The memory of the “late” Tim Russert, formerly host of the MSM’s vaunted political showcase Meet the Press, has been unanimously anointed into sainthood by his surviving contemporary colleagues in the field of professional “journalism” (AKA propaganda distribution). Recently, one came upon a video excerpt – a slickly produced MSM tribute – which resembled a most sickening panegyric, what amounted to sycophantic encomium. After watching it, one would have thought the MSM was memorializing the death of a monarch or even a pope.

Below: Tim Russert

While the video depicts Russert as some sort of pillar of journalistic virtue beyond reproach, the MSM’s holy man delivering providential tablets down from Mount Siani’s summit, in depth investigation has uncovered he was quite the opposite – a prevaricating charlatan, a hammy actor garbed in priestly moral virtue. An operative under the thumb of Jesuit-controlled CIA which, in turn, for decades, has controlled the MSM’s “official” and prevailing narratives.

As shall be shortly detailed further, the first clue something was awry with Russert’s tribute video: it featured a cloyingly sentimental introduction from none other than former MSM anchorman “Brian Williams” (AKA Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco).

As has been previously pointed out; “Brian Williams” wouldn’t recognize the truth if it struck him like a bolt of lightning. Among slews of transparent lies he’s told during the course of his notorious career, most notably, there is Williams’s false claim about a “helicopter attack” while reporting on the Iraq war.


Regarding Williams’s true identity, the American public has yet to figure out they’ve been played for fools by a “dead” (Stefano Casiraghi was alleged to have perished in a boating accident off the coast of France) European royal who, on several occasions under various fabricated identities, has covertly but theatrically portrayed the role of presidential ringleader in an ideologically divisive political circus. Over the decades, several MSM sources have admitted, even confirmed that, almost without exception, U.S. presidents have descended from European royalty.

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Below: Brian Williams, Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi, Donald Trump, Joe Biden



As one will attempt to demonstrate, not only does the “late” “Tim Russert” have an intimate connection with the fabricated MSM character scheme known as “Phil Donahue”, but both were also fabricated characters modified from and portrayed by the identical host actor (live-action role player), a British thespian/Hollywood movie star knighted by Queen Elizabeth II (AKA Lucille Ball). Added to this, Russert’s “widowed” spouse, “Maureen Orth”, is a fabricated character scheme modified from Donahue’s spouse, Marlo Thomas (AKA Susan Sarandon), who also portrayed television actress “Barbara Feldon”, once cast as Agent 99 in the late 1960’s spy comedy spoof Get Smart.


“Tim Russert” was educated at Canisius H.S. in Buffalo, New York, and at John Carroll University at University Heights, Ohio. Not surprisingly – considering similar or identical educational backgrounds uncovered by past investigations – both are Jesuit founded institutions. The latter institution of higher learning – JCU – was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1886 as Saint Ignatius College. Named, of course, after Ignatius Loyola, the first Jesuit Superior General of the military order which for centuries has disguised itself in ecclesiastical and religious trappings.

After graduation from John Carroll University, the future host of the MSM’s prestigious political talk fest Meet the Press, with a Juris Doctorate in hand from Cleveland State University, was called to the B.A.R. and became an attorney. Whatever anyone else claims, B.A.R. stands for British Accreditation Registry, and, whether they know it or not, all attorneys are sworn in allegiance to the Middle Temple of the Crown Temple at the City of London (AKA one square mile).

Subsequent to these seemingly auspicious developments, Russert’s career trajectory was marked with a swift upward climb.

Before reaching legendary status as an MSM talk show host, “Tim Russert” worked for New York Senator Patrick Moynihan as his Chief of Staff. But Russert first came to minor public attention in 1983 while acting in the capacity of an official spokesman for the New York governor’s office. As observed in the preceding video excerpt, Russert presided over a press conference in the wake of an alleged hostage taking riot at Sing Sing Correctional Facility. Geographically speaking, it is noteworthy that Sing Sing Correctional Facility is exactly 33 (Highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry) miles from 30 Rockefeller Center, the very same location from where not only Saturday Night Live is still broadcasted, but, as everyone may recall from a previously published article, also the Phil Donahue Show. Mention of the latter, as it relates to the MSM broadcast career of “Tim Russert”, will shortly prove particularly relevant.

But before getting to that, everyone should compare the audio samples of the television host featured in the following video excerpt with that heard in the preceding clip featuring “Tim Russert”. Note the similarity if not identical nature of the distinct tone, articulation, pitch, and timbre. Everyone should also take note of the host’s featured guest, a television star and actress who the famous talk show circuit’s master of ceremonies would later join in holy matrimony.

From the offices of Senator Moynihan in Buffalo, New York and from the position of the New York governor’s Chief of Staff, Russert’s professional career careened upwards on an unusually speedy trajectory. Indeed, it wasn’t long until the would-be MSM legend moved on to Washington D.C., to join NBC’s official news bureau before shortly being appointed to the vaunted position of bureau chief.

