It may come as no surprise to loyal readers that Alex Jones, the vaunted king of alternative media is an absolute fraud. However, many still do not know that the moniker, Alex Jones, is yet another pseudonym hiding a royal lineage.

Quite frankly, after all one has learned regarding who actually owns the US corporation, of the major shareholders of the American mainstream media, and the nepotistic, royal entanglements regarding Hollywood and mainstream entertainment, one finds this discovery still somewhat shocking.

For, long ago, when one began their sinuous sojourn on the dangerous path towards truth, one found Mr. “Jones” to be a most helpful, even enlightening guide.

But, one has also learned that life, such as it is, can often be found fraught with betrayal.

One finds, it bears repeating: the existence of the so-called alternative media is tantamount to a cruel hoax, a manufactured sham, designed to lead astray those small percentages of the multitudes harboring notions something may indeed be amiss with everything they’ve taken for granted as their perception of reality.

And – Alex Jones has been found to be perhaps the most conspicuous sham artist of them all.

But now, this latter-day P.T. Barnum and his parlor game of grand deception is over, and one shall soon discover – like seemingly everyone else either in the mainstream or the so-called alternative media – Alex Jones is merely a trained thespian, a scripted, carnival barking character portrayed by not just any host actor, but a royal prince belonging to a most ancient and prestigious royal European bloodline.

Stay tuned, folks – for with this installment you shall witness the slaughter of one very large sacred cow.

In many ways, Alex Jones represents the 21st century’s version of Walter Cronkite, someone to whom many turn to receive the news of the world served up as the unvarnished truth. In the case of Cronkite, a news caster from America’s television past posed as an avuncular, and perhaps even wise, paternal sage, he would regularly proclaim what would become his signature trademark at the conclusion of every nightly broadcast, reassuring Americans “that’s the way it was.”

But never should one misconstrue – Alex Jones and Cronkite represent two of a kind – intelligence agents and government enlisted propagandists dressed up as truth telling advocates for the interests of the general public.

Rest assured, folks, such agents are not advocates of the people – rather they represent their enemies.

Genesis Communications Network

By now, it may come as no surprise to those becoming cognizant something may be awry with Jones and his Genesis Communications Network. And as it turns out, their intuitions may be more than justified. For, there exists empirical evidence that “Alex Jones” and his ilk are merely mainstream news marketed in an “alternative” package. Jones’ biography claims he was born on February 11, 1974 (7/zayin, the mind weapon), and he is described as a renowned radio and provocative television host and of course, a “conspiracy theorist.”

His website,, is categorized by Wikipedia and other mainstream sources as a “fake news” and “conspiracy theorist” website. For those who have recently become aware of just what Jones’ represents, he, as well as most, if not all the guests on his Infowars program are controlled opposition and destabilization agents, actors portraying characters under the guise of pseudonyms, CGI, prosthetics, and Hollywood makeup.

Perhaps the most egregious example of one such agent who appeared quite regularly on Jones’ show would be Sandy Hook investigator Wolfgang Halbig, a controlled opposition figure created by America’s intelligence community for the same express purpose such “investigators” were employed and presented to the general public subsequent to the “terror” event of September 11, 2001.

Believe this folks, one could bet their life savings on the fact every single one of the “truth telling” figures who prominently emerged in the immediate wake of 9/11 – whether on the internet platform of You Tube or on the mainstream news outlets – was a trained agent, a product of CIA or one of their counter-intelligence sub-departments.

And never forget, since the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act, it is now legal for CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and other government agencies to utilize psychological operations not only abroad, but domestically.

Historically, controlled opposition agents such as Halbig have been hoisted upon the mantel of authority, and instructed and trained to deliberately mislead the public with specialized “chicken feed” disinformation campaigns concocted by the international intelligence octopus.

The various videos available on You Tube, featuring Halbig’s meetings with the Newtown, Connecticut school committee and other community officials may have appeared to be legitimate, but they too, just like the event Halbig claimed to be investigating, were just more examples of staged media theater.

Later – after the emotional and psychological dust had settled, agent Halbig was discredited by mainstream pundits and receded from the public eye.

Or, did he?

Such characters have been created time and again, and regarding the “terror” event of September 11, 2001, the character of Alex Jones still proclaims the limited hangout line that the entire affair was an “inside job” but not a hoax/psychological operation.

But that is the proper function of such controlled opposition agents, to proffer hypothetical “conspiracy theories” seemingly palpable to mainstream sensibilities, when in reality such theories act as an intellectual barrier to further penetrating inquiry that may expose any psychological operation for what it actually is.

And, in the case of September 11, 2001, what the public witnessed was merely a colossal hoax which  featured the controlled demolitions of three (twin towers/Building 7) prominent urban landmarks that were farcically sold to the public as a malicious “terror” attack performed by hijackers wielding box cutters who suddenly transformed into ‘top gun’ level pilots.

A prime example of Jones’ brand of disinformation is his stance on the Apollo moon landing(s), and while admitting that the event(s) were a complete hoax, adds the caveat that NASA utilized the grand ruse to hide the possession of “secret technologies” which may have in fact transported NASA astronauts onto the lunar surface.

