Mainstream media paints Texas “yellow rose” red

Has no one never wondered – other than the loyal readers of – how it is every time the mainstream media broadcasts coverage of yet another simulated mass casualty event, they are the first to speak to witnesses before law enforcement investigators have had adequate opportunity to gather official statements?

Has this state of affairs never struck one as highly irregular?

It should – given the conditioned perceptions of Federal legal jurisdiction among the masses.

Has no one never wondered why this should be so?

The key to surmising the answer lies within the legal terms and conditions the US corporation is currently operating under – under a state of war emergency that has been in place via presidential executive order (Executive Order 9066) since the era of the second world conflict of the last century and has never been rescinded. This is tied in with the passage and subsequent ratification of the 14th amendment, and the repeal of the Smith-Mundt act.

Though this may not seem the most sensuously gratifying approach loyal readers had no doubt hoped to have encountered with this installment, one shall attempt to further explain the legal foundation for the ongoing performance and utilization of such psychological operations as took place in Santa Fe, Texas on the 19th of May.

One must remember, the ruling Jesuit families plan well ahead to ensure their assiduously formulated social and political agendas come to ultimate fruition.

And the Santa Fe operation was merely another masonic brick used to complete construction of their pyramidal capstone.

However, for those who visit regularly to find out the identities of those starring in these theatrically executed psychological operations, one should not turn away just yet.

For, one has discovered that indeed, there were a pair of Hollywood character actors portraying prominent roles in the Santa Fe crisis simulation event – one who in fact starred with Eddie Murphy in the 1980’s classic comedy/drama Beverly Hills Cop.

Stay tuned, folks.

American public school history books have, for decades, proffered the idea that subsequent to the cessations of hostilities during the American civil conflict of the American 19th century, that hordes of plantation slaves had been made freed men. But this is not so, to the extent one wonders if any so-called American public school history teachers or indeed, any tenured university professors have actually bothered to peruse and examine the terms and conditions of the amendment to surmise their true legal definition.

Entire generations have been living under a false perception, and only because rather than utilizing their own virtuous powers of perception, persistence, and patience in attempting to learn the truth for themselves, they choose to merely adopt the faux perspective of someone they were taught was in a position of so-called authority, and assumed what they had been told was in fact gospel.

In truth, it was not, and thus generations of Americans have been living under a false perception of their own history, a perception that in sum total consists of a very torturous tissue of lies.

And why? – let’s face it folks, a large majority of Americans are slothful zombies caring only for the instant gratification of their own petty material desires.

It is not without irony then, that Americans never comprehend the idea America was established as a commercial entity governed by the centralizing laws of Uniform Commercial Code or Admiralty Law, perhaps more familiarly known as “the Law of the Sea. The word “sea” is a semantical reference to the Holy See, or the Vatican, controlled by the Knights of Malta of the Jesuit order.

The United States is a corporation contractually created per the terms and conditions of the constitution.

Most do not understand that under the original terms and conditions of the bill of rights, the individual states, for both jurisdictional and tax purposes, are foreign to the corporate United States, State citizens can be considered “non-resident aliens” to the United States for tax and other legal purposes. In other words folks, per the law, your state is a country, and one’s original citizenship, is of that state. The bill of rights forged a union of states, and the constitution was created specifically for the purpose of “perfecting” that union by informing a national government. However, if examined carefully, prior to the passage and ratification of the 14th amendment, it was never intended for the national governing body to have any legal jurisdiction over those citizens not specifically enumerated in the constitution.

In fact, in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, it specifically and clearly states:

“…exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten miles square) as may become the seat of government of the United States (the District of Columbia), and to exercise Authority over all places purchased by the consent of the United States…” The rights of sovereign state citizenship was articulated further in the 9th and 10th amendments.

Amendment IX:

“…enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the People.”

Amendment X:

“…the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited to it by the States are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People.”

Then, from where did the District of Columbia’s legal jurisdiction over these stated constitutional clauses henceforth derive?

The answer? With the ratification of the 14th amendment subsequent to the so-called American civil war.

Under the cover of “war”, the 14th amendment was officially ratified to the constitution in 1868, and rather than freeing those that were considered commercial property, its legal semantics thereby allowed the ruling Jesuit families to designate all as such, subjecting them to the centralized control of the District of Columbia i.e. the corporate United States. It must never be forgotten, that words are one of the primary psychological weapons utilized by the ruling elite Jesuit families against the interests of the masses.

