Turning attentions to international geopolitics, the media sorcerers are once again winding up the propaganda machines. This time, rather than the manufactured threats of ISIS, or Syria, it is now North Korea providing the clear and present danger. Since the demise of the late Kim Jong Ill, the media sorcerers have done their best to build up his successor as some sort of missile wielding madman.

Assuredly, this cartoon character, as much of a puppet of the international Crown Temple banking establishment as his Western counterparts, both in the US and Europe, poses no more of a threat to global stability than Wile E. Coyote posed any semblance of danger to the Roadrunner.

All countries are corporations, owned and operated under terms and conditions set down in documents that history books call ‘treaties’, which detail nothing more than the results of negotiations between esquires, or attorneys, representing the Crown Temple bank in the city of London. War is merely a cover story, a manufactured myth composed by the hired scribes of the same elite banking families that have controlled this planet since the days of ancient Egypt and Rome.


The concept of war is nothing more than controlled demolition and strategic population relocation. The world has been governed under the auspices of global governance for several decades, if not significantly longer.

Kim Jong-un, is a well-paid actor playing out his scripted role of saber rattler on the world stage.

Global conflicts, or the threat of global scale conflagrations, are merely exercises in staged theater. This is continually done to justify the existence of the UN governing body established in 1948, simultaneous with the establishment of the nation of Israel, which exists as a subsidiary banking haven of the Crown Temple in London, much like the ‘nation of Switzerland’.

All major media publications, including Time Magazine, have written ridiculously speculative exposes on how the leader of the new regime in the Far East, derives pleasure from watching missile launches from the comfort of his palace terrace.

escape-to-death_banner107121st CENTURY PEARL HARBOR

You heard it here, first.

Expect a false flag, 9/11-like event, to occur off the West coast, somewhere either near Puget Sound, or performed near the Hawaiian islands, involving some rogue submarine missile attack.

North Korea will be blamed.

This will begin what will be billed by the Western media sorcerers as Word War Three.

But, don’t believe it.

Because, just like Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, 9/11,  it will be just another grandly produced, Hollywood styled manufactured HOAX!

Like all world leaders, Jong-un is merely an actor, playing out his role on the world stage. Really folks, do you actually believe the international banking community, owning the corporation known as North Korea, would entrust some Crispy Cream devouring clown in making any executive decisions? Or, is it more likely, he is nothing more than some Hollywood styled boogeyman, purposely designed to scare and stir the West into froth mouthed, war-like bluster? Unless, one still swallows the CIA inspired CNN promulgated propaganda whole, then the latter is the most likely conclusion arrived at by anyone in the West with a modicum of brain cells still functioning properly.

In order to more greatly illuminate comprehension of the aforementioned concepts, perhaps the following explanation will aid in elucidating the grand global scenario.

Since countries are nothing more than corporate structures, it is logical to assume these corporate entities have stockholders. These stockholders also have vested interests in multi-national contractors searching to maximize quarterly profits in new markets, in this case, the Far East, where both human and natural resources can be exploited. In the case of North Korea specifically, it is human resources these stockholders are looking to take advantage. The concept of war, facilitated by Western media propaganda, acts as merely a grand cover for their hostile takeover of new and emerging industrial markets. What better method of operation to achieve such goals than to install a CIA trained puppet who will allow Western bankers and their corporate minions free reign?

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

Enter Kim Jong-un, a man interested only in the petty egotistical satisfaction from being hailed as a demigod, adored and worshiped by the masses of North Korean people.

In order to facilitate this grand agenda of global industrial and economic monopoly, decrepit infrastructures in the Far East and North Korea, must be demolished in lieu of more modern structures capable of supporting the needs of 21st century industrial production. This formula has been repeatedly utilized, in Cuba, South America, Africa, and now the Far East, the latter a hotbed of both human and natural resources, ripe for profitable exploitation.

However, bankers know, that in order to best maximize profits in any fresh business venture, one must never invest their own assets or capital. Meaning, it is the citizens of the West, both in America and Europe, who will be fleeced for their hard earned tax dollars, not only for the building of the new infrastructures in Asia, but also the maintenance of those infrastructures, long after they’ve been erected.

In order for this financial coup to be justified in the minds of the people, a systematic program of ‘war’ propaganda must be employed, building up a portly young actor complete with outlandish coif, to appear as ruthless, bloodthirsty, nuclear missile wielding dictator. Push the American people’s fear button, with tall tales of nuclear missiles in the hands of yet another CIA handled stooge, and sure enough, military intervention in yet another country most Americans cant’t find on a world Rand McNally is not only imminent, but heartily cheered.

