Would it surprise one’s loyal readers – anyone cognizant of the ruling elite’s subversive machinations for that matter – to learn the sole boogeyman financier of the proto-socialist movement now sweeping the west is in fact yet another character created by the ruling elite families, and fronted by a pseudonym?

The general public has witnessed this actor in a key role once before – perhaps numerous times – in the role of a testifying US senator at the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia AKA Hollywood luminary George Clooney (SEE: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part II)

This actor was also known as a tenured anchorman and late night talk show host on a major corporate owned television network (CBS).

But perhaps not surprisingly, this actor also has genealogical ties to America’s most prominent family of merchant bankers – the Rockefellers.

One shall take note, seconds into “Saint Domenici’s” farewell speech, there are telltale and numerological indicators, that this New Mexico “politician’s” entire career in the US senate represents a fabricated resume tailor made for an intelligence asset, an agent of the actor based reality.

Right from the opening frames of the video displayed above, the voice over narration informs us that Domenici served six (33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) terms in Washington D.C., for a total of 36 years in the US senate (3 6’s=666). For those naysayers who still dismiss out of hand that virtually all news stories produced by the major corporate networks as well their regional affiliates are prefabricated and scripted in the same manner as retail commercials and other television programming, one has yet to entertain so much as a peep from one’s critics as to how such evident numerological and statistical precision could be so readily explained away.

Perhaps, those in the past have harassed the author here at Newsspell – and who also receive their regular stipends of retail gift cards and other financial blandishments from the local police departments of NEMLAC intent on establishing their leagues of Agenda 21 tattlers, nincompoops, gang stalkers and witless low-level neighborhood informants – are running out of infantile insults and ad hominems or perhaps they are as they appear – pathetic and blissfully clueless.

Be that as it may, what else could we expect of New Mexico, a state where the Roswell (double L= 24/6/33) “alien crashed saucer” military styled psychological operation was staged, which took place in 1947 and on the 33rd parallel (33X2=66/12/21/777/intelligence joker code).

More numerological coding along with a slew of paid freemason actors inundate this video excerpt of Senator Domenici’s “funeral”. Take note too, that more than one of the freemason actors featured in the video displayed below make mention of good old “Saint Pete’s” love of the sport of baseball, which of course, was a sport devised by none other than a high-level freemason, Abner Doubleday:

As observed, freemasons are absolutely enamored with their death rituals.

You see folks, like the concept of government, the character of Senator Domenici is a product of the mind, a living psychological operation whose material existence was maintained by the extortionist protection racket known as federal taxation. But according to the media sorcerers, this clownish and publicly subsidized mime artist was a so-called “saint”.

But not only is the host actor who portrayed Senator Pete Domenici not deceased, he is still among us, masked in another even more sinister guise, that of billionaire financier and alternative media bug bear, George Soros (English Ordinal gematria sum=143/8/44/destruction code).

According to official biographies, Soros (allegedly born Schwarz Gyorgy in Hungary) reportedly possesses a net worth of 8.3 billion (24/6/33) and has donated more than 32 billion (2 3’s/33) to his philanthropic agency, Open Society Foundation.

Just as an aside, one wonders how it is Soros, a man possessing a net worth of somewhat greater than 8 billion, was able to donate 32 billion to begin a tax free foundation?

This is just one of the many clues the mainstream corporate scribes of the ruling elite families purposely insert into the biographies of their fabricated puppets. These sorts of statistical contradictions are deliberately published to discern if anyone is truly paying attention to such glaring anomalies, and secondarily, to mock those among the majority who blindly accept such anomalous statistics or to confound those just as numerous who, due either to cognitive dissonance, apathy or programmed subconscious fears, don’t ever bother to investigate or dare to summon the wherewithal to notice.

In past installments, one’s published research has demonstrated there exists a preeminent family of American merchant bankers most synonymous with establishing such “philanthropic” foundations and for several decades has been dedicated to the concept of “philanthropy” itself as a form of superficial public relations – the Rockefellers.

The moniker chosen to publicly represent Soros’s alleged foundation – “Open Society” – has a most interesting and relevant history.

The concept of the “open society” is directly related to the published works of 20th century philosopher, Karl Popper, considered among contemporary academics to have been one of the foremost if not one of the most influential thinkers and published intellectuals of his time. Without traversing deeply into the minutiae of either Popper’s academic writings or the nature of his philosophical basis, suffice to say, most academics agree, Popper’s award-winning work and criticism embraced an egalitarian overview and attempted to reconcile the fundamental differences between all major democratic ideologies, including socialism, social democracy, libertarianism, classical liberalism and conservatism.

