Yes, folks, yet another impostor, posing as a US  presidential candidate, has been discovered.

Politicians are the middle-men between the proletariat and the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. Possessing the manufactured demeanor of the used-car salesperson, they emerge into the public realm like fully-formed flesh and blood animated caricatures, and armed with an array of readymade pitches, euphemisms, and buzz words, they effectively proceed to peddle the dubious merits of the social and political agendas du jour to those of the gullible American public.

Their true identities – though their constituencies and the general public often remain unaware – are always found to be hidden behind pseudonyms, while the genuine features of their true visages remain hidden behind carefully-crafted masks, consisting of Hollywood stippling, deceptive camera and lighting angles and, very often, CGI animated modifications.

Though the adoption of such disguises while operating under false pretenses remains unlawful, it is not, however, technically illegal.

Despite the technical legality of their deceptive practices, due to the verification of third parties, these practices remain shrouded, and for good reason. If the true identity of the politicians to which they’ve sworn ideological allegiance were known by the general public, the ruling elites are well-cognizant, everyone would be less likely to vote for them and, even less likely, to place their trust in a political system persisting solely on such blatantly covert deceptions.

Though it is doubtful America’s political system would crumble if the general public were to become aware of the actor/entertainer hidden behind the mask of “Ted Cruz”, on the other hand, they would, there can be no doubt, become less inclined to cast their votes in his favor.

Would you believe, the politician known to America as “Ted Cruz” once made his living in the music recording industry?


The title above illustrates a lyric taken from a hit song, recorded by the rock band which was once fronted by the host actor who portrays the junior senator from the state of Texas and the former US presidential candidate, “Ted Cruz”.

As we’ve discovered through past investigations, popular figures in the music industry have also been utilized as character modification schemes in the arena of high-level politics.

One of the most notable examples we’ve managed to discover: “John Taylor” AKA Charles Alden Black, the son of Shirley Temple Black who, in the past, has posed as many famous rock and pop singers over the decades, as well as a former British PM.

The character of “Ted Cruz”, it turns out, is also one such example of a renowned pop star turned politician.


For those needing their memories refreshed, Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz was the runner-up for the Republican US presidential nomination in 2016. Just three years prior, Cruz was elected the junior senator for the state of Texas. Cruz’s official biographies tell us he was born December 22, 1970. This date is heavily coded with the 777 joker or intelligence code: December, the 12th month=12/21/777, 1970=26/2 6’s/12/21/777.

The number 22 is not only symbolic of the freemasonic master builder, but when summed (2+2=4) it is also the Tetrad or the unpronounceable name known as Jehovah IHVH, commonly utilized by Kabalistic rabbis to conceal the secret tenets of the Divine Essence.

In high-level occult circles, the Tetrad is also known as the “Jewel in the Lotus”, or the “Divine” spark within man.

When we investigate Cruz’s biographies further, we not only run into the 777 code again, but Cruz has a political association with Beto O’Rourke, yet another public figure who has been identified as a fraudulent US presidential candidate.

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In 2016, during the primary run-up to the Republican presidential nomination convention, it is alleged, Cruz was victorious in 12 (777) states before finally choosing to withdraw. Cruz’s political career bounced back into the limelight, in 2018, when he defeated Beto O’Rourke, his democratic challenger for Texas’s senate seat, which had been formerly occupied by Kay Baily Hutchinson.


Although Cruz’s biographers assure us he is of Cuban descent, this is a manifest canard. Wikipedia further alleges, he is one of “three {three=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry} current US senators of Cuban descent.”

It is alleged that Cruz was born in Alberta, Canada. Cruz himself, claims he is the son of “two mathematicians/computer programmers”, Eleanor Elizabeth Wilson and Rafael Cruz. We are told Eleanor was born in Wilmington, Delaware, and that she – according to Wikipedia – is “three quarters Irish and one quarter Italian descent, and earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Rice University in the 1950’s.”

The biographical mention of mathematics is a sly reference to Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician revered by the international brotherhood of freemasons. Alberta, Canada is home to a freemasonic Grand Lodge. Cruz’s reference to “computer programmers” may also represent a covert hint at the identification of his intelligence handlers, those who actively trained and prepared him for his role as a figure in public life.

Additionally, does it not seem truly odd, Wikipedia can’t nail down an exact date for Eleanor Elizabeth Wilson’s graduation?

Notice too, the reference to the sun (Wilson), the Jesuit order’s object of religious reverence?

Neither is it any coincidence the fractions three quarters (3+4=7) and one quarter (1+4=5), when summed together, happen to equal the 777 code (7+5=12/21/777).

The story of Cruz’s father, provided by his official biographers, is a rather interesting, if not convoluted one. We are told Cruz’s father was born and raised in Cuba then, after leaving the country in 1957, he attended the University of Texas at Austin and, subsequent to his four-year student visa expiration, received political asylum in the US.

