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By now, everyone has weighed in on the latest psychological operation sold to the public by the MSM involving the “late” music and entertainment figure “Nipsey Hussle.”

Perhaps it is more accurate to say, one has recently noticed a newly arrived batch of earnest YouTubers belonging to the targeted racial and socio-economic demographic of the “Nipsey Hussle” psychological operation who, while gaslighting the public with varying degrees of conspiratorial disinformation, demonstrate a single- minded capacity to indulge in outright emotionally driven absurdities.

The most prevalent disinformation being peddled – mirroring the sort of hackneyed conspiracies of “multiple shooters” that cropped up in the wake of the “JFK assassination” hoax – appears to seed the impression in the targeted audience’s collective consciousness the victim’s death came about as the direct result of a conspiratorial murder plot orchestrated and executed under the direction and with the tacit consent of the US government.

The latter part is at least correct, just not in the manner so expressed.

But every disinformation campaign must be centered by a locus of truth.

The former idea however – that there were actual deaths – is verifiably false.

Nevertheless, such media spinning is necessary and essential for the official narrative promulgated by the MSM and those carefully selected hosts of YouTubers posing as alternative news researchers to retain any semblance of psychologically destructive potency.

Surely, those who frequently visit have noticed the obvious masonic coding and symbolism associated with this event. What seemingly no one has addressed is the “late” artist’s association with two other famous entertainers/Freemasons, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and Roc Nation Productions.

These represent overlooked connections which, when explored further, reaped immediate and rather unexpected revelations.

Perhaps just as remarkably, there may be evidence there are those among the general public, who, while normally predisposed to unquestioningly regurgitating as “fact” any widely disseminated narrative fed to them through the corporately-owned conduits of the MSM are now, perhaps for the first time, beginning to demonstrate doubts as to the validity of the MSM’s widely promoted “news” narratives.

While that may be encouraging, there is also evidence many well-intentioned alternative news researchers have missed the true symbolic/occult gist of this event.

Many more – disappointingly – seem intent on simply spinning their own embellishments of the prevailing MSM narrative.

All of this disinformation and narrative spinning on the part of both the MSM and most alternative media researchers is designed to keep public perceptions within the firm parameters of only entertaining there were actual deaths when, in fact, what occurred was yet another theatrically designed psychological operation, performed and coordinated by the cooperative efforts of the masonic police guilds, the MSM, Hollywood, and the music entertainment industry, all of whom were aided and abetted by high-ranking freemason intelligence agents.

In truth folks, the exoteric superficialities of the mainstream narrative were once again used to conceal deeply occulted symbolism. But those among the highest ranks of the freemasonic order are prone to arrogantly assume the general public will always interpret the public display of their symbolic death rituals as genuine news events.

As for Nipsey Hussle’s alleged assailant, 29 year-old (2=9=11/masonic pillars/2X9=18/666/2 9’s/2 6’s occult mirrored reversal/12/21/777 intelligence joker code) “Eric Holder” (sums in English Ordinal gematria to 97 and reduces to 7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon/9X7=/63/6=3=9/6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/6X3=18/666//97 sums to 173 in Reverse Ordinal and 56 Reverse Full Reduction/11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin/7X11=77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation), his suicided 13 year-old brother (13/summit of the masonic pyramid) and two cousins (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) allegedly murdered by vengeful “gang” associates of the deceased, it turns out, all of them were active and willing participants in a masonic death charade and are closely related to rap music superstar Snoop Dogg.

The man identified as “Nipsey Hussle,” the martyred music star, was also a symbolic but active participant; a character scripted for a masonic death and rebirth ritual portrayed by a host actor who, until as recently as 2016, was also known as a “highly controversial” professional athlete.

Yes folks, the story of “Nipsey Hussle” represents one very deep rabbit hole.  

By the standards of early 21st century record production, Racks in The Middle, the latest single from the “late” Nipsey Hussle, represents a superlative musical arrangement augmented by a deftly performed if not thoroughly infectious chorus hook.

The visual content, however, is clearly designed to extol the questionable and even perilous virtues of the pathological quest for material acquisition.

By no means is this an accident.

