NASA scam is tax payer black hole (Part X)

NASA represents the gift that keeps on giving.

The latest debacle concerning the aborted joint US-Russian Soyuz mission to the orbital ISS exists as a prime case in point. The tortured explanations from so-called NASA officials, particularly from Canadian-NASA astronaut Chris Hadfield as to what specifically went wrong, exist as prime evidence to anyone with a pair of brain cells still functioning that something is indeed amiss.

Time and again, whenever one observes some of the numerous videos available from blatant apologists on You Tube concerning the general subject matter of NASA, one is struck with the rather distinct and overwhelming impression one has witnessed what can only be described as the most egregious brand of propaganda.

As for NASA’s vaunted high-level officials or celebrity mouthpieces, one cannot help but feel they’ve been confronted with evil hosts of the most shameless but well-trained professional prevaricators.

Of course folks, such persons belong to a very distinct personality type, those of the sort would stoop to any justification in maintaining the company line, no matter how ridiculous or implausible.

If what follows in this installment concerning America’s foremost space agency does not serve to give even the most hardcore apologists pause, then suffice to say, there exists no argument that could serve to cajole or convince, no matter how articulately expressed, that NASA is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the US corporation.

If one endeavors to read between the lines, as it were, the latest setback to NASA’s joint Soyuz mission with Russia indicates that America’s most celebrated space agency is either ramping up a dramatic rescue storyline involving the ISS or the agency’s brass has decided to finally shut down the ISS program altogether.

There is proper cause to suspect NASA may be leaning toward the latter, for not so long ago, the heralded agency decided to discontinue its alleged live-feed broadcasted from the ISS which for years has been alleged to circle the globe while in low-earth orbit.

Upon further consideration, perhaps NASA’s aborted Soyuz mission to the ISS represents both possibilities and, that NASA officials are growing all too aware of the American public’s mounting suspicions regarding the historic agency’s dwindling scientific credibility.

Like the melodramatic storyline that was concocted for the Apollo 13 moon mission at a time during the early 1970’s when the American public’s novel interest in NASA’s incipient space program was appearing to wane, it seems NASA executives are now once again desperately scrambling to make a genuine attempt to not only drum up public excitement, but to undoubtedly concoct what would appear to be a valid justification for the additional siphoning of multi-billions in American tax dollars.

Assuredly, those at NASA are well aware there exists a growing consensus among segments of the US population that dare to question not only the scientific legitimacy of NASA, but as well, considering the lack of any demonstrable scientific merit for continuing the ISS project, have been vocal in opposition to NASA’s stubborn insistence that funding levels for the continued maintenance of the ISS program, a budget which already requires billions in tax expenditures, currently remain insufficient.

Perhaps most of all, NASA is concerned about the growing number of Americans skeptical of the outright legitimacy of NASA’s grandiose claims of success for their past space missions to the moon, Mars and to other deep space targets.

Most likely, and given the dramatic human interest factor built into the narrative of the alleged astronauts now marooned in space aboard the ISS, NASA executives probably figure the Soyuz storyline will serve to regenerate interest in their alleged space exploration program.

Instead however, due to NASA’s difficulty in offering adequate explanations for the aborted Soyuz launch, there is every indication the Soyuz disaster scenario has only served to foster American’s growing skepticism.

Helping to add to that growing skepticism, is a former astronaut who has reliably served in the past as one of NASA’s key spokespersons, Chris Hadfield.

However, when recently interviewed by American corporate television and asked to offer a plausible explanation as to why the recent joint US-Russian Soyuz launch to the orbital ISS may have been unexpectedly aborted, Hadfield noticeably fumbled, thus damaging the iron-clad public credibility he had previously enjoyed as a former alleged NASA “astronaut”.

NASA has also failed to explain why CGI film simulations of the Soyuz mission were aired by the corporate networks, despite the fact it had become obvious the ISS mission had already been aborted and the Soyuz spacecraft was allegedly on its way back from low-earth orbit to earth’s surface.

Could it be, this is all part and parcel of some grand psychological operation to further test the general public’s credulity?

The following analysis of the Soyuz disaster event primarily extends from the accounts  of NASA personnel or personnel affiliated with NASA who appear in the video provided below.

As evidenced by Hadfield’s performance in the following video, he seemed unable to articulate any semblance of the requisite technical knowledge one would expect from a former astronaut who has allegedly flown missions to and from the orbital ISS.

In particular, pay close attention to Hadfield attempting to exactly define an emergency “ballistic” rocket descent, which the Soyuz booster unexpectedly underwent subsequent to the announcement the Soyuz (Z/26th letter/2 6’s=12/21/7777/joker code) mission had been officially aborted.