Popper was also, it must be said, and despite his egalitarian approach to philosophical reconciliation, highly critical of not only George Wilhelm Hegel and even Plato, but scathingly critical of the one figure historically considered to be perhaps the most darling totem in the entire academic and scholarly community – Karl Marx.

One strongly suspects, however, Popper’s overt criticisms of these noteworthy historical figures, Marx included, was performed merely for the sake of public appearances.

After all, any credentialed academic worth his salt knows, that in order to remain relevant among their scholarly peers, one must publish or perish.

Nevertheless, no matter how sparkling its criticisms and how efficient its philosophical deconstructions, what appears to be lost on or rather more accurately, virtually ignored by a majority of academics, is that philosophy – though no doubt during its infancy as an empirical science it existed as a pure and systematic tool of objective and epistemological analysis – has devolved in the post-modern age into nothing more than intellectual smoke and mirrors, a grotesque semantical exercise utilized by those widely published and respected professional scholars and scribes to justify, by whatever means including the force of arms, the right of the ruling elite families to govern over and decide the existential fate of the majority of the masses.

As has so often been pointed out on numerous occasions here at Newsspell, there have been times during various epochs of “history” when the ruling elite families – in the true subversive spirit of masonry derived from Shakespearean theatrical tradition – feel the need to place the words of truth in the mouths of their chosen puppets.

The following pair of quotes derive from the late and celebrated 20th century journalist, Walter Lippman:

“The public must be put in its place so that we may live free of the trampling and the roar of the bewildered herd.”

“Journalists are more apt to believe the pictures in their heads than come to judgement by critical thinking.” Walter Lippman, 20th century journalist/intellectual and founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations/ former intelligence asset of INQUIRY, a precursor to CIA

As for “Sir” Karl Popper, early on in his life he was an admitted communist sympathizer, and later, was regally rewarded for his substantial work performed in service to his elite masters. Among Popper’s prestigious awards, were the Grand Cross with Star and Sash of the Order of Merit and Pour le Merite.

Below are images of these prestigious medals:

Grand Cross with Star and Sash of the Order of Merit:


Pour le Merite:


Do any of those images appear familiar, folks?

They should, for both of these, displayed above, represent the symbolic cross of the Templar/Jesuit/Freemason triumvirate.

Meaning folks, Sir Karl Popper, like Marx, Engels, Hegel, or any of the scholarly minds historically celebrated by the academic community throughout the ages, was in fact awarded for his loyal service in helping to shape the conscious perceptions of those “educated” masses who most likely suffered from the albatross of debt slavery and near penury, merely to become brainwashed by philosophies and ideologies beneficial and most favorable to the perpetuation of the ruling elite’s political hegemony and domination of the international commercial trades.

As most may have already surmised, the true intentions of Soros’s foundation are indeed subversive and ultimately destructive to the political, social, and economic interests of the masses.

A further examination of Soros’s official biographies proved to bear out the author’s premise that indeed, the 21st century’s most publicly visible financier is nothing more than a fabricated image fronting for the interests of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

The first such conspicuous detail of Soros’s biography, is that his first employments within the financial job sectors were with various merchant banks, both in England and in the US. Shortly thereafter, it is claimed, Soros established a hedge fund called “Double Eagle”. It is alleged Soros’s hedge fund specialized in all manner of financial chicanery, including shorting and swapping stocks, creating asset bubbles, and various other nefarious methods of market manipulations.

The question looms therefore, why was Soros never prosecuted and thrown into prison?

Perhaps this is so because legally speaking, and under prevailing admiralty law, one who is acting under a pseudonym that has been verified by a third party witness cannot be indicted and subsequently convicted.

Soros cannot be convicted folks, because he doesn’t exist.

Later, Soros became infamously heralded as the man who “broke” the Bank of England, due to his short sale of 10 million pounds sterling, which per Wikipedia, “made him a profit of 1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis.”

But, as it turns out folks, the character of George Soros, is merely an actor with a pseudonym set up as a public front for the real criminals, those whose faces never appear on the six and eleven o’clock newscasts or popularly televised Wall Street pundit talkfests.