In other words, folks, the likes of controlled opposition agents such as Jones are put before the public to play the typical psychological parlor game normally proffered by his intelligence masters, in that, though they may inform those among the general public concerning a portion of the truth, they seal it over with layers of intriguing, deceptive mystery serving to reinforce what formulates the generally accepted, mainstream perspective.

Surely, loyal readers are able to see the crux of the matter here.

Disinformation and controlled opposition agents first pose themselves as devil’s advocates, and while giving lip service to theories considered outside the established parameters of mainstream ideas – thus gaining the trust and emotional acceptance of those enquiring minds numbered among their audience – they then, with twists of distorted and often unsubstantiated logic, offer other parallel theories which gently coax the numbers of their trusting flocks from the frontiers of the reservation to back within the borders of the ruling elite’s shepherd’s pen of mainstream, paradigmatic thinking.

Another clever technique utilized by controlled opposition agents – and in the case of “Jones” done very convincingly – is to militantly or belligerently articulate their position, so that they may appear as extremists to those of the general pubic who may be sitting on the proverbial fence between mainstream and alternative perceptions, and perhaps even appear – given the current politically correct climate and the nod towards issues of “mental health” – to be psychologically unbalanced, thus alienating those members of the general public entertaining ideas of their own that the US government may be corrupt or clandestinely working against their interests.

A prime demonstration of Jones’ belligerence occurred during his on air “debate” with CNN personality Piers Morgan in the wake of the Sandy Hook event, regarding 2nd amendment constitutional rights and the controversial issue of “gun control.”

During the exchanges between host and guest, Jones did appear to be on the verge of becoming unhinged while performing wild and even threatening gesticulations directed at Morgan, who all the while did his best to appear both befuddled and outraged while strenuously stifling an onslaught of amused laughter in response to Jones’ clownish antics. But, as loyal readers by now know, such “debates”, whether between established pundits or presidential candidates, are nothing more than staged theater.

Assuredly, one will note during the so-called debate, while Morgan accentuates the talking point of the Sandy Hook assassin having utilized an automatic rifle, not once does Jones bother to retort with the notion that the entire event may have been the result of a fabricated collusion between the US Federal government and the very mainstream media corporation with which Morgan is employed.

Jones remains mute on this subject – despite, on his own program, having broached the idea Sandy Hook may have been a drill sold to the public in the guise of a genuine crisis event – and in lieu of accentuating the truth, Jones trots out the influence of pharmacological abuse playing a role in the behavior of the alleged assailants.

Here, Jones betrays his own marketing pitch, that he is America’s premiere alternative news truth merchant, when in fact his behavior clearly demonstrates he is nothing more than a corporate controlled shill.

Or rather, is Jones quite something else entirely – part of a family that owns controlling interest in not only the network on which this “debate” was broadcast, but owns vested financial interest in the US corporation?

Several times, if one pays close attention, one can observe Jones, like his staged counterpart, Morgan, stifling a virtual gallery of amused facial expressions, as if both are truly overtaken with the absurdity of the entire elaborate charade. But Jones has made a virtual career of such clownish confrontational spectacles. In 1998, Jones was forcibly removed from a rally for Texas Governor George W. Bush, interrupting the future presidential candidate’s speech, loudly demanding that the Federal Reserve Bank and the Council on Foreign Relations be abolished.

This too, however, was yet another example of staged theater, for if Jones were a merchant of truth as he so vehemently claims, then he would be more than cognizant – though he has been documented admitting the bank is a private concern and not part of the US Federal government – the Federal Reserve is but one branch office of the Crown Temple in London, and that the Council on Foreign Relations is tantamount to nothing more than a backslapping, self-congratulatory establishment cocktail party, and does not represent an executive policy making body.

In essence folks, the character of Alex Jones represents nothing more than an upgraded and seemingly more radical version of Michael Moore.

Perhaps an even more visibly evident example Jones is but a puppet of the elites he claims to be warring against was when again in 1998, he successfully organized an effort to erect a new Branch Davidian Church as a memorial to those who perished – so he adamantly claimed – at the hands of Attorney General Reno, FBI, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in 1993’s reckless siege on the compound at Waco, Texas. And yet, this is but another prime example of Jones supporting a mainstream position falling well within the established left vs. right political paradigm.

But, as loyal readers of Newsspell know by now, the siege on Waco was but another government scripted psychological operation, and the only thing perishing was the soul of anyone who happened to subscribe to the egregious propaganda served up by the corporate mainstream media.

Clearly – as demonstrated in the video – Jones is expert at feigning outrage, and both he and Morgan are merely portraying the roles contractually assigned to them by their respective corporate masters.

Added to all of this, is the fact it was recently announced Jones would be working with Neil Strauss of the New York Times on an upcoming book, to be entitled “The Secret History of the Modern World and the War for the Future.”