Upon further research of the information made available at NASA’s own website, one discovered that a ballistic rocket descent is commenced only during the event of an all systems launch failure and to further help stabilize the rocket’s flight path when plummeting from low-earth orbit.

Although it is claimed such a procedure is a controlled descent with the assistance of parachutes and other built-in system designs such as retractable fins, there appears to be no observable evidence from MSM’s launch failure footage that such apparatus had been deployed to safely accompany the Soyuz’s rocket descent.

Even considering parachutes and other emergency apparatus had been deployed by the astronauts while aboard the Soyuz’s descending pilot capsule after it had been ejected from the main rocket boosters, such a descent made in virtual freefall from such a spectacular altitude high up in the atmosphere would have been near perilous, rendering the crew’s chances for ultimate survival virtually negligible.

And yet, NASA officials unanimously claim the two astronauts aboard the Soyuz, one Russian and the other American, both emerged safely and completely unscathed from their long and perilous plunge to the ocean waves swirling below.

Indeed, as loyal readers shall soon observe, Hadfield’s responses to the news anchor’s pointed questions at the very beginning of the video seem not only scripted, but Hadfield seems unable to deliver a convincing performance in the role he has been assigned to portray. Also, one will note how Hadfield diverts his eyes toward what may be an off camera teleprompter and, as the video’s producer keenly points out, there are indications some of Hadfield’s responses are being monitored and even at times directed by an in-studio handler positioned off-set.

Not surprisingly, one has managed to discover Hadfield is not, as he puts it in the video, “a famous astronaut,” but an imposter and a mediocre actor whose theatrical abilities border on comical incompetence.

One shall notice there is a commentator with an upmarket Scottish accent named Scott Manley also appearing in the video’s beginning segment (Man=7/Z/Kabbalah Zayin/mind weapon/le=ell/biblical Elohim/Y=25/7/Reverse Full gematria Reduction of Scott Manley= 29=2 6’s/occult mirror reversal/12/21/777 joker code) who comically improvises his way through a winding and nonsensical discourse regarding the miraculous survival of the pair of Soyuz astronauts from their perilous fall back to earth.

“Obviously, If you inhale water and air you should be fine,” he ridiculously warbles.

Yeah, okay pal!

Note, that Manley mentions water. Could it be, this is an ironic reference to the vast collection of simulated water tank facilities located in Florida NASA utilizes to allegedly train its “astronauts” for all the alleged “space walks”?

Note also, at approximately 2:17, Manley claims NASA’s official announcement to abort the Soyuz mission came at “two minutes and three seconds” (2 3’s=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

Incredibly, he also adds later on that “the extent of the damage {to the Soyuz spacecraft} isn’t important.”

Perhaps Mr. Manley isn’t aware that examination of the damaged spacecraft just may have, from the standpoint of forensic investigation, helped to determine the exact nature of the craft’s malfunction. Then again, folks, perhaps Manley has a valid point in that, one cannot possibly forensically examine a Hollywood styled, CGI fabricated rocket that has never really existed.

Proceeding from this point in the video, Hadfield can be observed utilizing plastic models and describing NASA’s dilemma as if he were talking to those possessing the mentality of children. His comments concerning the three (3/33) remaining occupants aboard ISS would seem to underscore one’s hypothesis that NASA may be planning to concoct a dramatic rescue mission, possibly involving another joint mission between the US and Russia which in turn, gives the ruling elite families a golden opportunity to trumpet their global philosophy of international cooperation and, also presents yet another opportunity for their handmaidens in the MSM to handsomely profit from the creation of another epic, human interest story replete with mythical heroes, heroic figures which can be further exploited by Hollywood and the publishing industry to produce millions more in profits.

Throwing aside the robotic video narrator’s glowing descriptions of Hadfield’s rocket production factory located 20 miles (2/masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) outside the environs of New Orleans staffed with a factory work force of 24,000 (6=2 3’s/33) all of whom work in 9 hour shifts (9=6/occult mirror reversal=33), note that despite a staggering two-hundred billion dollar per bi-weekly overhead, Hadfield points out NASA does not, at present, possess any reserve rocket vehicles which are prepared for a relaunch to the ISS.

Oh, the humanity folks!

One would surely expect, given a space agency such as NASA that is reputed to employ the space industry’s best technicians, scientists and engineers, and with virtually limitless financial resources at its disposal, they would have a contingency mission planned in advance preparation for the exact emergency scenario with which they are now faced.

Oddly, and according to Hadfield, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Meanwhile, what of the three (there’s that masonic number again, folks, EE=33/High-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) crew members stranded in orbit aboard the ISS – are they expected to just hang tight while NASA’s rocket facility builds another rocket for a rescue mission?

And what of the Russian space agency, would one not expect they would have prepared a contingency launch for crisis scenarios such as this?

