Hoax factor: the real Bill O’Reilly

For decades, Bill O’Reilly was a megastar on the Fox (666) news channel. From 1996 until 2017, millions tuned in to his show, The O’Reilly Factor, to enjoy hearing the confrontational commentator bloviating about the latest news topics, or whatever else happened to have crossed his feeble mind.

Per Wikipedia, The O’Reilly Factor was the highest rated cable news television production for sixteen years (7/zayin, the Kabbalah mind weapon) and O’Reilly was described by media analyst Howard Kurtz as “the biggest star in the twenty (2/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) year history at Fox news.”

Despite all of his heralded success, O’Reilly was still unceremoniously dismissed and fired by Fox executives.

Though there may be no business like show business, as the fat lady Ethel Merman once sang, O’Reilly’s demise also proves there is no business perhaps more ungrateful and unforgiving.

Then again, given the true identity of O’Reilly’s host actor, the decision to terminate O’Reilly’s contract most likely represented a show business ruse meant solely for the benefit of public consumption. For, it is likely, O’Reilly’s host actor had either grown tired of the role or decided to move on, tending to more pressing business or other committments considered more paramount.

But, as loyal readers are soon to learn, Bill O’Reilly was yet another character portrayed by a very familiar host actor, a television charlatan, and charismatic impostor.

And, perhaps not surprisingly, yet another connection between Hollywood and European royalty has been uncovered and shall soon be revealed.

Television is the land of Oz, a colorful landscape of twisted perceptions viewed through the looking glass mirror that cruelly, plays upon and distorts mankind’s inherent duality. For a period of decades, the character known as Bill O’Reilly reigned as an all-powerful sovereign over a tragic kingdom where nothing was what it truly seemed. But folks, one shall endeavor to once again rip away the obscuring curtain to reveal the true identity of the king of the Emerald Kingdom pulling the levers.

JonBenet Ramsey

Bill O’Reilly officially began his television career in the late 1980’s anchoring the tabloid television network Inside Edition before ascending to nationwide fame hosting The O’Reilly Factor.

What the American television viewing audience may not have been aware, is that O’Reilly starred in what was perhaps, other than the OJ Simpson hoax trial and the sexual imbroglio of a misbehaving commander in chief, the most dramatic and shocking news story of the entire decade of the American 1990’s, of the type Inside Edition thrived, and always the sort of eventful news story, though appearing to be genuine, that is created out of whole cloth, complete with actors, professionally conceived scripts and directors.

The JonBenet Ramsey case represented a long-running and successful (profitable) reality television drama that had most Americans glued to their television screens, anxious to see what would happen next.

Undoubtedly however, most of the American television audiences of the decade remained unaware that most of the characters starring in the JonBenet television drama had also been featured before in the guise of other characters well known to American popular culture.

This is the predominating method of operation employed by the business of corporately produced television. When a set of actors, combined with an undeniably scintillating storyline is demonstrated to be profitable and successful, that scenario is deemed to be a definite ratings grabber by television executives and becomes immediately formulized and eventually serialized.

Profitable content creation, after all, is the primary fiduciary responsibility of television executives, for they know the maintenance of their continued employment relies on generating a profit for their actual but publicly unlisted stockholders – the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Without dramatic stories accompanied by reliable actors and marketable personalities to bring them to life -consciousness transforming stories with indelible images that, once cemented into the public mind, will sell advertising time – it is fair to assume the entire corporate television media complex would crumble faster than the ancient Pompeian ruins.

The JonBenet Ramsey story not only provided maximum drama for the
American television viewing audience, but provided maximum profit for the network shareholders, as well profits for the advertisers who bought ad blocks during prime time.
But is was all merely a theatrical production designed as a psychological weapon of mass distraction, a corporate gambit tweaked and massaged by Hollywood script and screen writers.

Where is the evidence for all of this, one may ask?

Perhaps, the operative question should be – how LOWE (does anyone remember Saint Elmo’s Fire LOL) can one go?

The character who portrayed a starring role in this theatrical farce was none other than Bill O’Reilly. What loyal readers and the general public may not be aware, is that the identity of “Bill O’Reilly” is merely another theatrically designed character.

Turns out, there were other actors involved in portraying  JonBenet’s family members, including this actor:


This actor is the hidden family relation of John Travolta AKA Joe Namath, Matt Lattanzi, better known as not only the brother of the fictional JonBenet Ramsey, but both ear biometric and facial recognition analysis indicates, he is the actor who also portrayed action hero Jean Claude Van Damme, and the 1980’s brat pack actor, Rob Lowe.

He is also the hidden son of Olivia Newton John, with whom Travolta starred in the late 1970’s cinematic musical production entitled Grease.

As for O’Reilly, he portrayed the slain six-year-old (six/33/high degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) JonBenet’s beleaguered father.


A closer examination of the photo found at the link listed above demonstrates that it is the result of post-production photo-shop cutting and pasting.

And wouldn’t you know it folks – both of JonBenet’s parents were interviwed by our old friend, Barbara Walters AKA Princess Diane von Furstenberg, while Lattanzi was posed in a televised expose with none other than the psycho babbling Doctor Phil AKA Kevin Spacey, who happens to be the hidden son of this award winning actress:

Academy Award winning actress, Sally Field:


Sally Field also starred as Christine Leinonen (Lei/masonic law of reversal/Lie+O=Land of Oz/77/masonic play on phonics/Lie – on and on) in the media staged extravaganza of simulated human sacrfice at Orlando, Florida’s Pulse nightclub:


This is how the staged and fraudulent nature of hoaxed media events is kept secret – the same actors, working under the strict terms and conditions of a corporate, Hollywood contract(s) are repeatedly utilized. The rest, or extras starring in minor roles, are most likely sworn into their local masonic lodges, sworn to secrecy upon pain of suffering either public, financial, and social disgrace, or perhaps, as in the legendary tale of masonic turncoat Captain William Morgan, even death.

The most glaring clue as to the identity of JonBenet’s father? – the presence of Barbara Walters.

It seems, folks, whenever and wherever that Her Highness may appear, especially when it comes to the salacious and spectacular, but manufactured nature of a nationwide news story such as the alleged death of JonBenet Ramsey (kudos to loyal readers who may already be one step ahead of the author here) her husband Barry Diller/AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg one expects to be never far behind.

John Bennet Ramsey:


Bill O’Reilly:


Barry Diller:


It can now be reported that indeed, from the results of facial recognition and ear biometric analysis, there can be no doubt, the host actor who portrayed the fictional father of JonBenet Ramsey (Ram/symbolic of the Pagan horned god Pan/E=33/Y=yoni/maternal female energy) was none other than Hollywood mogul Barry Diller AKA Austro-German Prince, Eduard (Egon) von Furstenberg.

It is also important to remember that, Barry Diller, Bill O’Reilly’s host actor, has and still owns majority stock in the FOX broadcasting network.

Truly folks, the man known to American television audiences as Bill O’Reilly, like the classic British stage and screen actor Alec Guiness, is a man of one-thousand faces – and every one belonging to a rogue’s gallery of lying masks.









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