In comparison to other commentary found on this blog, this can be classified as lighter fare. Nonetheless, the following may change one’s perspective on the traditional image of what constitutes the classic espionage candidate, derived from a steady diet of decades of James Bond films. Unlikely as it may seem, some of the public’s most beloved celebrities have been employed by CIA and large corporations as spies and counter-intelligence agents. Before one scoffs and snickers, consider the possibilities.

To agencies like CIA, celebrities have two distinct advantages over an agent coming off the training ‘farm’ in Langley. One, celebrities, particularly accomplished and veteran actors and actresses, have greater access and plausible deniability with regard to counter-intelligence activities. Two, because they are accomplished at their craft, transitioning to an assumed identity in the service of a counter-intelligence operation is a rather simple matter. Portraying tailored roles with accompanying disguises and assumed identities or aliases, celebrities as counter-intelligence agents can easily get close to any specified target, even while doing so under the hot glare of the public eye. Some of the following names may not seem immediately familiar, and yet during the inception of the OSS  (Office of Strategic Services), the precursor organization led by General ‘Wild’ William Donovan that later came to be known as CIA, these celebrities were actively recruited, oftentimes in cooperation with British intelligence, to help out with America’s war effort.

escape-to-death_banner1071JULIA CHILD

Admittedly, though her name may not be recognizable to latter day generations, Julia Child, during her celebrity heyday, was a huge television star, beloved by millions. Most famous for over three decades as ‘The French Chef’, Child served in several counter-intelligence efforts during the war and post-war periods prior to 1960. Assigned overseas to ‘listening posts’ both in China and Ceylon, Child quickly rose through the ranks of the OSS, and was even credited as a top-notch operator in William Donovan’s private papers.


Reputed to have mob ties, many are still not aware that OSS/CIA, worked closely with many mob bosses during the war and post war periods.  One of OSS Director Donovan’s early recruits included pop crooner Frank Sinatra. Sinatra, because he had exclusive access, particularly during the era of the Kennedy administration, often acted as a courier for CIA, carrying valuable information and accompanying other agents on missions around the world.


Best known as the author of the wildly popular “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, later adapted for the classic 1970’s cinematic production starring American comedic actor Gene Wilder, Dahl was employed by the British Secret Service during World War II. Dahl was instructed to spy on the lives of influential and powerful American businessmen and figures in positions of high American politics. Dahl’s reputed method of operation was to become sexually involved with the wives of these powerful men. Physically resembling the classic profile of ‘tall, dark and handsome’, by all reports, Dahl was mightily successful. However, when his clandestine activities led him into the arms of American congresswoman Clare Booth Luce, wife of the publisher of Time magazine, Dahl requested to be reassigned. Apparently, Dahl found the congresswoman emotionally needy, and too sexually voracious for his more conservative tastes. Much to Dahl’s dismay, his spymasters at MI6 reportedly rebuffed his repeated requests. In light of this anecdotal information, one can readily observe where Ian Fleming may have derived the idea for modeling the seminal character of James Bond’s 007.


Known for his portrayal in the roles of infamous movie villains, renowned British actor Christopher Lee is less well known in playing the role of real life spy in the service of king and country during the second world war. Signing up for the army as a young recruit, Lee was summarily placed in the intelligence division. Later, quickly rising up the ranks, the celebrated actor was recruited for ultra-secret Special Operations Executive as part of “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare”. Shortly after the war’s conclusion, Lee was assigned the dangerous task of tracking down Nazi war criminals. Still later, an interesting anecdote arose out of Lee’s villainous role in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. When told by Jackson to imagine stabbing someone in the back during the filming of a particularly violent scene, Lee drolly replied, ‘he didn’t have to imagine it’.Featured Image -- 5549Featured Image -- 5555


Best known for his feats of spectacular, death defying magic, what is lesser known is Houdini served as an allied forces operative during Word War I, in close conjunction with Scotland Yard and the US Secret Service. During his travels to far flung locales in Russia during the nascent Communist revolution, using his magic act as a cover, Houdini’s official assignments would be to secretly collect information on Russian anarchists, for both the US and British governments. In other words, Houdini was what is known in intelligence parlance as a ‘handler’, working closely with Lenin, Trotsky, and other Russian revolutionaries. Turns out, Houdini’s greatest magic trick was escaping detection as a player in the grand conspiratorial scheme of geopolitics. Given that the communist revolution was funded by prominent Wall Street banking families like the Rockefeller’s, Morgans, and Guggenheim’s, and given that the same bankers funded the nascent development of both American and British intelligence agencies, it is a safe bet the elites were doing in Russia what they have always sought to do; namely exploiting new markets with inherent vast pools of natural and human resources, for even greater profits. Using a celebrity such as Houdini to handle other paid operatives no one would suspect of being a spy, one who could travel freely and gain free access where others could not, was certainly a brilliant ploy, in making certain the elite agenda was going to plan.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

Could it be the elite bankers are presently using the same method of operation in North Korea, utilizing a celebrity to handle their trained puppet in Kim Jong-un? Recently, there have been mainstream news reports of former NBA star Dennis Rodman traveling to North Korea to meet and dine with the reputed Far Eastern dictator.