Keep in mind, folks, though NASA’s massive Michoud/Hadfield facility is an alleged rocket production factory with a 200 billion per bi-weekly overhead, it has apparently failed to meet any specific production targets to have sufficiently produced a rocket capable of ready deployment in the event of an emergency scenario.

Even from the standpoint of cursory observation concerning NASA’s pathetic state of current affairs, is it not fair to say, if the agency were attempting to compete in the open market producing automobiles or some other high-yield commercial product rather than relying on steady infusions of government welfare derived from public tax dollars, they would have plummeted into bankruptcy long before this?

Moving ahead to the 12:57 mark of the video, we get this astounding statement from the commentator alleged to be on location in Russia, when in reality he has been positioned in front of a green screen projection:

“You could almost tell from the video feed…it cut away, something happened to the booster, and you could almost tell that they appeared to run what appeared to be graphics showing what should have happened. But of course as we know now the pictures looked pretty good and it was almost as if they (the astronauts) were watching themselves on TV.”

So, the footage of the Soyuz mission was nothing more than a made for television movie production?

Thusly, the question emerges, if the Hadfield rocket production facility in New Orleans (which was officially named Michoud when initially built in 1961 and happens to be the most expensive American production facility ever built) isn’t manufacturing or producing inventories of rockets, what exactly are they managing to produce?

Could it be, the following statement heard in the video from the production facility’s general manager harbors more than a significant clue?

“We have Big Easy Productions here, and they do movies which I can’t talk about,” the facility manager sheepishly admits.

It should also be noted that toward the final portion of the video, the plant manager also tellingly reveals that Textron Systems and General Electric are involved with the Michoud/Hadfield facility’s production line of space based rocket components (movie props).

At this juncture, it needn’t be explained to loyal readers that General Electric has for decades, not only served as a vital component of America’s military/industrial/complex, but has also had a cozy relationship with the international intelligence octopus and CIA, as well been involved with producing weather modification technologies.

As for Textron, it is documented at their website they have been a long-standing recipient of government issued defense contracts for the purpose of manufacturing and deploying unmanned aircraft systems (UAS/drones) into disaster zones, but also have a direct relationship with Homeland Security. Textron is also involved with online security systems, and have deployed what is termed Corporate Security Teams to work in tandem with other government agencies in curbing “violent extremism” online.

So, let’s see here folks, Big Easy productions produces NASA’s CGI space opera movies which are sold to the public as actual space missions, General Electric makes the movie props which NASA pretends are actual rockets produced at their Michoud/Hadfield facility in New Orleans and, Textron, the thought police, stand ready to root out and shame political dissenters as  “violent extremists”, censoring anyone on social media or anywhere online who dares call out NASA on their fake space missions.

And all this is done on the public dime.

What a country, huh folks?

According to their web page, Big Easy productions is the brainchild of Herbert W. Gains, a director, producer, and executive producer with over forty years of experience in the film production business. Gains has been credited as an executive producer on many blockbuster Hollywood film projects, including GI Joe, Natural Born Killers, Watchmen, Green Lantern, and Dirty Dancing. Gains’ partner in this operation is Republican politician, Jerry Lathan.

Though he is billed as an entrepreneur, biographical description reveals Lathan to be more like a classically styled disaster capitalist. Lathan’s political resume prominently features his work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and his appearance in South America in the wake of a 2010 earthquake that struck there.

During the late 1980’s, Lathan was also once tapped to lead a non-profit political action committee called Foundation for our Future and, he subsequently worked on campaigns for various Republican presidential candidates, one of whom, George H.W. Bush, has already been identified as a political character portrayed by corporate news anchor personality Brian Williams.

Harking back to Hurricane Katrina, one recalls the willful malfeasance and abuse of government funds involving FEMA and the Bush Administration, and the failure of the federally built flood protection system, which were all widely reported.

Based on the previous information concerning Textron’s weather disaster drones and General Electric’s history of producing weather modification technologies as well considering both companies have documented ties to NASA, is a bigger picture starting to develop here, folks?

Could it be, federal funds that were originally touted as having been meant for the victims of the Katrina disaster in New Orleans were instead funneled through Lathan’s non-profit political action committee Foundation for the Future, then on to NASA to help upgrade the Michoud/Hadfield rocket plant?

Could it be, General Electric, Textron, and NASA are involved in a federally funded weather modification racket, where all three handsomely benefit along with the US corporation while colluding together in a criminal conglomerate of private/public partnership deals funded with billions in tax payer dollars?

If so, then NASA’s space opera scam truly represents the most colossal tax payer black hole ever observed.

Though one has never been a gambler, one is pessimistically willing to lay favorite odds that America at large will buy wholesale the CGI produced Mars mission fantasy NASA is selling long before the IRS ever gets around to performing an extensive audit into the criminal space agency’s illicit finances.


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