The Final Words of Walt Disney

Disney has become a brand name synonymous with the perception of family friendly and wholesome entertainment.

But does this wholesome image conceal a darker reality?

Is it merely coincidental the brand name of Disney reached public prominence during the identical era when social scientists like the renowned Edward Bernays were perfecting the post-modern concepts of marketing, advertising and branding that have grown to become so familiar to common vernacular?

During his lifetime, the founder of Disney corporation was a man not unfamiliar with the concept of deception; a man not unfamiliar with the concept of the actor-based-reality.

Though he may have become renowned for steering the development of groundbreaking innovations in the artistic field of animation and the construction of an iconic American theme park, Disney was also a man of many faces; an actor who portrayed the role of not just one historically influential character, but a man who played out the well-documented adventures of many lives during the span of merely one.

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But many are unaware there exists a fascinating anecdote concerning the man known as Walt Disney.

At the time of his death in 1966, it is said Walt Disney scrawled two words on a single piece of paper that, to this day, are counted as the final words of one of the twentieth century’s most influential and famous men: “Kurt Russell.”


Before delving into the last words of the late Mister Walt Disney, did everyone enjoy the recent celebration of the death cult of Ishtar, the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex also known as the modern celebration of Easter?

That’s right folks, according to the Britannica’s Encyclopedia, the modern holiday of Easter is also derived from an updated version of the same myth, known as a tribute to the fertility rites of the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring. The Catholic Encyclopedia confirms this, defining the term of Easter as relating to Estre, a Teutonic goddess of the rising light of day and of spring.

But it turns out, according to Joseph Campbell and other scholars, the names of these synonymous “goddesses” are derived from the original occulted and pagan myth of the Egyptian goddess of Isis who later transformed into the myth of Ishtar, mother of Tammuz, the Queen of Heaven, and the wife of Baal or Beezelbub.

Yes folks, Ishtar (also an ill-conceived Hollywood movie starring Dustin Hoffman who is the hidden father of Robert Downey Junior) is the mythical wife of Baal or Satan, a personified symbolic representation of the lower realm of human nature.

In fact, the occulted object of celebration during the Easter holiday is also symbolically represented by Semiramis, and her famous edifice, the “Statue of Liberty,” has been erected for all to see in New York’s city harbor.

All of these essentially interchangeable and interrelated classical myths eventually became amalgamated and appropriated into the modern-day holiday of Easter.

In fact, the symbolism of the Easter egg has been appropriated by modern-day traditions from not only the narrative of an ancient pagan myth but is symbolic of a pagan sacrificial blood ritual involving virgins.

According to the ancient Roman historian Josephus, Nimrod, King of Babylon, was found guilty and punished for his rebellion at the Tower of Babel by his own son, Shem. Nimrod’s body was subsequently cut into several pieces which were then delivered to Nimrod’s followers to warn them against not only lingering notions of rebellion, but to warn them against the dire consequences of the worship of false idols.

Josephus goes on to write that Semiramis – Nimrod’s widowed Queen – disputed Nimrod’s death and circulated the counter-claim King Nimrod had risen to heaven and was resurrected to become the god of the sun. Semiramis then declared herself a goddess and became thereafter known as the “Queen of Heaven.”

Historically speaking therefore, it becomes possible to surmise Nimrod’s grisly narrative is most likely the original source of the mythical story of the death and resurrection of Christ.

Josephus’s account then goes on to document Semiramis claimed to be the goddess of the living moon that, ovulating every 28 days, hatched an egg which fell to earth and into the Euphrates river.

This account was later adopted by Wiccan lore which stipulates the birth of Ishtar occurs during the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. This Wiccan account also claims that Ishtar conceived Tammuz after becoming impregnated by the rays of the sun. Legend has it that, after coming of age, Tammuz became a hunter who grew fond of rabbits. Later on, rabbits became a sacred object of worship and symbolic of sexual desire and fertility. When he turned 40 years-of-age – so the story goes – Tammuz was attacked and killed by a wild boar during a hunting trip. Ishtar commemorated her son’s tragic death with a 40 day period of mourning which – the consumption of meat was strictly forbidden – came to be known in occult lore as the ceremony of the “Weeping for Tammuz.”

In the context of the Babylonian mystery or occult religion, the birth of Ishtar was celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon at the close of the Spring Equinox. In celebration of Ishtar, the high-priests would conduct a sunrise mass or sacrifice which involved the impregnation of the temple’s virgins.

