NBC Lauer sex scandal hoaxes America

The topics discussed here at Newsspellcom.org have never shied away from controversy. And on this occasion, Newsspell shall prove even less afraid to pinpoint the brand of fake controversy constantly generated by the mainstream media sorcerers. Out of sheer desperation to force feed the public yet another tired social agenda, the ruling elites are beginning to remove the velvet glove and demonstrate their naked iron hand.

Of course, there are still many Americans who shall remain gullible and fall prey time and again to whatever psychological manipulations they find forcibly foisted upon them. Once again, the dark wraith of a shepherd leads the lost souls of willing sheep on a path headed straight for the spiritual slaughterhouse. As an honest and introspective person, one shall admit that once upon a time – when one was younger and much less wise –  I too was susceptible to such crass and puerile media manipulations. But now, all that has changed, and through the enriching journey of a well-traveled life experience one has thankfully acquired the invaluable wisdom of great discernment.

Nonetheless, one shall dutifully proceed to expose the contrived Matt Lauer sex scandal for what it is, which is pure and unadulterated mass manipulative rubbish. The ruling elites are doing what they have always done, which is to divide and conquer the masses along demarcations of social, economic, racial, and of course, their most effective old standby, sex. And this time, they have blatantly opted to accentuate the latter. 

Mainstream media news personalities, Matt Lauer included, are not journalists, but highly paid professional actors. Some, are even the creation of CGI. In terms of the mass manipulation of mainstream perception, this is hardly a new concept (See: WATERGATE COVERED UP MORE SINISTER CRIME).

However, that is a subject which shall be covered more extensively in a future installment. As for the news content broadcast on mainstream news networks, all of it is noting more than scripted theater. And in this case, the recent sex scandal involving NBC’s Matt Lauer is tantamount to a scripted episode of a so-called reality show, but with a sinister social agenda attached, and a transparent one at that.

While those infected with the overwhelming emotional hysteria of the moment may feel inclined to reject any such notions, there is nonetheless a rational and assiduous nature to the sinister madness of the mainstream media sorcerers. They are nothing if not meticulous and thorough in the application of their ongoing psychological operations. Mainstream news personalities -and this extends to prominent figures in the alternative media as well – are the ruling elite’s willing instruments, compromised agents who while acting under the guise of broadcast journalism, are in truth interested only in the blind pursuit of material wealth, personal fame and mass public acclaim. To those loyal readers of Newsspellcom.org who have been provided a glimpse beyond television’s superficial veil, the mainstream media’s mask of disingenuous smiles has now been all but thoroughly removed.

Divide and conquer

Behind the mainstream media’s thin sheen of respectability and gravitas, lies an unfathomable darkness, where on-air talent of both sexes are compromised and exploited in an industry not based on merit, but nepotism and yes folks, favors of a lewd and often reprehensible sexual nature. Having been in the music industry, one has observed first hand the bestial activities some will engage with to not only become stars, but to remain at the apex of fame if and when they finally arrive at such an exalted level. Believe it folks, beneath the glittering lights and splashy magazine covers, and just beyond the eye popping on-set graphics of the mainstream corporate controlled news industry lies a horrifying darkness that is all consuming and insatiably devouring.

But whether the consenting adults and witting participants in such compromising debauchery are men or women, all are culpable in perpetuating an industry that by it’s very nature is both exploiting and degrading. With the significant segments of the American population turning away from mainstream sources for the news of the world, demographics the major networks once relied upon for consistent and even sparkling ratings shares are increasingly drying up. Too many, though perhaps still susceptible to mainstream media manipulations, are beginning to contemplate something is amiss when it comes to what appears to be the disingenuous and superficial nature of the mainstream news sources they once relied upon for trusted information.

Though the majority of the American public has yet to discern the exact nature of their growing discomfort, many are nonetheless picking up their clickers and turning away from mainstream sources of news. Oddly enough, this is just what the mainstream media sorcerers are looking to exploit. Though they know the nature of their so-called news is fraudulent, the broadcast and programming executives, in an age when the stockholders grow impatient due to both plummeting market share and dwindling television ratings, are seeking to magically grasp an unexpected triumph from the devouring jaws of terrible defeat. Realizing perceptions of credibility are based upon the appearance of establishing public trust, mainstream news executives have concocted a cynically motivated ploy to gain back a precious commodity they could once upon a time take for granted.

In appearing to provide the public with a sobering and perhaps morbidly fascinating glimpse behind their sordid curtain, and appear apologetic and forthcoming while doing it, the media sorcerers hope to regain their iron grip on the public’s overwhelming and implicit trust that for well over a decade, they know has been incrementally slipping away.

This is where the most recent and fantastically lurid sex scandal involving long-time mainstream news icon Matt Lauer comes into play.

With his carefully cultivated next door neighbor image and airy facade of phony friendliness, Lauer enjoyed the admiration of the well-scrubbed and middle of the road suburban American multitudes. What better candidate than Lauer at the end of a contract option – one could well imagine the network executives scheming – to embroil in a sleazy but no less well conceived sexually oriented imbroglio, that assuredly, in a perversely calculating fashion, could not only stimulate and regain interest in the network news and more importantly increase ratings, but keep the masses enthralled and occupied with the exploitation of an emotionally manipulative and insatiably gripping human interest story?

‘Matt Lauer’ is a pseudonym

And wouldn’t you know it, folks, the nefarious plotting of the media sorcerers seems to have worked like a charm once again. But remember, folks, the news anchor personalities are merely contracted talent acting out a role under pseudonyms. And the character known to the American pubic as Matt Lauer is no exception. Lauer is indeed a character pseudonym owned by the network, and the character is portrayed by a host actor under network contract. As a result of ear bio-metric examination and voice analysis, it may now be reported the identity of the host actor portraying disgraced news anchor Matt Lauer is none other than Hollywood based comedian Adam Sandler.


But, it gets better folks.

Adam Sandler is yet another pseudonym concealing the true host actor behind both celebrity characters, and it is a name loyal readers of Newsspell will immediately recognize. His name is Tony Greenberg, an elite family member of the Greenberg’s, the very same family implicated as key participants in the Sandy Hook Massacre and other prime time hoaxes.

Begrudgingly, one must admit Tony is a very talented man. Possibly, the best actor in Hollywood never recognized as such. Nevertheless, some of the many characters he has played – Matt Lauer among them – have become household names.

Not only has he portrayed various and sundry other characters in the mainstream media (Richard Reid the phony terrorist shoe bomber immediately comes to mind), but he has also starred on the Russia Today cable network as a news anchor.


Despite this, of course, the media sorcerers are running full steam ahead with their divisive and scripted sexual agenda of men vs. woman. Don’t fall into the media sorcerer’s trap. Remain vigilant folks, and better yet, remove your television sets from your living rooms and dispose of them on the nearest trash heap – in pieces!

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