The heavily promoted ‘climate change’ agenda represents a grand veil, hiding a well oiled conspiratorial mechanism working to bring forth global economic, political, and social transition, a plan which, through the course of the coming decade(s), shall see its final culmination here in the West.

Ultimately, however, the sobering veracity of this analysis will be denied and even scorned by the majority, those who have chosen to embrace the emotively-driven ideological rhetoric of the climate change narrative.

The Climate Change agenda – though it may seem like a recent development – is nothing new.

This is an agenda which has been long in the making.

Its origins emanate from decades ago, from the covert meetings of the Club of Rome in the 1950’s and 60’s, to the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency during the political tenure of the Nixon administration in the early 1970’s here in the US, and to the international Climate Accords consolidated in the early 1990’s.

In retrospect, amid many of history’s significant social and political movements (Bolshevik revolution, German National Socialism’s Beer Hall Putsch, America’s 1st wave of feminism, Counter-Culture, and Civil Rights movements), there has always emerged a centrifugal and sometimes charismatic figure, a cult of personality which arrived fully formed to take their place upon the world stage. Such historical figures often appear to possess an inherent sense of moral superiority and, even in some cases, divinely inspired powers of persuasion and galvanizing leadership.

The latest “Christ-like” figure which has been placed before the general public to help promote the “climate change” agenda, “Greta Thunberg”, is but one of many such figures which have appeared throughout history.

But like all such heavily promoted personality archetypes, she is an actor, engineered to perpetuate the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Thunberg has also been identified as the successor to the throne of a prominent European royal family while playing her scripted role under a pseudonym.

As it turns out, “Greta Thunberg” is not the only pseudonym employed by the Belgian Princess, Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant. But on this occasion, the genuine source of the character’s pseudonym – “Greta Thunberg – will be revealed.

The name’s origins emanate from a 20th century Nobel Prize winning scientist, the first ever, in fact, to theorize a connection between human CO2 emissions and what came to be known –  in the context of the modern climate change movement –  as the “Greenhouse effect”.

Stay tuned, folks.      


Throughout human history, the global climate – at times catastrophically – has always undergone periods or cycles of change.

No rationally minded individual now living – at least no one who has bothered to research the history of the world’s climate –  denies this.

And yet, the promotional heft utilized to fully leverage the present “climate change” movement into the general public’s consciousness, oftentimes resorts to semantical and pseudo-scientific trickery (“Al Gore”) and emotively-based psychology (“Greta Thunberg”) to achieve its cleverly occulted goals.

Now however, the thirteen families have resorted to using one of their own – a mere child – as a tool of mass psychological manipulation.

And, as we’ve discovered, both “Al Gore” and Miss “Greta Thunberg” are fictional characters portrayed by host actors.

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One should think, such blatantly manipulative tactics might foster general suspicion as to the genuine goals of the “climate change” movement.

Though here in the West, there are signs such suspicions regarding the “climate change” movement may be growing among a greater percentage of the general public, the thirteen families have demonstrated a willingness to utilize whatever tactics become expedient in either diminishing and even eliminating pockets of remaining dissent, opposition which might retard or – if left unchecked – even derail the progress of their ongoing social, economic, and political agendas.

But like the climate change agenda and the transformative nature of its accompanying propaganda, these sorts of extreme tactics are nothing new either.

In America, the West, and elsewhere, these extreme tactics reveal the heavy hand of the thirteen families which – throughout history – have always remained hidden behind the soft power of varying ideological labels.

Over the coming decade(s), optimal levels of security – necessitating Homeland Security’s emergency preparedness drill simulations (“school shootings”) involving multiple jurisdictions of law enforcement in active cooperation with federal agencies – will be required in America and throughout the West for the following reasons: 1.) the influx of mass immigration to fill the job requirements of the emerging service/convenience-based retail economy in the US as it incrementally transitions from its former incarnation as a major industrial producer/exporter 2.) the economic downsizing of the middle-class consisting of low to mid-level corporate managers, clerks, civil servants, accountants, and administrators. In the coming decades, the human resources drawn from the socio-economic demographics of the middle class, which have traditionally occupied these occupations/professions, are to be replaced by what is believed to be greater “business efficiency”; deployment of AI, robotics, and digital algorithms 3.) complete transition to a fully automated and digitally oriented universal-based income/economic system. And finally, 4.) the incremental but strategic downsizing of non-essential human resources/corporate inventory through the free distribution of vaccines and covert deployment of RAF/microwaves broadcasted via the proliferation of 5G towers and “smart” meters. Those remaining human resources of the downsized American population will be strategically relocated from rural and suburban areas (which will be geographically transitioned into “environmental habitats”) into urban safe zones or “smart” cities which will be closely monitored by sophisticated electronic surveillance grids.


