Kavanaugh scandal: media sorcerers gaslight America (Part II)

Could it be, Christine Blasey-Ford is not who or what she appears to be?

Upon performing a secondary observation of the recent sexual imbroglio involving American supreme court justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, one has managed to have made an interesting discovery. It appears the deception perpetrated upon the American general public concerning this event is deeper and more extensive than one could have initially imagined.

Then again, what else is to be expected from the mainstream media sorcerers?

Time and again, deception has proved to be the MSM’s foremost trade.

In a world ultimately governed by the smooth and unimpeded transactions of global commerce, such grand deceptions have proved most profitable for the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

However, the public has been subjected to just this type of deception before.

Such was demonstrated to be the case with global boogeyman Osama bin-Laden (See: 9/11: terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (Part 1), a computer generated image portrayed by American comedian and television star Jerry Seinfeld. Soon thereafter, Seinfeld went on to portray America’s two-term, 44th president Barack Obama while disguised behind layers of CGI masking (44/destruction code).

While viewing additional footage culled from recent MSM coverage of the Kavanaugh SJC nomination hearings, one managed to identify yet another former renowned comedian portraying a high-profile public personality.

It appears, from all empirical evidence thus far gathered, the identical or similar deceptions utilized to create US president Obama and Frankenstein 9/11 terrorist Osama were also employed in the recent media scandal involving the accuser of SJC nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey-Ford.

Have they no shame, folks?

Thus far, there have been a dearth of researchers pointing out the most obvious anomaly regarding the latest supreme court nomination proceedings.

Normally, such proceedings would take place in executive session and would never be televised.

On this latest occasion however, it became quickly evident the preponderance of television coverage featuring the sexual abuse allegation of Doctor Christine Blasey-Ford was not meant to be a demonstration of standard government procedure, but to serve the globally mandated, grand social agenda of the ruling elite families.

Yes folks, this psychological operation seemed, at least on the surface, to serve two immediate purposes. Primarily, for the express purpose of banking advertising profits from the constant product placement of Coca-Cola (CC=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) and secondarily, to make certain the shrill tones of the #Metoo movement still resonated in the consciousness of Americans.

From a greater and perhaps more sinister perspective, the entirety of the most recently televised supreme court justice proceedings seemed intent on providing a theatrical cover for a well-planned psychological operation featuring actors disguised as government officials.

Additionally, the heavy publicizing of an event such as this may represent an ulterior motive, a surefire signal the US corporation is running interference for something else of greater importance they wish to remain concealed.

Question is – what might that be?

Perhaps at a later time, a plausible hypothesis will avail itself.

For now, one shall proceed with a most stunning revelation that did happen to avail itself.

Upon further examination, one was able to determine the true identity of the host actor that portrayed the role of Christina Blasey-Ford.

And folks, one’s findings demonstrate once and for all what this latest scandal truly represented: yet another reality television series harboring a covert agenda and promoted by the MSM in the guise of a ridiculously phony sexual abuse scandal.

Clearly, network executives were operating on the premise a great cross-section of the American public remains ignorant of legal procedure, and that such prevailing ignorance would ensure the success of this particular brand of sensationalist news story. Furthermore, they are also well aware most of the public does not likely recall those procedural particulars of supreme court justice confirmation hearings they may have learned from reading their public school and university texts.

Nevertheless, even if a significant portion of the American public took this imbroglio to have been legitimate rather than for the blatant hoax it truly was, most seem unaware that legally speaking, the merits of Ford’s accusations, whether sexual assault, battery or harassment, would have only been heard before a judge after the completion of an official police investigation. After Ford’s accusations were investigated, a case would have been formally filed at the office of a presiding district attorney, located within the jurisdiction where the offense in question was alleged to have been committed.

The case would have then proceeded to a district court and heard before a presiding district judge. And, even before an official police investigation could be convened, formal procedure would have required for the complainant’s charge to have been filed within the legal time frame allowed by statutory limitations.

Regarding Kavanaugh’s SJC nomination hearings however, all this was rendered moot, since testimonies heard during Kavanaugh’s supreme court confirmation were not performed under official legal oath.

Meaning, Ford’s accusations were only allowed to have been put forth before the congressional committee for the sole purpose of fully determining the court nominee’s overall legal competence and moral worthiness to sit on the bench of the land’s highest federal court, and not to adjudicate in deciding the guilt or innocence of the accused appearing on an alleged criminal charge.

Nonetheless, the MSM proceeded, while lacking the benefit of an official affidavit or the findings of an official police investigation in hand, to tar and feather the nominee without cause and to further assume Ford’s testimony, however dubious, should be taken as gospel.

If nothing else, this exposed the MSM at large to appear transparently superficial.

And yet, one would never guess such to be the case when perusing the comical and cartoonish debates published on social media platforms. One would suppose however, most of these so-called debates published on the major social media platforms are fraudulent and, most likely planted by either government-paid agitators, operatives, or low-level shills.

