Lottery: the longer you play the more you pay

Your state and federal governments have everything invested in making certain the lower social and economic classes remain dependent. And, what better way to do that than to sell them the American dream – a get rich quick scheme (scam) called the lottery.

Make no mistake folks, the state sponsored lottery is gambling, and the players have no chance at winning.

In truth, the lottery represents a revenue source the hegemony of the ruling elites has subsisted on for decades and even centuries – taxes.

Yes folks, the lottery represents a hidden tax, and the poor – who those in state and local governments remain well cognizant are more prone to chasing the cruel hoax known as the “American Dream” – are not only the social and economic group most likely to play longer, but as a result, the group most likely to pay the most.

The lottery is not just taxation, it is exploitation on the grandest of scales, and the lottery’s sponsors, state and local governments, are legally stealing from you. Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]

This installment was written primarily for those who find themselves not yet convinced of the actor based reality – for those who still refuse to believe their perception of reality has been assiduously distorted through the lies sold to them by corporate owned mainstream media. If what follows is still not enough empirical evidence to convince one that something is amiss with one’s perception of so-called reality, then the firm conclusion must remain that nothing ever will, and one has not only condemned oneself to the abyss of the world’s deepest deceptions, but to something even more pernicious and perhaps tragic – that of self-deception.

For centuries, perhaps other than those of prostitution and narcotics, gambling has represented mankind’s most popular vice, enticing the psychologically weak with no regard for the paucity of winning percentages or the inherent moral risks in handing their money over to predators and wolves only too happy to enrich themselves at the expense of other’s misfortunes and for their own self-aggrandizement.

Historically, the perception has been that the gambling industry was the sole province of organized crime elements, but in recent decades, with government lotteries widely flourishing in every state of the American union, are there any adequate demarcations left to be drawn between one’s so-called elected officials and the mythical godfather’s of organized crime lording over vast, illicit vice rackets?

Would it surprise anyone to learn, that in addition to the prevailing actor based reality demonstrated on one’s television screens through the conduit of mainstream, corporate television and internet channels, government sponsored state lotteries are controlled by the ruling elite Jesuit families via their masonic proxies, the Scottish and York Rite Freemasons?

That’s right folks, the ruling elites don’t care about the welfare of you or your family, they’re only interested in scamming you to get your money – and the ends always justify the means, whether it be pulling your heart strings or some other psychologically based gambit, or justifying thievery by telling the public the money they use to spend on the state lotteries (numbers rackets) will benefit their children and the public school system. Yes, folks, what better way to pull the heartstrings of the masses and morally justify debased behavior than to invoke the children?

Then again, folks, the degenerate criminals and poor actors occupying seats within your state and local governments and backed by the uniformed thugs protecting them (blue lodge masonic cops) possess no moral compunction or scruples.

Primarily, lotteries are designed to target the lower income demographics. The ruling elites who designed the state sponsored numbers rackets also understand these are the least likely among the masses to understand, much less contemplate, the miniscule and even non-existent odds of ever seeing a significant return on the billions of dollars invested annually chasing their “dreams.”

Historically, the numbers rackets have always existed in one form or another, and became especially big business in the early portion of the American twentieth century when hordes of poor and uneducated European immigrants were swarming to America’s shores and beginning to populate major metropolitan and urban geographical locations across the country.

Of course, the organized crime “godfathers” (and not the infamous figures one may have encountered in the American history books, those who may have reigned for a short time with an iron hand only to later suffer epically tragic falls, for those are merely mythical characters set up to make it appear government agencies such as FBI were working on behalf of the people’s interests) – working via proxy for the ruling elite Jesuit families and in cooperation with state and local officials either compromised or acting in full complicity – observed a colossal and untapped market that inherently possessed great potential for enormous profits.

In case, one still harbors doubts the state sponsored lotteries target those stationed at the most vulnerable extreme of the social and economic spectrum, allow one to present an internal memo culled from the marketing team that operates the state lottery in the state of Ohio (

“We recommend that promotional pushes be targeted as early as possible in the month. Government benefits, payroll, and Social Security payments are released on the first Tuesday of each calendar month. This, in effect, creates millions of additional, non-taxable dollars in the local economies of which the majority is disposable.”

As if that sentiment weren’t enough to convince one the state lotteries are nothing more than a government sponsored racket, consider that the mainstream media is complicit with state lottery commissions in keeping this fact clandestine by doing what they do best – faking news stories. These sorts of fabricated stories keep the public from ever questioning the fact perhaps it is their own state and local governments scamming them, and in lieu of investigating (not as if they investigate anything anyway) they create the impression the only component of the entire gambit that may need policing is the working class clerks employed by the convenience stores licensed to sell state lottery gaming products.  The following story of a larcenous store clerk is but one example:

Notice that the story includes – what else? – the usual masonic marker of #33 (premiere degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry):

“A Winn-Dixie Liquors employee is accused of keeping a customer’s $600 winning ticket – and paying him only 5 bucks.” Of course, the article goes on to repeat the same masonic numerological marker again: “{Store clerk Crystal Yvette} Baton, 42 (6/33), was caught because she scammed the wrong customer, cops say.

The “customer” to which the article alludes, was a lottery agent, commissioned by the state of Florida to stage a sting.

Now, the question the article doesn’t even bother to investigate – how it was, the agent in question acquired the $600 dollar ticket? Does this unquestioned and uninvestigated tidbit of information provided by the article unwittingly infer that the state lottery commission is aware of which tickets are winners and which are losers, implying the lottery is indeed capable of being routinely rigged?

