NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part VIII)

If NASA is faking space missions, how could they get away with such a colossal lie? And, if they are not spending it on space missions and science, where does all their money go?

Those are the questions one often hears posed here at

Presently, one shall attempt to address them.

In beginning to address the first, one should ask oneself: In the final analysis, which party is more culpable in terms of moral depravity? Is it NASA, casting spells through the television’s dream machine, using the power of suggestion to invert fantasy and objective reality? Or, is it the hundreds of millions who were told in public school a man landed on the moon, and with imaginations thoroughly stimulated, having bought and emotionally invested in the lie, propagated it through repetition? Knowing the masses are largely spelled by and in thrall to their considerable powers of magic suggestion, NASA doesn’t feel it necessary to hide away their lies under lock and key in some top secret underground vault.

And why?

Because, their lies are kept safe by the masses who believe them-and shall undoubtedly continue to do so. Until, that is, someone in a position of authority provides a social cue that it is okay to question NASA’s dubious scientific validity. Perhaps, the masses at large are waiting for the return of Jesus from heaven, or Superman from Krypton to magically expunge the lies from their infantile minds and finally spoon feed them the truth.

That is how NASA gets away propagating such a colossal lie with impunity-because the emotionally invested masses believe it and shall summarily attack anyone with vicious fury who fails to believe it, or even worse, identifies the lie and dares to destroy the illusion with the truth.

Face it folks, the masses don’t like the truth, because lies are simply more sexy.

As for addressing the second question, involving NASA’s money, one believes NASA is nothing more than a low end movie production house, through which is laundered billions in windfall profits collected from the global narcotics trade. For those who may scoff or perhaps may not understand the nature of how such a massive criminal enterprise would function in plain sight-please, read on!   Continue reading “NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part VIII)”

Tavistock: pop culture mind war masters (part II)

The mad scientists of global mind war at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations want you to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials. For generations, the Institute, aided by NASA and Hollywood, acting in tandem as force multipliers, have cooperatively and incrementally conditioned humanity to not only believe in the existence of extraterrestrials, they are conditioning humanity to the idea aliens will unite humanity into accepting a global form of governance.

The ‘alien’ meme is both psychologically and sociologically complex, playing upon humanities inherent fears and deepest desires. And folks, the mad scientists of global mind war at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London are playing humanity for suckers.

But, as one shall soon surmise, the agenda goes deeper. Continue reading “Tavistock: pop culture mind war masters (part II)”


This is perhaps one of the most important installments one will encounter on

Many shall find the following information discomforting, controversial, and disturbing to say the very least. Nevertheless, one feels an urgency with regard to the delivery of the information regardless of disturbing implications. NASA, while pretending to explore outer space with both manned missions and automated deep space probes, has been secretly engaged with an ulterior agenda, an agenda bent on the mass deception of humanity in the name of a well-coordinated politically and socially motivated program with global implications. In addition, everything one has been taught and conditioned to believe through public school and the University educational system about the fundamental nature of the universe, from which most derive their general perception of the world, may be patently and completely false.  Continue reading “NASA SCAM IS TAXPAYER BLACK HOLE (part VII)”