For decades now – appearing in bold headlines on the front pages of scandalous periodicals such as Weekly World News and National Enquirer – there have been periodic reports of “Elvis” sightings.

Oh god – one can hear the groans from afar – in what direction are we being taken now?

What the majority of those among the dismissive majority fail to understand: this is how the ruling thirteen Jesuit families choose to release credible information through sources which – like the headline from the “Weekly World News”, seen immediately below – are perceived by the American general public to exist as less than credible sources.

Yes folks, those among the highest echelons of the Jesuit order, as masters of psychological operations, have always sought to make the pursuit of truth appear to be a ridiculous exercise in absurd futility.

Weekly World News: Elvis is Alive!

Though, lately, such fantastical reports of “Elvis sightings” have been infrequent, when they do appear, oftentimes, such accounts represent the sort of sensational absurdities which are always eschewed and even mocked by both the MSM and the general public, alike.

But mocking the discovery of even the smallest grain of truth amid a mountainous compilation of lies is all part of the grand game of manufacturing the public’s consent and managing their programmed perceptions, to ensure everything they believe as self-evident truth is a blatantly fabricated canard.

Generally, these sorts of “stories”, concerning “Elvis sightings”, have always been classified as urban legends, or, even, discredited and filed under the dreaded label of “conspiracy theories”.

Turns out, however, everyone has seen “Elvis the King of Rock” quite frequently and on more than one occasion. Nearly every popular music enthusiast, to-this-day, has seen him perform on stages around the globe.

He has even appeared as a popular character on what existed as an even more popular American television show, a show which claimed to be “about nothing”.

No one, until now, has recognized him in his various character iterations.

Why should this be so, everyone may ask?

Since the King’s “death” in 1977, he’s been performing under another very famous name, someone who was even knighted by the British Queen, Elizabeth II!


In equal measure, the legendary music industry career of “Elvis Presley” has always been steeped in fervent bouts of fond nostalgia but also  shrouded in intriguing mystery. 

Now, however, that mystery has been solved.

Not only are the “official” circumstances surrounding Elvis’s alleged “death” rife with anomalies, but there have always been questions bandied about concerning the rather odd decision – credited to Presley’s domineering manager, Colonel Tom Parker – to enlist Presley into the armed forces, effectively aborting Elvis’s skyrocketing career, during the late 1950’s, as the reigning “King of Rock and Roll”.


Recently, however, a monumental discovery was made concerning the man known to American history as “Colonel Tom Parker”.

Turns out, Tom Parker has been identified as the man responsible for producing, what became, a most famous, or, rather, infamous, piece of film footage from Dallas’s Dealy Plaza, on November 22, 1963.

Immediately below, everyone will find a video excerpt of an interview with “Abraham Zapruder”, conducted on the very day American president John F. Kennedy (AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper) was alleged to have been “assassinated” by Lee Harvey Oswald (AKA Peter Sellers/Buddy Holly/John Lennon).

Indeed, it is ironic that, seventeen years later, Oswald’s host actor (Sellers AKA Holly/Lennon) was alleged to have been gunned down in New York City, the location of the City of London’s Crown Temple subsidiary Federal Reserve bank branch and home to the largest Vatican archdiocese in America, controlled by the Jesuit order.

More interestingly, the span of time between the dates of November 22, 1963 and December 8, 1980 marks the passage of a total of 6, 226 days which, when summed, equals 16 (8+8), or, 88 (aces and eights), a number which is symbolic of the infinite time loop and the mark of the Jesuit order.

Interview with Abraham Zapruder (November 22, 1963)

Considering the final analysis, it is rather appropriate, and not surprising, we should discover the shocking identity of “Abraham Zapruder” to be, none other than, “Colonel Tom Parker”, the manager of “Elvis Presley”.

Abraham Zapruder:

Colonel Tom Parker:

Further examination of Parker’s genuine identity leads us to conclusions which are still more shocking.

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm Colonel Tom Parker was a fabricated character scheme of – wait for it, folks – Alistair Crowley AKA former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Yes folks, “Alistair Crowley”, the world’s most renowned occultist, produced the very film, the snippet of sorcery, that spelled the American general public and the world into believing an American president had been slain.

SEE: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

Alistair Crowley:

Winston Churchill:

Indeed, it is not surprising, we should discover Crowley AKA Churchill, a member of the British peerage and one who was ensconced at the highest degrees of freemasonry, involved with such a large scale psychological operation.