It is also alleged, Rafael Cruz obtained Canadian citizenship in 1973 and became a naturalized US citizen in 2005.

Surely, regarding the listed dates, everyone detected the numerological coding?

With the date of 1973, we have 3 7’s (777) and, yet again, with the date of 2005, the number 7 (2+5=7/Kabballah Zayin, the mind weapon).

Many of you may also recall, the campus of the University of Texas at Austin was the sight of the infamous clock tower shootings in 1966, an event which, upon further and thorough investigation, was revealed to have been a psychological operation, staged with the cooperation of CIA, the governor of Texas, and the local masonic police guilds. The alleged shooter, Charles Whitman AKA ex-NFL player Alex Karas, was also demonstrated to have been a simulated perpetrator. It should also be noted, the island of Cuba – going back to the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis/hoax involving US “president” JFK AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper – has always existed as a staging ground for the nefarious activities of the international intelligence octopus.

More than likely, given the unusual circumstances of his dual-citizenship and his all-too-easily facilitated defection from the island of Cuba –  similar to the intelligence creation of the fictional “assassin” “Lee Harvey Oswald”, who also defected from the US to seek asylum in the former USSR – “Rafael Cruz” is a tailor-made and intelligence-created phantom acting under a pseudonym; a biographical concoction created by the cubicle dwellers at Langley, Virginia.

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Furthermore, regarding the official biography of “Ted Cruz”, there exist other telltale and pertinent revelations which should serve to give us pause.

It is alleged that, from the years 1999 to 2003, Cruz was appointed as Director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission, and as an Associate Deputy Attorney General at the US Department of Justice.

The Policy Planning board was created in 1947 – the identical year which marked the inception of CIA – and is closely affiliated with the US Department of State.

Similarly, the Department of State and CIA have always been closely affiliated, and have always worked together, hand-in-hand, to formulate perception management campaigns and psychological operations which are designed to favorably frame the general public’s perception towards overwhelmingly supporting the fabricated geopolitical schemes and covert agendas of American foreign policy.

The FTC or Federal Trade Commission is an independent agency of the US corporate government, established in 1914 by the Federal Trade Commission Act. Though ostensibly created to protect the interests of commercial consumers and to prevent the establishment of coercive business monopolies, the opposite happens to be true.

The FTC is a bureaucratic veil, erected to conceal the fact the US economy solely represents the perpetuated hegemony of the thirteen families’ business monopolies. The FTC was also created to prevent the proletariat from ever gaining controlling interest of either the means of industrial production or controlling interest of one of the monopolized business cartels dominated by the thirteen families.

Perhaps everyone will better understand the role of the FTC after watching this revealing movie clip from the movie “Syriana”:


In the past, our investigations have positively identified several examples of pop stars and Hollywood actors transformed into high-level public figures in the arena of politics. Many of these – such as Jimmy Stewart AKA Harry Truman and, his hidden son, Barry Diller AKA Ike Eisenhower – have also been identified as members or direct genealogical descendants of the royal and ruling elite thirteen families. Some pop stars, such as Charles Alden Black AKA “John Taylor”, formerly of Duran Duran, the 1980’s new wave/ rock MTV sensations, go on to have a slew of careers in the music and entertainment industry, while the genuine identity of their character’s host actor remains hidden under an array of famous pseudonyms.

Though less well-known than Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, Peter Frampton, and Chris Cornell – which are merely some of the popular music figures Charles Alden Black has portrayed – Cruz’s host actor once starred as the lead singer of an MTV era hard-rock band, called Stryper, an act with which some of you may be familiar.

Before the identity of Cruz’s host actor is thoroughly revealed, there are some facts you should know about the rock band with which he performed, as the lead vocalist/guitarist.

Though Stryper were widely marketed as a “Christian” rock band, by all accounts, their behavior, while touring on the road during the era of the 1980’s, was noted by first-hand observers as anything but indicative of religious devotees.

According to the following article by RIP magazine – formerly, one of the music industry’s foremost trade periodicals – while the band member’s onstage act may have seemed consistent with their marketed image of biblical wholesomeness, their off-stage behavior was not atypical of other bands who were notoriously noted for their despicable shenanigans.

In the June, 1989 installment of RIP magazine, Greg D’Angelo of the band White Lion – another chart topping hard rock act with which Stryper was embarked upon a tour of America – had this to say about the “Christian” rock band’s drummer, Robert Sweet: “We threw a party…About two in the morning Robert Sweet was whacked! Drunk! He was being dragged around on his tiptoes by two women holding him up!”


The article, available at the link, displayed above, points out several other quotes from the members of the band, indicating their “Christian” image merely represented a commercial contrivance. The following quote comes from the band’s lead vocalist, Michael Sweet, regarding his musical act’s carefully packaged image.