Sound familiar?


Didn’t CNN, and other major American networks, promulgate bald face lies of Saddam Hussein’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’, that at any time, madman Saddam could push the nuclear button and America would disappear into a ‘mushroom cloud’?

Will you fall for it again, folks?

Well, I’ve never been known as a gambling man, but I’d put favorite odds on a majority of the American populace falling for the same shopworn gambit once again, and again, and again…..


  1. Wow! very. Informative and some extremely good points. In response to your last paragraph I won’t be falling for it again I will tell you that.
    I really like this blog. Keep it up, please.

    1. In the words of ‘astronaut’
      Neil Armstrong, “there are great breakthroughs available to those who can remove {one of} truths protective layers.”

  2. Finally someone who sees through the False Flag Static… For no reason, a little backwards country is going to pick a fight with the LARGEST military opposition??? A “supposedly” military oriented government is going to (show there hand) fully inform the “enemy” USA of each missile test , there range & there preferred targets??? , warn the enemy with threats allowing the USA unlimited time to prepare ideal locations for the maximum level of response ?
    Military minded leaders don’t start crap without being prepared, they don’t antagonize with threats to START a war by using the LAST RESORT , grand finally war weapon…….
    This shit is SOOOOO Hollywood , Wag The Dog (Dustin Hoffman)…. Even the “missal launches” are “must see TV” teaser clips… Footage shot from multiple angles, perfectly edited -WW3- style Hollywood trailers that are designed so that even the stupidest fluoride induced, vaccinated ,sports addicted blue tooth retard will digest (download) the (( THREAT OF NUCLEAR WAR )) .

    NONE of it makes sense in my view. Kim Jong-un looks to me like WILLIAM HUNG from American Idol , think about it….LOL….

    1. I think both “Great Wars” (WW! & II) – as they were presented to the public – were faked. Just as with the current psychological operation – “Covid 19” – there were ulterior motives or objectives; a grand cover for a slew of technological and biological experiments, and to create the global perceptions of the need for, not only, the UN, but to create a global nexus which would connect and centrally coordinate the intelligence agencies working both in the West and around the globe. In fact, I submit they’re utilizing the identical methods of operation to pull off the Covid-19 operation: faked deaths, staged hospital footage, fabricated statistics, and manufactured fear/trauma-based narratives.

      1. Undoubtedly so. These big hoaxes are always covers for changes within the socio-economic world structure and they also act as significant attempts at social engineering upon the masses. The above photos of WWI soldiers smiling and having the time of their lives in a time of purported geopolitical turmoil and uncertainty say a thousands words about how fake the First World War, just like most wars before and after it, really was.

  3. I believe that one of the reasons for staging these scares is to justify exorbitant nuclear expenditures invested by governments and multinational conglomerates from their coffers worldwide. As always with these massive events, look at the profit motive behind everything and why they don’t mind spending trillions of tax & consumer dollars on such projects.

    Here’s a nice video showing what I’m talking about, alongside an article detailing ex-President Obama signing a $1 trillion nuclear program into federal law before leaving office:


    To quote a telling sentence from the below article:

    “The new budget avoids a government shutdown through the 2016 fiscal year and represents highly unusual cooperation between Democrats and Republicans, who in the past have often deadlocked.” (One might ask if the nuclear lobby donated heavily to both parties, which may explain why they were in agreement with this program. I think you’ll see that I’m onto something with the second quoted paragraph below and the additional links provided.)


    “Accordingly, NEI has ramped up its already-substantial lobbying operations. In addition to the sixteen NEI employees registered as federal lobbyists, the group currently retains fifteen outside lobbying firms and consultants. Last year, NEI lobbyists visited thirteen federal agencies, as well as both houses of Congress. NEI’s lobbying disclosure forms show that the organization helped shape more than twenty bills in 2007, from the Nuclear Fuel Management and Disposal Act to the Tax Technical Corrections Act to the Energy Independence and Security Act. All in all, NEI spent nearly $45 million on industry coordination, policy development, communications, and “governmental affairs” in 2006, according to its most recent financial report.”


    1. The last portion of your comment goes a long in explaining the justifications for these massive expenditures, which, I believe are put forth, if for no other reason, than to support and maintain vast bureaucratic and governmental infrastructures.

      1. “…. than to support and maintain vast bureaucratic and governmental infrastructures.”

        As well as expanding them and further enriching those who live off the government dole. As we’ve seen throughout history, a bigger government with high or more taxes and regulations financially & materially benefits the super-rich more so than the poor, contrary to what fraudulent progressive charlatans such as FDR and AOC would have us to believe.

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