Further research indicates, it is likely, Parker (AKA Crowley/Churchill) derived the pseudonym for his character modification from his own host actor’s family tree.

One of Winston Churchill’s distant relations was Lieutenant Colonel John “Mad Jack” Churchill, a decorated war hero renowned for charging into battle armed with only bow and arrows while loudly blowing his toted bagpipes.

Another of Churchill’s wartime family relations – largely hidden from the history books – was Major General TOM Churchill.



There were others, belonging to the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who, as well, willingly participated to perpetuate one of American history’s most colossal hoaxes – the “assassination” of JFK.

“Jean Hill” (AKA Queen Elizabeth II/Lucille Ball/Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds) claimed to have also been a witness to the president’s assassination in Dallas’s Dealy Plaza on November 22 of 1963.

Interview with “Jean Hill” on 11/22/63 (WFAA/ABC)


After clicking the link to the image, above, everyone will notice the three chevrons stitched onto the upper arm of Presley’s uniform.

Yes, folks, once again, we observe Alistair Crowley’s 777 joker/intelligence code.

Everyone should keep that image in mind because, later on, an image of Presley’s famous host actor, donning the same triple chevron, shall be prominently featured.

In March of 1958, after generating great bursts of excitement among the American general public, “Elvis Presley” decided upon an early retirement from the popular limelight to enter the US armed forces.

On several subsequent occasions, so it is claimed by a plethora of sources among mainstream publications, Elvis’s draft into the army, maneuvered by Presley’s manager Colonel Tom Parker, has been spun as a brilliant career move.

However, typical of all propaganda and MSM media spin promulgated to the public, this particular framing of an important event in Presley’s celebrated biographical narrative, however dubiously portrayed, contains a nugget of golden truth.

In retrospect – given, the identity of Presley’s host actor has now been discovered and confirmed – Parker’s grand career maneuver, on behalf of his legendary client, turned out to be a clever, even visionary, master stroke.

Consideration of the timing of this event – Presley’s entry into the army – is also telltale, since it happened to have nearly corresponded with what has been branded a seminal moment in popular music history: “The day the Music Died” on the 3rd of February, 1959, the “official” date on which, it is alleged, the tragic “death” of “Buddy Holly” occurred.

In addition to Crowley’s 777 code associated with the “death” of “Buddy Holly”, the artist’s surname represents yet another clue signaling occult significance.

The wood of the Holly Tree is one of the sacred trees of Wicca/Witchcraft, and was favored by the ancient Druids as a tool to cast magic spells.

The legend of King Arthur features the character of Merlin the Magician who frequently used a wand made of Holly.

But when the artist’s pseudonym – “Buddy Holly” – is analyzed from the perspective of occult gematria, we discover some interesting results.

The artist’s full name – “Buddy Holly” – sums to 128 in English Ordinal gematria, which reduces to 11. It’s Full Reduction sums to 47, a number associated with freemasonry and Euclid’s 47th problem. The number of 47 also reduces to 11, a number which is symbolic of the freemasonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

Pillars of Boaz and Jachin:

“Buddy Holly” sums to 142 in Reverse Ordinal, and 43 in Reverse Full Reduction. Both numbers reduce to 7. Of course, when 11 and 7 are summed, we get 18 or 666. Also, when 11 and 7 are multiplied, we get a sum of 77, a number which is symbolic of spiritual or angelic transformation. Therefore, a single question looms: Who did “Buddy Holly” transform into?

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm “Buddy Holly” went on to become known to the world as the iconic popular music figure, John Lennon of the Beatles.

Buddy Holly:

John Lennon:

According to official accounts chronicling Holly’s untimely demise, he was aboard a small craft airplane which plummeted and crashed – so we’re told – due to inclement weather. The narrative detail of the crashed aircraft represents yet another example of occult symbolism: the ancient legend of the Phoenix bird.

According to ancient Greek mythological lore, the phoenix was a winged creature that cyclically regenerated to be born again. Historically associated with fire and the sun, the mythological creature obtained new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.


It just so happens that, Lennon’s host actor – Peter Sellers – not only worked with George Martin, the Beatles renowned and award-winning record producer, but, according to Wikipedia, the Goon Show, a BBC comedy sketch program in which Sellers was cast, during Martin’s tenure at Camden theatre, “was cited as a major influence by the Beatles…”

Lennon’s girlfriend, during the mid-1960’s, Cynthia Powell, more than closely resembles Sellers’s wife, Britt Ekland.

