Throughout it’s storied history, NASA has made several extravagant claims, many of which have gone unquestioned by media and public alike. NASA justifies it’s continued taxpayer funding predicated on the idea it is performing ground breaking feats of science; astronomy and space travel. But, despite remaining virtually unquestioned, do these extravagant claims bear any resemblance to the truth? Is NASA primarily concerned with the furtherance of scientific knowledge, or is it merely a PR agency for the US government and the Department of Defense?

Considering there remain many ‘true believers’ in terms of the hallowed space agency’s credibility, one may find it nonetheless worth making a genuine effort to evaluate the following information. For some, the weight of cognitive dissonance may be too burdensome to ever truly shed. Decades of clever psychological programming and social pressures may be too difficult to overcome in seriously considering the inconceivable. Be that as it may, it would be wise in this case to consider the futility of attempting to kill the messenger. Truth has a funny tendency to overcome denial, no matter how impenetrably it garrisons the inherent powers of the human mind.

Rather than pouring through reams of scientific data, an exercise in certain futility for a non-scientist, is there a simpler way in discovering NASA’s glaring anomalies? Many You Tube conspiracy theorists have uploaded volumes of videos detailing the obvious anomalies of NASA’s official space mission footage. Many more still, have pointed out the glaring oddities and inconsistencies of Apollo moon photographs. These have all been well-documented, making it unnecessary to once again traverse well-trod ground.

Above all this, and even more obvious, are the numerous verbal gaffes of NASA spokespersons and mission personnel. These have not been so well-documented, and so better serve to hoist NASA on its own petard. Indeed, not only has NASA dodged accountability for such gaffes, but when pressed, conspicuously chooses to dodge all serious inquiry, sometimes with a risible lack of subtlety.

What is more curious than questionable scientific data or anomalous footage from space missions however, are the statements from an array of NASA ‘astronauts’.

Recently, an interview on Italian television was conducted from ‘space’ with ‘astronauts’ Terry Wert, and Samantha Christaforetti, while allegedly aboard the International space station. Observing the footage broadcast from the station, one couldn’t help but note it appeared the ‘astronauts’ were suspended from wires positioned in front of a stationary studio green screen. One of the other anomalies worth noting, was the lack of time delay between the questions and responses noticeable in other similar interviews conducted from orbital space.

However, when the Italian television host inquired of mission commander Wert concerning the future of humanity in space, this was his curious response:

 “The plan that NASA has is to build the Orion capsule to help us reach destinations beyond earth orbit, because right now, we can only fly in earth’s orbit.”

One should not have to point out the obvious anomaly inherent in that loaded statement. By now, generations of public school children have learned about the historically heralded Apollo moon missions, which, if one is not mistaken, carried NASA ‘astronauts’ well beyond earth orbit and all the way to the moon, and back! Does Commander Wert mean to imply that NASA did not in fact reach the moon six times during the era of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s? Does he mean to imply NASA no longer, for some inexplicable reasoning, possesses the technological wherewithal to launch ‘astronauts’ beyond earths orbit and out into the solar system? Featured Image -- 7438

Wert went on to explain NASA’s plan to reach the moon, and eventually Mars, utilizing a newly engineered rocket propulsion system containing the new and improved Orion capsule.

Of course, the television presenter never follows up on the obvious question.

Why would NASA need to rebuild what successfully achieved their stated goals for the 21st century more than fifty years past? Could they not just reverse engineer the powerful Saturn rocket propulsion system that successfully carried NASA ‘astronauts’ to the moon in 1969? What conditions in space have so radically changed that would necessitate such technological alterations and modifications to NASA technology working so flawlessly during the first attempts at human space travel?

Why would NASA feel compelled to reinvent the proverbial wheel? Escape to Death - 3D

Oh, but wait-NASA has a response to all of these inquiries.

A mere few years ago, former NASA ‘astronaut’ Don Petit had this to say:

“I’d go to the moon in a nanosecond, but unfortunately, that technology doesn’t exist anymore. We destroyed that technology, and it is a painful process to build it back up again. But, going to Mars, should be one of the many steps humans should do.”

Not only does Petit fail to qualify this astonishing statement with regard to the Saturn V rocket technology, he goes on to say this:

“The only limit to a human future {in space} is our own imagination.”

Does this former NASA ‘astronaut’ mean to imply that NASA space missions are not bound on a technological basis, but defined by the imaginations of NASA public relations experts? Featured Image -- 4685

Stranger still, in 2013, Petit made some even more telling comments at the conclusion of a public presentation entitled “The tyranny of the rocket equation” at NASA’s Kennedy space center:

“Is there some other way to get off the earth without using rockets? Hence could you break the tyranny of the rocket equation? Or, If {NASA} isn’t clever enough to think of an answer, and if we have to use rockets, could we minimize the tyranny, simply by…we don’t bring our dumb mass!”

I don’t know about you folks, but it seems to me that Petit has more than publicly implied that NASA rockets, as presently constituted, are not capable, due to the danger and unpredictability of rocket payloads and fuel combustibility, of being launched safely into space.

This may mean, that all this time, all these years, while pretending to launch extravagant missions into outer space, NASA has been stealing billions of American taxpayer dollars and socking it away into it’s own private black banking hole, where it will never be found by any government auditor.

Now that,  folks, is some brand of rocket tyranny!



    1. While one has always claimed to be seeking the truth, one doesn’t claim to have eclipsed the true scope of the lies – yet. But, it is comforting to discover there are others perhaps possessing the fortitude to thoroughly and unabashedly investigate.

      1. Indeed, critical thinking is necessary to see through the psychological manipulations of the self-proclaimed ruling elite. Once one pierces the veil – as it were – the machinations utilized become quite evident.

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