Voting gives ruling elites license to steal

The headline of this particular installment would appear to be deliberately contrarian in nature. Though assuredly it is not, what follows shall be undoubtedly considered unpopular.

But one is not wholly uncomfortable with notions of unpopularity.

After all, Samuel Clemens once said it best: when one finds their opinion in line with that of the majority, perhaps it is time to reconsider.

With all of the hoopla one has so often recently encountered on social media platforms about “sacred franchises” and “civic duty”, one is reminded that those who so willingly parrot such clichés probably have considered very little as to their genuine essence or actual meaning.

More troubling still, are the brutal methods of banal repetition with which those catch phrases are bandied about, repetition that only serves to reinforce the empty ritual of social pantomime, conjuring ghastly images of zombified automatons punching ballots.  Though such voting participants may be victims of their own willful self-deception, they nonetheless remain legally culpable in endorsing the hegemony of organized criminals masquerading as political candidates.

That is the very nature of politics and the legal voting process that facilitates its perpetuation; a holographic, theatrical overlay disguised in the ideological garb of a sacred franchise, designed for no other purpose than to ultimately pirate billions from the public tax coffers, while the antagonistic campaign rhetoric of puppet political candidates promoted by the freemasonic brotherhood network stir up widespread divisive chaos.

And, as has been pointed out many times here at Newsspell, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families are well aware that the deliberate instigation of widespread chaos is the most effective method of reinforcing their preferred order of affairs.

In many respects, the American political process of “voting” is perhaps one of the most perfidious psychological operations ever conceived. The basis of the concept of voting has been formulated on the misleading notion that the majority “vote” determines or elects who shall occupy public office for a legally specified term.

But therein lies the very problematic misperception.

While the majority have been conditioned to believe they are participating in a time honored practice of determining their own leaders and, ipso facto, given the power over their own political destiny, this is far from so.

While the public at large may have been constitutionally and legally given the privilege of “electing” those public officials which they have been educated to believe shall duly represent their best interests, the public never seems to collectively consider why they are never extended the same privilege of being able to legally select the balloted candidates.

And what of the candidates themselves, who are in truth selected to appear on ballots by a process to which the general public is never privy, candidates which are promoted through the ranks of the international brotherhood of freemasons, a tax exempt, occult religious organization predicated on the very basis of utter secrecy?

Practically speaking, these so-called candidates are merely salespersons, professional liars and spokespersons selected for their willingness to siphon tax dollars from the public on behalf of their masonic masters in return for public adulation and “face time” on the television airwaves.

Not only are these candidates morally bankrupt, they also pitifully lack the requisite intellectual and imaginative wherewithal to even articulate ideas deriving from any semblance of either personal or principled conviction.

Though despite the public is still lead to believe the candidates may be proffering their own ideas while perched on the campaign stump, they are merely hired to shill for those social and political programs that have been statutorily, federally, and even globally mandated by the freemason hierarchy on behalf of the Jesuits in Rome.

And yet, all during this last “election” cycle, there seemingly existed multitudes of those on social media urging others to remember your “civic duty.” But another pertinent question remains: what of those registered voters who willingly and of their own accord participate in such examples of staged theater, are they not just as legally culpable as those posed as candidates?

In a cleverly twisted fashion, folks, this is how the ruling elites, the prime perpetrators and organized criminals, the hidden benefactors of the candidates, keep their hands legally clean in convincing the public to actively participate in the perpetual maintenance of their own indentured, tax paying servitude.

Vote for that – never!

As loyal readers have learned, political candidates “elected” by those registered voters publicly participating in a “sacred franchise” are merely actors portraying a scripted role.

Has one also never wondered why, the same talking points and euphemisms are repeatedly utilized campaign after campaign? Because folks, repetition is the main ingredient in solidifying the effectiveness of psychological warfare in the collective, conscious mind of the pubic.

Yes folks, concepts of democracy and the privilege of voting represent mere superficial fronts, designed to maintain favorable appearances and to mirror the expectations to which generations of the general public have been assiduously conditioned by the tax funded indoctrination centers known as American public schools.


Has one never wondered what exactly these political candidates do after being “elected?” When they are not shilling to siphon billions more in tax dollars from the general public, they continue to campaign for the next election cycle. And folks, this is no conspiracy theory, for even mainstream publications like Investors Business Daily ( admit once Washington’s politicians become elected – both those elected to the senate and the house of representatives – their efforts at fundraising virtually remain in a state of perpetual motion.

Although the published mainstream article appears to pose itself in an emotionally confrontational stance towards the inherent corruptness of such a prevailing state of public and political affairs, one shall also take note that it attempts to psychologically reinforce the false right vs. left ideological paradigm, in turn bolstering the idea of centralized control of the masses through the constant emphasis on the idea of confrontational partisan divisions.

As for the “solution” to America’s divisive political quandary that the IBD article feebly provides, it blames the puppet candidates, and therefore never attempts to identify the true culprits, those who are hidden and sitting at the freemasonic pyramidal summit – the city of London’s Crown Temple bank and the Jesuit order in Rome.

In that sense, the so-called solution endorsed by IBD is yet another way of endorsing the pathetic, present-day state of political affairs.

Of course, this tactic remains synonymous with the age old freemasonic/Jesuit grand chessboard game of achieving order out of chaos.

Despite this however, an array of mainstream periodicals posed on either side of the political spectrum, seem to hint at underscoring the author’s premise that, for politicians, and for even the one presently occupying the white house, the campaigning for the next election cycle never ends.

James Pindell of the Boston Globe, in a featured article published on March 16 of 2017, writes, “The once subtle art of the so-called permanent campaign practiced by the last six US presidents is dead. There is nothing subtle about the ways {US president elect Donald} Trump has campaigned since winning the White House in November. He never stopped campaigning, never stopped raising money, and never stopped attacking his opponents.”

Imagine that folks, the MSM and a controversial, cutting edge blog such as Newsspell converging in one accord?

Nevertheless, when it comes to the American political system, money is its sustenance, and deception is the method utilized in sustaining it.

Does that state of prevailing affairs resemble anything that could be remotely described as a “sacred franchise?”

Yes folks, the prevailing belief that voting can meaningfully change anything in the general public’s favor is at best misguided and, at the very worst, dangerously naïve.

The following quote, a rebellious rant decrying the sad state of American politics, performed by one of the minor characters in Robert Redford’s 1972 political satire “The Candidate”, perhaps puts it best: “Politics is bullshit!”

In summary folks, that quote, from a Hollywood movie no less, sums it up quite succinctly, and if you continue to participate in America’s so-called “sacred franchise,” you’re fooling yourself into thinking the ruling elites aren’t attempting to defecate virtual buckets filled to the brim all over your sorrowful heads.




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    1. Yes, a scam indeed. However, one couldn’t help but notice, they moved to quickly usher Nancy Pelosi (AKA Jane Fonda/Princess Lee Bouvier Kennedy Radziwill) out of her position as Speaker of the House of Representatives soon after my recently published expose. No doubt, this was a calculated maneuver designed to appease the masses, deceive them into thinking a political sea “change” was in the air.

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