More than any other task in the arduous search for ultimate truth, deconstructing the ‘sacred cow’ of NASA space exploration has proven the most painful. As a child, no one was more inspired by the epic tales of brave astronauts blasting off to explore the wondrous dangers of the last frontier. But, there comes a time, when one must put away childish notions and observe the world from the perspective of greater wisdom and maturity. It is time humanity learn to construct and deconstruct reality for itself, rather than willingly surrendering that inspiring power to those in positions of so-called authority. The time has come, for the masses to unite and lead themselves, to no longer allow priests, politicians, and world leaders to usurp the great responsibility of charting the path of mankind’s destiny

Many, despite the space agency’s countless mealy mouthed and contradictory assertions, still believe in the scientific credibility of NASA. No matter on how many occasions NASA officials and spokespersons have been exposed as liars and charlatans, a significant percentage of Americans remain beguiled by NASA’s outlandish and fantastical claims of far reaching space exploration. In the process of marketing their trumpeted mission to Mars program, NASA has repeatedly made quite stunning admissions they have yet to negotiate their way around the technological quandary of launching rockets replete with ‘astronauts’ past the deadly radiation of the Van Allen belts existing just beyond earths outer atmosphere, despite claiming to have accomplished exactly this six times between 1969-1972. Could it be the very definition of the Van Allen radiation belts and their scientific description are a covert code hiding a deeper truth? Could it be, right from inception, the ostensible mission of NASA was not the pursuit of scientific knowledge or space exploration, but rather to use scientifically derived semantics in the service of continuing to formulate, manufacture, and manage the masses changing perceptions of not only the world, and the universe, but mankind’s particular place within it to suit an overarching agenda?

Turns out, this may be the case.

Could it be, NASA is but one propaganda coefficient in a conspiratorial formula to incrementally bring to fruition complete monopolization and subjugation over the psychology and spirituality of mankind? Research and educated inquiry would seem to bear out this premise.

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humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.


The Jesuit order, founded by Ignatius Loyola in the sixteenth century, serves as the ecclesiastical spearhead of the covert three pronged trident of global governance consisting of Washington D.C. and the Crown Temple banking conglomerate headquartered within the one squared mile confines of the city of London. In truth, the Society of Jesus may appear to have an ecclesiastical facade, but it is militarily philosophical, both in principle and in practice. Loyola himself was a mercenary warrior, the brutal methods of torture and covert intelligence gathering developed during the span of his lifetime were later utilized to secure the unquestioned allegiance of Jesuit followers, adherents, agents and priests. The Jesuit order, begun officially in 1540 with the blessing of Pope Paul III, quickly became infamous for their skill at deception and subterfuge. Their ability to infiltrate governments and institutions of higher learning; their standing as ministers to kings, and new leaders in education; the very influence they wielded was tantamount to becoming humanly insurmountable. With such highly developed skill sets, combined with an inherently sinister nature for subversion, the Jesuit order was able to consolidate not only a great influence over the court intrigues of the Vatican, but successfully practiced their covert ploys of deception upon the thrones of Europe. In essence, they became the grand agents of social, economic, and political change that became known to historical posterity as the ‘age of enlightenment’.


Working through government entities and in the field of world education, the Jesuits were able to guide the direction of scientific research to further their own agenda and ends. Soon, working through their agents, the Jesuit order was able to manufacture and present to the world the greatest lie of all time, the idea that man and earth were not the center of the universe, but merely one grain of sand upon the virtually boundless desert of time and space. But, in taking that metaphor further, the Jesuits began, using their agents in Hollywood and at NASA, to mass propagandize the idea that other worlds amid this concocted idea of a cosmic wasteland may not only be habitable, but that their might exist signs of intelligent and sentient life forms. In order to more greatly instill this idea in the minds of the masses, the Jesuits employed the services of scientists, many of whom became, by virtue of strict oath, loyal adherents to the intransigent and tyrannical philosophy of the Jesuit creed. That an order ostensibly based on religious philosophy should produce the predominant number of scientists and astronomers in post-medieval Europe, has never been questioned or pointed out by historians.

Historians are also loathe to point out that Copernicus, the scientist responsible-through a vast compendium of published scientific journals-for extolling the virtues of a newly conceived heliocentric universe, was in fact working under the auspices of the Jesuit order, in helping to undermine the old world tenets still stubbornly upheld by the dissident Protestant religious faith. In truth, the protestant reformation was yet another Jesuit ruse utilizing the time tested Hegelian dialectic, of opposing thesis and antithesis, to culminate a desired political, economic, social, and in this case, scientific and philosophical synthesis.

