NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part XI)

This installment is directed at those still holding on to the childish notion that NASA’s alleged space missions are legitimate. On this occasion, one shall also demonstrate connections between NASA, the United Nations’ globally mandated Agenda 21 program, Hollywood and the NFL.

Yes folks, you have indeed read that correctly – a connection between NASA and the NFL.

Although these organizations may appear to have been created for different purposes, both are in fact tied together as collective gears in the colossal, spinning wheel of the globally consolidated commercial system of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Though each organization may appear to be different, loyal readers shall soon discover that each plays a specialized, but no less significant role in conditioning the masses to keep them working, buying, consuming and, held permanently and obediently in line with the effective utilization of Hollywood-styled, mass targeted psychological warfare.

Before deciding to cling more tightly to your childhood wish-fulfillment concerning NASA’s alleged space missions, one may want to consider the following empirical evidence, evidence proving beyond all remaining shreds of doubt, NASA is nothing more than a Hollywood movie studio staffed with actors producing propaganda films that feature varying degrees of psychological warfare.

However, despite the fact NASA officials have gone on record to state their manned rockets cannot safely penetrate the Van Allen radiation belt beyond the rim of Earth’s atmosphere and, despite those same NASA officials have admitted such a barrier makes communication with space craft and other probes launched at deep space targets problematic if not virtually impossible, a great majority of Americans continue to willingly hand over billions in tax dollars to what is essentially a government sponsored movie production suite that produces nothing more than CGI-based propaganda films designed as weapons of mass psychological destruction.

This investigation shall mostly focus on the fact that NASA uses actors posed as “scientists” and “academics” to sell their “space” projects. While most of those posed as NASA officials in the following video examples of NASA promotional footage are probably extras or low level SAG members normally accustomed to playing rather small character roles, one was able to discover two rather noteworthy Hollywood figures along with a famous former NFL coach shilling for NASA’s quixotic missions to Mars and their so-called “urban sprawl” studies. The pair of Hollywood figures one discovered utilized by NASA – one of which sports a famous surname recognizable to one’s loyal readers –  portrayed the host actors of a pair of Mars mission engineers, Richard Cook and Adam Steltzner. Steltzner’s biographies claim, that before becoming a project leader at NASA JPL during the recent Mars Exploration and Pathfinder missions, he had been formerly employed in the music and entertainment industry.

The latter biographical tidbit served as a huge clue during the course of one’s investigation that something wasn’t quite right concerning “Doctor” Steltzner.

As one shall soon observe, all three NASA officials are complete and utter frauds, lacking even the barest essential qualifications to have served as the executives of such grand projects or to have even informed the public concerning the sweeping scope of the government sponsored programs they are shilling for.

But this is precisely why the actor based reality is so prevalent, for it gives the ruling elite families not only plausible deniability regarding connections to their criminal activities or criminal intent, it also provides immunity from prosecution to any actors starring in these productions, many of whom are not only operating under pseudonyms, but may also be directly related to the ruling elite families.

Perpetuating the concept of the actor based reality is also an effective method of harnessing the overwhelming power of psychological suggestion through the vast audio/ visual/print media complex. This serves to continually maintain what the ruling elite families possessing total and complete control over all the globe’s government and corporate entities truly covet: profits from an endless supply of tax dollars willingly given over by the massive hordes of tax farmers who, generation after generation, have been forced to work on their corporate slave plantations.

After all, why should it be the prevailing actor based reality eludes an organization such as NASA, for one has proved alleged former “astronaut”, Don Petit, to have been a fabricated character portrayed by the identical host actor portrayed US presidential candidate Mitt Romney (See: Kubrick’s legacy of smoke and mirrors (Part I).

Here, in the following video, is yet another prime example of the actor based reality coming into play.

If one immediately proceeds to approximately the 3:33 mark in the previous video, one shall note the actor seated in the foreground reading from a script positioned off-camera, and again while standing next to a map positioned on a wall. The actor has been cast to portray the role of a Dartmouth academic who specializes in a curious area of study called “urban sprawl”.