While the mainstream media promotes the propagandizing perception that the character of “Nipsey Hussle” represented a post-modern saint or even a Christ-like figure, the content of the video – the grave scene for example – seems to oddly foreshadow the artist’s demise.

The imagery observed in the video also serves to subtly and subconsciously promote the idea that, though one may endeavor to become an independently wealthy entrepreneur among those less fortunate in the African-American community, one’s overly zealous pursuit of unattainable aspirations will only lead the youthfully ambitious down a tragic path leading straight to the graveyard of martyrdom.

That is the genuine sub-theme and ultimate message the ruling elites broadcast to the African-American community while continuing to saturate America with the tragic narrative of “Nipsey Hussle.”

It is a narrative rooted in American literary classicism and predicated on the mystical hopes of the fabled “American Dream” that is always – in the words of the poet Langston Hughes – ultimately deferred.

With Agenda 21 and sustainable development 2030 programs in full subversive swing in the state of California, it has become quite evident even to the casual political observer, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families wish to now completely dismantle the premiere military, industrial, and economic hegemony the US has enjoyed over the span of the last century.

It has become clear, the US is being incrementally transitioned from that of the world’s foremost industrial producer, and robust geopolitical policeman into a consumer driven multi-cultural dystopia, saddled with an anemic service based economy.

The tragic death story of yet another famous entertainer not only serves to distract the public from this fact, but also serves – given the latest charges of the alleged assailant’s “defense attorney” (more on Chris Darden and the fake OJ trial later) that the US government, led by a president presumed to have “alt-right conservative or even white supremacist sympathies” induced his client to become complicit in a heinous murder plot – to further strain and enflame the dynamic of racial polarization which shall surely justify the siphoning of more tax revenues from the public, in support of greater law enforcement capabilities and the further expansion of existing electronic surveillance grids.

Concerning the subject of electronic surveillance, Hussle’s Marathon clothing and apparel store – located on the corner of Crenshaw and Slauson and in the center of a shopping mall arrayed in the shape of a masonic compass topped with a pair of pyramids – marked one of the first arrivals in California of a fast growing breed of cashless “smart retail stores” featuring inventory marked with RFID tags.

With expected increases to profitable business brought to the store in the wake of Hussle’s death, the throngs of flocking customers can not only expect their personal information along with detailed statistics regarding retail purchase behavioral tendencies to become catalogued in the store’s digital purchase logs, but each item of purchased inventory marked with RFID tags can and will be subsequently activated for surveillance tracking purposes.

Of course, discussion concerning such Orwellian implications has been utterly ignored in lieu of the anticipated prospect of even greater degrees of retail financial capital flowing in to enrich the economically impoverished and allegedly gang ridden urban regions located in South Central Los Angeles.


Another salient perspective to consider is this: Was the music career of “Nipsey Hussle” well-known to many music fans counted among those of the targeted youth consumer/ market demographic prior to the MSM’s promotion of his tragic “death”?

It turns out, the artist’s incremental emergence into mass public consciousness in 2016/2017 as both a bankable music and entertainment star and “community activist/entrepreneur” neatly correlates with the professional sports career arc of his host actor.

Predictably, after the event on 3/31 (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon, 3/EE/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/31/occult mirrored reversal/13/summit of masonic pyramid) the artist’s latest album, “Victory Lap” (sums to 141 in English Ordinal gematria and 6 in Full Reduction/57 in Reverse Full Reduction/12/21/777/intelligence joker code), has once again skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard charts.

The ruling elites and the executives of the music recording industry are well aware that psychological exploitation of the public’s morbid fascination with the mysterious concept of death equals a significant increase in both market share and profitability for the brand name of any of their artists.

Those among the highest degrees of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic order familiar with Shakespearean theatrical traditions will also readily acknowledge that widely promoted narratives anchored by a heroic but tragic protagonist always unfailingly serve to create enduring myths.

Once again, however, one often hears the echo of a familiar mantra from the general public’s majority – those not yet familiar with the concept of the actor-based-reality and perhaps still unaware the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families have long-consolidated the globe’s natural and human resources – which always has a penchant for posing what is perceived to exist as a mysteriously unanswerable question: Why would they fake it?