Indeed, if Jones were a genuine seeker of the truth, he would avoid collaboration with any so-called “journalist” employed by a publication by now notorious for serving as an echo chamber for government propaganda.

But little does America realize, that Jones has had experience in Hollywood as an actor, having starred in 2001’s Walking Life, and 2006’s A Scanner Darkly.

In the latter film, Jones starred as – get this folks – a fundamentalist preacher.

Then, there are the networks respectively broadcasting Jones’ radio programs, GCN (Genesis Communication Network) and Sirius XM. The first has come under fire – as recently as three years ago – for the illicit business activities of its principal owner, Ted Anderson.

Reportedly, prior to establishing GCN, Anderson was the owner of Midas Resources, a precious metals firm that as of September 11, 2015, has had its representative registration number revoked, due to certain alleged business improprieties.

Apparently, Anderson’s business is rife with such improprieties, and it has been alleged, by mainstream source Star Tribune, that the business of precious metals (i.e. trading of gold and silver bullion, coins etc. etc.) has a notorious tolerance for employing ex-convicts as salespersons who have been involved in felonious acts, including fraud, forgery, theft, and even bank robbery.

As for Sirius XM, one of its largest stockholders is Vanguard, the very same corporation invested in MGM’s Mandalay Bay Resort and Hotel, the very same hotel involved in the Las Vegas shooting hoax (See: Vegas shooting hoax: the real story).

Prince Gustav of Sayn – Wittgenstein – Berleberg

Though the character known as Alex Jones makes his media headquarters in Austin, Texas, one will recall in a previous installment it was pointed out that the state of Texas has long served as a hot bed for both intelligence activity and recruitment. Not surprisingly, both the cities of Dallas and Austin – the latter of which served as Jones’ early broadcasting stomping grounds – have been not only centers for intelligence activity, but are also the headquarters for two of the states largest and most renowned masonic lodges (Hillcrest and Claude L. Austin).

Given the tight relationship between the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families and the international intelligence octopus which consists of CIA, FBI, MI6, MI5 Mossad, and Stasi, one wondered if Jones’ sudden rocket ride to fame and prominence within the alternative news community hadn’t been manufactured.

And lo and behold, when the thrust of one’s investigation turned towards the royal houses of Europe, one discovered a load of pure gold:

Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg

Yes folks, the notorious king of alternative media and the European prince known as Gustav are, indeed, one and the same.

Gustav, the seventh prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (born 12 January, 1969) is the eldest child and only son of Princess Benedikte of Denmark and Richard, 6th prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg. The royal house of Sayn-Wittgenstein is genealogically related through Princess Ingrid of Sweden to the royal family of Sweden and King Gustav V.

Speaking of genealogical relations, Burke’s Peerage confirms that the descendants of the royal houses of both Denmark and Sweden (in addition to those of Luxembourg, Norway, Belgium, and Spain) can be traced back to British monarch Victoria. Due to this fact, it is has been said that within European royal circles, Victoria is still known as the “grandmother of Europe.”

Wolfgang Halbig

But here’s a bonus perhaps one wasn’t expecting, folks.

Intelligence – when crafting names for their controlled opposition agents, often like to utilize names featuring nocturnal creatures (in Halbig’s case that of the carnivorous wolf), which means one has always had a suspicion the man known as Wolfgang Halbig may be yet another character posed as a prominent personality in the so-called truth community.

Sure enough, when one examined the derivation of Halbig’s surname, one discovered a rather interesting fact. In Hebrew, the name Hal is equivalent to Mordechai, which as it turns out, has biblical significance.

Per biblical legend, Mordechai is one of the main personalities in the Book of Esther in the Hebrew bible. Mordechai was the son of Jair, of the tribe of Benjamin, one of the more prominent of the legendary twelve tribes of Israel, a royal house renown for producing the first of the Israelite kings, Saul.

Legend has it that Mordechai adopted his orphaned cousin Esther, who he brought before the presence of the Persian king. Because of Esther’s beauty and virginity, the kind decided to elevate the young and beautiful Esther and make her his consort, in place of the exiled Queen, Vashti.

Subsequently, Mordechai was referred to as a “prince among men” and “one who sits in the king’s gate”, which of course would indicate the character’s closeness to the king.

Could this be a clue indicating  Halbig’s surname is attempting to tell us something about his true identity?

Is he, in fact, yet another manufactured character portrayed by a host actor?

Observing the following video, one was able to not only detect that the footage had been altered in post-production with voice dubbing and synthesis, but that this interview is a farcical hoax.

In essence, what one is witnessing at exactly 12:26 is the character of Jones interviewing himself while simultaneously portraying the character of Halbig.

Don’t believe it folks?

Well, the technique of split screen projection facilitates numerous post-production modifications, and given the sophistication of video morphing and production software at the ready disposal of most corporate owned newsrooms and high-level production facilities such as Alex Jones and his Infowars program would have access to, providing the public with the illusion of a “live” interview between two or more individuals in real- time is rather an elementary task.

Yes folks, once again, America has been fooled by a prince and his royal court filled with jesters.

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