And who does one suppose is portraying this “academic”?

The host actor, is none other than former NFL head coach, Tom Landry, who for decades served as the celebrated coach of an NFL franchise formerly known as “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys, a team that, to this day, features a very curious logo loyal readers will undoubtedly recognize as having occult significance:

Tom Landry:

The first image featuring the logo of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, represents the five-pointed star of the occult Baphomet, signifying the five points of perceivable energy manifesting into the duality of man. It is also representative of the masonic cult of the Eastern Star, a moniker which references the star of the morning, or Lucifer, rising in the east.

What is perhaps more noteworthy considering Landry, is that he began his professional coaching career in the professional ranks working with the legendary Vince Lombardi, who as it happens, possesses an officially composed biography littered with numerological markers. Lombardi also attended Fordham university, a noted Jesuit institution which also features another noteworthy alumnus, award-winning Hollywood luminary, Denzel Washington.

One wonders, given the scripted nature of the NFL, if Landry’s enormous success as a head coach in the NFL and the success of his America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys, weren’t due to some sort of quid pro quo arrangement in exchange for his obvious willingness in helping NASA and his ruling elite, Jesuit masters spread their global agenda?

There can be no doubt, the NFL is controlled by the Jesuit order, and given that sports may appear to be ostensibly entertainment, its constant promotion into the forefront of public consciousness is far from coincidental. The concept of professionally competitive sport serves to not only distract a majority of the general public away from considering the genuine significance of more paramount political and social issues (like the fact that regardless of race, creed, gender, or religion they have been enslaved by the invisible chains of debt and tax bondage), but its professional participants are held up as mass behavioral modification models – or as they’re more commonly referred, role models – in helping to shape public perceptions in ways that further benefit the hegemony and profitability of the ruling elite’s global, commercial empire.

Once again referencing the content of the previous video at 3:33, one shall note that the pair of actors, while posed as “academics”, regurgitate pre-prepared talking points concerning the concept of “urban sprawl”. The concept of “open spaces” is also discussed, a euphemistic term one has heard repeatedly spewed from the mealy mouths of various local, small-time politicians for quite some time now.

The talking points heard in the video concerning the concept of “urban sprawl” are synonymous with what would develop into the United Nation’s globally mandated Agenda 21, a manifesto of social and political change anchored on the faulty premise the world’s natural resources are shrinking while the world’s populations are growing at what has been euphemistically termed an “unsustainable” rate.

Regarding the world’s natural resources, folks, they aren’t shrinking, they have merely been hoarded, consolidated and monopolized by the ruling elite, Jesuit families.

Agenda 21, a primer:

Several years ago, the unsubstantiated phenomenon of “peak oil” was floated by the MSM and the academic community as a trial balloon and, for a time, served as a chief talking point for the puppets of the ruling elite to utilize while beginning to sell the idea of “global sustainability” to their tax paying citizenries. Many, in fact a majority of state and local governments here in the West, have contractually agreed to sign on with Agenda 21 in exchange for regular doles of federal funding, the financial burden of which – in terms of exorbitant loan interest from the federal reserve and other central banks – is then summarily hung like an albatross around the necks of the general public’s multitude of tax payers.

In other words folks, the so-called American ruling class has agreed to incrementally transform America, formerly the world’s premiere industrial power, into a third-world police state/surveillance purgatory in exchange for scraps from the bountiful tables of the ruling elite and for their own short-term material enrichment.

While the exact production date of the NASA promotional film observed in the video featured above isn’t exactly known, it would appear to have been produced several decades ago, perhaps as early as the 1970’s. “Urban sprawl” appears to also have been a conceptual progenitor to what would become the latter-day concept of “climate change”.

Both ill-conceived concepts seem to have been purposely fabricated to thinly, but yet still cleverly, conceal the Machiavellian intentions of grand social and political agendas promoted on behalf of the ruling elite families, and designed to psychologically manipulate the public into giving credence to the dubious scientific nexus continually touted by “climate experts” between overpopulation and adverse manipulations of global climate.