The answer: Because doing so primarily draws in, influences, and directs the mass energy and emotional concerns of the majority of the American public which, in turn, yields profits from the robust stimulation of commercial trade.


It wasn’t surprising to have learned the official biographies of Nipsey Hussle AKA Ermias (Hermes/god of trade/heraldry/merchants/commerce) Joseph (reference to father of Jesus) Asghedom’s (reference to the Jesuit order housed under the Vatican dome/female energy/spiritual powers in opposition to carnal desire) contained both numerological and masonic markers and, as well, the scripted hallmarks of a manufactured character.

Official sources claim Hussle’s career first gained notoriety when his mix-tape, entitled “Crenshaw” (sums to 91 in English Ordinal gematria/19 occult mirrored reversal/# of the sun/light of Lucifer/37 in Full Reduction gematria/3 7’s/777 joker code/44 in Reverse Full Reduction/destruction code), was offered as a free digital download on October 8, 2013 (88/aces and eights/mark of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic order/6/33) on selected hosting websites and made available through commercial incentives through his own independently distributed All Money In recording label in a limited first edition of 1000 copies for $100 dollars each.

Though he was heralded with praise for his entrepreneurial spirit from fellow artists, Hussle’s mainstream biographers admit popular artist Jay-Z hastily stepped in to purchase the first 1000 copies at $100 dollars each which quickly brought the arrival of a new and exciting artist to the forefront of public awareness.

This is reminiscent of the identical method of operation utilized by Beatles manager Brian Epstein when he was accused by critics of “fiddling the charts” soon after the group released their debut recording “Please, Please Me” which quickly helped hoist the group to the top of the British pop lists.

This reliable and time tested method of calculated commercial operation and stardom manufacturing strongly indicates a deliberate attempt at psychologically driven and ultimately exploitive mass manipulation.

The cynical reasoning is this: If a music entertainment retail item from a previously obscure artist appears to have become suddenly popular with the general public and becomes endorsed by an established celebrity brand name then, by dint of mass psychological logic, greater numbers will be more likely to associate established popularity with artistic merit and intrinsic quality, thus enabling greater profitability.

Therefore, it was likely no coincidence to discover Hussle’s career was largely managed by social media influencer/guru Karen Civil of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation’s public relations department (https://www.google.com/amp/s/blavity.com/amp/tina-knowles-says-she-beyonce-and-solange-have-been-consoling-each-other-over-nipsey-hussles-death).

Civil is also the chief marketing officer employed by Marathon Agency, a brand consulting, advertising, and marketing firm headquartered in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

Hussle’s alleged arrest on June 24, 2015 (12/21/777+7=28/2 8’s/aces and eights/mark of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic order) for possession of codeine mixed with soda pop (also known as “lean”, “sizzurp” or “purp”) and an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license resembles the sort of biographical and mythical image making well-documented in association with the biographies of other major entertainment stars examined previously.

The following official statement released to the public by Hussle’s former attorney Mark Bledstein in the wake of the incident – if with keen discernment one is able to read between the lines – gives the scripted ruse away.

“The night of his {Hussle’s} arrest he was not drinking but parked in front of a recording studio in Burbank when he was approached by the police. He willingly allowed the officers to search his car and told them where the cough syrup was. After running his name they found an outstanding traffic warrant that he was taken into custody for and cited out later that night. I have contacted the courts and began the exoneration process for the cough syrup simply by providing his prescription. He is doing great and is excited about his upcoming album release.”

A sole question comes to mind in reaction to this official statement from Hussle’s attorney: Which name did the police run on the date in question – Hussle’s stage name or his alleged legal birth name, Ermias J. Asghedom?

Regarding this outstanding issue, two immediate anomalies undermine the official story promulgated by the MSM concerning Hussle’s “death.”

Firstly, the testimony of Hussle’s 88 year-old alleged grandmother (aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits).

Incredibly, Hussle’s grandmother claims that, she and the deceased’s younger brother, Samiel (Masonic and Joycean play on words/SAM-I-EL/Son of Sam or Satan/biblical Elohim), were made aware of the shooting at Marathon clothing store (sums to 90 in English Ordinal gematria/6/33/36 in Full Reduction/3 6’s/18/666) from a text message sent  directly from Hussle’s phone during the morning hours on 3/31, wildly contradicting the consensus timeline of when the shooting reportedly took place at 3:25 pm in the afternoon (3 7’s/777/intelligence joker code).