The “climate change” agenda also exists as a euphemism for the Third World War (strategic relocation/systematic and controlled demolition/economic transition) which was outlined by high-degree freemason Albert Pike in his tome, Morals and Dogma. This is a war which – in addition to planned economic social, and political transition – will result in the destruction of the world’s major exoteric religions (Christianity/Islam) and mark the widespread establishment of a universalist, global faith.

The culmination of these grand transitions will incrementally emerge and are being promoted and marketed under the euphemistic label of “climate change”.

The thirteen families have chosen the character of “Greta Thunberg” to be their chief salesperson/propagandist and the new face of their “climate change” movement.

However, “Greta Thunberg” is not the only pseudonym which has been utilized by Belgian Princess Elisabeth, the Duchess of Brabant.

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Before proceeding deeper into the results of that particular investigation, here is a link to a site which clearly demonstrates the concept of geoengineering is not some sort of wild “conspiracy theory”:

The concept of weather modification techniques have been in development for a period of several decades, and several nations have even participated as signatories of accords, legal agreements, and other global contractual arrangements which define the parameters or “terms of engagement” of weather modification deployment, and exactly how and under what circumstances modifications of weather are legally permitted or prohibited.



Sometimes, the truth is revealed to the public, but never in a purely undigested formulation. This is the role of controlled opposition/”alternative media” channels such as Snopes, Veterans Today, Ole Dammegard, and Jim Fetzer. Each is charged with distributing especially branded forms of disinformation (lies concealing kernels of truth) which are tailored to the preconceived and predigested ideological notions – whether to the left or to the right of the political spectrum – of its targeted audience.

This is how the dialectical game of political and social divisions are maintained, to keep the proletarian herds separated into divided camps, while all remain bewildered, confused, agitated, and misinformed. The better to, collectively, lead each side toward accepting prefabricated mass perceptions which, ultimately, benefit the social, political, and economic goals of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

This is the brand of manufactured controversy recently attempted with speculations regarding the genuine identity of “Greta Thunberg”.

While those “alternative media” sites which attract the right wing of the political spectrum proposed the idea Thunberg and an Australian actress, Estella Renee AKA “Brasier” may be one and the same, the left hand of the “alternative media”, represented largely by Snopes, attempted to “debunk” such speculations.

But as we’ve seen on numerous occasions, this method of operation represents – as it were – business as usual, concerning how the grand dialectical games of manufacturing public perception and mass consent are normally played.

The inference(s) made by both sides, however, are also designed to further exacerbate malicious debate and promote further division among alternative media researchers and its growing legions of followers.


Meanwhile, amid all the seemingly spurious inferences and callous social media mud slinging, a clear vista towards the truth has been opened to the public, a vista through which many refuse to observe. Tellingly, while an array of spinmeisters continue to work their perceptual sorcery on the general public, Renee AKA Brasier’s image has been removed from her Star Now profile, and all images associated with her Facebook account and the accompanying profile are now private.

Furthermore, Thunberg’s biographies claim – approximately more than two years before appearing in the public’s eye – she was involved with protest activities concerning the “climate change” movement.

Therefore, it is reasonable to surmise, “Estella Renee” AKA “Brasier” was likely an earlier character incarnation of the host actor – Belgian Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant –  at a younger age, and she was later modified into the character which became known as climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

The footage of Renee AKA Brasier’s “tearful” interview alleged to have taken place at a climate strike event in September of 2019,  is likely “B roll” news footage from three years prior and during post-production, added in with other rolls of footage taken on the day of the “climate strike” event of September 20 for dramatic effect. Although it is not conclusive, image comparison and facial recognition analysis indicate the structures of the cheek bones and brow ridges – between Renee AKA Brasier and Thunberg’s host actor, Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant – possess a remarkably similar facial geometry.