However, what the public isn’t told is that for decades, beginning in the 1950’s, both the weather and climate has been routinely and artificially manipulated by advanced weather modification and cloud seeding techniques.

As alluded to before, the utilization of actors to sell the political and social agendas of the ruling elite families not only provides a comfortable margin of legal immunity and plausible deniability, it is also utilized because in truth, no legitimate academic would risk their revered reputation among scientific peers publicly advancing theoretical concepts lacking genuine scientific credibility.

It is only through the power of assiduous psychological suggestion and manipulation that such logically and scientifically flawed concepts such as “urban sprawl” and “climate change” can gain any credence among the thoroughly distracted and ill-informed throngs of the general public.


Adam Steltzner is alleged to have been the American engineer who not only worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) but also worked on several flight projects, most recently involving those of the Mars Pathfinder and Mars Exploration. Turns out though folks, that Steltzner, like Touchdown Tom Landry, is a complete fraud, and wouldn’t have known the difference between a flight vector and a thrust propulsion system if his very survival depended on it.

In case you think the author makes such claims in jest, watch “Doctor” Steltzner perform in the following video:

A few glaring characteristics become immediately evident when viewing this so-called NASA press conference. Primarily, the question and answer period regarding the “success” of the NASA Mars Exploration mission appears to have been staged. Secondarily, it appears that even when a scientifically pertinent question regarding this momentous and historic space exploration mission is lodged by members of the audience (oddly, there does not appear to be a recognizable presence of MSM print or television media), the designated Mars Exploration team leader, Adam Steltzner, does not seem capable of addressing them with what could even be construed as superficially substantial responses.

At one noteworthy juncture during the press conference, Steltzner even admits he doesn’t know what photo file type was allegedly retrieved by NASA mission control from the Mars Exploration rover in deep space.

Adding to this bizarre display of utterly absurd comedy, are the moments when Steltzner’s brows furrow and, he asks for help in answering the audience queries from what appear to be imaginary personages.

In fair defense of Steltzner and the other actors appearing to have been cast to play roles as NASA administrators, the entire “press conference” appears to resemble discarded Hollywood filmed B roll footage, footage that may not have made the final director’s cut of a major commercial motion picture and was subsequently licensed to NASA for their own express use.

At one point in the video, one may notice the presence of someone who appears to be an on-set crew member donned with official apparel clearly displaying the promotional logo from the popular Hollywood blockbuster Avatar. This individual appears to direct either the filming or is there to assist the actors as they run through the dialogue assigned to their characterizations.

Perhaps this is why Adam Steltzner, NASA’s designated Mars Exploration team leader, keeps asking for help to remember his lines. Apparently, this is standard procedure on a Hollywood movie set, and sometimes the actors, while running through their lines during preliminary shooting with the director present, will periodically enquire for help from assistants positioned off-set to guide them whenever they may be confused or wish to request changes concerning the nature of their script. This would also explain why there doesn’t appear to be any MSM print or television media present at the “press conference.”

If this is the case with NASA’s press conference – and this is just a working theory – but it may have been that this “press conference” “B roll” footage was shot by a Hollywood director and intended for inclusion in a feature Hollywood production.

When the footage was cut from the Hollywood film, NASA brass may have been made aware of its potential in serving to promote its Mars mission propaganda.

Could it be, that after NASA officials observed the potential of this outtake from Hollywood feature footage, it was subsequently licensed to them for express use and they ultimately decided to deploy it in selling their latest simulated space adventure?

Perhaps, the NASA executive brass even went so far as to employ the crew from the Hollywood studio that originally worked with the original B roll footage to reshoot scenes and added them to the post-production film mix before it was finally aired to the public.

Whichever the case, it is clear NASA brass harbored no moral reservations in choosing to use this production to emotionally manipulate the public in to handing over millions more of their tax dollars to fund their imaginary space operas.