Secondarily and equally implausible, the official story claims after the alleged assailant lodged five (2 3’s/33) bullets in Hussle’s torso and one in the head for a total of six wounds (6/33), he somehow was still able to grab his phone to text his brother, but did not think to bother dialing 911?

What seemed to exist as an even greater anomaly and raised still further suspicions was when an attempt to run the “legal” birth name of Ermias Joseph Asghedom through the search engines of California’s public obituary records revealed there had never been any official obituary record filed subsequent to the date of 3/31.

The same process performed under the artist’s stage name, however, indicated there had been an obituary filing made for the pseudonym of “Nipsey Hussle.”

This is indicative there may have been an attempt prepared in advance to commit unlawful insurance fraud and to collect a profitable claim on the death of a fictional character filed under a pseudonym that, most likely before-the-fact, was solely verified by an unknown but officially legal third party.

Is this perhaps why Hussle’s spokesperson/manager/PR agent Karen Civil recently shut down a GoFundMe donation page began by former NFL star Reggie Bush?

Whether this is the case, the involvement of a former NFL star represents a major clue as to the genuine identity of the artist known as “Nipsey Hussle” and it is without coincidence Bush’s name is associated with such a blatantly perpetrated psychological operation.

It turns out the professional career arcs of Bush and Hussle’s hidden host actor coincided.

Both men played for the identical NFL franchise, a team which featured the color of the pagan god Mars on its official NFL game jerseys, while Bush wore the number 23 (2 3’s/33) and Hussle’s host actor was assigned the number 7 (Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon).


Various mainstream sources have reported that Hussle and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation had scheduled a formal meeting with LAPD Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff and Chief Michael Moore (MM=33) concerning the subject of acute gang violence.

After the shooting on 3/31 preempted the meeting scheduled for 4/1 (14 in occult mirrored reversal/77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic light transformation), Soboroff posted a message on Twitter expressing his condolences.

“I am so sad,” he remarked.

Of course, social media is used as a digital tool to control mass perceptions, manipulate emotive responses, and to direct whatever popular and prevailing narratives MSM seeks to promote.

Additionally, there can be no doubt that, when it comes to such large-scale and widely promoted media events such as the Nipsey Hussle psychological operation, the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and the masonic police guilds collectively and routinely monitor social media traffic to best gauge how to effectively employ their social media influencers like Karen Civil of Roc Nation.

Regarding the alleged scheduled meeting between Hussle, Roc Nation and LAPD, the mainstream narrative is now being steered to implant the perception the meeting may have acted as an impetus for the accused assailant.

In essence folks, the LAPD are broadcasting for all and sundry on social media – without expressly articulating a confession – they had been charged by their freemasonic masters and held responsible for the on-the-ground execution and coordination of this widely promoted psychological operation in cooperation with Roc Nation, MSM and all participating actors.


The MSM claims LAPD had foreknowledge that Hussle’s indicted assailant, Eric Holder, was a known police informant. Holder’s defense attorney, Christopher Darden, is reportedly withholding a guilty plea on the basis of alleging – without cause or empirical evidence –  his client was framed for the murder by LAPD and perhaps unnamed agents of the US government.

Right away, one’s skepticism should be piqued upon hearing of Darden’s sudden involvement as a defense attorney in such a high-profile case after remaining on inactive legal status for over two decades.

Darden first came to public notoriety as a Los Angeles county attorney general’s special prosecutor during the O.J Simpson murder case hoax.

Ear biometrics and facial recognition analysis of the major figures in the OJ case indicate that, in addition to Darden AKA television host Van Jones, two other Hollywood actors portrayed prominent roles in the hoax.

These actors have been identified as Nicole Brown Simpson AKA Crown Princess Mary of Denmark/Megan Kelly, a prominent hostess of NBC’s Today morning show and Kato Kaelin AKA Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke/Bruce Willis/and the “late” Michael Hutchence of the now defunct but formerly popular Australian 1980’s rock act, INXS.