After all, folks, even among the most ill-informed and apathetic, is there anyone really buying this exploitive, bogus sham?

Speaking of shills, ear biometric and facial recognition analysis would appear to indicate that Blasey-Ford’s host actor is a former male SNL performer, actor and comedian, formerly known for appearing in a once renowned television role that required the skillful portrayal of a transgendered character:

Dana Carvey:


Christine Blasey-Ford:


For the purposes of this installment, one was reticent in further investigating Carvey’s Hollywood biographies, reasoning that in this case, it may not have been wholly relevant or completely necessary. Suffice to say, Carvey is an actor/comedian born in Missoula, Montana (MM=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) and was once one of television’s and Hollywood’s most genuinely talented funny men, capable of wild imitations of such public figures as George H.W. Bush and former US presidential candidate Ross Perot.

Only, when one managed to shrug off such reticence and dig further, can loyal readers possibly imagine what was found?

Apparently, Carvey has a brother with a resume detailing his extensive work employed behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, both in television and on-set in Hollywood, specializing in technical wizardry and audio-visual expertise.

Brad Carvey is also noted for the invention of  – wait for this folks – the video toaster.

Per Wikipedia, the video toaster is a novel combination of hardware and software enabling the precise editing and production of standard definition video. However, Wikipedia goes on to describe that the video toaster device’s related software tools support video switching, character generation, animation – and get this folks – CGI chroma keying and image manipulation.

For the purposes of this relatively short installment, and regarding the implications of that snippet of information, need really more be said folks?

Could it be that Carvey, a highly-skilled actor and competent impersonator, was brought out of retirement and contracted for a short time to portray the role of Christine Blasey-Ford, while his brother may have been hired behind the scenes to provide whatever technical assistance may have been required to ensure this psychological operation was brought off without so much as a single hitch?

However that may be, it remains abundantly clear, those truly in charge of the US corporation, the thirteen ruling elite families, remain dedicated in continuing to incite maximum levels of civil strife among the US population.

One wonders further still, if Carvey’s transgender act while portraying the character of sexual abuse accuser Christine Blasey-Ford didn’t strongly represent some sort of covert, subliminally administered predictive programming, designed to further promote the gender fluidity agenda that currently, seems to be of such paramount importance among those of the ruling elite families.

Their handmaidens, those executives in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations at all corporately controlled MSM television networks have received their marching orders to concoct and prominently air whatever news stories could be judged to best facilitate the engineering of exponential psychological and social chaos.

At present, the respective goals of the Black Lives Matter and #Metoo agendas seem designed to further set the populations of America and the West at severe odds, to split the populations into fierce opposition along racial and, as indicated by the recent Kavanaugh scandal, along gender demarcations.

Don’t fall for any of this media chicanery folks and remember, though the MSM sorcerers may have all the necessary tools at their disposal in making them appear to be the masters of grand illusions, in fact, they are nothing more than pathetic puppets, performing the pernicious bidding of their ungrateful and psychopathic masters.



8 thoughts on “Kavanaugh scandal: media sorcerers gaslight America (Part II)

  1. Regarding the event which they are trying to conceal I have a hypothesis I would like to share.

    I believe they are planning a financial ‘event’ which will pave the way for large scale cryptocurrency adoption.
    XRP has partnered with SWIFT and TEMENOS (as well as the Bank of England and close ties with the UN and many others). I think they have quietly set up the infrastructure for the new world financial system and are about to unleash it on the unsuspecting public in the next couple of months.

    1. Your premise is sound, and the unleashing of such an event would certainly serve to exacerbate the sort of social chaos they seek, to such a degree as to justify the declaration of Marshal Law or at the very least a national state of emergency utilizing FEMA’s newly established presidential alert system.

      1. They have worked hard to erode all trust between the people. They then put the people in a situation where they have to trust each other… or accept armed tyranny. Diabolic schemes indeed.

      2. At a very elementary level, this is precisely their method of operation. However, they have also sociologically conditioned the masses to view tyranny as freedom. The complete control of human resources has over a period of several decades served the incremental establishment of a globally centralized technocracy. And you are correct, it is all very sinister, and even diabolical.

      3. Very interesting.

        Why are the so keen on Martial Law? The people are docile and controlled, so why disrupt trade? The obvious answer would be because it will increase their profits down the line, but I don’t see how…

      4. The overall effect is psychological. Ultimately, they want to destroy individual sovereignty and condition everyone to the idea of relying on a centralized government for all of their needs. In that sense,, declaring Martial Law is merely an exercise in dramatic illustration – they create the crisis and make it appear as if they are saviors – selling tyranny as if it were for the masses’ safety.

      5. It says a lot that they are at least if not more interested in the peoples consciousness than their labour.

      6. Ultimately, it comes down to the global consolidation of all human and natural resources. The establishment of a centralized technocratic global system of governance ensures the ruling elite’s hegemony will never be challenged. Social media was created as a tool to condition the masses to accept this centralized control while disguising it as a benign convenience.

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