Steltzner’s official biographies claim despite the fact he was barely able to graduate high school, he went on to garner advanced degrees from many prestigious academic institutions, including California’s Institute of Technology and the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where in 1999, he allegedly composed a doctoral thesis concerning “Input force estimation, inverse structural systems, and the inverse structural filter.”

In terms of  credibility, scientific or otherwise, it turns out that Steltzner’s advanced degrees, along with his doctoral thesis, represent the inverse of anything resembling the truth.

An official transcript from his appearance on NPR (National Public Radio) in 2012 reveals that Steltzner or as he’s referred to on this particular program, “the Elvis hair guy”, in fact never graduated from high school, but instead opted to drop out in lieu of embarking upon a career in the music industry.

During the course of the interview, Steltzner also reveals that shortly after the alleged “success” of the Mars Exploration mission, he was fired from JPL and summarily sent to the unemployment line.

Does that make any sense, folks?

It does within the context of what Steltzner doesn’t reveal but only implies.

More precisely, if Steltzner is in fact an actor, and was merely fulfilling the legal requirements of a studio contract while portraying his role in a production, then the revelation of his dismissal after allegedly spearheading one of the most momentous engineering feats in mankind’s history makes perfect sense.

What is perhaps even more noteworthy relating to Adam Steltzner, is that official biographies claim his alleged father was heir to the Schilling spice fortune.

A. Schilling and Company was established in the 19th century as an import business dealing in coffee, tea, baking powder, spices and other extracts. The business was headquartered in San Francisco and ownership stayed within the Schilling family until it was acquired by McCormick and Company in 1946.

In other words, folks, Steltzner’s official biographies are telling us he was a spoiled rich kid whose family probably had high-level connections, most likely to both CIA and Hollywood.

Sure enough, further research revealed that A. Schilling and Company was founded by a pair of 27 year-old German emigres from Bremen, a North German city that shortly after its establishment during the Middle Ages, became part of the Hanseatic German league, itself politically connected to the Holy Roman Empire and the Jesuit controlled Vatican in Rome (See: Kubrick’s legacy of smoke and mirrors (Part II).

After taking a closer look at the pair of characters featured in the screen shot of the opening video frame displayed above, NASA Mars Exploration team members Richard A. Cook and Adam Steltzner, one decided further examination was indeed necessary.

Not surprisingly folks, the results of preliminary facial recognition and ear biometric comparison analysis have availed some stunning results:

John C. Reilly:

Richard Cook/NASA Mars Exploration Team:

Steven Baldwin:

Adam Steltzner:

What gave Steltzner away, was the more than close facial recognition similarity of his spouse to Stephen Baldwin’s long-time significant other, Kennya Baldwin.

Reilly is a Hollywood character actor of some renown. Most notably, Reilly has starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator and with Mark Wahlberg and the late Burt Reynolds AKA the host actor for Russian Premiere Vladimir Putin in Boogie Nights.

Up until recently, the ruling elites have been adept at producing and maintaining their clever illusions over a period of several centuries.

Then again, they didn’t count on Newsspell and its loyal band of astute readers to come along and shatter them, did they?








4 thoughts on “NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part XI)

  1. As someone once said, federal projects like NASA essentially operate as money-pits where countless trillions in tax revenues are poured in from the Treasury to fund whatever projects the Families and their minions have in mind – or to simply steal money for themselves and stash the rest into their offshore tax-exempt bank accounts and investments in forms of subsidies, credits, bailouts, grants, and refunds – meanwhile leaving the masses to foot the tax bill. Elon Musk comes to mind, since he billed NASA for his phony SpaceX project. He was also acquainted with Ghislaine Maxwell, who was connected to the Carlyle Group, an organization implicated in extorting public pensions for billions of tax dollars. That group is also connected to the Bush clan, notorious war hawks and fascists. Ghislaine, of course, was connected to Jeffrey Epstein, who faked his death in August 2019. Epstein himself was connected to Anglo-Israeli intelligence, so I assume his large fortune was stolen via taxes collected to fund them. Israel is a huge recipient of federal funding, and the Rothschilds played a key role in its creation.