Nicole Brown Simpson:



Megan Kelly:



Princess Mary of Denmark:



Kato Kaelin:



Mickey Rourke:



Bruce Willis:



Michael Hutchence:



As one has readily observed, the OJ Simpson trial was filled with actors maneuvering amid a grand but scripted charade that garnered not only a massive profit in advertising revenues for the television networks but served the social agenda – racial polarization of the US – of their major stock and shareholders, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

The Nipsey Hussle psychological operation appears to have been no exception.

Rapper Snoop Dogg, who performed a eulogy at Hussle’s funeral reception, has three children, one of which – Cordell Broadus – possesses remarkably similar facial geometry when compared to that of Hussle’s accused assailant, Eric Holder who, at the time of his alleged arrest, the MSM claims was 29 years-of-age (2 9’s/occult mirrored reversal/2 6’s/12/21/777/intelligence joker code).

Eric Holder:



Cordell Broadus:



Reportedly, Broadus was a highly regarded college football prodigy and was offered a full scholarship to star at UCLA but then, he decided to become – wait for it folks – an actor.



By now, many of you may have seen the bizarre interview with Nipsey Hussle’s alleged mother and her equally absurd appearance at the funeral reception. Upon observing both videos, I was stricken with the notion that – particularly considering the timbre and quality of Mrs. Hussle’s voice – I was not listening to an African-American woman from South Central Los Angeles.

While observing the physical mannerisms and tonal speech patterns  of “Angelique Smith” it seemed the character possessed a greater resemblance to that of a suburban white woman who had been somehow cast to portray a scripted role while disguised in black face.

Loyal readers know this isn’t impossible because for eight years the US became familiar with a president who while he appeared to be African-American, in reality, was a Jewish Caucasian comedian disguised in CGI blackface named Jerry Seinfeld (See: 9/11: terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (Part 1)

Despite having suffered from the “reality” her precious son had been allegedly gunned down only days before Angelique Smith emotes no traces of abject sorrow.

Rather it seems, she has just won on a seven figure lottery ticket.

Considering the true identities of both her and her genuine biological son and as well the true symbolic/occult significances of the Nipsey Hussle psychological operation, perhaps, Angelique imagines that she has.

In fact, there may be good reason for this and, perhaps, you will see why when observing the performance of Angelique Smith’s host actor, Heidi Russo, in the next video displayed below.

Indeed, poor Heidi seems utterly incompetent when it comes to convincingly emoting  sorrow with a demonstration of tears.

Perhaps, that is why when it came to casting Heidi Russo in her role as Angelique Smith, the directors of this third rate psychological melodrama decided to have her stick to remaining happy-faced while performing what seems to resemble a scripted Ted Talk seminar on freemasonic pseudo-Gnosticism.

While listening carefully, however, you will soon come to realize that not only has Angelique been trained in the rudiments of neural-linguistic programming, she is utilizing the technique to indoctrinate her audience of “children” with the occult dogma of the ruling elite’s universalist global religion that shall soon replace traditional and exoterically based religious faiths like Christianity and Islam.

When considering the rapid emergence of this new global faith in tandem with the recent pyromaniacal spectacle at the Notre Dame cathedral, you may begin to see the grander symbolic/occult scenario at play here.

The story of Heidi Russo, the biological mother of Nipsey Hussle’s host actor Colin Kaepernick, is told in the following video expose.

Russo claims that, soon after she conceived her soon out of wedlock at eighteen years-of-age while residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she decided to give Colin up for adoption when he turned six weeks-of-age (33) to Theresa and Rick Kaepernick.

Obviously, after losing contact with Colin’s adoptive parents long ago, she has wriggled her way back into her famous son’s life and will no doubt reap the financial benefits which, judging from her rather feeble and disingenuous acting portrayal in the video, may have been her sole motivation – though she denies this – for attempting to do so all along.

Intuition seems to inform that, given Russo’s glib and deliberate nature while extolling the virtues of esoteric and freemasonic Gnosticism, she is a sworn member of the Eastern Star lodge.


The question remaining: Who is Hussle AKA Kaepernick’s biological father?

The answer: His biological father is former Green Bay Packers star wide reciever, James Lofton, who also portrayed Hussle’s father.