Princess Elisabeth’s Belgian royal family has genealogical relations with both the royal houses of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and the Swedish royal family through the line of abdicated King Leopold III, the father of the former Belgian monarch and Princess Elisabeth’s grandfather, Albert II (more on him and his connections to the Swedish royals and the name Thunberg, shortly).

Consider also, Australia belongs to the British Commonwealth of Nations and, therefore, it isn’t surprising to discover an actress who appears to be Thunberg’s younger character incarnation has connections with that nation.

Ultimately, it must be considered, there may be ulterior purpose(s) for the leaking of this information through channels of the alternative media.

The leaking of this information – is Thunberg the Australian actress, Estella Renee AKA Brasier? – not only creates dramatic controversy which serves to inflate the profits of internet ad traffic to alternative media/controlled opposition websites, but also serves to misdirect the general public away from ever considering for whose benefit – thirteen ruling elite royal families –  the “climate change” agenda is being so widely promoted.

Estella Renee AKA Brasier:

Greta Thunberg:

Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant:

In the final analysis – with Belgian Queen Mathilde AKA iconic MSM journalist Jane Pauley and Belgian King Phillipe AKA CNN’s news correspondent John King, the Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant and, we should not forget from a previous installment, Leopold III AKA the legendary Bing Crosby – it is more than fair to say, the Belgian royal family has established an extensive legacy in the entertainment industry.

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While further researching the royal genealogy of Princess’s Elisabeth’s family, a most remarkable discovery was made.

Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant AKA Greta Thunberg’s grandfather, the former king of Belgium, Albert II, is a man with a genealogy which stretches back to the 18th century, to the Hohenzollern Empire, Kings Frederick I and Oscar of Sweden, to the “unintroduced” nobilities of Strale af Enka and the noble House of Bernadotte (“Unintroduced” denotes German foreign nobility which, in both cases, took up residence in Sweden during the reign of King Charles IX), and to a Nobel Prize-winning (1903 for Chemistry) scientist by the name of Svante Arrhenius, who was the first to develop a thesis concerning the “Greenhouse Effect”.

Albert II of Belgium:

Arrhenius’s theory espoused the idea that human produced CO2 emissions from fossil fuels could be considerable enough to cause global warming. Arrhenius’s theory, as we have all discovered, has become the “scientific” foundation for the climate change movement.

There’s only one problem with Arrhenius’s theory, however. Fuel, or gas, doesn’t derive from fossils, it is produced naturally by the earth via an abiotic process.


Svante Arrhenius:

What we didn’t know – until now – there is not only a genealogical connection between Svante Arrhenius and the host actor of Greta Thunberg, Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant and her royal family, but Thunberg’s character modification scheme derives its name from the Nobel Prize-winning scientist.

While examining Svante Arrhenius’s official biographies, a rather remarkable discovery was made, as it relates to the media-fabricated character of climate change guru, Greta Thunberg.

It turns out, not only was Svante Arrhenius the first scientist to propose the theory of Greenhouse CO2 emissions as the cause of global climate change, or, what came to be known as the “Greenhouse Effect”, but according to official biographies, Arrhenius was born in 1859 near Uppsala, Kingdom of Sweden, the son of Svante Gustav and – wait for it folks – Carolina THUNBERG Arrhenius.

And there you have it, not only is the host actor of Greta Thunberg a member of the Belgian royal family, a family with a long history of participation in the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation and with direct genealogical ties to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, but the character – “Greta Thunberg” – portrayed by Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant derives her name from the mother of a 20th century Nobel Prize-winning scientist, the very man who, in turn, devised the theoretical foundation undergirding the current “climate change” movement.

Does anyone think this discovery will ever be reported by the MSM?

Don’t bet on it, folks.


The fabricated character scheme known as “Greta Thunberg”, upon further investigation, has now been reidentified as Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway.

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  1. Damn, I thought she had burned out because I haven’t heard any mention of her in days.

    *** don’t feed the flames, and the fire will go out – I always say

    1. I understand your sentiment. It is nice to think if everyone ignores dear Greta, she will kindly fade away. On the other hand, take a moment to consider, the ruling thirteen families – who pay no taxes – are determined to pursue their climate change agenda by whatever means necessary, and that includes taxing humanity into the poor house with a global carbon tax.