What are we to make of this seemingly unusual but swift upward mobility?

Turns out, “Tim Russert” was a keeper of secrets, secrets which, if revealed, could have ripped apart the very social and political fabric of America. For one, he knew what really occurred on November 22, 1963, in Dallas’s Dealy Plaza and on September 11, 2001.

“Russert” also knew the major political figures he interviewed on Meet the Press – John McCain (AKA Hollywood actor Warren Beatty/George Hamilton) and his spouse Annette Bening (AKA Hillary Clinton), Barack Obama (AKA television actor/comedian Jerry Seinfeld), John Kerry (AKA Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark/Jay Leno/George Clooney) – were all fabricated character schemes created to maintain the illusion of democratic choice, and to conceal the fact the United States is a sub-corporation operating under Admiralty or Maritime Law and the umbrella of both the Middle Temple of the City of London’s Crown Temple and Vatican City controlled by the Society of Jesus and its Superior General.

Below: Phil Donahue & Marlo Thomas, Tim Russert, Maureen Orth, Marlo Thomas

Below from L to R: Phil Donahue, Tim Russert


According to “official” biographical accounts, “Maureen Orth” – alleged to be Russert’s “widowed” spouse – possesses a most interesting career resume. In 1970, she landed her first job in the field of “journalism” (AKA propaganda distribution) with the San Francisco Examiner. While employed at the Examiner, her assignments – according to Wikipedia – mostly dealt with “chronicling counter-culture issues.”

Yes, Orth was recruited by her Jesuit masters to promote the fake 1960’s “hippie” movement which consisted of Jesuit-controlled CIA operatives tasked with organizing and leading a faux revolutionary fashion show of flowers, beads, disheveled long hair, and paisley while handing out free tabs of LSD to zombie legions of college “educated” dupes.

Shortly after her introduction to the field of journalism, Orth became quite busy.

In addition to working for the Examiner, she also became the West Coast correspondent for Village Voice, and a freelance contributor to both Rolling Stone and the Los Angeles Times.

Two years later, “Maureen Orth” was employed by TVTV, a pioneering video production company established by grants from PBS, a public television station which has always been largely funded by the U.S. corporate government, augmented by contributions from private foundations kept by some of the very same thirteen Jesuit families – House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rockefeller/Rothschild) to name one – whom are now actively promoting the UN’s genocidal Agenda 2030/2050 (AKA Jesuit World Mission/4th Industrial Revolution). A global agenda which hides behind fabricated crises such as “climate change”, LGBTQ+, women’s empowerment, and manufactured “pandemic” outbreaks in an effort to economically reposition the West and specifically America into what has been described by the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 as a state of economic “equity”. This UN agenda not only calls for the establishment of surveillance dominated “smart cities” and limiting or stabilizing population growth but also incrementally but covertly replacing human resources with artificial intelligence and robotics in key economic job sectors which have traditionally been occupied by those belonging to the working and middle classes.

While working at TVTV in 1972, Orth covered both the Republican and Democratic presidential conventions in Miami, Florida using Sony’s portapack videotape machine, what was then considered cutting-edge technology. In 1973, Orth moved on to Ms. Magazine, a publication dedicated to promoting the Marxist inspired feminism movement. It should also be noted that Marlo Thomas, the spouse of “Phil Donahue” – in an example of theatrical art imitating what is considered “real life” – once starred in “That Girl”, a television sitcom premised on a young girl, an aspiring Broadway actress working in the New York office of a popular periodical who, during the final episode of the series, takes her would-be fiancé to a women’s liberation meeting. Similar to Marlo Thomas’s fictional character starring in the 1960’s television series “That Girl”, Orth has also worked as a senior editor at New Yorker Magazine and, during the era of the 1990’s, she was employed as a special correspondent for Vanity Fair Magazine. While the popular culture and political piffle published in both periodicals – New Yorker, Vanity Fair – may appear to be tailored to attract the attentions of middle and upper middle class population demographics, their colorfully fashionable packaging is designed to not only reflect an air of respectability, sophistication, but to conceal the fact their content is the same refuse printed in execrable publications such as People Magazine marketed towards the working and lower classes.

Does everyone see a certain pattern developing here?

Could it be, “Maureen Orth” was a Jesuit-trained CIA social/behavioral agitator/influencer?

The following biographical detail concerning “Maureen Orth” could be considered circumstantial but nevertheless pertinent evidence supporting such a hypothesis.

