre-existing historical myth, but exists as a biographical spin-off.

The public exhibit of Rudolf Giuliani also represents a genuine glimpse into the criminal methods of commercial operation routinely utilized by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

As primarily industrialists, merchant bankers, and commercial monopolists, the ruling elite Jesuit families never allow a profitable commercial opportunity to pass unexploited. Therefore, any time a product they’ve targeted to exploit a market proves profitable, they look to mass produce and formulize other products with similar commercial attributes.

Since the Richard Nixon character proved so successful in convincing a majority of the American public investing billions of their tax dollars into Southeast Asia was their patriotic duty, does it not seem reasonable the ruling elites would look to create another character, portrayed by the same host actor, to once again convince that same majority of the general public vast expenditures of their tax dollars were once again required for yet another costly foreign adventure in the Middle East during the post-911 era?

Inconceivable as this scenario may appear to those uninitiated to the nuances of the actor based reality, nevertheless, in the case of Rudolf Giuliani, this seems to be exactly what occurred.

Essentially, Giuliani is a biographical character image created from whole cloth with a built-in fame index, a character constructed to reflect a charismatic persona for the purpose of satisfying the insatiable needs of political and commercial expedience.

While perusing the official biographical sketches provided by mainstream sources, it didn’t take long for one to notice the first of many numerological indications.

It is clamed that at the age of seven in 1951 (Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon/1951=25/7 for 77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation) Giuliani’s family moved from Brooklyn, New York to Garden City South, where he matriculated at the local Catholic high school, Saint Anne’s. Later, Giuliani attended Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, which is named after the first Bishop of Brooklyn, John Laughlin, a Jesuit priest.

Also noteworthy is the birthplace location of Giuliani’s alleged parents, Montecatini, Tuscany, Italy, a region of the sunny peninsula historically associated with the de Medici family, whose genealogy can be directly traced to the bloodlines of some of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

In an effort to well-establish a hardscrabble working-class background for the character of Giuliani, biographies claim his father, a plumber and a bartender, had trouble maintaining employment and also acquired an extensive criminal and prison record.

Yes folks, it always seems to appear better suited in the eyes of the general public, when our American heroes eclipse the summit of fame and power while saddled with the albatross of a tragic, dysfunctional pedigree.

But our man Rudy Giuliani wouldn’t know a working-class dog if he ran over one in his chauffeured limousine.

There are other telltale signs Giuliani’s host actor is a high-ranking member of not only the International Brotherhood of Freemasonry, but most likely a member of the OTO cult established by MI5 counter-intelligence agent, Alistair Crowley.

In 2001, Giuliani was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year and, in 2002, was awarded an honorary knighthood by none other than the sitting monarch of the British Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II AKA Lucille Ball/Betty White.

Rest assured, one only becomes adorned with such lofty titles if they have dutifully performed the bidding of the ruling elite masters.

So folks, have you begun to guess who portrays Giuliani’s host actor?

Warren Beatty:

Rudy Giuliani:


In the video excerpted from ABC corporate news featured earlier in this installment, Rudy Giuliani is interviewed by veteran political pundit George Stephanopoulos concerning his “legal opinion” of President Trump’s alleged hush money scandal.

That the scandal is a media-driven hoax one shall not waste time in bothering to address.

Stephanopoulos began his public career as William Jefferson Clinton’s Senior Advisor and White House Director of Communications. These titles, as loyal readers have already no doubt guessed, imply that Georgy boy acted as the script coordinator for the live-action theatrical farce that was the presidency of Slick Willie Clinton AKA iconic Hollywood actor Michael Douglas.

Stephanopoulos’s biography is also, not surprisingly, heavily coded with numerology, beginning with his birth date: February 10, 1961 (2+10=12/21/777 joker code/1961=26/2X6=12/21/777)

And then, there are the curious religious affiliations of Stephanopoulos’s alleged parents. Per several mainstream biographical sources, Robert George Stephanopoulos was a dean emeritus of the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New York, a diocese which has a direct connection to the Jesuit order in Rome. George’s mother was a director of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America National News Service, which is an organization dialed-in with CIA’s Operation Mockingbird. After all, what better organization could fabricate both bona fides and a colorful biography for a counter-intelligence agent employed by a corporate television network, than a news service with connections to not only the Vatican controlled by the Jesuit order in Rome, but to CIA?