Cynthia Powell:

Britt Ekland:


Furthermore, there have been accounts documented of a connection between Peter Sellers (AKA Holly/Lennon) and Princess Margaret, the sister of the sitting monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

According to an article published in the Sun, a UK periodical, “{Princess} Margaret then had a fling with comic Peter Sellers who compared her breasts to Sophia Loren.” The Sun article, available at the link provided below, also points out that the princess – a “chain-smoking diva” bored with her life at Buckingham palace – was known to have a penchant for seeking out the company of both “celebrities” and “rock stars”.

Apparently, according to the Sun article, John Lennon’s host actor, Peter Sellers, was one such star the British princess actively sought out to share more than just cocktails and small talk.


When looking at images of Margaret more closely, geometrical facial resemblances, as well as those concerning facial landmarks (cheekbones, chin, nose, lips) become readily apparent between the princess and with Yoko Ono, who, oftentimes, is credited with the break-up of the Beatles during the late 1960’s.

Princess Margaret:

Yoko Ono:


Concerning the activities of the Beatles and “Elvis Presley”, the seminal time frame of the years between 1960 and 1963 are replete with serendipitous events. While the Beatles were honing their incipient act at the Indira club, in Hamburg, Germany, we are also led to believe “Elvis Presley” was stationed at a US military base, located in Friedberg, little more than 200 miles away.

We are also led to understand that, between the years of 1960 and 1963, the Beatles were shuttling to London to perform at the Cavern Club where, it is claimed, they were “discovered” by, their future manager and benefactor, Brian Epstein, a young British aristocrat who just happened to wander in during one of the Beatles lunch time performances.

Also, during this time period, Lennon’s host actor, Peter Sellers, was in London filming “The Millionairess”, with Sophia Loren (AKA Barbara Walters/Diane von Furstenberg).


In August of 1965, Beatle biographers inform us a summit meeting, of sorts, between two of the reining giants of the music industry, took place, at Presley’s residence in Los Angeles, California.

Oddly, despite being heralded as a paramount event, the alleged meeting between the Beatles and Presley was not recorded for posterity. Indeed, all we have to go on are the individual accounts of the principals involved.

Given what we have learned so far about Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, who, it is alleged, arranged the meeting, we can be certain his host actor – Sir Winston Churchill AKA Alistair Crowley – was well in control of spinning the legendary narrative which would become known to posterity.

According to an article published at, “John Lennon” expressed great enthusiasm for the meeting with the “King”: “There was only one person in the United States we wanted to meet – I’m not sure that he wanted to meet us – and that was Elvis,” John Lennon said. “It was difficult to describe how we felt about him. We just idolized the guy so much. We tried to meet with him during our first tour of the States in 1964, but couldn’t make it because of his commitments and ours. But when we came back in the summer of 1964, we found we’d be in Hollywood at the same time that Elvis was filming there. It still took three days of planning to set up the get – together in Elvis house, which we hoped would be kept secret. But the fans and the press got wind of it and were there in the hundreds when our limo drew up outside the gates on Perugia Way at about 10 p.m. It was a frantic business trying to get in, and although we were used to crowds, the though of Elvis and the Beatles being together at the one time just blew the minds of some of the people.”

It’s not like Lennon’s account doesn’t sound scripted or anything, right?

In addition to the references to gematria – the numbers of 3 and 10 which, curiously, when summed in multiplicate, add up to 30 (EE=33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry) – Lennon’s quote comes off as one of those dubious accounts, most comparable to the scripted excrement everyone heard regurgitated by the crisis actors at Sandy Hook elementary whom claimed to have witnessed an earth-shattering event which, under greater scrutiny, never happened at all.

While reading further into the article at, everyone will encounter the following quotation, what turns out to be, a telltale clue as to the identity of the host actor who portrayed the “King of Rock and Roll”.

“I really liked him,” Paul said at the time. “He didn’t talk much, and he looked great. He was a really cool, casual guy. He was also playing bass, so that was great for me. ‘You’re trying to play bass, son? Hey, I play bass, too. Sit down, let me show you a few things.’ I couldn’t give him any hints, but I could, at least, talk knowledgably about it. I felt a bond with him.”


As everyone shall soon observe, there exists a genuine reason, as to why, Paul McCartney of the Beatles felt a “bond” with “Elvis Presley”. Proving, once and for all, both, the rumors of Paul’s “death” in 1969 and the reports of Presley’s “death” in 1977 resulted from a publicity stunt which was likely to have been hatched by the media sorcery of Colonel Tom Parker AKA Alistair Crowley, the “Great Beast”.