This semantical deception can be found in both the 13th and 14th amendments:

13th amendment:

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude …shall exist within the United States…”

The key word of this clause to center one’s attention on is involuntary. The legal expertise of a legal scholar is not required to surmise the implications of what this word means in a legal context. Although slavery and involuntary servitude would appear to be synonymous, the differences are to be found in the legal classifications. While the former indicates a conspicuous bondage, the latter, “involuntary servitude”, indicates that the ruling elites meant, via the 14th amendment, to make slavery voluntary through  adherence and obligation to legally bound contracts, liens, and licenses. Some examples of these would be birth certificates, social security identifications, debt instruments through the issue of interest bound promissory paper, bank mortgages, car loans, etc. etc..

In other words, folks, the masses from the 19th century forward would all be subject to the corporation of the United States, and subject to its law of the land outside of its previously demarcated jurisdiction. Slaves, though lacking conspicuous shackles, nevertheless were thereafter shackled by the invisible chains of legal classification.

Though voluntary servitude to the United States Corporation became the letter of the law subsequent to 1868 with the ratification of the 14th amendment, the concept of voluntary servitude was not at all novel.

Lords and Serfs

The terms and conditions secured by the 14th amendment are the very legal conditions that secured the relationship between lords and serfs during the medieval historical period, a way for freedmen to make a living while toiling on the land owned by the lord and maintained by his administrative magistrates. But this legal order was predicated on the concept of voluntary servitude whereby all freedmen had to first agree to give up their sovereignty to become employed by the owner or the lord. Thus, when the 14th amendment was ratified, it changed the status of those formerly in conspicuous bondage to those of “persons”, or property of the United States corporation, and thenceforth subject to the strict terms and conditions set down in its contracts, liens, legislations, and licenses, and entitled them to none of the legal privileges associated with sovereign citizenship:

14th Amendment:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the states wherein they reside. No state shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law.”

This means, in summary, that those that were freed from conspicuous bondage could assume the same rights as those of other freeborn citizens, but only if they voluntarily agreed to become subject to the jurisdiction of the corporate United States. This meant that in voluntarily becoming subject to the jurisdiction of the corporate Unites States through the ratified 14th amendment, those formerly held in conspicuous bondage were now – upon once being “freed” – would thereafter be designated as legal subjects, and not sovereign Constitutional Citizens. In essence, they would primarily be subject to the corporate state of the District of Columbia, and secondarily to the States where they resided.

This legal status – prior to 1868 – had never existed.

Prior to this time period, all American citizens were sovereign citizens of their own states, and secondarily to the United States corporation. Thereafter, the ruling elite Jesuit families, through their Crown Temple proxies, had effectively flipped the legal designations, and since that time all US citizens have legally and voluntarily given up their sovereignty to become subject(s) to the US corporation, thus making them “persons”, or corporate and commercial properties with bonds attached that could and can be bought, traded and sold in the open marketplace.

Of course, there shall be those cowardly shills (though you no doubt think your schemes foolproof, you have not been careful enough, the harassing phone calls have been well traced. One knows who you are and one finds one’s enemies very close at hand indeed), hiding behind thinly veiled aliases who will no doubt comment that the author is a “liar” upon instructions from their equally imbecilic handlers. But such blindly degenerate sorts don’t mind being bonded in mental servitude as long as they’re being furnished with regular stipends of gift cards to shop with at the local Best Buy or Walmart.

After all, selling one’s eternal soul for short-term material gratification is now considered virtuous, folks.

No doubt – for them at least – the larger point will prove fruitless, that due to the ratification of the 14th amendment, in tandem with the repeal of the Smith-Mundt act, simulated crisis drills, whether performed in the service of a political or social agenda, are thereby legal. Moreover, the citizens of the US corporation, by virtue of their voluntary servitude as subjects to the US corporation, are obligated to not only participate, but adhere to the laws legislated subsequent to these psychological operations, and therefore act – unwittingly or not – without further legal recourse to redress any grievances.

And yet, Americans still believe they are “free” – yeah right!

Regarding the mainstream media relating to the case of the recent Santa Fe event, they were allowed to be the first to speak to so-called witnesses before law enforcement investigators – as well publicly announce the name of any alleged suspects before the completion of any ongoing investigation – precisely because the event in question was a legally performed simulation. On the other hand, if any of these events broadcast through mainstream sources proved to have been actual – Santa Fe included – the mainstream media could have been held to legal account for violating proper law enforcement investigatory procedures, and therefore could have been sued for gross legal breach.

