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Meanwhile however, is there anyone out there who still doesn’t believe most of the politicians “elected” as either representatives, senators and even presidents aren’t actors?

Before addressing the definitive answer to that question, consider that the US government is a corporation; its primary business and fiduciary responsibility is to serve the commercial interests of its major stockholders, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. The government’s profit is drawn from the collection of taxes, and the employment of experienced actors has become the most surefire method to ensure the public is perpetually convinced greater tax expenditures are always necessary to solve “problems” that are routinely manufactured solely for the sake of monetary exploitation.

Most likely, a number of one’s loyal readers may not be familiar with the former American congressional Speaker of the House of Representatives from the state of Massachusetts, “Tip O’Neill”.

Nevertheless, the story of his long career as a political actor in the nation’s capitol is remarkable, because Mister O’Neill’s character is yet another pertinent example of the actor-based-reality.

Turns out, Mister “O’Neill” was portrayed by one of Hollywood’s most legendary screen actors.

Not only that folks, but the current governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, is also a character fabrication, and portrayed by a former high-profile television late-night talk show host who is also a well-known and award-winning Hollywood movie director.


During his tenure as 47th (11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) Speaker of the House of Representatives in Washington’s District of Columbia from 1977 to 1987, Thomas Phillip “Tip” O’Neill was one of politics most colorful, if not charismatic characters. By all accounts, O’Neill was also well-respected, not only by the constituents who “elected” him but by many of his colleagues, most of whom – as loyal readers have discovered – were themselves actors hired to portray a role by their corporate masters while holding office under pseudonyms verified only by unknown (members of the international brotherhood of masons) and unaccountable third parties.

Since most of one’s loyal readers will be unfamiliar with O’Neill’s political career, and for the sake of providing historical perspective, the Democrat who represented Boston’s Northern District – in length of tenure – was the third (three/EE=33) longest-serving Speaker in American history.

But official biographies claim, the beginning of O’Neill’s political career stretches back to the first quarter of the 20th century when during the 1928 presidential election, O’Neill was a volunteer campaigner for candidate Al Smith.

After humble beginnings in the game of politics during his youth, it is claimed O’Neill went on to graduate from Jesuit established Boston College. After graduation during the era of the Second World War, O’Neill was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives, where he soon became noted as a strong supporter of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal policies. This is the same president who, during the Great Depression, convinced the American people to turn in their real financial assets for the “good” of the country – gold – which left the general public holding high interest bearing paper debt instruments printed by the Crown Temple corporate banking subsidiary, the Federal Reserve.

Later in 1949, O’Neill became Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and in three short years, won election to the seat in the US House of Representatives that was formerly held by future “president”, John F. Kennedy.

Thus far in examining O’Neill’s official biographies folks, and one can safely surmise the political road had been paved very smoothly for the future “Mister Speaker.”

Throughout his tenure in the US House of Representatives, O’Neill was known as an outspoken critic of the wartime Vietnam policies of Presidents’ Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon who, as loyal readers have discovered, were both Hollywood actors in disguise (respectively AKA Robert DeNiro and Warren Beatty).



After gaining the congressional Speaker’s chair in 1977, establishing a universal health care system became one of the major hallmarks of O’Neill’s career. Of course, the concept of universal health care is a global commercial concept which, for several decades, has been advocated by the bureaucrats at the World Health Organization (those who want to poison your children with mercury filled vaccinations), and also exists as one of the major planks of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (rebranded Agenda 21), a global program funded by the prominent American merchant banking family the Rockefellers and their Rockefeller Foundation in association with a plethora of NGO’s (non-government organizations).

Yes folks, while pretending for most of his political career to serve the interests of his so-called constituents, “Tip O’Neill” was truly serving his genuine masters, the thirteen ruling elite families.


Born in Winterset, Iowa on May (5th month/2 3’s/33) 26 (12/21/777), 1907 (26/8/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order), a local newspaper reported on page 4 (2+2/22/masonic master builder) of the May 30th edition that Wayne weighed 13 lbs. (6 kg/33/13/summit of masonic pyramid) at the time of his birth.

According to his official biographies, the beginning of legendary Hollywood film star John Wayne’s career in Tinsel Town corresponds with “Tip” O’Neill’s inception into the world of American politics. Although Wayne starred in a total of 142 (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon) motion pictures, Wayne first came to public prominence when he starred in director John Ford’s 1956 production of The Searchers, which also starred Jimmy Stewart AKA Glenn Miller/President Harry Truman/the hidden father of Hollywood mogul Barry Diller AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg.

It is interesting to note that Wayne’s official biographies indicate though throughout his life he was a staunch political conservative and often voted for Republican candidates, he often expressed “admiration” for President Harry Truman, who was a Democrat.

Sounds as if Wayne was well aware of Jimmy Stewart’s chameleon-like tendencies and perhaps also aware of Stewart’s true royal identity, huh folks?

SEE: Honesty not Harry S. Truman’s best policy

After starring in his final film, 1976’s The Shootist, when he was allegedly suffering from the onslaught of cancer, Wayne made his last important public appearance in 1979 at the Academy Awards on April 9 (13/summit of masonic pyramid).

Though it is claimed Wayne shuffled off the mortal coil on June 11, 1979 (777/joker code), and though it is clear from ocular examination Tip O’Neill’s host actor was modified with copious layers of stippling and nose putty, ear biometric and facial recognition analysis confirm “The Duke” stuck around a little longer to most likely collect a generous government pension courtesy of the American taxpayer and his high-level brothers of the masonic order.

John Wayne:

“Tip” O’Neill:


Massachusetts 72md governor (77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation) Charlie Baker was allegedly born on November 13, 1956 (11+13=24/6/33/30/three/EE=33) and before entering politics, served as CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare.

Yes folks, the ruling elites always run their criminal schemes with a front man operating under a pseudonym and, as alluded to earlier on in this installment, the non-profit health care industry is usually one of their most lucrative targets to commit legal thievery.

It is claimed, as of 2019, Baker has an overall approval rating of 72% which (77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation) according to multiple mainstream sources including the Boston Globe, is the highest approval rating of any governor in the US for the “eighth quarter in a row” (8/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order/quarter/25/7/Kabbalah mind weapon or 1/4=5/2 3’s/33).

There’s only one problem with all of this, because good old Charlie Baker (sums to 93 in English Ordinal gematria/12/21/777/intelligence joker code/6 in Reverse Full Reduction/33) is not who he claims to be.

In fact folks, ear biometric and facial recognition analysis confirm that Charlie Baker made it to Beacon Hill because he may have seemed so familiar to the clueless registered voters of Massachusetts.

Most likely – although not consciously aware – they may have subconsciously realized he had been the star of his own highly rated late-night celebrity talk fest prior to his career in politics, the Conan O’Brien show.

But it turns out folks, the character of Charlie Baker exists as a slight modification of the Conan O’Brien character and both are portrayed by the same host actor, Hollywood director, Quentin Tarantino.

Quentin Tarantino:







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