      1. Unless we all rise up and say “no more, ” we will never be free.
        It’s not just the thirteen ruling families, but also the people that work for those families – – like Greta. So yes, “whatever” means necessary, they are the ones that get their hands dirty.

      2. She doesn’t merely work on behalf of the families’ agenda,, she is genealogically related. She is royalty hiding in plain sight, behind a pseudonym and a media generated mask. This is the game they’ve played for centuries which facilitates and perpetuates their global economic system. Another example is the character of Donald Trump AKA Brian Williams/Stefan Casiraghi Grimaldi, an ancient family bloodline of Monaco and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha which traces back to the Roman Empire. The most colossal misperception ever perpetrated is the idea the “deep state” is hidden away in a dark and smoke filled room, when they’re right in front of you, whenever you turn on the television, or watch a music video or a movie at your local cineplex. The solution to the general public becoming ‘free’, is to begin denying these families the very sustenance of power which perpetuates their global economic system: 1.) tax money 2.) profits from the sale of commercial goods manufactured, promoted and distributed by corporations they own, frivolous commercial products which aren’t essential to living a fulfilling life. These are just some of the greater reasons why exposing the true identity of “Greta Thunberg” and denying the implementation of a global carbon tax is truly an imperative.

  2. Good job on the research! I like it when they put clues in names, as an “extra” confirmation. It’s true they put their own children to work from a young age. I’ve been looking into Miley Cyrus…I think she’s Princess Beatrice of York.

    1. Thanks for your interest in Newsspell and for the gracious compliment. Very well to hear you’re performing your own research. The royal families of Europe – through the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation – have worked to fortify the general perception they no longer rule over a majority of the world’s proletariat. And yet, nothing has changed since the middle ages. We are all still working and living on their estates, plantations and communes, and it is to them we still pay taxes through the Federal Reserve, which is nothing more than a private subsidiary of London’s Crown Temple. And, you’re quite correct, not only do these royals and their offspring portray roles as presidents, politicians, Hollywood celebrities, and pop stars, their families own the US corporation, which was founded as a profit-making joint-stock commercial venture. Now, these 13 families are consolidating their global power, and are doing so under the cover of the “climate change” agenda.

  3. I just found out, there’s an actor pretending to be Greta’s father, and his name is….SVANTE Thunberg. Inspired by Svante Arrhenius, no doubt. Unbelievable how blatant they are! In the video link below, they describe the father as an “actor” (like her mom, the so-called actress/opera singer). The father picks at his face and ears incessantly when he talks, which is strange to look at. He claims Greta was so upset by climate change that she was sick for year, wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t eat, etc.

    1. Good to hear from you, once again, and thank you for kindly providing the video excerpt. As for the matter of ‘Arrhenius’, this discovery underscores the hoax which was the ‘peak oil’ scam. Though climate change activists are keen to label it ‘fossil fuel’, this turns out to be yet another perpetrated falsehood. Oil is abiotic, produced by natural processes. Greta’s parents do deserve further study, and you’re correct once again, the climate change propaganda is blatantly transparent.

    2. Since dinosaurs are also a hoax (like “global warming”), that alone proves that there is no such a thing as “fossil fuels” – at least not one that comes from the decomposed flesh and bones of mythical prehistoric monsters like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Pterodactyl. The dinosaur psyop also is tied into the evolution hoax.

      1. By the way – based upon your suggestion – I now believe Jodi Foster and Ally Sheedy (AKA Jen Psaki) may be one and the same. She may also be the hidden daughter of actor Martin Sheen. However, more extensive image comparison analysis is necessary before I can publish definitive conclusions. My next article will expose Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson who, as it turns out, played a key role in the JFK “assassination” psychological operation.

  4. so little Greta is related to Roman Polanski they are both house of henzollern. I knew there was a connection…

    1. In fact, all of the thirteen families, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Grimaldi, etc. etc., have intermarried and they are all related. I’m sure you’ve often heard it said, how could they get away with it – wouldn’t someone talk? They are able to ‘get away with it’ precisely because they not only own the US corporation but own the media. Everyone else, outside of their inner circles, remains psychologically compartmentalized, and the majority go along with the official story simply due to the social pressures exerted by the herd mentality. Also, their total investment in the global economic system of the thirteen families keeps them from ever publicly questioning the official story. In essence, the majority’s continued economic well-being demands conformity and obedience.

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