In other words, folks, Stephanopoulos’s “mother” was likely a low-level  spook and possessed indirect connections to “The Company” in Langley, Virginia.

These were intelligence handlers who were charged with keeping secrets, and the big secret is that George Stephanopoulos is a phony character portrayed by a host actor from Hollywood’s Tinsel Town.

The consensus among the mainstream biographies crafted for Stephanopoulos is that he spent his childhood in the working-class community of Fall River, Massachusetts.

One supposes it is neither any coincidence the Mount Hope and King Phillip masonic lodges are both located in the community of Fall River. One researches further and makes the discovery that Stephanopoulos attended Oxford University, which has a long-standing tradition of Jesuit academic activities at Campion Hall (

Despite learning of mankind’s higher virtues from virtuous Jesuit clerics at Oxford, Stephanopoulos, while still employed at Pennsylvania Avenue, became embroiled in a Real Estate loan controversy in 1994, involving an $835,000 loan at lower than market rates for a mixed-use housing development consisting of an eye-wear business and a two-story apartment.

This story, involving Stephanopoulos and “mixed-use housing” is interesting in several ways and, it provides yet another valuable glimpse into how mainstream propaganda is promulgated.

The details of the story also slyly demonstrate, in plain sight, how criminal acts by high-level public figures are successfully pulled off and are never prosecuted.

1994 came two years after the UN’s Kyoto “Climate Change” protocols were ratified, which marked the beginning of a barrage of such propaganda promoted through MSM’s corporate-owned news outlets.

Mixed-use housing development ( is a reference to Agenda 21, a UN mandate with paradigm changing implications for mankind that has since taken foothold in not only the US and throughout North America, but Western Europe.

What is clever about this story, the propaganda is designed to unwittingly persuade those segments of the American population psychologically bonded to the image of a charismatic public figure into supporting a social and political mandate financed by the ruling elite families. Meanwhile, those supporting elements of the general public remain unaware they have been coaxed into acting against their own best interests.

Actors, while operating under pseudonyms as counter-intelligence or controlled opposition agents are the perfect candidates for utilization as criminal perpetrators.

In essence, and in the case of someone such as Stephanopoulos who is a fictional character operating under a pseudonym, he can essentially commit felonious crimes in plain sight. And, the best part, since George Stephanopoulos is a pseudonym on paper and doesn’t legally exist, he cannot, therefore, be prosecuted in any court operating under the flag of admiralty law.

As in the case of Rudy Giuliani, loyal readers have observed  Stephanopoulos’s host actor in action before (See: Michael J. is sly like the Fox)

What has also been observed in almost every case examined involving the phenomenon of the actor based reality, there are invariably biographical traces of connections with either law enforcement or the military industrial complex.

The large-scale, global operation of the actor based reality is multi-tentacled and branches into every known field of human endeavor in order to hide the even greater secret that the globe is ruled by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

These families are at the hub of a web representing a commercially centralized, global system of feudal, corporate governance, the strands of which encompass the entire world, strands held together by networks of the international Brotherhood of Freemasonry and other occult secret societies, as well the global network of the international intelligence octopus.

George Stephanopoulos:

Note that Stephanopoulos’s host actor has donned eye wear, which not only distorts and changes the perception of the facial geometry, but inevitably is employed to conceal the host actor’s identity.

Michael J. Fox:

But folks, Stephanopoulos is not the only character the sly Mister Fox (666) has portrayed on corporate news networks. Loyal readers shall no doubt recall the performance of this character, FBI counter-terrorism analyst, Phillip Mudd (name in English Ordinal gematria sums to 124/7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon/DD=44/destruction code), in the wake of the crisis simulation drill sponsored by Homeland Security in Parkland, Florida on February 18, 2018:

One should note, that between Fox and Stephanopoulos, not only are the results of ear biometric analysis a perfect match, but facial recognition as well, despite the fact the Stephanopoulos character has nose putty and stippling applied to further distort the perceptions of the host actor’s facial geometry.

Such deceptive nuances – whether subtle or dramatic – are the stock-in- trade that perpetuates the effectiveness of the actor based reality and, maintains the profitability of the entire grand operation.











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