By now, at least to one’s loyal readers, the occult symbolic nature of the double eagle should be self-evident. The eagle represents the mythical Phoenix, which is symbolic of resurrection and immortality.

The symbol of the double eagle also represents the motto of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, order out of chaos, and the one aspect of Soros’s biography perhaps best exemplifies this prevailing philosophy is that he is credited with financing the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, a grand maneuver that has proved to be an ideological and historical feint planned by Soros’s elite masters.

In fact, this biographical detail has been utilized as a bulwark by the mainstream media to pejoratively smear the claims of “alt-right conspiracy theorists” that Soros is some sinister global puppet master.

Of course, the mainstream media can afford to be slyly disingenuous in this case, in that, they are well aware the character of “George Soros” is indeed nothing more than a public front man acting out his scripted role on the world stage for the ruling elite families who own not only Soros, but the global media complex.

Furthermore, it is claimed that between the years of 1979 and 2011, Soros “donated more than 11 million (masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) to various philanthropic causes, and that by 2017, his donations on civil initiatives to reduce poverty and increase transparency, and on scholarships around the world totaled 12 billion” (12/21/777 intelligence joker code).

Although the intent of Soros’s various donations to philanthropic causes is typically couched in the language of feel-good altruism, it is important to note that the language of the UN’s Agenda 21 (or as it is now euphemistically known, “sustainable development”), also advocates the eradication of “poverty” (population reduction), increasing “transparency” (enacting slews of laws facilitating their nation destroying globalist agenda) and “scholarships” to university students (university training of useful dupes, informants, activists and intelligence operatives).

In truth, the character of George Soros is nothing more than a holographic image, a deliberately created symbolic lightning rod for those opposed to the incursions of globalist philosophies and centralized political control against national and ethnic sovereignty.

The creation of Soros is a clever manipulation, designed to conceal the genuine perpetrating principals for which his popularly known image fronts.

But who is the host actor masked behind the image of George Soros?

You’ve seen him before, and in plain sight:

Soros’s host actor has also portrayed this one time media personality, Tom Snyder:

Early on in his broadcasting career at CBS, Dan Rather was present at Dallas’s Dealy Plaza to report on the alleged assassination of US president John F. Kennedy, a biographical fact which maneuvers Rather – given what we know now about “JFK” and his alleged “assassination” –  into a position of clear suspicion.

Soros’s host actor has been utilized for many decades in service to his elite masters, the thirteen Jesuit families, and loyal readers shall surely recall that “Snyder” has starred once before in a high-profile psychological operation, namely, the Cleveland Elementary school shooting of 1979, which also starred the very young Hollywood actress, Jodi Foster, as the central protagonist (SEE: The girl that didn’t like Mondays)

Further ear biometric and facial recognition analysis also demonstrate that not only have the mainstream media characters of “Dan Rather” and “Tom Snyder” been portrayed by the identical host actor throughout the decades, but this same actor has also portrayed billionaire financier “George Soros”.

Watch Soros’s performance closely in the video excerpt displayed below, and see if you can determine the elements of media trickery that have been cleverly utilized to create the Soros character:

Regarding the Soros character, the first conspicuous element of disguise are the considerable layers of latex stippling applied to the chin, nose and brow ridges, and beneath the eyes (giving the character the appearance he hasn’t slept in years). These time-honored Hollywood inspired artificial applications not only effectively aid in the distortion of the host actor’s more recognizable facial geometry, but cleverly disguises his positive identification. Although Soros’s biographies may claim he was born in Hungary and belongs to Eastern European ethnic descent, the nuances of his accent and the tone of his voice clearly result from a composite of the host actor’s natural baritone synthesized with the performance of a voice host actor stitched together in audio post-production. This is an audio process known as voice concatenative synthesis, an audio mixing process which was also utilized to create the distinctive vocal characteristics of former US president, Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon, who was portrayed by Hollywood actor, Warren Beatty (SEE: Watergate covered up more sinister crime (Part II)

Another technique of video post-production utilized to create the image of “George Soros” is CGI animation (earlier on in the character’s career most likely especially prepared contact lenses), in that the natural coloring of the host actor’s eyes have been artificially darkened, to not only accentuate the illusion of the character’s Eastern European origins, but of course, to further hamper identification of the host actor’s identity.

But, who is the host actor behind all of these characters, you may wonder?

Well, in this case, all roads lead back to a European royal monarch, King Constantine II of Greece.

King Constantine II of Greece



















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