One year to-the-date after conception, the three-month-old issues would be sacrificed on the temple altar with the symbolic eggs of Ishtar dipped into their sacrificial blood.

Since its inception as an official holiday – through the psychological conditioning of the symbolic and exoteric traditions of “Easter,” – the masses residing in the West have, historically, been tricked again and again into participating in this sacrificial pagan sex and blood ritual.

Think of this the next time you travel to your local Walmart to purchase chocolate eggs to celebrate the children’s “Easter” hunt.

Now on to the subject at hand.


Legend has it that at the time of his death in 1966, Walt Disney wrote “Kurt Russell” on a sheet of paper as his final words.

Whether this is true has been bandied about and even debated among Hollywood circles for decades.

Nevertheless, there are those in Hollywood who do lend it credence, and it is said, Russell himself has never attempted to debunk the legend or to deny he believes the story to have been credible.

And wisely so, because such legends – in terms of the actor-based-reality – merely add to the cache of an agent’s overall market worth. The greater their worth in terms of their potential to generate merchandising, advertising, and marketing profits, the greater their index of social and political influence in the open market as change agents becomes to their elite masters. Could there though, be another reason why Russell plays along with this Hollywood “urban legend”?

Could it be that Disney had been brainstorming and hen scratched the name on a sheet of paper in the hopes of creating a memorable but legal pseudonym for a child actor who he planned to hastily lock up in a long-termed contract? Even more intriguing, could it be that both “Disney” and “Russell” were related by genealogy?

Though Russell’s official biographies claim he is a libertarian, and not registered as either a Democrat or Republican, his masters have still set up his character to act within  the existing parameters of the accepted prevailing political spectrum, which, in turn, influences and directs his legions of fans toward continuing to register to vote in “elections” with predetermined outcomes consisting of other participating actors posing as pseudonymed candidates.

But ultimately, an actor’s job is to induce the masses’ continued participation in the global commercial system and, as well, to keep them enchanted by its endless array of phony political candidates and to keep large percentages of the population preoccupied with the perpetual quest for material acquisition and, as well, embroiled in the gross indulgences of commercial trade.

Russell’s biographies claim he was born in Springfiled, Massachusetts on March 17, 1951 (1+9+5+1=16/1+6=7/March/3/3 7’s/777/17/1+7=8/aces and eights/Jesuit intelligence agent).

Springfield was also the site of a now defunct dual-level masonic lodge which initiated members into the first three degrees of the blue lodge and also held meetings for those initiated into the higher degrees of the York Rite. Although after 1983, the lodge was no longer utilized for masonic meetings nor owned by the masons, it was thereafter listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Without fail, the biographical birthplace of every major entertainment star examined in the past has correlated with the location of either a masonic blue lodge or a grand masonic lodge. This fact, by now, should be seen by even those remaining skeptical of everything published here at Newsspell as more than coincidental.

Official biographies go on to tell us Kurt Vogel Russell (Sums to 237 in English Ordinal gematria/12/21/777) had three siblings (3/EE=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), and his father, Bing Russell, was a professional baseball player and actor. Russell went on to graduate from California’s Thousand Oaks High School (one-thousand points of light/Lucifer and his minions).

Before entering puberty and graduating from high school, however, Russell began acting on television at the age of 12 (21/777/intelligence joker code) and not long after, signed a ten-year contract with the Walt Disney Company, where, he became the studio’s top star for much of the 1970’s.

Not unexpectedly, as with other stars of stage and screen, there is a military connection to be found within Russell’s official biographies. From 1969 until 1975, Russell served in the California Air National Guard, belonging to the 146th (11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) Tactical Airlift Wing, based in Van Nuys. Tellingly, when examining some of the more obscure aspects of the long resume of Russell’s film and television roles, it was discovered he starred with British stage actor Robert Vaughn AKA William F. Buckley in a 1964 episode of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

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Though Russell’s film debut in 1963 was uncredited and went all but unnoticed, he was cast into Elvis Presley’s (AKA Michael Rockefeller/Roger Smith) It Happened at the World’s Fair. The release of this film corresponded with Walt Disney’s appearance at the 1964 World’s Fair with productions created on behalf of GE and other corporations connected to the military/industrial/complex. Both Vaughn AKA Buckley had connections with the CIA and, as is well known, Elvis Presley AKA Rockefeller/Smith had connections with the US Army.

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It should be no surprise to discover life-long intelligence assets in the entertainment industry frequently crossing paths, for they are almost always starring in the same productions, whether television, film or while ‘treading the boards’ of the theatrical stage.