Santa Fake

The first noteworthy numerological detail in the mainstream reports was that Santa Fe High School sits 30 (33/high degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) miles from the city of Houston. Also, in the following video, one shall notice an interview beginning at 2:36 conducted by mainstream news figure Lester Holt with alleged survivor Presley Lummus (MM/33) and her alleged mother. Notice that the two interviewees are not only smiling and constantly reviewing their scripted lines either from handlers positioned off camera or from teleprompters/cue cards at the outset, but seem rather composed for individuals having witnessed such a “heart wrenching” crisis. Notice too, the scripted and well rehearsed nature of their responses to the clichéd questions posed by Holt:

If one observes the entirety of the previous video, one shall notice the prevalence of the word “heart” utilized often. Most likely unbeknownst to the participants, this word is highly symbolic, in that it represents the masonic pyramid, which by the way, is to be found depicted on the rear side of the American one dollar bill. This is done to subconsciously implant the idea into the minds of the clueless masses who is responsible for executing the psychological details of the simulated crisis event. High level masonic criminals and their blue lodge lackeys – who are all soulless and smug sociopaths – cannot help but leave behind their symbolic markers.

Randy Quaid

In perusing the details of renowned and Academy Award winning Hollywood actor Randy Quaid, older brother of actor Dennis, one could not help but notice, he was born in Houston, Texas, and even matriculated at the University of Houston. Though known for having portrayed a vast array of character roles since the 1970’s, Quaid is perhaps best remembered for his role in Independence Day as the underdog but intrepid crop duster who doggedly fights an alien invasion while piloting a jet fighter – “Hello boys…I’m back!”

At 5:08 in the previous video, one can observe Quaid’s surprisingly shaky performance portraying an emergency room physician. The most telling moment comes at 5:36, when one of the assembled mainstream reporters states, “I heard you did a mass casualty drill just a few weeks ago to prepare for something like this.”

So, there you have it, folks, this event was pre-recorded and presented as a live event. Also, Quaid’s recognizable appearance and voice are both shockingly undisguised. One shall notice however, post-production camera angles and lens distortions have been applied to hide Quaid’s height (which is well over six feet) to make him appear shorter than the other doctor assisting him at the press conference.

Ronny Cox

At approximately 1:31, one can observe Hollywood character actor Ronny Cox portraying the role of Texas governor, Greg Abbot. Though known for various roles both on the silver screen and television, Cox is perhaps best remembered for his role as Beverly Hills police chief, Andrew Bogomil, in Beverly Hills Cop, co-starring with comedian Eddie Murphy.

Want to put a stop to all of these brutal psychological operations the US government corporation is subjecting you and your family to?

Well, here are some suggestions and perhaps solutions:

1.) petition your state and local television affiliates and lodge a complaint that you have evidence they are broadcasting reports of not only an inaccurate, but fraudulent nature. This will force them to review their corporate policies regarding content. Enough such complaints will also force the hand of the board of directors to recognize that if their viewing public is aware of their unlawful tactics, plummeting advertising revenues may affect the fiduciary positions of the stockholders who will in turn demand a review and perhaps significant changes regarding station management and content policies.

2.) Begin to call and email your local political party chairpersons, demanding the laws be changed regarding third party verification of candidate identities. If the volume of demands and calls for such changes increases exponentially and the terms and conditions of the laws are forced to change, this will perhaps catalyze a return to genuine officeholders with genuine names holding public office, rather than fraudulent characters allowed to legally run for office while acting under pseudonyms, and perhaps a glimmer of hope that some semblance of democratic process can be established.

3.) Start a federal petition demanding changes to the legal definition of personhood and a repeal of the fourteenth amendment. Also, demand the re-establishment of the Smith-Mundt Act to curtail the onslaught of government sponsored psychological operations upon the people.

It’s up to you folks, and at this time in history it is time to separate the leaders from the followers – it’s your country, after all.








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  1. Amazing post. I don’t believe most news stories. All ‘a-list’ actors and musicians are also suspect. Very interesting to read about the serf laws being reused. Nothing new under the sun.

    1. The new world order is the old world order repackaged to appear as something other than what it is – serfs working on the master’s plantation. As for the “celebrities”, they are under contract to participate, and if they choose not to, they can be sued and their so-called careers are destroyed. But one should not feel pity for them, for they willingly signed on the bottom line. However, for the masses, there is still a chance to renegotiate the terms and conditions of the contract in their favor. The ruling elites know this and that is why they keep the masses divided along superficial social, economic, and political demarcations.

      1. I feel some pity, everyone makes mistakes. Then again, they could face the music.

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