The number of days between the first reports of the “death” of Paul McCartney, which, according to Rolling Stone, began on October 12, 1969 and Elvis Presley’s alleged “death” on August 16, 1977, sum to 2, 865 or 21/777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code.

For over fifty years, the truth has been right in front of everyone.

Everyone will recall, the image of Elvis Presley, which appeared earlier, taken soon after enlisting in the US armed forces. In that image, Presley was donned with an official army uniform, which featured a triple chevron (Alistair Crowley’s 777 intelligence joker code).

In the following image, featured below, everyone will observe Paul McCartney, once again, donned in a similar military-styled jacket, emblazoned with the identical triple chevron.

Paul McCartney & the triple chevron:

Ear biometric, facial recognition, extensive image comparison and voice analysis confirm, beyond shadow of doubt, Paul McCartney and Elvis Presley are one and the very same.

Paul McCartney:

Elvis Presley:

13 thoughts on “Some Music Legends Only Die Twice!

  1. Very insightful. I definitely see the resemblance in Parker/Zapruder and in Holly/Lennon. I originally thought Bill Gates was Peter Sellers and Oswald was Jim Reeves, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson. Reeves and Carson could be twins. Do you believe Oswald and Sellers are the same?

    1. There is no doubt, Parker (Crowley/Churchill) was Zapruder. The famous film he is credited with producing is an obvious compilation of sliced together frames and alternate takes. The figure of Kennedy – if looked at closely – was a sophisticated Hollywood prop simulation. With the possible exception of Charles Alden Black, the son of Shirley Temple Black, a man who has portrayed a number of famous rock stars (including John Taylor of Duran Duran) and British PM Tony Blair, no one has portrayed more characters than Sellers. I haven’t looked into Parr, but, I believe Sellers portrayed everyone on your list. An incomparable voice artist, Sellers worked with George Martin prior to the formation of the Beatles. The pedigree information (DOB) for his biography at Wikipedia is contradicted by several sources. Though my investigation is yet completed, I’ve also been able to pinpoint the identity of the Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, I believe, not only was Epstein a British noble, Prince William, Duke of Gloucester, but he was a genealogical relation of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Winston Churchill.

      1. Cassavetes did bear great resemblance to Bourdain. Though the ages seem too far off. Bourdain didn’t look nearly old enough to be him, as far as I am concerned. But I do believe he was likely the hidden father or uncle of Anthony Bourdain since they did share genetic similarities. Definitely related to each other, as most or all famous people are to some degree. I might be wrong, but who knows.

      2. Your opinions are quite well-taken. I continue to appreciate the volume of helpful research material you’ve provided. Nevertheless, there are many whom are coming around to the idea the “reality” presented to them through the conduit of the MSM is completely simulated. Better late than never, as they say. There can be no doubt, the controversies drummed up with both Bourdain and, especially, “Jeffery Epstein” existed as purely media-driven contrivances, designed to provide the ruling families with plausible deniability. Also, to manipulate and distract the general public with yet more heavily promoted fabricated character schemes; a tandem of emotionally and psychologically-oriented release valves.

      3. Certainly. Especially when it comes to subjects like Pizzagate and QAnon which are psyops engineered by intelligence to keep people distracted, shocked, disinformed, and to give them a false sense of hope (fake arrests of “powerful people” like Hillary Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell, pedo rings exposed and ended, etc., etc.). All part of this massive Punch & Judy show by “The System” to give people something to believe in and support and to keep their eyes off of the men behind the curtain. As I always say,
        they need to conceive an “anthesis” to the “thesis” in order to produce a “synthesis” – which is more control – in Hegelian terms.

        Speaking of intelligence, here is what Wiki has to say about Q, which is revealing in itself:

        “QAnon was preceded by several similar anonymous 4chan posters, such as FBIAnon, HLIAnon, CIAAnon, and WH Insider Anon.” –

        So one intelligence operation preceded by lesser-known intel ops. And all ran by the same set of people. Hmmm……

        QAnon is named after the Dept. of Energy’s “Q clearance” given to gov’t employees, btw.

    1. Thanks for graciously providing the link. I shall look further into Jack Parr. It is also worth noting that, Ed Sullivan, the man who hosted the Beatles first appearance on American television, has been identified as a European royal (Duke of Bourbon-Pharma) who also portrayed Frank Sinatra and Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart. “Sullivan” was also genealogically related to David Bowie, who is now Henri, the Grand Duke (Thin White Duke) of Luxembourg.

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