    The “military” essentially operates in the same way with its notoriously bloated budget, much of it squandered on phony weapons and fake wars like the one in Ukraine (Dave J himself goes into detail with his “War Hoax” series, as you may know). Same with the HHS and its subdepartments like the NIH, which ties us to the pharmaceutical industry and the recent Coronavirus scam, where billions are annually spent on phony and questionable drugs and injections, such as the flu “vaccines”, which, like the COVID-19 “vaccines”, aren’t vaccines at all but defective shots that have to be frequently taken for them to work – which in turn makes more money for vaccine manufacturers.

    Plus, the “government” itself profits immensely from such investments, as the CAFR scheme clearly demonstrates, so it’s not like the public sector is losing any money here, either. Especially when it involves selling products like weapons or pharmaceuticals, as mentioned above (the NIH receives royalties from vaccine sales, for example). Everybody involved is a winner, except the many who are expected to foot the bills. This also ties into the controllers’ privatization schemes, which is another way of socializing the costs and privatizing the benefits. What has happened to higher education is one prime example of this.

    Not to mention that the moon landing psyop was one of JFK’s biggest lifetime dreams. Apparently, he thought that tax monies could be spent on a seemingly harmless racket, and he got just that in 1969, although he allegedly wasn’t alive to see it (which we know is false since he faked his death, later going on to play Jimmy Carter). Kennedy surmised that if war profiteering won’t suffice, space profiteering will do. So, Congress gladly gave $110 billion for the Apollo program, which then went into the pockets of NASA contractors, whose companies I’m sure federal officials held stocks in. And since there was no massive opposition to this endeavor at the time – unlike the backlash to the Vietnam War – even better for their bottom line.

    As Anthony Sutton aptly said in his book “FDR and Wall Street”:

    “This robber baron schema is also, under different labels, the socialist plan. The difference between a corporate state monopoly and a socialist state monopoly is essentially only the identity of the group controlling the power structure. The essence of socialism is monopoly control by the state using hired planners and academic sponges. On the other hand, Rockefeller, Morgan, and their corporate friends aimed to acquire and control their monopoly and to maximize its profits through influence in the state political apparatus; this … is a discreet and far more subtle process than outright state ownership under socialism. …. We call this phenomenon of corporate legal monopoly—market control acquired by using political influence—by the name of corporate socialism.”

    “In brief, corporate socialism is intimately related to making society work for the few.”

    Fun fact: the Rockefellers receive billions in federal tax subsidies for their oil empire. The Morgan family’s J.P. Morgan Chase bank received $25 billion in bailout money from the United States during the 2008 financial crisis. The Du Ponts, of course, profited tremendously during WWI from weapon sales to Wilson’s administration (the same man who gave us the Federal Reserve system and the notorious federal income tax). Meanwhile, all pay next to nothing in federal taxes. Nice steal for them, eh?

  2. And, of course, when the ruling class speaks of “sustainability”, they mean sustaining and expanding their wealth & power at all costs. The welfare state, in part, serves to do just that: it keeps poor people on the doe (because otherwise they will lose those benefits if they move up the socio-economic ladder) while incentivizing the rich to bathe themselves in endless tax revenues, all at the expense of the most productive members in society – which are middle and working classes. That way, any competition to their hegemony would be crushed. They don’t want an “uppity peasantry”, after all.

    There’s nothing truly liberal or progressive about Agenda 21 or any of their other agendas: they’re as fascist and regressive as they can be, but they need to present them as “progressive” or “liberal” to bamboozle the masses, which includes actual progressives or liberals. This is the classic controlled opposition strategy they use to sell their desired way of things to the world. Not to mention they also utilize this strategy to blackwash their opposition by making people think it’s “the evil liberals” who are behind this, and vice versa.

    I say this because these same people have twisted the definitions of liberal and conservative to mean something they originally didn’t, even though both sides have been controlled by them from the start as part of their good cop/bad cop mind games. Liberal meant that one was for human progress and a better distribution of resources that benefits everyone, not just the privileged few. Conservative meant that one was in favor of keeping things as they were.

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