The more astute among you may have already guessed at the true royal identity behind the mask of the Hollywood actor known as “Al Pacino” from the information (and the subtle clues) published in Part I.

Nevertheless, on behalf of those who haven’t bothered to venture a guess, we shall now proceed to the conclusion of our ongoing investigation.

After Pacino’s genuine identity has been revealed, it will no longer remain a mystery as to why the Rolling Stones have been able to fill stadiums with capacity audiences nearly five decades on from their inception back in the mid-1960’s and continue to be promoted to the popular forefront of classic rock artists.

Very often, family members of the hidden owners of Hollywood’s star-making machinery – the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – while hidden behind the simultaneous double blinds of celebrity pseudonyms, famous personas, and the masked portrayals of a slew of various celluloid heroes and even villains will seek to utilize, to their full advantage, the medium of cinema to communicate directly to those they consider their tax paying proletarian subjects.

Never has a better example of this exact scenario existed than the following excerpt from the cult gangster extravaganza of the early 1980’s, Scarface, starring Al Pacino as the ruthlessly violent and slyly cunning Cuban drug lord, Tony Montana.


“You’re not good, you just know how to hide…and lie,” exclaims Montana to the stunned restaurant patronage.

When you consider the genuine identity (a well-known European royal) of the iconic Hollywood actor known to the general public as “Al Pacino”, the dramatic essence of this particular scene acquires a grotesquely dark irony.

Considering this scene’s dramatic significance even further, the knowledge of how to hide and lie precisely describes the exact nature of the sinister but well-honed skill set that — time and again, and throughout human history – has been put on conspicuous display by the ruling elite families to which “Al Pacino” is genealogically related.

More to the point, the concept to which Pacino’s character of Tony Montana is referring is precisely what we’ve come to understand and have commonly identified as Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Hollywood, after all – in addition to existing as an audio-visual vehicle for propaganda of  both a social and political nature – exists primarily as an illusion factory.

The previously displayed excerpt from ‘Scarface’ also serves to demonstrate the concept of how camera and lighting angles, strategically applied layers of makeup and stippling, hair dye and trend-setting Hollywood hair stylings – while such clever alterations prove to have a rather negligible effect on the outcome of digital comparison image analyses – can and often do promote severe ocular distortions relating to the viewing public’s perception of a particular character’s genuine facial geometry.

“You kill people and deal drugs; a great contribution to human history,” scorns Pacino’s co-star, Michelle Pfeiffer.

Through the dramatic depiction of a fictional character, which is a time-honored Shakespearean tradition, we are able to observe a royal genealogical relation of the ruling elite families – while disguised under a pseudonym attached to a renowned Hollywood personality (the genuine identity of which will soon be revealed) – making a conspicuous reference to the reliable but covert population control methods of corporately owned human resources as well as hegemonic control of the international narcotics monopoly.

That’s right folks, what we’re witnessing here, is the unvarnished truth communicated to the masses through the vehicle of dramatic fiction, delivered in the format of Hollywood produced cinema; a popularized audio-visual format the masses have been psychologically conditioned to accept and consume as mere “entertainment”.

This is the law of occult mirrored reversal at work and, if one is to judge from the results of its destructive and deleterious effects upon the perceptions of the masses – through the span of several decades – it has more than proved its splendid utility.

Speaking of “Michelle Pfeiffer”, image comparison analysis yielded interesting results, indicating she may be a celebrity personality operating under a pseudonym.

Thorough examination of Pfeiffer’s biography indicates it is filled with numerological markers and masonic symbolism.

Officially, Pfeiffer’s birth date falls on April 29, 1958.

Her name, when summed in English Ordinal gematria, equals 138/12/21/777/intelligence joker code.

A numerological breakdown of Pfeiffer’s “official” DOB indicates the following sums: April (4th month) + 29=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/1958/19 (Jesuit Sun #) + 58 or 13(symbolic summit of masonic pyramid)=32/occult law of mirrored reversal=23 or 2 3’s/33.

However, before revealing the full results of exhaustive image comparison analysis, see if you can come to any definitive conclusions when comparing Pfeiffer’s still image at the link below (taken from Pfeiffer’s performance with Al Pacino in Scarface) to the facial geometry of the BBC news reporter observed in the following video excerpt.

Michelle Pfeiffer:

BBC’s Kay Burley:

When performing the image comparison with merely ocular perception alone, and while refusing to allow the variations of hair styling or color as well as lightning angle reversals which are purposefully designed to distract your concentration, attempt to direct your attention to the pertinent facial similarities, in particular, to the geometrical similarities of the brow ridges in proximal relation to the shape and contours of the eyes and noses between both images.

You may notice too, similarities with the shape and geometrical contours of the bone structure of the chins between the BBC’s Kay Burley and Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer.

In fact, not only do the facial characteristics of Pfeiffer and Burley appear to be remarkably similar, they appear to be identical.