James Lofton:



Dawit Asghedom:



In the video displayed above Asghedom’s audio has been dubbed in post-production with voice synthesis software and, most likely, prerecorded by a well rehearsed voice host actor that was mixed then synced up to match the on-camera talent’s attempts at phonetic mimicking.

Notice too, the actor is flipping his tongue and licking his lips between lines which, in the parlance of interpreting body language, represents the non-verbal cues psychologists would expect to observe demonstrated by someone who is consciously ridden with guilt and or egregiously lying.

As for Kaepernick AKA Nipsey Hussle it seems his entire career spent in the public eye could be characterized as the performance of an actor who has willfully participated and been cast in whatever theatrically staged portrayal was required by his high-masonic masters.

Those familiar with his career in the NFL will recall when Kaepernick “took a knee” and refused to stand for the national anthem, an act which caught the phony ire of President Chump – whoops – Trump AKA Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi who, like “Nipsey Hussle”, also faked his death as a youth.

(SEE: Actors Starring as 2020 Presidential Candidates? Part II

Subsequent to Kaepernick’s controversial “taking of the knee,” the CIA controlled mainstream media was instructed to exploit the event for all it was worth which served to further enflame political, ideological, and racial divisions among the majority of Americans.

Once again, however, most Americans mistakenly interpreted a symbolic gesture for a literal protest.

The “taking of the knee” is a ritualistic masonic gesture and is an integral element of the rite of passage involving the legendary myth of Hiram Abiff which all masons must perform before becoming accepted into the 3rd or master degree of the blue lodge.

SEE: https://www.henrymakow.com/2017/09/taking-a-knee.html

Below is yet another example of an esoteric symbol Kaepernick AKA Hussle signaled to his masonic masters. The symbolic gesture observed in the image below was meant to inform in the language of signs and symbols that, though Kaepernick AKA Hussle had now passed into the 3rd degree, he wished to convey his desire to advance beyond the blue lodge and into the higher degrees.

Note that Hussle is holding a rope in his hand tightened into a noose.

Do you recollect this familiar symbolic gesture from the Jussie Smollett story?


Yes folks, ear biometrics and facial recognition analysis prove beyond shadow of doubt Colin Kaepernick, former star NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers (13/summit of masonic pyramid) professional football franchise, starred as the host actor for the character of Nipsey Hussle AKA Ermias Joseph Asghedom.

While performing a comparative ocular analysis of the images posted far below note that Kaepernick, while in the guise of Hussle, appears much leaner and lankier as compared to the more muscular frame he possessed during his days as an NFL quarterback.

In case anyone wonders why this should be so just click the following link: (https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/08/31/kaepernick-goes-vegan-but-claims-it-hasnt-led-to-muscle-loss/amp/)

While consulting the content of the article you will discover why, before Kaepernick stepped away from professional football for good in 2016, NFL analysts were noting with shocking regularity how the young quarterback’s decision to adopt a strict vegan diet had caused him to not only loose significant muscle mass but had caused him to suffer from a significant loss of arm strength while attempting from the pocket long throws downfield to his wide receivers.

Reportedly, Kaepernick decided to adopt the strict vegan diet at the behest of his “activist” girlfriend, Neesa Diab, who – confirmed by facial recognition analysis – is also Hussle’s girlfriend, Lauren London (LL=33).

Neesa Diab AKA London (EE=33) appears to have agreed to go along and help her boyfriend in executing the racial divide agenda desired by Kaepernick’s masonic masters (SEE: https://www.patriotfires.com/colin-kaepernicks-girlfriend-compares-nfl-owner-to-a-slave-holder-and-ray-lewis-to-a-house/)

Soon after shedding an NFL uniform in 2016 and devoting full-time to portraying his role as an up and coming South Central gangster rapper, Kaepernick, in the guise of Hussle, received immediate media attention when he released a less than subtle message meant for the current executive resident at Pennsylvania Avenue’s White House from his “Famous Lies and Unpopular Truth” mix tape entitled FDT or F*** Donald Trump.

Nipsey Hussle:




Colin Kaepernick:




If, somewhere or somehow, you ever run into Colin, don’t forget to tell him America wasn’t fooled by Nipsey’s hustle.




























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