“We don’t consider ourselves to be overly religious…In fact, religion has nothing to do with what Stryper’s all about (Hit Parader magazine, FEB. 1987, p. 41)

Such remarks exist in sharp contrast to subsequent statements made by Michael Sweet who, years after-the-fact, still maintains the band’s religious-oriented image was not a commercial contrivance, but genuine.

In the video excerpt, displayed immediately below, at the 1:30 mark, Sweet remarks how he “came to the lord” and was brought up in a “Christian” family.

While watching the interview as it is conducted, the word duplicitous will undoubtedly come to mind.

Facial recognition, image comparison, and voice analysis confirm Michael Sweet, formerly of the 1980’s rock band Stryper, is the host actor behind the mask of former Republican US presidential candidate, “Ted Cruz.”

Ted Cruz:

Michael Sweet:

Ted Cruz:

Michael Sweet:

15 thoughts on “Let’s “Cruz” in to Post-Modern Reality Simulation

  1. What do you think about the coronavirus in china. Fear based propaganda in time for chinese new year, or depopulation tactic?

    1. The reports I’ve observed are coded with both the 777 and 88. The significance of the Chinese new year is symbolic of fertility and the divine feminine. There is also the name of the alleged virus: Corona (the sun/Jesuit/masonic symbolism). Primarily, however, I believe this is merely an attempt to profit from the soaring stock prices of the vaccine companies. But yes, the UN’s Agenda 2030 is part of this.

      1. I think it’s vaccine related too. But also a genuine pandemic would be welcomed.

        I think it could be blamed for a stock market correction. But did you know the stock market follows solar cycles?

      2. Yes, absolutely. The stock market is fixed according to occult knowledge to preserve the thirteen families’ monopoly cartels. Regarding the vaccines – which carry the pandemic/disease – major airports have already begun setting up vaccine checkpoints.

      3. According to past research, the vaccines are taken from animal cultures. This could be a way of removing meat from the food chain and to promote food rationing. This is also a goal of Agenda 2030 — control of food consumption.

      4. Massive tangent here but could these
        vaccinations eventually somehow merge animal and human dna?

      5. I believe the vaccines lower the effectiveness of the human immune system. Couple that with bombardment from 5G microwaves and, objectively, you’ve got two potent weapons in meeting their depopulation goals or, as stated in the UN’s Agenda 2030 documents, reducing carbon footprints.

      6. Biogeometry has some interesting solutions to the 5g problem. Egyptian energy science

      7. Yes, the effectiveness of tones and frequencies on the human mind and anatomy have been known since ancient times. Having been in the music industry, I was made aware that knowledge of this is held by most of the major pop music producers (Phil Spector, Mutt Lange, Doctor Dre, etc. etc.) all of whom were schooled in the art of psycho-acoustics. I believe 5G technology is also a method of targeting the human immune system. What it comes down to is this: the thirteen families have control of the means of production and ownership of all vital resources while they keep the proletariat – human resource(s)/ inventory – divided, disorganized, disoriented and, both enchanted and enchained to the lower spiritual nature; divorced from engaging with the higher mind. Those are the key elements of psychological warfare which have maintained their economic hegemony over the centuries.

  2. Interesting discussion here. Wouldn’t depopulation hurt their profits though, with less consumers and tax payers?

    1. The UN’s Agenda 2030 concerns itself more with limiting the ability of certain socio-economic demographics from continuing to propagate at present rates. As I’ve stated before, and as research has repeatedly indicated, the West is in the throes of incremental economic transition, from a major industrial producer into a service-based economy. China is being built into a major industrial power, comparable to post-war America over one half-century ago, while certain regions of the Middle East are being exploited for natural and human resources, and to facilitate the opening of new and profitable economic markets. To smoothly facilitate this transition, material wealth is being distributed from not only one hemisphere to another, but from certain socio-economic groups to others who will more greatly facilitate the profitability and economic efficiency of this global transition. Therefore, the UN’s Agenda 2030 it is not so much about depopulation, as it is concerned with a smooth economic transition and the opening and exploitation of new economic markets. Of course, the issue is much more complex. But for the sake of brevity, that is – as it were – the short answer.

      1. That makes sense that it’s more about economics than depopulation in general. Thanks for explaining. It looks to me like they’re combining cultures and religions too, into one giant “pop culture.” That in itself makes everyone predictable consumers and furthers the elites’ monopoly.

      2. Admittedly, the explanation I offered wasn’t comprehensive. Nevertheless, I’m glad you were able to glean some measure of understanding from it. However, stay tuned. Very shortly, and in lieu of another article I had planned to publish, there will be an expose on the alleged crisis in Wuhan. You will never believe who I caught posing as a reporting journalist!

      3. And yes, your comment about creating a ‘giant pop culture’ seems to be an apt characterization. In a nutshell, the global conspiracy represents an incremental unveiling of this global economic system (Fabian Socialism), which has always existed but has remained hidden from the proletariat under the veil of a popularized narrative conceptually known as “history”.

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