Throughout the course of their lives, people often exercise a primal psychological penchant in looking for gurus, saviors, and heroic figures, for role models to admire. Or – at the very least – demonstrated a tendency to put their trust in those appearing to be advocates for their particular vested interests. Through what appear to be the legendary and even romantic exploits of popular heroes, celebrities – especially those of the type actively promoted by both MSM and “alternative” media sources – many seem to have chosen to live vicariously. This end result underscores a primary objective of psychological warfare.

Below: Mark Dice

Over the decades, like any other commercial product, arrays of media driven personas or cults of personality, prepackaged in bright colors like TV dinners, have been made available for the public to consume. But what ultimate cost is borne by those content in choosing to become followers, mere spectators?

While naively believing these adopted and cherished heroes are intent on saving them from threats real or imagined, they have surrendered the power of their own free will and, in so doing, also surrendered the power to control their own destinies. While content in believing someone is fighting for their interests, they remain inert, pacified, targets for social and political manipulations.

But when such designated heroes, while cloaked in the mantle of authority, prove to be inauthentic or even villains in disguise, it is often far too late for loyal followers and cheering spectators, thrown into a morass of confusion, demoralization, in realizing they’ve also chosen helpless victimhood, witnesses to their own self-destruction.

Despite the recent wholesale purge of independent content creators from its platform for often unspecified and ambiguously described “violations” of “community standards”, “Mark Dice” still inexplicably reigns as an alternative media kingpin on You Tube and other popular audio-visual content platforms.

But is that state of affairs really so inexplicable?

As shall shortly be revealed in greater detail, there are very good reasons as to why “Mark Dice” has not only weathered the storm and survived, but even continued to profitably thrive. In depth investigation has uncovered Dice’s connection to not only The Walt Disney Company and to Hollywood’s CIA-controlled media/entertainment complex, but to a formerly celebrated Hollywood actor, one who’s supposed to have died during the era of the 1990’s.


For almost two decades, Mark Dice has held a prominent if not dominant position in the pecking order of “alternative” media figures. While observing his reams of audio-visual content published over the years, it isn’t difficult to reason as to why this is so. While armed with an engagingly media-savvy, unassuming but personable and even, at times, charming demeanor, Dice can be seen roaming the streets to canvas the opinions of his fellow native San Diegans on issues of social and political import.

According to “official” biographies, Dice is the founder of Christian activist group “The Resistance”, based in San Diego, California, a movement designed to appear to emanate from grass-roots origins while targeting the attention and active participation of middle-and working-class political conservatives in opposition to the ideological left.

Back in 2004, under the pseudonym “John Conner”, Dice began publishing on a website entitled In responsive commentary to the creation of the fledgling right-wing Christian conservative website, the Village Voice – a publication which once employed “Maureen Orth” (AKA Marlo Thomas/Barbara Feldon/Susan Sarandon), the spouse of MSM icon “Tim Russert”, SEE: Saint Russert Toppled from MSM’s Pedestal – presumed that Dice’s pseudonym was borrowed from the Hollywood blockbuster production The Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A year later, a book was published, entitled The Resistance Manifesto, featuring “John Connor” as the author. In subsequent editions, the name “Mark Dice” appeared credited as the author. But – as everyone shall soon learn – “Mark Dice” is also a pseudonym attached to an alternative media-driven fabricated character scheme clandestinely portrayed by a Hollywood live-action role player who is alleged to be “dead”.

Actually, it turns out, the Village Voice wasn’t far from wrong.

“Manifestos” aren’t composed by grass roots dissenters. As past investigation has often uncovered, such half-baked declarations have proved to be written by hacks toiling in cubicles at Langley, Virginia or at FBI headquarters and used in the service of controlled opposition styled political and social movements.

As for “Mark Dice”, he has a hidden connection to Jesuit/CIA-controlled Hollywood, and both his online persona and his website – the – were not only designed to prop up the illusory left/right political paradigm and to foment ideological fragmentation, confrontation, and division, but founded as a CIA/FBI intelligence sting to better identify possible political dissenters and to surreptitiously collect dossiers from analyses of online algorithmic data sets.