Odd though it may seem, could it be, Rodman is being used clandestinely by CIA, or perhaps some other intelligence mechanism, to relate messages, gain information, or perhaps as a middle-man, in some clandestine Western directed intelligence operation or other?

Taking into account the aforementioned information, one may very well conclude in the affirmative.Amazon.com/dp/B06XFCXJGW



Turning attentions to international geopolitics, the media sorcerers are once again winding up the propaganda machines. This time, rather than the manufactured threats of ISIS, or Syria, it is now North Korea providing the clear and present danger. Since the demise of the late Kim Jong Ill, the media sorcerers have done their best to build up his successor as some sort of missile wielding madman.

Assuredly, this cartoon character, as much of a puppet of the international Crown Temple banking establishment as his Western counterparts, both in the US and Europe, poses no more of a threat to global stability than Wile E. Coyote posed any semblance of danger to the Roadrunner.

All countries are corporations, owned and operated under terms and conditions set down in documents that history books call ‘treaties’, which detail nothing more than the results of negotiations between esquires, or attorneys, representing the Crown Temple bank in the city of London. War is merely a cover story, a manufactured myth composed by the hired scribes of the same elite banking families that have controlled this planet since the days of ancient Egypt and Rome.


The concept of war is nothing more than controlled demolition and strategic population relocation. The world has been governed under the auspices of global governance for several decades, if not significantly longer.

Kim Jong-un, is a well-paid actor playing out his scripted role of saber rattler on the world stage.

Global conflicts, or the threat of global scale conflagrations, are merely exercises in staged theater. This is continually done to justify the existence of the UN governing body established in 1948, simultaneous with the establishment of the nation of Israel, which exists as a subsidiary banking haven of the Crown Temple in London, much like the ‘nation of Switzerland’.

All major media publications, including Time Magazine, have written ridiculously speculative exposes on how the leader of the new regime in the Far East, derives pleasure from watching missile launches from the comfort of his palace terrace.

escape-to-death_banner107121st CENTURY PEARL HARBOR

You heard it here, first.

Expect a false flag, 9/11-like event, to occur off the West coast, somewhere either near Puget Sound, or performed near the Hawaiian islands, involving some rogue submarine missile attack.

North Korea will be blamed.

This will begin what will be billed by the Western media sorcerers as Word War Three.

But, don’t believe it.

Because, just like Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, 9/11,  it will be just another grandly produced, Hollywood styled manufactured HOAX!

Like all world leaders, Jong-un is merely an actor, playing out his role on the world stage. Really folks, do you actually believe the international banking community, owning the corporation known as North Korea, would entrust some Crispy Cream devouring clown in making any executive decisions? Or, is it more likely, he is nothing more than some Hollywood styled boogeyman, purposely designed to scare and stir the West into froth mouthed, war-like bluster? Unless, one still swallows the CIA inspired CNN promulgated propaganda whole, then the latter is the most likely conclusion arrived at by anyone in the West with a modicum of brain cells still functioning properly.

In order to more greatly illuminate comprehension of the aforementioned concepts, perhaps the following explanation will aid in elucidating the grand global scenario.

Since countries are nothing more than corporate structures, it is logical to assume these corporate entities have stockholders. These stockholders also have vested interests in multi-national contractors searching to maximize quarterly profits in new markets, in this case, the Far East, where both human and natural resources can be exploited. In the case of North Korea specifically, it is human resources these stockholders are looking to take advantage. The concept of war, facilitated by Western media propaganda, acts as merely a grand cover for their hostile takeover of new and emerging industrial markets. What better method of operation to achieve such goals than to install a CIA trained puppet who will allow Western bankers and their corporate minions free reign?

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

Enter Kim Jong-un, a man interested only in the petty egotistical satisfaction from being hailed as a demigod, adored and worshiped by the masses of North Korean people.

In order to facilitate this grand agenda of global industrial and economic monopoly, decrepit infrastructures in the Far East and North Korea, must be demolished in lieu of more modern structures capable of supporting the needs of 21st century industrial production. This formula has been repeatedly utilized, in Cuba, South America, Africa, and now the Far East, the latter a hotbed of both human and natural resources, ripe for profitable exploitation.

However, bankers know, that in order to best maximize profits in any fresh business venture, one must never invest their own assets or capital. Meaning, it is the citizens of the West, both in America and Europe, who will be fleeced for their hard earned tax dollars, not only for the building of the new infrastructures in Asia, but also the maintenance of those infrastructures, long after they’ve been erected.

In order for this financial coup to be justified in the minds of the people, a systematic program of ‘war’ propaganda must be employed, building up a portly young actor complete with outlandish coif, to appear as ruthless, bloodthirsty, nuclear missile wielding dictator. Push the American people’s fear button, with tall tales of nuclear missiles in the hands of yet another CIA handled stooge, and sure enough, military intervention in yet another country most Americans cant’t find on a world Rand McNally is not only imminent, but heartily cheered.

Sound familiar?


Didn’t CNN, and other major American networks, promulgate bald face lies of Saddam Hussein’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’, that at any time, madman Saddam could push the nuclear button and America would disappear into a ‘mushroom cloud’?

Will you fall for it again, folks?

Well, I’ve never been known as a gambling man, but I’d put favorite odds on a majority of the American populace falling for the same shopworn gambit once again, and again, and again…..