Also conspicuously omitted from the historical record is the fact the theories of both evolution and the ‘Big Bang’, were both the product of Jesuit agents. The theory of a formless singularity mysteriously exploding into an intricate web of material order was authored by a Jesuit priest, scientist and agent.

Writing in 2015, Jesuit priest Andrew Pinsent, research director of the Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion at Oxford University, claims, “being both a priest and former particle physicist at CERN, I am often asked to give talks on both science and faith. Quite often young people ask me the following question ‘How can you be a priest and believe in the ‘Big Bang?’ To which I am delighted to respond. We {the Jesuits} invented it! Or more precisely, Priest Georges Lemaitre invented the theory that is today called the Big Bang and everyone should know about him.” ( Lemaitre was a Belgian priest, astronomer, and professor of physics at the Catholic University at Leuven. To cloak the Jesuit origin, Lemaitre’s theory of the expansion of the universe, entitled ‘hypothesis of the primeval atom’, has been historically attributed to yet another secret agent of the order, Edwin Hubble.

The theory of evolution, authored by Jesuit agent Charles Darwin, led, via cause and effect, to the spread of the following global perceptions: 1.) the heliocentric earth model and the ‘Big Bang’ are inextricably linked. 2.) The theory of ‘Big Bang’, the idea that out of a chaotic cosmic explosion and convergence of coincidental events, likely rose the evolving of species based upon the philosophy of survival of the fittest. 3.) By dint of prefabricated logic, evolution is likely the most scientifically well conceived explanation to supplant the previously held belief that a master creator or creative force was responsible for the emergence of all sentient and material life in the universe, thus bringing forth the advent of humanistic moral relativism and anti-deistic philosophies such as Sartre’s existentialism and the more nihilistic school of Fredrick Nietzsche.

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Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?


Fast forward to the era approaching mid-way through the twentieth century, and yet another scientist emerged as a key Jesuit agent in the furtherance of the orders grand conspiracy to foment world domination. That the Jesuit order had a hand in planting their agent Hitler to usurp power from the Wiemar Republic in Germany, acting as agent provocateur and global bogeyman was no accident of history. Werner Von Braun, rocket scientist, Jesuit agent and sworn member of the Knights of Malta, was recruited by the National Socialist Party to head the Chancellor’s V2 rocket program headquartered at Buchenwald. Historians conveniently omit the fact both the National Socialist government and the V2 rocket program were funded by the London Crown Temple bank in cooperation with captains of Wall Street finance.


Werner Von Braun, along with hundreds of Nazi SS officers, were smuggled into the US for empoyment in America’s ‘cold war’ space race. Under Operation Paperclip, some 350 German scientists and former intelligence agents were given visas and well paying jobs. Many of these scientists, had questionable pasts. In truth, Braun himself had been an active member of the Nazi party and his colleague, Hubertus Strughold, a specialist in aviation medicine, had performed gruesome experiments on concentration camp inmates. (

The covert purpose of Operation Paperclip seems to have been the establishment of a word wide authority to all things relating to space and astronomy. NASA has always acted as a front for the promulgation of astronomical pseudo-science while hiding what it doesn’t wish for the general pubic to know. NASA and the Vatican own and operate the Vatican observatory, one of the oldest institutes in the world. And yet, does there exist empirical evidence the Vatican observatory has been observing outer space-are there no photographs, or scientific data sets made known to the public other than the photo shopped data streamed composites NASA provides?

It seems for 500 years, the Jesuit order refuses to reveal exactly what, if anything, remotely scientific is performed in conjunction with NASA at the Vatican observatory. In essence, the grand purpose of establishing America’s cold war space race seems twofold: 1.) Deep space missions to the moon performed a psychological affirmation of the Copernican heliocentric model 2.) NASA’s triumphant victory in the space race over the lumbering Soviet stalking horse psychologically affirmed, and reinforced by Hollywood produced science fiction movies like Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, that if man had grasped the capability of manned deep space travel, the probability that an intelligent race from the vastness of space could reach earth with perhaps similar if not vastly superior technology.

In truth, the inception of NASA and it’s space program were established solely for the purpose of psychologically conditioning the world’s masses to the grand Jesuit end game. That end game, is to foment or creatively concoct, an alien invasion scenario as the final card played to finally condition the masses for the necessity of the eradication of national sovereignty, in lieu of an established globally governing order, with the Jesuit order at the head of it.

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