According to Wikipedia, five years after the founding of, in 2009, ostensibly in response to corporate behemoth Starbucks’ reintroduction of its original logo – featuring a mythological but topless siren – “Dice led his group and its 3000 members in boycotting the coffee chain.”

In reality, Dice and his group’s numerous protests were tantamount to cheap theatrical stunts, much ado about nothing and, ironically, in this case, acted as a promotional gimmick which was then transformed into a sales boon for Starbucks.

Later on, Dice deployed similarly sensationalistic tactics to promote “The Resistance” movement. In 2009, Dice appeared on KFSN-TV’s channel 30, an ABC affiliate, to inform, according to Wikipedia, “of his group’s intention to disrupt theater showings of Angels and Demons because the film is a fraud, aimed at covering up the existence of a secret society called the Illuminati.”

Turns out, KFSN-TV’s ABC affiliate Channel 30 is owned by The Walt Disney Company, and Dice’s appearance was formulated to make his group of fundamentalist right-wing conservative Christians, their “conspiracy theories”, and the very concept of political and social dissent – at least to the majority of American citizens – appear utterly ridiculous and ultimately futile. Meanwhile, Jesuit controlled CIA and FBI were compiling surveillance watch lists and detailed psychological profiles from data sets collected online relating to Dice’s self-declared followers.


Dice’s surname harbors occult significance. The concept of dice – eight-sided cube – is not only synonymous with the number of eight, but, in the realm of the occult, is also connected to the symbolism of Saturn, a concept which is also expressed in the form of the Ouroboros, the depiction of a snake devouring its tail. Saturn – or Chronos – is also synonymous with the 4th dimensional concept of time. But that is just the point of manufactured “resistance” groups led by controlled opposition intelligence assets such as “Mark Dice”, to focus the attentions of the targeted political or social demographic on trivial matters or issues which, ultimately, waste their energy and time.

When considered within the context of the execution of psychological operations, the concept of dice or cube(s) is also synonymous with the masonic ritual of ‘squaring the circle’, the shaping, manipulation, or entrapment of human thought, perception. In essence – mind control. Gematria analysis of the name “Mark Dice” reveals telling conclusions. In English Ordinal, the name “Mark Dice” reduces to 37, or 3 7’s/777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code.


Thanks for the Memories, Your Highness

Another Fake Phil Talk Show Host

The surname “Dice” also equals 21, or 37’s/777, while ‘Mark’ equals 43 (4+3) or 7, the Zayin or mind weapon which, in turn, is equivalent to the letter G, the seventh letter of the English alphabet, often observed situated within the symbolic square and compass of the Scottish Rite’s masonic logo.


San Diego – where Mark Dice’s “Resistance” movement was launched – is California’s second largest city. It is also noteworthy that San Diego is host to a number of military bases inhabited by Naval, Coast Guard, and U.S. Marine forces and personnel. It is not surprising, therefore, to discover that the Hollywood actor alleged to have died of a heroin/cocaine overdose in 1993 and identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Mark Dice” was once cast in the starring role of “Dogfight” as a Vietnam-era U.S. Marine recruit.

Below: River Phoenix

The “late” and critically celebrated Hollywood actor River Phoenix was alleged to have died of a heroin/cocaine overdose – known in street parlance as a “speedball” – on October 31, 1993, at a Los Angeles nightspot called the Viper Room. However, extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicates this “official” MSM narrative is dubious. In fact, further investigation also indicated that, subsequent to his alleged “death”, Hollywood actor River Phoenix was recycled, modified into the role of “alternative” media kingpin Mark Dice.

Image comparison analysis between the pair of images posted below confirm that both the geometric contours and epidermal alignments of the respective ears are identical, as are the respective epidermal contours, geometric alignments of the jawlines, chins, lips, noses, eyes, and brows.

Below: Mark Dice, River Phoenix

In the following pair of images, everyone will notice the identical placement of an epidermal crease – encircled in red marker – running parallel with and extending beneath the respective jawlines.

While making ocular comparisons between the next pair of images, everyone will notice an identically placed epidermal landmark towards the rear of the respective jaw/necklines and that the epidermal folds separating the lips and nose are identically shaped, contoured.

Everyone will also note that the respective teeth – encircled in red marker – are also identically aligned, contoured, and shaped.

But wait, there may be more, in future, to reveal concerning this particular story.

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