Regarding Russell’s connection with Walt Disney and the Walt Disney Company –  in case anyone still doubts there isn’t empirical evidence to support the author’s premise there has always existed a close affinity between the entertainment industry and the CIA – you can hear it straight from the mouth of the source himself.

During the following video excerpt featuring an interview with Walt Disney – at approximately 7:53 – Disney begins to anecdotally reveal details of a trip he took to South America on behalf of the American State Department, a government PR agency which, since its inception, has always been staffed with the academic dilettantes of the ruling elite families and fully controlled by the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic international intelligence octopus through the Central Intelligence Agency.

While listening intently to Disney’s account about his trip to South America to make “films” for the US government during the “Nazi” era, try to keep in mind that Disney is an actor – Kermit Roosevelt AKA Adolf Hitler/Walter Cronkite in disguise – contracted to play the role – like Elon Musk of Space X –  of a public front man.

Could this be from where rumors of Hitler’s escape to South America derived, twisted inside and out by CIA as yet another piece of falsely promulgated disinformation propaganda? This is the sort of joke CIA – on behalf of their ruling elite masters the thirteen Jesuit families – would play on the general public who they regard as nothing more than a herd of mindless consumers of disposable commercial goods and easily titillated by such emotionally manipulative tales of intrigue.


In case anyone still has doubts about Walt Disney being classified as an actor, you can hear it firsthand from Roy E. (E/33) Disney at exactly 4:08 in the following video excerpt:

Prior to his ten-year contract with Disney, many of Russell’s film and television roles were cast in westerns, a genre that was still predominantly popular in America during the mid to late 1960’s. But this establishes a clue as to another high-profile Hollywood celebrity character portrayed by Russell’s host actor whose official biography also features ties with the military.


Kris Kristofferson (sums to 232 in English Ordinal gematria/7/Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon/Kristofferson/play on words/Christ of the sun/Nimrod/Lucifer) is a prime example of an older character portrayed by a much younger host actor. But Kristofferson is also an example of an historical trend of character modification that runs in the host actor’s family, the identity of which shall soon become evident.

Per official biographies, Kristofferson is an American singer/songwriter and actor with an impressive resume of movie credits and popular songs to his credit, most of which became hits for other artists. Though it is claimed Kristofferson has worked with an array of Nashville song doctors, his main songwriting collaborator was a Nashville songwriter and producer named Shel Silverstein.

Does that moniker sound like a likely name for a songwriter living in Nashville, folks?

Kristofferson’s collaboration with the likes of Silverstein marks a true oddity. Biographical information concerning the career of Silverstein reveals he was known for his creation of oddball cartoons and children’s books more so than he was noted for songwriting. It seems most of Silverstein’s cartoons – though it is claimed children to have been the targeted audience demographic – were published in adult magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Look Magazine and Playboy, a soft-core porn publication whose founder, Hugh Hefner, had close ties to the CIA.

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Kristofferson is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and is also renowned for his acting roles in such movies as Heavens Gate and A Star is Born, a role which earned him a Golden Globe Award. The fact Kristofferson is a member of the CMHOF is highly suspect, since in a very recent installment one was able to demonstrate that CMHOF inductee Carrie Underwood is a fabricated show business character portrayed by the hidden daughter of Cher and David Geffen, Christina Aguilera AKA reality television show star Kim Kardashian, who also played a major role in the Sandy Hook mass casualty simulation event under the pseudonym of fake 1st grade teacher Kaitlin Roig in 2012.

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During the 1980’s, Kristofferson also collaborated with Willie Nelson AKA David Geffen and Johnny Cash to form country and western supergroup The Highwayman. The presence of both Cash and Nelson in biographical connection to Kristofferson – two fabricated musical entertainment characters proven to have participated in the actor-based-reality during the span of their professional careers – is clearly indicative of yet another colossal clue that “Kris Kristofferson” is also a pseudonym concealing the identity of a host actor.

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While continuing to perform research into Kristofferson’s official biographies, military and masonic connections seemed to readily avail themselves. It is claimed Kristofferson was born in Brownsville, Texas, a town that is home to Rio Grande Masonic Lodge #81 (18/occult mirrored reversal=666). The movie and music star’s alleged father, Lars Henry Kristofferson, was a US Army Corps officer and, later on, became a US Air Force major general.


