Michael Corleone a royal Rolling Stone? Part II

Michael Corleone a royal Rolling Stone? Part II

The more astute among you may have already guessed at the true royal identity behind the mask of the Hollywood actor known as “Al Pacino” from the information (and the subtle clues) published in Part I.

Nevertheless, on behalf of those who haven’t bothered to venture a guess, we shall now proceed to the conclusion of our ongoing investigation.

After Pacino’s genuine identity has been revealed, it will no longer remain a mystery as to why the Rolling Stones have been able to fill stadiums with capacity audiences nearly five decades on from their inception back in the mid-1960’s and continue to be promoted to the popular forefront of classic rock artists. Continue reading “Michael Corleone a royal Rolling Stone? Part II”

Michael Corleone a royal Rolling Stone? Part I

Michael Corleone a royal Rolling Stone? Part I

What if, one of your favorite award-winning celebrity personalities, belonging to the world of popular music and Hollywood entertainment, was discovered to be a European royal family member in disguise?

Would you believe it?

Or, would you scoff and ignore what appeared to be an absurd assertion, even if such a conclusion were proved to be supported by both corroborative and empirically-based evidence?

If hypothetically, your first impulse were to tend toward the latter rather than the former scenario, you shouldn’t become overly disturbed. Those unfamiliar with the sinister nature of the phenomenon we’ve come to identify as Post-Modern Reality Simulation are often prone – at least at first – to impulsively revolt against what might appear as absurd notions.

Though we have already examined the biographical history of the Oscar-winning Hollywood actor known as “Al Pacino” and were able to identify him as the host actor behind the mask of one of the music and entertainment industry’s most legendary figures, Bruce Springsteen, we are about to discover yet another iconic music industry character portrayed by the same man – a well-known performer of popular music – who rose to prominence during the 1960’s as the lead guitarist of one of the most influential and successful British pop and rock acts.

But behind the mask of these legendary characters is disguised a certain European royal, a well-recognized prince who – under the guise of the name “Al Pacino” – also portrayed two of the most memorable characters known to the history of Hollywood cinema, Michael Corleone, and the mad Cuban drug lord, Tony Montana.

More incredibly folks, during the course of the following pair of instalments, we will also discover an interconnecting and intriguing web of connections. between the host actor of “Al Pacino”, a legendary guitarist from the Rolling Stones, a very prominent European royal family and a mythological princess who, though alleged to have died, remains still very much alive! Continue reading “Michael Corleone a royal Rolling Stone? Part I”

The media’s house of horrific hoaxes

The media’s house of horrific hoaxes


The media sorcerers are losing their magic mojo.

Or, perhaps they realize they no longer have to try that hard in working over their scripted hoodwinks.

Yes folks, in a recent media driven psychological operation that seemed to harbor an agenda equally sinister and transparent, the American public’s credulity was stretched to the breaking point in being asked to believe a young girl – along with her twelve brothers and sisters – were deprived of rescue or recourse while being subjected to malnourishment and hostage-like conditions while uploading videos to You Tube which received over thousands and even millions of views.

The sub-department worker bees at Langley must be falling out of their cubicles and writhing on the office carpets overcome with fits of laughter at just how easy their jobs have become.

Then again, is it so surprising the media gets away with such egregious criminality in an era featuring bloggers praising the dubious virtue of continuing to “dream” in lieu of engagement with critical thinking? But this plays right into the hands of the ruling elites. For, they would much prefer for the masses to keep wishing on the star of a fantastical “dream” rather than thinking their way into definitively discovering how to break through the shackles of soul destroying lies enslaving them.

With prevalent mentalities such as this dominating the increasingly blunted consciousness of one’s fellow bloggers, and mankind in general, is it any wonder the general public is pathetically fooled time and again with such transparent psychological operations?

No, indeed it is not, folks.

Nevertheless, one shall proceed with an analysis of what was no doubt yet another blatant hoax perpetrated on the masses.  Continue reading “The media’s house of horrific hoaxes”