If these facial attributes appear similar between Burley and Pfeiffer, would they also appear similar with those of Al Pacino’s co-star – Diane Keaton – in the Godfather Parts I and II, and would you consider it to be a coincidence Keaton, while starring in The Godfather along with “Al Pacino”, portrayed a fictional character who was also known as Kay?

Diane Keaton:

Congratulations are in order, if everyone has indeed managed to observe the similarities regarding facial geometry between the three character personalities.

Extensive image comparison analysis has proved these similarities, in fact, are not due to coincidence. Not only are the facial characteristics between Pfeiffer, Burley, and Keaton – through the process of facial recognition analysis – confirmed to be identical, but voice analysis has managed to also confirm that – with equivalent accuracy – all three characters are portrayed by the identical host actor.

This host actor – to be named in due course – has not only portrayed other characters associated with historically significant events (one of which is alleged to have died in a tragic car accident during the era of the 1980’s) but, in fact, is the royal spouse (a royal Duchess) of the royal host actor portraying iconic and award-winning Hollywood actor, Al Pacino.

At the very conclusion of this installment, and after each of you have learned the identity of Al Pacino AKA Bruce Springsteen/Rolling Stone Keith Richards, you will also become astonished to discover the marvelous and – absent of coincidence – curious parallels between the tragically dysfunctional relationships of Michael and Kay Corleone, Tony Montana and Elvia Hancock, and the tabloid rumors of the numerous infidelities (all of which were fabricated to profit from the massive sales of newspapers, magazines, movie biographies and television ad time) alleged to have swirled around a certain celebrated European royal couple, decades ago.

Here’s yet another challenge involving facial recognition: while utilizing – once again – only your individual ocular perceptions, try to compare the facial geometry and characteristics of the person observed in the images available at the links listed below, with those of the previous three – Michelle Pfeiffer, Kay Burley, and Diane Keaton.

Camilla Parker Bowles:

Regarding the results of facial recognition comparison analysis, the architectural geometries of the noses, brow ridges, chins, and the eyes – between Pfeiffer, Burley, Keaton, and Bowles – have been confirmed as matches.

In summary therefore, Camilla Parker Bowles has been positively identified as the host actor behind the Hollywood masks of Michelle Pfeiffer, Kay Burley, and Diane Keaton.

But those aren’t the only characters the current Duchess of Cornwall has portrayed.

It turns out to have been appropriate that the BBC’s Kay Burley AKA Camilla Parker Bowles was chosen as the official news personality to announce to the world the death of the mythical royal character which her royal host actor brilliantly portrayed, Princess Diana Spencer.

Duchess Camilla is also, therefore, the root host actor who portrays the fictional character of Ondine Rothschild, and she also recently portrayed British PM Theresa May.

The Rothschilds – like the Rockefeller, Kennedy, Roosevelt, and Disney families, to name but a few comparative examples –  were created as yet another historical and fictional veil, behind which the true genealogies and genuine identities of some of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families have been kept perpetually hidden.

Until now, that is.

Duchess Camilla’s royal family genealogy – confirmed by Burke’s peerage and other sites – can be traced to back to the royal House of Stuart, the House of Bourbon, and to Robert III “The Bruce” of Scotland, a historical figure who was depicted in the Hollywood movie Braveheart, which starred Mel Gibson (perhaps, there will be more on “Mel” in a future installment).

Surely, these stunning revelations lend entirely new and deeply ironic meaning to the words of Tony Montana in Scarface: “Good, you’re not good…you just know how to hide…and lie!”


Once again, in this scene, featured above in the video clip, from the Hollywood cinema classic The Godfather, we become witness to yet another vicarious confessional, of sorts.

Through the mouths of the fictional characters Michael Corleone and Senator Pat Geary, we find ourselves being informed – from behind the concealing veil of a fictional narrative about a fictional criminal family – the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families are the true global mafia who psychologically terrorize the masses, steal the proletariat’s tax money, and covertly own the privatized gaming empire known as Las Vegas.

The featured characters are also informing us that, while the ruling elites may appear to pose themselves as benevolent Samaritans and altruistic saviors seeking the adoration and respect of the people, the thirteen Jesuit families are precisely the one’s perpetrating, expanding, and profiting from the criminal and morally bankrupt global commercial rackets.

Of course as many of you, by now, have undoubtedly surmised, the royal host actor who portrays the iconic Hollywood actor “Al Pacino” – AKA Bruce Springsteen/Keith Richards, the spouse of the Duchess of Cornwall Camila Parker Bowles AKA the mythical Princess Diana Spencer/Ondine Rothschild/former British PM Theresa May – would certainly know all about how the global commercial rackets of the thirteen families operate and, for centuries, have operated with absolute impunity.

Yes folks, the confirming results of ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis affirmatively indicate His Majesty, Prince Charles of Wales, certainly possesses the knowledge of how to effectively hide as well as lie about his true identity, whenever expedient and or profitable.

Prince Charles of Wales:

Al Pacino:





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