After coming of age, official biographies claim Kristofferson was awarded – like another famous fabricated pop culture character, former US president Bill Clinton AKA Hollywood actor Michael Douglas – a Rhodes Scholarship to attend the prestigious Oxford University, an institution of higher scholarship with a campus and faculty that, for most of the 20th and 21st century, has seen its ranks invaded and swollen with a surfeit of professors and administrators trained by and connected to Tavistock Institute of Human Relations which, for all intents and purposes, has long-represented Europe’s most sinister purveyors of large-scale psychological operations and destructive social and political propaganda.

Regarding the identity of Kristofferson’s host actor, as usual, the helpful folks at Wikipedia have provided yet another prominent clue by informing that Kristofferson’s “paternal grandparents emigrated from Sweden,” while his mother had both “German and Swiss-German ancestry.”

But first, before pursuing the implications of that clue, ear biometric and facial recognition analysis clearly demonstrate that “Kristofferson” and “Kurt Russell” are indeed portrayed by the identical host actor:

Kurt Russell:

Kris Kristofferson:

It is remarkable that – perhaps not so surprising given where research has thus far led – there are no childhood images of Kristofferson to be found on any platform while, comparatively, there exist copious such images of the Russell character.

This is a firm indication one’s intuitive premise is proved correct by existing empirical evidence; the Kristofferson character exists as a chronologically advanced modification of the Kurt Russell character. Furthermore, image analysis indicates all of Kristofferson’s images from the eras of the 1970’s and 80’s have been modified with lens distortions, lighting angles and, the character himself seems heavily modified with facial stippling augmented by strategic applications of makeup to better hide the facial geometry of the more youthful host actor.

Observe too that, in the link to the second image of the Russell character, Russell’s character has donned eye wear, which, of course, is a time tested method often implemented to further distance the identity of the host actor from the celebrity character being portrayed.

Now in the 21st century, with Image Metrics and sophisticated CGI applications to drive facial rigs added in post-production, the aforementioned and decidedly more manual techniques utilized in the past to effectively conceal or distance the identity of the host actor from the portrayal of multiple characterizations are becoming increasingly obsolete.

Of course, these technologies will only become more sophisticated as the 21st century progresses, which shall further complicate the public’s ocular discernment and cognitive perception.

Would you believe that, however, the identical host actor portrayed “Russell” and “Kristofferson” wasn’t content to portray merely one pair of popular Hollywood celebrities?

His powerful European royal family – as major shareholders in Hollywood –  were able to create yet another profitable but fabricated character for him to portray, a celebrity character that some of you may be familiar with.

Does anybody remember Patrick Swayze (sums to 75/12/21/777 in English Ordinal Reverse Full Reduction/3/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry)?

Yes folks, Swayze is best known for his role starring in the popular film of the late 1980’s, Dirty Dancing, with Jennifer Grey, who, if loyal readers will recall from a past installment, not only played a starring role opposite Swayze in the iconic Dirty Dancing, but portrayed a grieving parent in Scotland’s Dunblane school massacre simulation drill during the mid-1990’s.

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Note that Swayze’s host actor appears in an exclusive televised interview with, of course, his family member Barbara Walters AKA Diane von Furstenberg of the Royal Swabian and Austro-German House of von Furstenberg.

Walters – as loyal readers are by now well-aware – is the long-time spouse of Hollywood mogul Barry Diller AKA former US president Ike Eisenhower/Prince Eduard von Furstenberg.

Swayze AKA Kristofferson/Russell is their son, Prince Egon von Furstenberg.

Prince Egon von Furstenberg:

Though Egon von Furstenberg’s biographies trumpet his bi-sexuality, it is important to remember this is most likely a biographical canard; a conversion scheme utilized to further distance the host actor from the alpha-male biographical attributes and established public image(s) of his various Hollywood character portrayals and from the accompanying pseudonyms he has adopted over a series of several decades.

In 1969, it was documented that Egon and Diane von Furstenberg had been wed.

But that too is another distractive biographical cannard further aiding the deceptive effectiveness of the actor-based-reality and, such fabricated but well-publicized narratives indicate the key method of operation in bolstering operational integrity of such clever schemes. Yes folks, the ruling elite’s always keep the secrets of their criminal identity schemes well within the parameters of the participating families.

By the way, for those who have enjoyed the author’s fiction, a new science-fiction/suspense/thriller entitled “Sky Parlor” is slated for a June release on Amazon, B&N, and other selected digital and print outlets.

The cover art and book blurb, however, will soon be revealed, right here at Newsspell!














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