NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part VIII)

If NASA is faking space missions, how could they get away with such a colossal lie? And, if they are not spending it on space missions and science, where does all their money go?

Those are the questions one often hears posed here at

Presently, one shall attempt to address them.

In beginning to address the first, one should ask oneself: In the final analysis, which party is more culpable in terms of moral depravity? Is it NASA, casting spells through the television’s dream machine, using the power of suggestion to invert fantasy and objective reality? Or, is it the hundreds of millions who were told in public school a man landed on the moon, and with imaginations thoroughly stimulated, having bought and emotionally invested in the lie, propagated it through repetition? Knowing the masses are largely spelled by and in thrall to their considerable powers of magic suggestion, NASA doesn’t feel it necessary to hide away their lies under lock and key in some top secret underground vault.

And why?

Because, their lies are kept safe by the masses who believe them-and shall undoubtedly continue to do so. Until, that is, someone in a position of authority provides a social cue that it is okay to question NASA’s dubious scientific validity. Perhaps, the masses at large are waiting for the return of Jesus from heaven, or Superman from Krypton to magically expunge the lies from their infantile minds and finally spoon feed them the truth.

That is how NASA gets away propagating such a colossal lie with impunity-because the emotionally invested masses believe it and shall summarily attack anyone with vicious fury who fails to believe it, or even worse, identifies the lie and dares to destroy the illusion with the truth.

Face it folks, the masses don’t like the truth, because lies are simply more sexy.

As for addressing the second question, involving NASA’s money, one believes NASA is nothing more than a low end movie production house, through which is laundered billions in windfall profits collected from the global narcotics trade. For those who may scoff or perhaps may not understand the nature of how such a massive criminal enterprise would function in plain sight-please, read on!  

In his lecture given at the Kennedy/Johnson Space Center, former ‘astronaut’ Don Petit articulated the idea that rocket technology, as presently constituted, is not suitable for launching astronauts into earth orbit, much less suitably safe for deep space travel. He also happened to remark in a separate interview for NASA’s space exploration channel, that “the only limits to a human future in space is our imagination.”


Could it be, NASA’s existence is more akin to a Hollywood movie production studio, than that of a government organization, dedicated to the advancement of progressive scientific inquiry?

These public comments from a ‘former astronaut’, combined with NASA’s own admissions the myriad of photographs of earth from space posted on the official website consist of strung together computer generated images, leads one not only to the obvious conclusion the information NASA relates to the public may be of negligible scientific value, but to ask an additionally pertinent question: What exactly then is NASA doing with the billions of American tax dollars afforded to it?

The following may be considered grossly controversial, perhaps to some, even borderline slanderous.

So be it; one shall allow the path of truth to lead where it may.

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The international narcotics trade is big business, perhaps bigger than any other-than oil, gold, or diamonds. It has been estimated the annual international drug trade-heroin, cocaine, marijuana-surpasses the GDP of most third world countries, totaling in the multi-trillions.

Yes, folks, trillions with a T.

If one doubts the US government and it’s subsidiary banks under the umbrella of the Crown Temple in London don’t launder drug money, consider the following. Back in 2008, Wachovia, one of the largest multi-national investment banks, was caught red handed laundering money for Mexican drug cartels.


Both the US government, and CIA were implicated as complicit in the massive operation. It was estimated over 378 billion dollars had been handled and laundered by Wachovia, Bank of America, and its subsidiaries. But, that turned out to be only part and parcel of the entire scandalous story.

Though at the time, the Obama administration trumpeted a new ‘war on drugs’, numerous investigations by both independent Mexican and American journalists revealed collusion between the Mexican and US military and the Juarez and Sinaloa drug cartels. The intention, it seems, was not to stop, impede, or even marginally disrupt the illicit flow of tons of cocaine into the US annually, but to eliminate the Juarez cartel in favor of a stronger market position on the part of the Sinaloa’s.

And why?

Because the Sinaloa cartel was more amenable to allowing CIA, affiliated and in collusion with the money laundering banks, a bigger percentage of the overall market share, whereas, the Juarez cartel were not.

Worse still, the ownership of the planes transporting the illicit cargo, Sky Way aircraft, were traced to a private investment bank in Dallas with reported ties to Mexican industrialists in league with the upper management of the Sinaloa cartel. Upon further investigation, the links grew deeper still, to a connection with Q-tel Inc., an investment banking group financed by none other than CIA, the criminals in action headquartered at Langley, Virginia. Illicit funds obtained through the international narcotics trade, once laundered through the pyramid of banking affiliates, can then be transferred to untraceable offshore accounts, either in the Cayman Islands, or other exotic locales, to protect the tax positions of the rich and powerful.