In 1973, Orth signed on as Newsweek Magazine’s first woman reporter. While making a very nice annual salary composing puff pieces about folk-rock legend “Bob Dylan” (AKA Gary Lewis/George Lucas), Orth mustered the unmitigated audacity to appear as a plaintiff in a successful lawsuit claiming Newsweek’s newsroom discriminated against women. Which begs the question: if Newsweek’s management were discriminatory towards the hiring of women, then how did “Maureen Orth” obtain a job as a featured reporter in the first place? On the surface, one could claim Orth’s insufferable but clueless hypocrisy stinks in the nostrils. But this point is rendered moot because it seems more than likely “Maureen Orth” was acting under direction from her Jesuit masters as a social and political agitator. To put it another way, her employment as a writer, editor, and reporter was merely a facade to prop up a fictional biography and professional resume and her published “articles” were written by committees of intelligence operatives. If this weren’t discrediting enough, it turns out, facial recognition and image comparison analyses indicate “Maureen Orth” is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Marlo Thomas (AKA Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon/former television actress Barbara Feldon).

Below from L to R: Maureen Orth, Marlo Thomas, Barbara Feldon, Susan Sarandon

In the following images posted below – featuring Maureen Orth, Marlo Thomas (AKA Susan Sarandon), and Barbara Feldon – everyone will observe not only the identical geometrical contours of the respective teeth, jawlines, chins, eyes, noses, brows, cheekbones, and nasolabial folds, but also the identically aligned epidermal landmarks – encircled in red marker – running parallel to the jawlines.

Below from L to R: Maureen Orth, Marlo Thomas, Barbara Feldon

Barbara Feldon attends the 16th Annual A-T Children’s Project Benefit at Lincoln Center on January 17, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

In addition, facial recognition and image comparison analyses indicates that Miles Robbins, son of “Susan Sarandon” (AKA Marlo Thomas/Barbara Feldon/Maureen Orth) is a character modification of Luke Russert, Tim Russert’s surviving son. Ear biometric comparison analysis of the second set of images indicates the respective geometrical proportions and epidermal contours of the right-hand side ears are identical.

Below from L to R: Susan Sarandon & Miles Robbins, Luke Russert

In the following images, while making ocular comparisons, everyone will notice not only the identical proportionality and contours of the respective chins, noses, brows, and eyes, but also the identical proportional geometry of the epidermal landmarks encircled in red marker.

Below from L to R: Miles Robbins, Luke Russert


Extensive image comparison analyses indicates that the “late” “Tim Russert” was a fabricated character modification of “Phil Donahue” and, to a lesser extent, comic actor “Gene Wilder”. As revealed in a recently published article, both “Phil Donahue” and “Gene Wilder” were modified from the British actor identified as their live-action role player, Sir Anthony Hopkins (AKA Dick Van Patten/Lee Harvey Oswald/Tim Ryan). “Tim Russert” was created and modified, largely from the television image of “Phil Donahue” with strategically applied hair coloring, and with strategic applications of latex stippling to certain portions of the facial geometry. However, upon closer examination with facial recognition and image comparison analysis, it becomes apparent that, despite these specified modifications to the facial geometry of MSM legend “Tim Russert”, the epidermal contours of both the brows and eyes remain comparatively and conspicuously similar if not identical. Ear biometric comparison analysis of the next pair of images in succession confirms that the geometric proportions and epidermal contours of the respective ears – encircled in red marker – are identical. And – in the final pair of images in succession, an identically located epidermal landmark or crease extending from the brow ridge in common between the live-action role player, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and his modified fabricated character schemes – “Gene Wilder”, “Tim Russert” – is conspicuously observed encircled in red marker.

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In the following series of images, everyone will first observe the identically contoured epidermal landmarks running parallel along the respective jawlines.

Inked20080613__russertphotos3 (1)





NEW YORK – APRIL 19: Meet The Press host Tim Russert attends the 25th Annual Sports Emmy Awards April 19, 2004 in New York City. (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)


In the pair of images posted below, while making ocular comparisons between the spouse of “Gene Wilder” and “Maureen Orth” (AKA Marlo Thomas/Barbara Feldon/Susan Sarandon), everyone will begin to observe the similarly if not identically proportioned features of the respective facial geometries – chins, brows, eyes, jawlines, noses, and particularly the cheekbones. It should also be noted that the respective hair stylings/colorings also appear similar if not identical.




In his weighty tome entitled Morals and Dogma, High degree freemason Albert Pike detailed the process of providing manufactured heroes for the public to live vicariously through. This process adequately describes the creation of the fabricated character scheme known as “Tim Russert” – a manufactured image designed to become perceived as the voice of the people whom, by virtue of vicariously living through the televised exploits of such a fabricated character, remain pacified, docile, and submissive to the will of the governing State.

The creation of such cleverly conceived fabricated characters routinely utilized by the MSM not only assures control over a predominant and prevailing news narrative, but also facilitates the deliberately strategic application of sinister mass behavioral modifications which are profitably beneficial both to corporate advertisers and to majority stockholders.

But that’s precisely the point.

The ruling thirteen Jesuit families remain serenely in control as long as the proletariat remain on their knees waiting and praying for a god-like savior or a brave and gallant hero to lift them up while never realizing the willpower to save themselves remains firmly within reach.

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