If so, this is exposes their deception in plain sight.

In posing the working class store clerk in the position of larcenous guilt, the idea is reinforced in the mind of the public that the state lottery commission – the one’s fixing and running the lottery scam – are the high minded agents only interested in the virtues of Justice, while it is the working class store clerks who the general public should hold under perpetual suspicion.

This is the type of cynically concocted news story that represents the sly psychological trick the mainstream media enjoys employing whenever expedient.

Or, there is often the brand of story which may lead the general public to the perception that if there exists any corruption, it is merely the work of – what has often been termed in the past – “a few bad apples.”

Here is such an example: (–he-rigged-jackpots.html)

In short summary, for those not caring to click the link and peruse the contents for yourselves, the story proffered by mainstream CNBC tells of  Iowa-based Multi-State Lottery Association employee, Eddie Tipton, 54 (9/Satan’s number), who for twelve years (there’s that numerological marker again, folks 12/21/777/joker code) from 2003 until 2015, allegedly manipulated lottery outcomes via digital means:

“I wrote software that included code that allowed me to understand or technically predict winning numbers, and I gave those numbers to other individuals who then won the lottery and shared the winnings with me.”

However, this quote from Rob Sand, the prosecuting assistant state attorney general, acts as the reassuring balm that all is indeed well, after all, and that the pubic should, without fear, feel safe and secure in the notion that the state lottery is in good hands:

“I think we’re in better shape in this case than we are in many cases.”

And then, at the conclusion of the article, Sand indulges in a bit of biblically flavored moralizing:

“Thou shall not steal,” he said.

This is known as a limited hang-out, meant to reassure the public though the state lottery system may be vulnerable to those few wishing to exploit such vulnerabilities for personal and material gain, such violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent, and all that is needed to fix such “problems”, according to the Iowa state lottery CEO, Terry Rich – who claims he believes the Tipton case served to improve overall lottery security – are a few tweaks in terms of security measures.

Yes, folks, and what the mainstream pundits are really telling us, on behalf of their corporate and elite puppeteers, is that more security is needed so that the general public never finds out the entire state lottery system is not only rigged in favor of the house, but solely created to exploit those among the masses who are most susceptible and exploitable.

But what is most remarkable about the Tipton story, is that while the CNBC article ostensibly accentuates the fact Tipton was caught and prosecuted, the article’s subtext slyly informs the public as to how the state lotteries are rigged on a regular basis. Between the statements found in the article link featured above – of those made by the assistant state attorney general and the statements of the alleged accused as to how he carried out his alleged crimes – one can surmise how it is the state lotteries are actually rigged via computer software and algorithms:

“Investigators say Tipton installed code that let the computers work as they should on all but three (33) days of the year – May 27 (5+27=32/2 3s/33), Nov. 22 (11+22=33), and Dec. 29 (12+11(2+9)=33)., when they would produce predictable numbers if the drawings occurred on Wednesdays or Saturdays after 8 (mark of the Jesuit order/Knights of Malta) pm.”

Judging from the frequency of 33’s extant in this quote from the aforementioned article from CNBC, not only are the powers that be spelling it out in occult language who is controlling the state lotteries, they are also clandestinely informing the general public – at least for those possessing the requisite powers of penetrative discernment – how it is the entire gambit is being manipulated and rigged.

But this is how the high degree masonic orders conduct their business. While their paid shills have the so-called conspiracy theorist’s heads spinning around like Linda Blair starring in the Exorcist while glued to the pseudo-religious/ fake occult mumbo-jumbo broadcast on You Tube, in plain sight they rob the people again and again with their legal but unlawful lottery pyramid schemes and cover it over with fake stories planted by their lodge brothers working in the mainstream media.

Still not convinced the state lotteries are a scam, folks?

Well, try this video on for size, and see if one can positively identify the host actor portraying this lottery winning “factory worker, Julie Leach”:

If one listens with careful attention to the lottery winning host actor’s voice, one shall notice it possesses a very familiar and distinctively nasal and shrill timbre – that of renowned Hollywood and television actress, Roseanne Barr. One shall also notice Barr’s distinctively recognizable vocal and bodily mannerisms – despite the spectacles, wig and subtly applied facial prosthetics – are surprisingly not very well hidden

Notice too, the character posed as factory worker, Julie Leach, reportedly won the lottery “7” times (G/Kabballah zayin/mind weapon centered between masonic square and compass) and that she prominently displays a check worth $310.5 dollars (9/Satan’s #/materialism/global commercial “Beast system” ruled over by the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families).

Bonus points if one can identify the host actor portraying Barr’s so-called factory working boyfriend!

Well, if you don’t have a clue, one shall save you the effort, and reveal that the host actor is former game show host Richard Karn Wilson, perhaps better known for his role starring in the long running situation comedy series, Home Improvement, that featured popular, everyman comedian, Tim Allen.

Funny, folks, how they always seem to cast these actors in roles never too far removed from those which their past resumes have become accustomed, huh?










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    1. Admittedly, I haven’t covered the subject of CAFR in great detail, but it has been mentioned in more than one article in relation to other topics. You’re correct, a majority of the population are not aware of this secret bookkeeping scam at both the local and statutory level. Nor are the majority aware each state or Crown estate has two governors – one which is visible to the public, the other hidden.

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