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The funds could also be used to create other business havens, that to the public, may seem legitimate, but are, in reality, fronts or ‘brass plates’, through which more illicit funds can be laundered and shown on the account books as representing the sale, trade, or requisitions of inventoried stock. To demonstrate how this may work on a smaller level, allow one to produce a hypothetical scenario. A local drug lord acquiring the financial wherewithal, could, with a relatively small investment of three to six million dollars, purchase controlling interest in a fast food or convenience store franchise, or perhaps video store.

The illicit cash acquired through illegal drug deals could be transformed to appear on the store’s books as inventory, petty cash, or outright profit. Once recorded on the books, the transactions would appear to any auditor or CPA as legitimate business profits, debits, or credits. The illicit money, therefore, has been efficiently and effectively ‘washed’ clean. The money laundering process on a greater scale, of the type that would involve billions of profits acquired from the heroin trade in Afghanistan for example, would of course be much more complex, involving the cooperation and collusion of a complex web of banking and legitimate corporate business enterprises. This is where the links between the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, the acquisition of its vast heroin trade and NASA, all comes into play.

Whether one wants to assert the reasons for the US invasion put forth by the mainstream media sorcerers were legitimate, the fact remains US troops, in cooperation with multi-national contractors, are being utilized to enable the trillion dollar global heroin trade. The Afghan poppy crop, once harvested and shipped to refineries in Middle Eastern countries also currently occupied by US military presence, is imported by sea via multi-national oil tankers to American shores, where it is unloaded and distributed to regional drug lords working in cooperation with CIA, FBI, and ATF. This heroin ends up in the veins of American, Canadian, and Mexican citizens, the profits from which are then laundered through various merchant and investment banks. The laundered profits are turned into genuine assets, assets which become represented by legally and publicly traded stocks and bonds on Wall Street. Given the immense largess discussed, it is not beyond the realm of possibility to suggest, if the drug trade were to be even marginally disrupted, it would mean massive unemployment for judges, police departments, federal agencies, not to mention the massive and profitable private prison and human warehousing industry, which derives most of its human inventory from small time drug offenders charged in both state and federal courts.

The drug trade is allowed to flourish because it is perpetually profitable. Only competition from unauthorized upstarts are summarily investigated, arrested and imprisoned.

It is relatively safe to conclude, that the money laundering exploits on the part of Wachovia and Bank of America, represent but the tip of one very titanic iceberg. Hypothetically, imagine a government agency such as NASA, which recently received a 91 billion allocation from the federal government. Suppose, the amount quoted in this transaction was largely bogus, in terms of what was actually allocated to the space agency-say ten percent-the rest, is legally recorded as a congressional appropriation, but is, in truth, profits garnered from the harvest, refinement, global sale and distribution of Afghan derived heroin.

The headline news of NASA receiving such a windfall would appear legitimate to the public, but is, in actuality, an ingenious and clandestine method of drug trafficking and money laundering, hidden in plain sight, courtesy of NASA and the US government.

And to think, these are the very organizations siphoning off one’s tax dollars.

Question is, folks, does one still condone the rather minimal return on one’s considerable investment in what amounts to perhaps legal, but criminal organizations?

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10 thoughts on “NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part VIII)

    1. Another pertinent point is that NASA is listed as falling under the auspices of the Department of Defense as an arm of ‘public relations’. Although the specifics of my premise fall largely under educated speculation, there is no doubt US armed forces were deployed to Afghanistan for the sole purpose of securing the poppy fields on behalf of the multi-national banking cartels wishing to monopolize profits derived from the global heroin trade.

      1. Loved the line in the movie “Independence Day” when they were underground at the center where the aliens were being studied. And the actor comments about the incredibleness of the lab site and asked how they funded it. The answer to an effect was no one ask for an explanation as to why the line item for a hammer is $7000.00 dollars.

      2. Isn’t it. They are clever and once in awhile someone picks up on the clue and calls a number or gets through one of the layers. We wonder if they are tracked from that point on?

      3. All of us are under constant surveillance. But, yes, data is most likely sifted from the internet and they look for certain key words. From there, most likely the level of surveillance becomes more frequent. One’s feeling is that the elites position, given the level of omniscient surveillance on the masses they fell is necessary, is deceptively weak. They are not all-powerful, or god-like, but pathetic control freaks.

      4. They certainly aren’t omniscient but they sure want to be don’t they. They do want to control the masses and all the more reason to step back and question things instead of just follow the crowd.

      5. Your latter point is difficult for most to ultimately contemplate, simply because so much is invested, materially and emotionally, into the prevailing status quo.

      6. So true. Sometimes people are just plain afraid to admit that maybe just maybe they are being duped because of all they have invested. Becoming an independent thinker is a process but a great one.

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