Granted, this is a bit of a departure from the subject matter normally found here at NEWSSPELLCOM.org. Nonetheless, the significance of pop culture in shaping the mindset of Americans cannot be underestimated. Other than stimulating commerce for the international bankers owning all major media, pop stars do serve a significant social function, if only to provide a vicarious and fantastical escape valve for those slogging through mundane lives. The significant cultural imprint stars such as Katy Perry leave branded on the minds of Americas youth can never be dismissed out of hand. The question is, what occurred to the pop princess during a live performance in Nashville? Was it from exhaustion? Is there any credence to the legions of conspiracy theorists claiming Perry may have been under the sinister influence of ‘MK Ultra’ mind control programming? Or, is there perhaps a supernatural force at work?


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Born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on October, 25, 1985, the pop star now known to the word at large as simply Katy Perry, once said that when she first started out in the music business, she yearned to emulate her then idol, christian pop/country singer Amy Grant. But then, Perry claims, something changed. Suddenly, to ascend to the level of great fame and fortune, Perry claims she sold her soul to the devil.

(https://youtu.be/zzakoTVZlE0 )

What could have precipitated such a decision? Or, was this merely a show business calculation to titillate her legions of youthful fans? After all, selling one’s soul for legendary status seemed to have worked for classic rock legends Led Zeppelin, right?

With her unique contralto vocal delivery, sparkly and infectious musical arrangements, and daring fashion sense, Perry stands out in a pop music world that seems to have grown less imaginative and more homogeneous with each passing year. But, now that Ms. Perry approaches the ripe old age of 33 (33 represents the number of master teacher in Freemasonry), is she beginning to discover the strains of endless tours, recording dates, slews of live appearances, and the ever increasing demands of pop stardom are finally taking their toll? Has the bright sheen of pop sparkle reflected in the eyes of the all-American girl who saw her big dreams of being crowned pop princess come true just now beginning to dim? Granted, the average pop fanatic who only wants to hear their favorite singer warble the radio hits, may not always be aware of the mega pop stars stamina killing schedule of demands. The starry eyed fan never gets to experience the dirty hotel rooms, the stale coffee, those long and often sleepless nights on a cramped tour bus roaring down yet another interstate highway, leading to the dark horizon of Americas heartland abyss. Indeed, pop stardom is a job like any other, except in the case of Ms. Perry, her job is performed under the glare of the white hot spotlight, a lofty but secretly unenviable position with which the great majority can never appreciate nor comprehend.

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humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.


Though the legions of Katy Perry fans may not be aware, the legend of selling ones soul to the devil for musical fame and fortune is nothing new. Mississippi Delta blues man Robert Johnson was a poor sharecropper who, legend has it, met the devil at the crossroads to bargain an age old Faustian deal with the legendary horned god of the underworld. In exchange for his eternal soul, Johnson was granted the musical wizardry that would-for a short time at least until the age of 27-grant him possession of all the earthly fame and fortune he so desperately sought.

Could it be, the old ghost of Robert Johnson is now broadcasting some supernatural but sage advice to Ms. Perry from the other side of the metaphysical curtain, advising her to avoid the perils of his eternal folly, to perhaps break her contract before its too late?

Is what happened to Perry in Nashville a cautionary tale-has the devil come to finally collect on a supernatural debt from Katy Perry before she turns 33?

Is the devil warning Katy Perry her time of fame and fortune is almost up?

The legend of Johnson’s death, along with the deaths of other famous rock luminaries at age 27 (Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Curt Cobain; names which all sum to 33 on the numerology calculator) came to be known as the legendary 27 club’. Could there be a deeper symbolic significance to this? Could there be a greater significance between the deaths of all of these famous celebrities at the age of 27 and what recently happened to latter day pop star Katy Perry in Nashville? Are supernatural forces sending a message to America, and if so, do the numbers 27 and 33 signify some secret code embodying a message for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear?

27 (2+7=9) 33 (3+3=6)

Turns out the numbers 6 and 9 are part of a divine formula in terms of what is known as ‘sacred geometry’. Now, I know that most of you coming here to read about Katy Perry weren’t expecting a math lesson. But, just bear with me for one moment. The following is something one may want to give deeper consideration: https://youtu.be/5NHaUrm4QN0

Is there in fact a symbolic significance to Katy Perry’s on stage collapse in Nashville?

The surrounding signs and symbols may indicate indeed there may be. The numbers 6 and 9 hold a deep significance in terms of the balance of nature and the sacred geometric construction of our reality and how it is perceived. Could it be, someone or something is sending a divine message to America, that out of the chaos caused by a coming economic collapse in the materially corrupt West will arise a more stable and equitable world order for humanity, perhaps signifying a greater balance between humanity and the forces of nature? This is an esoteric concept explored in Raging Falcon: Amazon.com/dp/B01LYJFTG2



There does exist a more practical analysis of the Katy Perry incident.

The music industry is a business. It is a business reaping billions for both corporate owners and stockholders. Unless one has been ensconced in a cave, it would be naive to ignore the fact that since the Manchester bombing event, the career of Ariana Grande, one of Katy Perry’s pop rivals, has increased tenfold in terms of public profile-not to mention represented a great boon to record sales. Could it be, the executives of Ms. Perry’s record company observed something needed to be done, to put their franchise artist back into the prime glow of the public spotlight recently stolen from her by a younger upstart-a performer who could possibly steal away the adoration of a teen audience once predominantly enjoyed by Katy Perry?

Turns out, that Katy Perry has collapsed before, that it may be just a theatrical element of her act.

James Brown, the legendary soul singer, would often perform a collapsing act during the encore of a performance. Much like in the case of Katy Perry, a dutiful assistant would rush out onto the stage to pick the performer up, draping him with his ceremonial red cape before finally helping to usher the legendary star towards the stage exit, thus garnering a longer and more sustained applause from the adoring throngs in the audience.

Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, in the final and conclusive analysis, the collapse of America’s favorite pop princess Katy Perry may have been most likely staged.

Let’s face it folks, they don’t call it show business for nothing, right?

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Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?




  1. With regards to the 27 club there is evidence that they didn’t die, they just took on another acting job. Should you be interested there is lots of info on youtube regarding this phenomena. Interestingly I believe the 27 club is a term coined by Keith Richards…

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